10 September 2017 @ 03:33 pm
Alright, listen up everyone. Deputy Guardian Dante Sparda here, and here's how this is going to work. You see anything that looks like a bomb? You call me.

You see anything that might be a bomb? You call me.

You see anything suspicious? You call me.

If you squint and see an object that might possibly be construed as potentially bomb-like if you tilt your head a certain way? You call me.

We seeing a pattern here?

I know I'm not the Guardian, but something tells me Cassian will back me up on this one. Do not approach, do not touch, do not even fucking look at it for longer than needed. You. Call. Me.

That goes for my fellow deputies as well.

[He sighs as he drops his camera carrying hand, as he's obviously out on patrol.] Just when I was getting comfortable too... shit...
31 August 2017 @ 03:50 pm
[The video feed clicks on with an extreme close up of a Tepig nose. The little scamp was climbing over Dante's stuff again. Dante, however was sitting just behind the Pokemon at his desk, feet up on the desk, Nevan in his lap. He simply stares off into space, idly strumming an oddly somber tune on the demon guitar. From time to time, he glances back over his shoulder at the massive fleshy blade hanging on the wall in a sort of position of honor. This goes on for around three minutes before Dante glances toward his device, noticing the feed is on and reaching over to pick it up.]

I'm going to have to start calling you Nuisance if you keep this up, guy.

[And unceremoniously the feed clicks off.]
17 July 2017 @ 04:22 pm
Who: Attleton Guardian crew and open
Where: Attleton
What: General catch-all post for the Guardian's office
Warnings: Added as needed

Feel free to make your own open or closed threads, and interact with one another.

A. OTA )

B. for Alice )

C. for Aya )
10 July 2017 @ 01:42 pm
Mobius and James Norrington, please report to the Attleton guardian office tomorrow at 6 a.m.

After further rearranging of our budget, it was possible to hire two additional paid Deputies.

I thank all applicants, and would like to invite you to involve yourself in the Attleton neigbourhood watch system. Training citizens to protect their neighbourhood in a more formalized manner than before is going to be one of our priorities, and we would appreciate your support in this.

[Decided to cut it off at 5 days so people know where they stand. OOC it was a RNG choice, but you're welcome to ask for IC explanations.]
[It was a hot one alright. Thankfully the heat was enough to keep most ne'er do wells at home making for a quiet day at the Guardian's office. However, that peace was going to be quickly shattered as Dante kicked in the front door. He was wearing his normal red jacket, but nothing beneath save for an old pair of weathered jeans and his combat boots. His leather holsters were worn over the jacket with his twin handguns shining in the summer sun. Rebellion was likewise gleaming in the sun, completely forgoing the guitar case he used to keep a low profile with the blade. In one hand he held a pair of thick serrated blades, one appearing to be made of ruby, the other sapphire. Slung over his shoulder, supported by the other arm was a large anti-material sniper rifle that was just about as long as Dante was tall. He walked with purpose and a smirk on his face as he stomped into Cassian's office, dumping the wealth of weapons on the new Guardian's desk.]

I told you I was a man of action, so I'm showing instead of telling. These are the spoils of my jobs in my world. I'm a Devil Hunter. The best around.
Genessia City - Action & Audio
[ During the assault, Ayame had volunteered to use her abilities to repair any damages to the city brought by the breach instead of doing any fighting, so now that the breach has been quelled she keeps true to her word and finds any buildings or tattered street that could use a touch-up. A particular street suffered a lot of damage, it seems certain people were a little too trigger happy with their weapons, so standing upon it now Ayame simply waves her hand. Like magic, everything puts itself back in place, returning to their previous states before the attack. Every nail on the wall, all pieces of shattered glass and concrete, and even ones that got smashed into fine sand, put themselves back together like time is being reversed.

But as everything transformed looking good as new, Ayame finds herself out of breath with her heart racing and pounding so violently in her chest. Her head feels heavy that not even with a nursing hand on her forehead lessen the feel of its weight. She walks toward a wall, trying to catch her breath and trying to stay awake while she uses the wall as support. There is a ringing in her ears that she shakes off as she takes out her communicator device, sending out an audio for every citizen:

This is Ayame Sasaki. Any Guardian or citizen in need of repairs for damages to their properties, please contact me immediately. Guardian Haller, if there's any place else in the city you need me in, please direct me to it.

[ Ayame ends the feed there, dropping her device on the ground. She looks down on her hand only to see it trembling. ]

Oh no...

Text - Public - Evening
[ This may not be the best time to ask, given how things are. But Ayame thought it would make for a temporary distraction for the others. But mostly for herself as she tries to ignore and run away from her problems, already way ahead of Dante and Gale who are offering drinks by already drinking what alcohol she has in store at her apartment. During her patrolling in Genessia City, she finds a dog kennel and sees a particularly lonely wolfdog that she instantly connected with. ]

What would be a good name for a dog? Female. 3 years old. I'd like to keep a theme with my pets and have the name start with "Hi-", however I am not opposed to other ideas if you think it would be fitting.

[ She attaches a photo ]
18 June 2017 @ 07:30 am
[As the feed clicks on, Dante is lounging in what appears to be the twisted wreckage of a dumpster, with Sparda barely in the frame.]

Well. That was sure a thing, but at least it's over. Finally. So, Ayame, Peter, where we getting drinks? I could use some booze. Oh, and Gale? You're coming too.

[Private to Blaze]

[Once he switches over to a private feed, he's on his way back to his shop but he's moving a bit slower than usual.]

So, I figure you've got questions. So ask 'em.
05 June 2017 @ 10:03 pm
The call had gone out. Genessia was under attack. Not by some upstart that showed up and thought he could take on the world. No, this was a proper invasion. Extradimensional spirits of some sort, but this was Dante's wheelhouse. Blaze had told him to hold nothing back, so he was going to do just that.

He spent a short minute at his shop getting ready, making sure Ebony and Ivory were locked and loaded, but more importantly, he took a moment to remark to the large blade that hung behind his desk that it was time to come out of retirement. He left Rebellion in the shop, hefting the massive blade onto his shoulder and began marching for the gate connecting Genessia and Attleton.

He did a once-over to check what Blaze had set up, thrusting the point of Sparda into the ground as he cracked every joint in his body methodically. If nothing else, the jokey nature that Dante held so close to his chest was gone, replaced with a grim determination befitting a demon.

"You guys hold down the fort. I've got an army to kill."

He places one hand on Sparda's hilt, yanking it from the ground before a small smirk - one of almost sadistic glee rather than lightheartedness - creeps into his features. "Try to keep up old man."

As if in response, Dante was quickly engulfed in crimson lightning that soon erupted into a geyser of light and power. Gone was the coat clad Dante, replaced with what could only be called a Dark Knight. Without a moment's hesitation, he sped off into Genessia, the massive blade cutting a swath of destruction as he goes, leaving nothing of the invading spectres in his wake.
Who: Mariko Ishiwatari, Dante Sparda, Gale Reinhardt, Konoka Konoe, Liora, Kanonno, & [Your character. But contact me first please]
What: Holodeck Training Simulation, wrap party in After Life
Where: Holodeck'd - Nova City Branch
When: May 4th, 6PM
Warnings: Violence.
Text - Public
[ With her last bounty hunt ending up in a gunfight and Icy's recent attack on Attleton, Genessia's dangers have finally revealed themselves and made Mariko see how unprepared she really is. She's confident in her powers for the most part, because back home they managed to save her bacon more times than she can count. But this is not her world. She'll need to start adapting for real, and she cannot do that by remaining obscure. Deciding to step out of her comfort zone, she sends a public text in hopes of meeting someone and learning something new: ]

Looking for people to train with and partner or team up at the Holodeck. Not looking to pick a fight with anyone here, just putting that out there before you get any ideas. Recent events just made me want to step my game up. I fight with firearms as my main weapon of choice and my combat experience is short and against "supernatural" enemies. I'm not a regular human like the natives of Genessia City, physically speaking. Disparities in our abilities can be a turn-off though and some of you might have questions, so let's hash things out first if you're unsure and schedule a time. I'd definitely appreciate it
16 April 2017 @ 07:41 am
Who: Icy, Guardian and his Deputies and Open
Where: Attleton
What: Icy attack with her Army of Darkness
When: 15th April (Will do another log for the climax tomorrow)
Warnings: Warnings of violence because...there will be violence.

15th April - Morning [Closed to Guardian and his Deputies]
[Icy had made sure she had everything perfectly sorted for her plan, which when she planned realized there wasn't a lot to it except for placement. As she stepped foot into the city, she clapped her hands together. Now all that was left was to summon her army and target the Guardians office.

With a smirk slowly spreading across her face, she raised her hands as dark clouds started to cover over th sky and dark rain descended from the heavens. It was unusual rain and for good reason as the puddle was slowly forming into various shapes and of various sizes. Even a throne for herself.

Icy raised her hands when her army was done, the rain still pouring down for a little while longer before dissipating as Icy pointing forward.]

Onwards towards the office of the so called Guardian.

15th April - Morning onwards
[It seemed like a perfectly normal day, at least until it started to rain. But... the clouds seem darker than normal and the rain seemed...pitch black in colour. How odd. However as one might continue their normal day one will slowly start to notice various creatures walking the streets, seemingly marching. They don't seem to friendly either. If one were to get close, they would soon realize that they really aren't friendly at all.

One of the larger creatures raised her arm and swings down towards some poor expecting person. Seems like the battle has begun, or at least people might be needing help.]
26 March 2017 @ 06:20 pm
Hey, so, someone familiar with... what'd the paper call 'em? Pokemon? I could use some advice. Those eggs that everyone got? Yeah, mine hatched... into this.

[He turns the camera around to show a Tepig sniffing at an old pizza box on a table across from his desk.]

Cute little thing, but he's already set me on fire three times, and I've got no idea what they eat so I've just been sharing pizza with him. He seems to like it.

Hell, I'm not even sure he's a he. I'd just... appreciate any advice y'all have before he torches my shop. I kinda like it not on fire.
14 March 2017 @ 03:24 pm
[It wasn't every day that a job reminiscent of his normal job came across his desk, but here he was. He had been contacted to serve an eviction notice, of sorts, to a resident of unusual power. He hadn't even entered the apartment building yet and he could feel the magic energy in the air.]

Well, if nothing else, it looks like they were right about this being worth my time. Let's see just what's inside.

[With Rebellion resting on one shoulder, and Ebony in his free hand, Dante kicks open the door to the building, striding in with purpose he hadn't felt since arriving.]
12 March 2017 @ 11:29 pm
[Anon Text - Morning]

[Gale has been in an odd mood, and he just sort of mindlessly poses an anonymous message to the network.]

If you were to be in a situation in which, by all rights, you should be dead but are kept alive by unnatural means...
can you even be considered "alive" anymore?

would you even still have your soul at that stage?

[Text - Evening]

[Once he's back in the comfort of his own apartment and more awake much later in the day, he realizes the weird text he'd made that morning. So now he'd send out a different text, this time not anonymous... and all it is is a single picture: ]

[He is so proud of himself for that one.]

Private Audio - Karla )


RO- [Before the video can even start, the phone dropped to the ground and a huge orange reached down for it. Once righted, the video shows a bright orange and red face with mean yellow eyes and wild cream colored hair. Jasper looks pretty hacked off.]

Outdated junk!

Look Rose, I know this is your doing! You didn't want to face me, so you stranded me on another useless hunk of rock! Well I'll get out of here Rose and I. Will. Destroy. You.

[She takes a moment to compose herself... she still looks pretty pissed.]

Citizens of this worthless bit of soil, I need a ship. One that can fly.


"Get out of my way!" Eight feet of angry rock lady stomps her way down the sidewalk, taking up most of it. Weaker bits of cement crack under her footfalls. She doesn't care who or what is in her way, she'll push them right into the road if she has to.
Who: Ayame Sasaki, and you! Bring yo friends.
What: Mingle log. Ayame low-key celebrates being old.
When: March 7th (morning to evening), March 8th (morning)
Where: Nova City Islands
Warnings: None

[ Today is a special day. One that has occupied her mind in a both excited and anxious fervor. It's her 28th birthday, and all it did was make Ayame feel more depressed. It was just like the night before Valentine's Day, but she took solace in the fact the following day was great. Ayame didn't want to let this metaphysical grey cloud of sadness that's hovering over her to ruin her day, so she was about to do something she's never done before: invite people to have fun with her.

She has saved enough money ever since she became a business owner and being very reserved with her spending, she managed to afford a good deal for Nova City Islands that she was willing to share with everyone interested. She even booked a night-long stay at the place. Well after a couple of rounds of liquid courage to calm her nerves, Ayame starts a network video with a wave, showing her face with a small smile etched across her lips. The artificial beach and the palm trees show in the background, all protected from the winter by the large dome above them.

Good morning, Genessia. For those I have yet to meet, my name is Ayame. Currently, I'm in Nova City's famous indoor beach enjoying the balmy weather away from the last legs of winter. So if any of you could use a break or could not just wait for spring, I invite you to come join me here. But please use the promo code Iris28 to get a 50% discount in your admission. Well then, I look forward to meeting all of you.

[ Ayame waves goodbye before stopping the recording, breathing a big sigh of relief now the camera had stopped rolling. Still wearing an airy dress over her swimsuit, Ayame took a moment and stretch her arms, ready to spend her birthday in this tropical paradise in the middle of the city. ]
27 February 2017 @ 08:51 pm
Text - Locked to her old CR (anyone who know her enough from back then)
[ Despite the years that have passed in her world, all the experiences that brought her happiness and heartbreak, waking up in The Bay just feels like something that happened yesterday. Or a recurring lucid dream. After grumbling to herself in the pod, Mariko leaves The Bay and drowned out the sounds of Weiss' hologram after listening to it long enough. So far, it seems nothing has changed. It only filled her mind with so many questions. Mainly, who is still around here? Only one way to find out ]

> Yo (^~^;)ゞ
> It's Mariko
> Still alive?
13 February 2017 @ 06:08 pm
Text - Locked to her CR (anyone who've talked to her at least once and likes her enough)
[ Genessia had made Ayame happy and more at peace for the most part, but this night was the first in a long time that she vividly remembered dark memories she wants to stay buried. Needless to say, Ayame was woken up from her otherwise strict sleep schedule. Wearing nothing but a silken robe over her nightgown and with a cup of warm chocolate in her hand, Ayame gazes into the nighttime scenery of Genessia that helps ease her troubled mind, Ayame checked the time on her phone. It's late for early risers like her, but for many people, 10 pm isn't even late.

Even when she has Anastasia staying with her and Hibiki who is sound asleep in the living room, it didn't ease the lonesome feeling that's plaguing her at the moment. She wasn't sure if it was a distant sound of a siren, or just her own mind, but it jolted her from a lost state. Refusing to stay depressed, Ayame had an idea.

It's Ayame. Anyone of you still awake?

[ Phone in hand, she sent that text message to a bunch of people she had met and like enough to be considered an acquaintance. Hoping any of them would still be awake at this hour. ]
14 January 2017 @ 06:45 pm
 [Video - Sonico: Bad Version]

 *There's a Sonico on the screen, dressed in just her pyjamas - a rather flimsy lilac vest and shorts set. She is lying lazily stretched across her bed and she blinks into the camera with lidded eyes*

Someone bring me cake. Cake and macarons. Make sure the cake is chocolate. And candy. Bring me candy.

[Action - Meanwhile - The Good in Genessia]

*Sonico is carrying a very heavy looking rucksack today, full of many of her belongings. In the park, Sonico starts to unload what she has - knick knacks, clothing, jewellery. Anyone passing by will be offered the goods, for free. On top of that, she is asking every passer by if they need any help, and she is being very insistent*
[Ever since Dante took the job of Deputy Guardian, one of his primary duties was patrolling the Midnight Channel to make sure nobody got stuck in there. It was a part of his daily routine at this point, but he couldn't say he minded. In fact on days that seemed particularly dull, he'd find himself drawn to the place. After all, the Shadows in there may not be demons but they provided enough of a challenge to keep his adrenaline pumping as he cut loose. Today was one such day, and after clocking out of the office, he headed toward the gate.]

[He was carrying only the guitar case he always had, though before entering the gateway, he took time to put on some headphones with LED lights on them. A couple button pushes on his phone later and those near him could start to hear the rhythmic thumping of the thrash metal Dante was listening to before he stepped inside.]

[Any that were curious, clumsy, or just wanted to watch him in action, would find the guitar case left just inside the gate, empty, save for a magazine of questionable quality. However, the sounds of steel clashing and gunshots could be heard in the distance, and upon following the sounds, the spectator would be treated to the vision of Dante hacking through veritable armies with relative ease. Even when one Shadow manages to run a stylized lance through his back it only seems to annoy Dante at most. Once the group of Shadows is dispatched, he'd glance over his shoulder, curious as to why anyone would follow him here.]