17 July 2017 @ 06:20 pm
Who: Satsuki, Koishi, Doctor Flug
What: Satsuki proceeds with her own life fiber project
When: Before the Spirit Invasion

Electric Boogaloo )
03 July 2017 @ 11:16 pm
[Wake up in a weird coffin like thing, this isn't unfamiliar at all to Chara. So once they're out of the whole deal in the bay and enjoy the explainations and such?

They take moment to scroll through things on their phone before deciding to send out a message of their own. Via text.]

its why to hots here. hotters then hotland, and taht place had lavas.

[Yes they are purposely being awful.]

i guess i should also ask if any1 has seen my friends and fam, toriel and paps and sans and all them folks?

mom, toriel, is gonna be mad if im gone too long.
02 July 2017 @ 12:38 am
[Lilith has lived a reasonably long life, in her opinion. So when she had woken up in a pod in a bay a few days ago? She didn't go right ahead to gabbing on the phone she had woken up with and instead focused on getting herself settled.

But sadly, for her, the settling didn't include one important thing. She needed to eat a very unique kind of sustenance and the locals weren't looking good, so she bit the bullet and turned on her phone.]

Hello hello~.

[It's a woman's voice with a sing-songy tone to it, as if she's trying to be very charming. It probably won't work at all on the majority of people here, but a Succubus-Mermaid has gotta give it a try.]

Does any of you fine folks here who are also in the same stitch as me help a poor gal out? I have very... Unique dietary needs and I'm hoping some nice fellows could help me out with that. Please?

[Now, as she waits for any replies? Lilith really hopes there aren't any other magical folks around who are the type to rat her out, those folks are so bothersome.]
[Oh hey it's that weirdo multi-coloured haired chick from like, earlier in the month. The one who tried to eat her phone.

Wow she looks kinda, no really, upset. Like grossly so. There may be snot involved.]

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee's goooooooooooooone, it's not faaaaaaaair!

[Demencia sulks at the phone, before the gross sobbing begins anew. With some mournful wails added in as well.]
27 June 2017 @ 12:46 am

i guess you can actually sleep for a month.

I mean this kinda wasn't an intentional experiment but just in case anyone was wondering.

sleeping for a month is actually totally feasible.

[Just add crippling depression!]

thanks for not burying me, i actually appreciate it.
Who: Dr. Flug and YOU! Yes you! A-And the one behind you. In the green jacket. Yes you too.
What: Dr. Flug has been drained by an empty spirit and is looking for more emotions
When: June 12 through Flug getting dunked/Events End
Where: All over the cities
Warnings: Emotion draining
Notes: For a custom starter just post a date and location with an empty comment and I will give you a custom opener.

What do you do with an emotionless evil doctor? )
11 June 2017 @ 05:47 pm
Who: Enis Edrin & Open
What: Response to Spirit Event.
When: Event Spirit Attacks
Where: Genessia & Nova City.
Warnings: None

There were a lot of things that Enis couldn't do. She was limited in her upbringing and hindered by the things she'd been exposed to through her life. She didn't trust. She didn't live or enjoy things like an average person would. She survived. It was what she'd been programmed to do but she didn't want to just survive. She wanted to make sure that no one would have to experiance the sort of pains that she had.

That's what drove her now. It wasn't some selfless task but the desire to prove that she was better than she really was; that she wasn't just made to protect something that destroyed what it touched.

Enis had gotten a crossbow from David, one specifically designed to killed the spirits, and then went out into the fight. She tried to go to area's where people had already evacuated. She knew that once it started she might not be able to tell friend from foe. As the spirits appeared around her she set to work, listening to the slow whirling inside of her head.


Her hand was steady as she aimed, the magical bolt landing in the center of the spirit that she had aimed at.

Threat Level Attended. Override Initiating.

Enis let the program take over. Her eyes shifted from crystal blue to liquid gold as she continued to battle the shadows gathering around her. There was no more hesitation or wasted movement in her actions.
Who: Dr. Flug and Black Hat
What: Two evil geniuses doing evil genius things
When: Tonight
Where: Genessia City
Warnings: Dark themes and emotional manipulation

This is what it's like to be a Black Hat Inc employee )
03 June 2017 @ 07:04 pm
[When the video clicks on, the first thing anyone can see is a sunny, clear sky and the tops of some buildings. A few strands of brown hair get in front of the screen, and someone who can't be seen curses - more in a surprised way than an angry way, though. A woman.]

Well, I'll be damned. Half expected this thing to just not work.

[The phone tilts abruptly, and a woman's - well, girl's - face comes into view. She's smiling sardonically, though it doesn't really reach her eyes. She has dark brown hair and quite a bit of makeup on, and her expression doesn't seem fazed by where she's suddenly found herself at all. Her tone is light, something like amused.]

So, apparently I'm the newest kidnapping victim! Name's Faith, and I have one very important question for anyone who happens to see this: Where can a girl find a drink around here?

[Yes, she's banking on no one knowing that she's seriously underage where she comes from.]
[ Have a 60-year old human with a unibrow, sitting... in a bar? Definitely looks like a bar in the background. Like hell was he going to start tinkering with this garbage phone at the Bay with only his flask to sustain him. ]

Oooookay, this is-- [ beeelch ] this-this is real original, guys. Real novel.

[ He downs a shot. ]

I'm super impressed. And also already getting super bored.
Current Music: Eminem - Rap God
Who: Tannusen and/or whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)
What: A general Velvet Lust catch-all post for June. Back-tagging in the future, and back-dating now or later are both fine. And continuing your threads in old VL posts is also fine!
Warnings: Will add as/if needed.

🌟 OTAs, and closed threads between people who aren't Tannusen are also welcome!
(Please note it in your subject line, so I don't barge in!)

There are rules! And there are enforcers. Characters (or NPCs!) who step out of line will be removed from the premises.

A. [OPEN - obligatory Tannusen prompt!] )

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C. [OTA or LOCKED - backdated: that week when Tannusen was strangely absent...] )

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E. [LOCKED - current Velvet Lust staffers!] )
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29 May 2017 @ 06:07 pm
Video - Public - Genessia City
[ Shoji's arrival to this world differed little from any other. He wakes up in the Bay confused, a little afraid, and uneasy. The hologram and the pamphlet help ease his mind, along with his prior experience with strange supernatural phenomena. But this is completely new. So right after swapping the damp clothes he was wearing to fresher ones, and finding a tall rooftop to perch on with a canned drink in hand, Shoji made use of this network by making a video. It's risky to put himself out there, but he's got a lot of faith that people here wouldn't be evil or out to get him. Firing up the video function, Shoji taps on the screen and holds his device up at a decent angle that shows his stylish casual clothes. Starting off with a friendly smile and a two-fingered salute, he speaks: ]

Hey there! Shoji speakin', new meat fresh off the bay. Any friendly faces in this place willing to have a chat? How many of us are in here anyway? Man, this is crazy, it's like being transported into some bizarro dimension filled with yokai, only with no yokai. This is really feels more like a human world than anything.

Video/Action - Public - Nova City
[ The shock of suddenly being transported into a different world was enough to keep Shoji awake for a long time. So he decided to spend the night just running free until he makes it to Nova City. Weiss' welcoming message have mentioned Nova City, so it was natural that it would catch Shoji's curiosity. The futuristic wonderland just energized him more to keep exploring. This was way bigger than any city he's been, with buildings much higher than he's seen before. It was almost intimidating, but also tempting to make this city into his new parkour playground. Just wandering where he feels like, Shoji eventually runs into a seedy underbelly of Nova City. After soaking in the sights of the lines of bars and other neon light establishments spread throughout this street he finds himself in, Shoji finds himself in trouble.

Shoji turns the video on, not having any time to pick names and not that he knows any Guardians yet, showing himself hiding behind a wall. Gunshots could be heard along with some screaming from panicked pedestrians. Despite being in such danger against guns with firepower unlike his homeworld's, Shoji presents himself in a somewhat calm demeanor in the video

Uhhh... Hi again. I may or may not have run into some thugs having what looked like an arms trade. That I interrupted. Unintentionally, I might add.

[ Then a gunshot fizzed by and nicked the corner of the wall he's hiding behind. Dust from the shattered piece of wall makes him pause and cuss under his breath for a second. ]

So uh, some help would be nice? They got some heavy firepower but I'll keep 'em occupied until you get here. I'm at the northeast quadrant of the city. In the back alley of a bar named "Wish You Were Beer". God, that name is terrible!

[ Shoji cringes at saying that terrible name out loud, activating a holographic shield over his arm before putting his phone away on his coat's chest pocket. He takes a sharp breath before steps out of hiding, using his shield as protection to slide from cover to cover, just before he throws his shield like a boomerang and striking at one of the armed thugs before returning to him ]
[Yeah so... Genessia's newest resident didn't really take the time to say. Read the pamphlet that came with her fancy jewelry, phone and key, And who knows what she did with her envelope, since Demencia is currently at the welcome magazine stand.

With the hologram playing behind her. And her not giving two farts about what is being said. And that's mostly because, judging by the fact that the video she's currently recording starts off showing the inside of her mouth.

Before showing the pink and green haired woman, in punk-ish clothing and a weird lizard hat, making a face and holding the phone. Which judging by the angle is probably being held out by her holding it between two fingers.]

Bleh, gross.

[And of course if anyone is nearby they can totally find Dem, after her attempts at consuming her phone, having fallen asleep right in front of the stand because... The welcome hologram was so boring to her that she just dozed off right there.

The weirdo.]

[Waking up in a cocoon was one of those terrifying situations Dr. Flug never wanted to experience. Yet here he was, experiencing it. He squirmed and flailed until his face met the cold hard ground of the cave before he took account of his possessions. None of these things were on him when he went to sleep last. Okay. Take a deep breath and focus. The doctor made his way out of the cave and too the magazine stand. He listened carefully to the message and made sure to grab triplicate copies of all given materials. He would need to make notes, after all.

He was in a strange dimension and had no idea how he got here or how to get back. This was almost a little too on the nose for him but he would deal. He could do this. After all, he knew how to find a job. That would be easy, especially with his resume. He sat against the magazine stand and got to reading. Might as well give each thing a quick run through before he set out to find work.]


[After reading all the materials available, Dr. Flug moved to make his video. He set the phone up against a rock and hit the record button. Just the tiniest corner of his bag could be seen before it ducked away and he stood up, center in frame. He waved at the camera before he spoke.]

H-Hello, people of this world. My name is Dr. Flug. I've just arrived and have gone through the introductory materials for this plane of existence. My first priority is finding work, it seems. And so, I'd like to apply for any open positions.

I have a Ph.D in Mad Sciences with a focus in Research, Development, and Engineering. I've worked at Black Hat Incorporated for some time so I have experience in the Evil Scientist role. I graduated near top of my class from M.I.T and finished my Ph.D at the University of Villainy in Detroit. I am also working on my second Ph.D right now in Molecular Monster Physics with a project concerning the creation of monsters through genetic splicing experiments.

...It's going well so far?

Anyway. I have a vast knowledge of the Mad Sciences and I'm not afraid of doing grunt work. If I sound like a qualifies candidate, please contact me. Or if you know of any open positions in the city, please let me know.

Thank you.

[He nods to the camera and moves back to turn off the camera.]