05 August 2017 @ 05:57 pm
Hi everyone!

[For once Edith looks happy, almost bouncing. Which makes sense since she's surrounded by books! That's right, she's in the library.]

So the library is going to be open twenty four hours a day now, and I'm doing the night shift here! So I just thought I'd try drumming up business so, would anyone like to be part of a book club?

And what's your favourite book? If you have one that is, I'd love you know.

[Edith picks up a book and passes it from hand to hand, she's now sure how to end this video and she's feeling awkward.]

So... yeah, that's all I wanted to say, goodnight everyone.

[Action for Marco]
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03 August 2017 @ 03:33 pm
[A man with the physique of a Greco-Roman classical statue and  a fashion sense right of the 1980s stares out from everyone's smart phones with keen interest. His face is handsome, sensual even but the features are filled haughtiness and cruelty.]

Hello, I'm DIO. [Yes, that is in all capital letters.] 

Please to meet you, Ladies and Gentlemen of this bizarre new world.  I was rather in the middle of something important.... But perhaps this place has done me a service by taking me away at just the right moment, what with my enemies right on my doorstep.  This truly is a most fascinating place.  One that I, DIO look forward to ruling in due time.  

[He says it so casually.]

I understand that that there are vampires here... If so I'd very much like to meet with you.  You see, I'm one myself of a most unique breed. 

Action: Everglade.

[He easily stands out like a beacon in his flashy yellow, black and green attire as he strolls the near deserted, misty evening streets of the town. This place full of great unease and fear... He'll loves it already. Eventually he'll met someone else out and when he does....]      
03 August 2017 @ 01:45 pm
[It was really just a matter of time.

He'd have to be visible publicly eventually, he couldn't limit his interactions to a giant shapeshifting cat, his grip on sanity was tenuous as it was anyway.

So here's the video.

A sleek, well dressed tuxedo cat with polished pince nez glasses, oh so dapper in a style that wouldn't have looked out of place on Al Capone.

Neat as a pin and seated comfortably at what appears to be a kitchen table

I'll be offering my services to local businesses as a freelance accountant. Apparently, it is impossible to establish my own business, and I've not yet found a reputable accounting agency in the area.

I'm going to keep this initial broadcast curt and to the point, and if anyone has need for my services, you're welcomed to contact me privately for further information. I do have a resume, though I can't imagine contacting any former employers is possible here.

I've had eleven years of experience in the field-

[Eleven years of technically legal experience-]

And I highly doubt you'll find someone better equipped to manage finances and budgeting here.
02 August 2017 @ 06:03 am
[Video] August 2

[As the video starts, you can see Ryder arranging his bed in his new apartment at Oak Gardens. And judging by his movements, he seems to be in a hurry as he quickly jumps onto the bed and turns his attention to the camera]

Hey there! So... I think I didn't introduce myself before after my awkward first impressions last month.

I'm Ryder Clayton and I know it's a little weird for a modern kid like me living in a fantasy city like Fayren. Well, it is less weird in those light novels.

[He quickly coughs as he realizes he's starting to get off-topic.]

But I have my reasons staying here. And...

[Just then, his eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain in his body.]

I think you will find out in a few seconds.

[As he quickly falls from the bed off-screen, you can hear Ryder's groans and screams turn into growls. After 5 minutes, you can see that Ryder manages to return on-screen as he gasps in exhaustion, but his appearance has somehow changed. Not only his hair changed into a silver wild and messy style, but he has now wolf ears and a silver wolf tail.

Strangely despite his painful transformation, he is somehow able to show a smile while barring his new grown fangs.]

Sorry about that. But long story short, when I'm in this form, I usually call myself as "Den". It's not that I'm actually revealing my secret identity, which for the record, I'm not a superhero back home. But I just want to feel more comfortable when I'm this form. Call it a "title" that I'm proud to own.

As for that little demonstration I somehow showed you, guys, I'm trying to endure the pain of my transformations since I usually transform back into my human form less often. But at least I know the magical energy of this city is enough for me to stay in this form for very long. Which I'm really okay with it since I was in this form for a while now.

So... Back to the main subject, I managed to get a job at this Under The Sun Retrievals. It's the closest thing to my old hunter job back home. And along with my new bounty hunter job, I managed to earn enough money to rent an apartment right here.

[He then gives a small sigh of exhaustion upon he said this.]

To be honest, I'm still getting used to this new world and I just hope nothing bad happens in here.

Also, if you need any question about what you saw, I'm all ears.

[Action] August 3

[While Ryder isn't working as a Beast Hunter and Herb Gatherer in Fayren, he is usually found in Genessia's library, who is reading any books he finds in his human form. He is still a bookworm at heart and he wonders what kind of novels and books Genessia has to offer for him.

Afterward, you may even see him in his werewolf form training near the rivers of Fayren.]
01 August 2017 @ 04:33 pm
A) Video
[Haru sighed as she turned on the feed, she appeared to be sitting down, rather tired for the most part. It was mostly because of work. She found it interesting, but she also felt like the style and setting just wasn't right for her and it was bothersome. She needed the job, but at the same time if one wasn't exactly happy with it, what does one do next?

It was never a situation she had been in before.]

I'm sorry to be a bother, but I am trying to think something over and would like a little bit of input. [She makes sure to sit up properly and in a position that seems appropriate before continuing.]

Admittedly before I found myself here, I had never worked in any type of job before, so when I got the opportunity I decided to try and work in a diner, the thing that is the closest to what I used to back home.

[She pauses as she looks down slightly.]

While they really aren't the same, it was close enough but... I realized that working in a 1930's based diner was probably not the best idea. It's not that I hate it or anything, it's just... It doesn't feel right, I guess. Does that make sense? Though honestly, I don't think it helped with some customers you get every now and again. Were people always that rude?

[She paused again, moving on hand to adjust some stray strands from the front of her hair toward the side.]

So I'm hoping that maybe there is another job for me that I can do? [She bows her head slightly before looking up again.]

Also...I've been practising making a few things while I did work at the diner and I wanted to get as much feedback as possible, so if anyone wants to volunteer please let me know.

Action; Fayren thought Genessia and Nova City
[When Haru wasn't working, wearing her 1930's inspired work outside or buying supplies to grow the various plants, Haru could be found wandering around looking at various weapons shops that she had found at Fayren. They were simply quite fascinating and she couldn't help but notice a good few weapons she found particularly interesting.

After a good wander for the day Haru had started to carry back what appeared to be a halberd. It's really any ones guess why she brought it. Is anyone even brave enough to find out?
25 July 2017 @ 06:18 pm
 What's this?

*There's only another second before Jack figures out the video function, and there he appears on screen - the most pleasant skellington you've ever seen. Or, yes, just a skellington man, who is seemingly quite animated*

Ah hello, people of Genessia Town! What a charming place this is, and what a pleasant introduction! The technology here is really quite something, isn't it? If only I had the time to examine it all! I would very much be interested in speaking with someone who can explain all these clever...mechanisms.

[Action - Various Places in Genessia]

Jack has never been to a place like this, has never been surrounded by so many things he doesn't understand. Not since his visit to Christmas Town. He can be found in various shops or cafes, picking things up in wonder, or else pressing himself against windows to peer into homes, offices, any kind of building, all with bright curiosity on his face.
24 July 2017 @ 01:20 pm
I noticed that people don't normally do this kind of thing, but I wanted to know who was willing to join me on a gaming night?

I usually have gaming nights at home with roommates from time to time in which we stay up for as long as possible playing any and all kinds of games. We have a huge variety of snacks and food to eat and drinks to have while gaming.

It will be fun, I can assure you. If you are interested let me know. The date for the gaming night will be the 29th of July.

Now I have asked that I do have another question. To those who are my friends I am wondering, what is it about me that you like exactly?

I am just curious about something, that's all.
22 July 2017 @ 08:51 pm
[This is no post from the pod, in fact, he's snuck in a few days ago. He's been watching and observing people in his friendly way, but he hasn't approached anyone yet.

Demyx is bored. He isn't used to having no one to talk to so he activates his device and smiles brightly for the camera.]

Hi! I'm Demyx!

I know you can talk on this thing, so I thought I'd say hi, and do that. This place is pretty interesting, although I didn't think I'd still be here.

[He couldn't just teleport home. Weird.]

Oh well, nothing I can do about it. So, how are you?
22 July 2017 @ 05:23 pm
[It's only shortly after sunset when Edith turns her communicator on, but the map and leaflets from the bay are spread all across her bed.]

Okay, uh, sorry for posting like this but, I've never had to move like this without help so… how did everyone else adapt to being here? Was it easy finding a job and a better place to stay? I could really do with some advice, thank you.

[Yes it was only her second night in the city but she had to worry about money and a place to stay, and most importantly a steady blood supply before she went into hunger frenzy… but it wasn't like she could just ask for blood could she?]

[Action later that night]
[She didn't want to do this, she never wanted to do this but she was hungry and she had to get some blood while she still had self control. She'd start in Genessia and move to Everglade, back home she could look for the less savoury members of New York City, target those who would mug or attack others, play the meek lost girl and then turn the tables.

But here she didn't know where to hunt, she just had to hope for the best. ]

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21 July 2017 @ 05:24 pm
[When he first wakes, he doesn't attempt to open the coffin, instead, he spends time wondering if everything over the past five years had been just another dream...another nightmare, that that is reality. The soft interior of his coffin is strange, though, and it gets his attention. This isn't his coffin. It was far too luxurious to be the one he'd been confined to for 30 years.

The cover slides open, and the pale man inside takes a look around, frowning down at the things he's been left with before stepping out into the waters surrounding the coffin, metallic boots sliding easily enough through the pool.


[The only sound he makes at first as he off-handedly pockets the bills and makes his way to the ramp and up to the street level. Crimson eyes dark as a hand moves to his hip and a very large three-barreled pistol at his him. He doesn't draw the weapon, but relaxes quickly enough, clearly seeing that the danger has passed. The holographic glow makes his face, partially obscured by the wide color of a tattered red opera cape, seem to glow in the low light of the early evening. He tilts his head to the side once the recording comes to a close, turning his gaze toward the map stand, thin eye-brows lowering as he turns toward it.]

...maps. Captives. [He lets out a quiet sigh.] What's next?
20 July 2017 @ 12:23 pm
Having woken up in some kind of pod in a room full of water Edith was understandably freaking out. Her first instinct was to use obfuscate so she wouldn't be seen as she left the room to see what was going on. But since there was no one around she dropped it after a few moments.

She'd seen the hologram, and had found it impressive, but she also didn't believe it.

The last time she had found herself in a situation that made no sense it was because she and her friends had been trapped by an illusion made by a strix-possessed nosferatu. Edith looked at her hand remembering how Damian had broken out of the trap, and after a moments hesitation, closed her eyes and bit into the heel of it.

Nothing had changed when she opened them. Damn it.

Not knowing what to do now Eidth grabbed a map, along with a few flyers tucking them away in the box she had woken up with before moving on.

And so the teenager could be found wandering the city, box tucked under one arm, map in one hand, and her phone from home in the other as she fruitlessly tried to phone home. She hadn't healed her hand yet, she figured she couldn't waste the Vitae until she knew more about what was happening.

"Maybe a text would work better." She said to herself as she gave up trying to call. "Last time those still worked... ugh if I've been walking around in circles this whole time Cassandra's never going to let me forg-oof"

Edith fell back on her backside as she bounce off whoever she had just walked into.

"Oh! Sorry!" She said reflexively, looking up to see who she had bumped into.