18 August 2017 @ 04:35 pm
[When Fai appears on the screen he seems to already be wearing bunny ears. Why he was wearing them was at this moment in time anyone's guess. But he seemed chipper as per usual as he tilted his head, a small smile widening slightly now he knew the device was on.]

Hello~ Remember the last time I made an announcement like this I had spoken about opening another cafe. Well, I have managed to get a place in Nova City and so I am very proud to announce that the cafe will be called... Drum roll please~

[Said in a joking manner as he moved to pan around toward a giant piece of paper with a picture of a bunny he drew on it.]

Tah-Dah! [He paused for a moment.] I get the feeling people are wondering why I just show a picture of a rabbit. It's because it's the theme of the new cafe. Rabbits~! Or bunnies, or whatever you want to call them. It's also why I'm wearing rabbit ears. Working on the uniform.

[Yes, that is why. It now makes sense.]

Though the cafe's official name will be Bunny Poof Cafe and you can ask what it means but it's pretty much their tails.

[He soon faces the device back to himself, adjusting the rabbit ears.]

And as always I will be hiring the usual job positions for when the business actually opens, which those who might be working at my other cafes can also apply to if it's closer to where they live. [A pause once again.]

There will also be bunnies, of course just like my other cafes which have all turned into pet cafes minus the one in Fayren because there was only ever one Mokona. [He gives a small, saddened smile at that mention before suddenly changing his attitude.]

Ah, also it's not open yet to add. Only just get the place, just have to work on fixing things and getting things together. Hopefully by the end of the month it might be ready, but who knows.
08 August 2017 @ 08:56 pm
[Genessia City]

[He'd woken up with a blistering headache. He was disoriented, left on his own to figure out how he'd woken up in this place and just what the point of the items in the box were. He'd of course take in as much information as he could from the pamphlets and the hologram (a form of astral projection? Or was it simply something beyond his own understanding?), but this headache made him dizzy and standing on his own was difficult let alone taking in any sort of information. The headache told him one thing: He was forcibly removed from his connection with Kyofu. Hell, he couldn't sense anyone he knew in this place- not Kyofu, not any of the other young Cardinals... but perhaps the only relieving thing was not being able to sense Liam.

He took a few steps further away from the Bay before collapsing to one knee, clasping his head tightly. It felt like his head was spinning, but regardless he slowly got back up to his feet. It would subside, he'd tell himself. There were more important tasks at hand than allowing this to slow him down.

... that is, until he collapsed onto a nearby street just barely under the light of a street lamp. Okay. Maybe he should take it slower. The severed connection was making his magic go haywire, and that... probably wasn't good. The air around him would steadily grow colder as he lay there, cursing himself for lacking the strength to move at that moment. The last thing he wanted was potentially needing someone's help in this bizarre world.]


[Once he was able to regain himself, it was a matter of exploring the cities and learning whatever he could. However, after the incident earlier and the very small amount of sleep he had gotten before arriving here, he was tired. He felt more at ease once arriving in the city of Fayren, which was far more akin to what he was used to than those bizarre horseless chariots in the other cities, and chose to take a break on the shoreline. Anyone near the beach could eventually hear the faint melody of a flute in the night, lasting for well over an hour.

Should someone arrive at the beach after the flute playing had stopped, they will find the man garbed in white laying on the beach sound asleep. He hadn't intended to take a nap, but there he was. Perhaps taking a break on the beach wasn't such a good idea after all. Hopefully no one thinks he's just a body that washed ashore.]


After the weeks it took to finish, Ayame's first ever house is ready to open it's golden gate for guests. The groundwork was from the effort of Attleton's hardworking people; but Ayame finished the rest, putting together the floors, the walls, and roofs with nothing but her power. Every door is open for guests to come see every room inside at their own leisure, with the plants at the gardens at full bloom and an open swimming pool in the backyard as the centerpiece of the house. Ayame's Attleton neighbors, and friends in the fashion industry help populate this night of revelry...

The Backyard & Swimming Pool

Directly from the main gate are two large hardwood doors leading to the infinity pool. The roof is yet to be installed along with the walls, so it is for the meantime an outdoor swimming experience and a part of the entire backyard where the party is held. The tea room is yet to be installed, so in it's place is a small platform that acts as a stage for the performers. The bonsai greenhouse is also not built yet as well, allowing for more space in the backyard for guests to use as a patio with the bar, serving up drinks provided by Gale Reinhardt's night clubs After Life and Hangar Queen, including the special cocktails only available in both clubs. Assorted water guns are available for use.

There is a drinking challenge at the bar for anyone over 16. It can be a drinking contest between two or more individuals, with the last person standing is declared the winner. Or it can be a single-player match against the bartender, where he or she provides drinks that gets progressively stronger. If the contestant survives the strongest drink, they win the game. Winners get a prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a commemoratory photo with a certificate of proof that they won, a gift basket of snacks, and bragging rights.

The Dining Area

With it's doors and windows all open, the dining area is temporarily one with the backyard so guests can come and go to sample the Taiwanese feast on display on the dining table and kitchen island. Main dishes include Taiwanese-styled popcorn chicken (marinated with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, five-spice, and white pepper before being fried, making dipping sauces unnecessary), tofu fries, gua bao (pork buns, although available in chicken), black pepper buns (much like the gua bao, only the meat is stuffed inside the bread and is baked in a tandoor), & scallion pancakes (a flaky flatbread treat that comes with just the scallions, or can be used as a wrap for beef and chicken, with the added egg).

Desserts include: Run bing (peanut brittle shavings with scoops of ice cream, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper), red bean & pineapple cakes, finishing off with assorted bubble teas.

There is an eating challenge at the kitchen. Survive eating a full course meal of chicken or lamb curry with Carolina Reapers. Superhumans get an extra helping of the peppers to make it fair as possible. Preparing it requires the cook to wear a gas mask, and even inhaling the aroma of the peppers from a few feet away can cause most people to feel it burn their nose and throat. The contestant must finish the entire meal to win the full prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a t-shirt of proof that they won, a plush toy, and bragging rights. Not finishing only leaves them with participation t-shirt with a gold star that says "I tried".

The Living Spaces

With most of the noise being outside, the inside of the house is fairly quiet in comparison. The living room is still a place where people gather to converse without all the noise or risk getting splashed with water. Upstairs are the bedrooms, which are all open for people to come in and observe, with the two master bedrooms connected by the two-floored walk-in closet displaying all of Ayame's massive collection of clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and accessories. You're welcome to touch them or even try some of them on, but don't expect to vandalize it or leave the room with them without alerting the host. She's very protective of her collection.

Perhaps the quietest place in the house is also the most traditional. The guest portion of the house have tatami rooms both up and downstairs, with the latter having an elevated wooden corridor next to a small garden, providing fresh air to those who want to take a break or have a more private conversation.

06 August 2017 @ 02:56 pm
[The video feed activates and it's evident that Minori is on the move. She's rather distressed but not panicking. She's not the helpless newb she used to be even if she wasn't even close to as strong as the others. There also seems to be a lot of soft jingling just out of the video feed.]

Please excuse me, is this still Elder Tales? I don't remember hearing about a Genessia City on the Yamato Server... I tried calling everyone on my friends' list but I just get a message about the player not being available.

[Minori looks away to check a street sign and then back at the phone.]

I'd like to thank the girl in white for the informative hologram as well! It was really helpful!

[And the feed ends...]


Minori sighed after hanging up. It didn't seem like there was a guild hall in this city for some reason, so maybe she wasn't in the game still. But she was still in her gaming avatar and could pull up the command menu. The city did seem safe enough but Minori kept her staff out just in case. The girl visibly shook herself and started walking again. The hologram had recommended she go to a place called 'Haller Home' and it was as good a place to start as any.
04 August 2017 @ 06:23 pm
The Attleton Games were fun. I don't usually win anything. I mean, I didn't win the podracing either. I came in third but that was pretty good, I think.

I hope there are more fun activities around here soon.

So, um, how is everyone today?
31 July 2017 @ 06:14 am
[The video starts with Professor Sycamore contemplating back in his apartment before looking at the camera.]

Hello there. I'm really sorry if I was not around in the network more often. Ever since the spirit attack one month ago, I'm trying to recover from that event.

[He doesn't want to mention his previous condition, though. The last thing he ever needs is people worrying about what happened to him that caused his previous emotionless state.]

But I was thinking lately and I want to do an interest check about it.

For one thing, I want to organize weekly class about Pokemon or a monthly workshop about it. With all of the new residents coming every day, I feel a lecture or a workshop about these creatures would be a great introduction to Pokemon.

As for where I should organize it, I'm still at loss about it. If you have any suggestions on where I can do so, please let me know.
28 July 2017 @ 10:51 am
System startup... Complete. Begin internal system diagnostic.

[A man decked in blue armor has awakened. A cold, dead stare not giving an iota of a damn.]

Complete. Detected damage to outer layer. All systems nominal. Soma operational. Error. Jet propulsion disabled. Repairs required.

Location: Unknown. Location of allies unknown. New primary objective: Locate and continue protection of "Kohaku." Proceeding with search and rescue.

[Kunzite drops his full weight into the water of the bay as he walked like a man on a mission out into the city. His cold, computing gaze shifts from left to right, taking in the sights and registering what he observed in his internal memory with incredible speed. It only took one passing glance.]

Error. City not on known charts.

[He soon finds and approaches the welcoming hologram. Kunzite proceeds with scanning the device.]

Subject identified. Name: Weiss Schnee. Assessment: Owner of Schnee Company, probable leader of city. Threat level: Unknown. New locations registered: Genessia City. Nova City. Fayren City. Attleton. Everglade.

[He got all that just by scanning the basics of the holo projector. Now he just listens to the explanation.]

Error. Transportation through dimensions not possible. Possible reference to "Spiria Link." Scanning... Complete. Location does not match known Spiria Nexus.

New secondary objective: Search "Weiss Schnee" for questioning.

[Kunzite finished his initial assessment of his surroundings and now has objectives. He can be found running in the direction of the Nova gate. The Mechaknight himself can be found in both Genessia and Nova.]
27 July 2017 @ 08:58 pm
[Jack looks amused on the screen of your devices, but it is hiding a deep sense of worry and unease. To go from a funeral to where ever this is wasn't right, but Jack is a traveler who has seen more of the universe. He isn't going to let a little blip like this get him down.]

Hello good people, I'm Captain Jack Harkness and I was hoping someone might be able to point me to a group called Torchwood if it exists here. Or if anyone knows of a man called the Doctor...I'd like to consult with him if he's around.

[Jack flashes his most charming smile]

I have a feeling this place is going to be interesting.
25 July 2017 @ 12:20 pm
[Same story different cover, is what he's already deduced.

The piecing together of what's happened, again, is the only thing keeping this feed from being interspaced with gunfire.

You should all be thankful.

As it is, he's deeply annoyed, but not terrified nor confused as he pointedly ignores a child staring directly at him, unblinking, as their ice cream cone melts into their hand.

There's a reason he's not turning the video feed on, he knows this stupid game

I've already collected the requisite information from that filthy cave and the supplied pamphlets, endeavor not to tell me anything that isn't already contained within either of these.

I've really only a small collection of questions, starting with: Does the name Holli Would strike anyone as familiar, and ending with a request for employment.

I'd consider them both of equal importance.
24 July 2017 @ 07:37 pm
Hey so, bit of a weird question. Anyone here ever heard of Torchwood, and could maybe point me how to get back to contacting the local branch? That'd be really handy, yeah?

Year and star system coordinates would also be fantastic, but I'm not holdin' my breath waitin'.

[Bites her bottom lip in thought.]

[She doesn't even know which universe this is. Much less how she got here without a dimension cannon or where everyone she was with went. Maybe they're here. But then maybe even saying their name depending on the universe is dangerous. Luckily, she's had 5+ years (give or take for literal dimension rewinds and time in the vortex) of experience in learning how to do codes.]

Here's a fairytale you've probably never heard before.

Once upon a time there was a big bad wolf. She wandered a city of metal filled with metal men. [Too dangerous to even say the world cyberman until she learned more!] She thought she was on a mission to hunt down her lost prince. But she was actually on a mission to find home. Bit like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz if you know it. And one day she met a man who wasn't a prince at all. He was a very brainy professor. There was even another man who started off as a mouse but turned into a lion full of courage, saving worlds he never even knew existed. And a really flirty captain who was probably too pretty for his own good. They weren't off to find a wizard. Just a blue box.

The big bad wolf ran away from home and her pack over and over and over again, but no matter how many times she ran, and how many new friends she made or which universe she fell into, something was always calling her back. 'Pparently you can't escape your family that easily. That or the Big Bad Wolf's mum was seriously terrifying and would fight a werewolf for diamonds and totally win.

Thanks for listening, Ta!
22 July 2017 @ 08:51 pm
[This is no post from the pod, in fact, he's snuck in a few days ago. He's been watching and observing people in his friendly way, but he hasn't approached anyone yet.

Demyx is bored. He isn't used to having no one to talk to so he activates his device and smiles brightly for the camera.]

Hi! I'm Demyx!

I know you can talk on this thing, so I thought I'd say hi, and do that. This place is pretty interesting, although I didn't think I'd still be here.

[He couldn't just teleport home. Weird.]

Oh well, nothing I can do about it. So, how are you?
19 July 2017 @ 08:26 pm

[1. The Bay.] )

[3.Fai's cat cafe.] )


ghhwewhhhhhtsdf445 affge,k,fghz.lk.lññññ...


[After the incomprehensible text, the device switches to video when the right button gets hit by accident. What can be seen on the screen is mostly just blackness and what seems to be a....giant tongue. And very sharp fangs, closing upon the camera. There's a crunching noise, a loud beep and then all that can be seen is a blur.

Dray got started and stopped gnawing on the communicator when it made an angry noise at him. Perhaps the weird thing is alive. He peers down at it and finally, a steady image can be seen. It's not all clear if the person looking down at the camera is male or female but it's sure covered in light golden hair and has two big ears on its head.]
16 July 2017 @ 10:21 pm
[As opposed to his usual aggressively sounding network posts, today Grievous has an air of almost melancholy contemplation about him.]

When is it time to cease grieving for something that has been lost?
14 July 2017 @ 12:39 pm

It's been over a year since our last honestly honest anonymous chat. We can all be honest (or honestly have fun) and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks when our identities aren't tied to what we're saying. Same rules as last time so I'm just copy/pasting:
    1. Only reply with anonymous text! If you say something logged in, I'll freeze the thread and put a bounty on your head for ruining everyone's fun.

    2. Put thread topics in the subject line. Don't get off topic, if you want to talk about something else start a new thread. I'll throw a few discussion topics up, but you can feel free to bring up your own, namedrop people to talk about them, whatever you want.

    3. If you bring up personal problems don't whine when people give you answers you don't like.
Those are the only rules, get going.

{ OOC NOTE: All replies to this post are automatically considered anonymous unless otherwise stated in the subject line. If you intentionally have your character reply while 'logged in' Emerald really will freeze the thread. Whether she actually does the bounty part depends on how much she really wants to annoy your character. This is essentially an IC anon meme, except it's actually in-game because Emerald is bored and wasting time at work (sorry Johnny, the kiddos at the arcade only waited a couple of minutes while she posted- she promises they were being twits anyway). }
01 July 2017 @ 01:43 am
[The video starts with a certain spy boy back in K&H Homes petting his Sound Wave Pokemon. And thankfully for the first time since he arrived here, he is just glad that he's back in his room after that spirit attack a few weeks ago.

However, he does have one dilemma right now, which is the reason behind his latest video.]

So looks like those crazy spirits are gone. That's good news.

Although the bad news is how can I even defend myself...

So, does anyone recommend me somewhere to buy some weapons for me to use? Or better yet, help me use magic or stuff?

[Even though he will get some rejections, he has to cry and beg for this, knowing that telling that he's a secret agent in public is very bad news.]
29 June 2017 @ 08:31 am
[When the device is on, the first thing that comes into view is... a good five cats in a cafe. Which cafe was it? It would soon become obvious when the very familiar voice of Fai pops up over the network. He sounded as chipper as ever.]

You know, this had been an idea of mine for a while. I hadn't been sure if it had been a good idea until recently when I came cross a cute stray cat. So as of today, the Cat's Eye Cafe will be Genessia's first cat cafe.

[He turned the feed around back to his face while the cat's in the background going about their business. Cat's seemed happy enough.]

Things I will note, for one the cats can't get into the kitchen, so there is no risk of problems there. I have also provided them with food and water for during opening hours and homes for them at night. [He paused for a moment.]

I will also note the cats that are here are all up for adoption, looking for forever homes. During the night though they will be living with me until they do.

[Fai has more money than sense, but at least this is on the positive.]

Also in other news, I am planning on opening another cafe. However what it will be like and what it will be called is still a mystery as it's still a work in process, but look forward to it.

[After a moment Fai was looking away from the screen as it soon turned off.]
26 June 2017 @ 01:26 am
[ text ]

[Ever since Akira awoke from his cocoon and listened to the welcome spiel from the hologram near the Bay, he's been scouring the network for more detailed information about this place and the people who have ended up here. He's managed to learn a great many things just by getting lost in the posts for about an hour, and he's even seen a few familiar faces in the process. Knowing that he isn't alone here provides him with a small sense of relief, although his feelings about this whole situation are still very mixed.

The best way to get their attention would be to make a post of his own, but just saying something like "Hey *insert names here*, I'm here now" would be boring, not to mention obnoxious for everyone else who has to scroll past his post. Just having his name attached should be enough, so he should ask about something he hasn't managed to learn from his network surfing. He could introduce himself while he's at it like other newcomers, but none of the information he's willing to share about himself to a bunch of strangers is terribly interesting compared to the others, so he'll just get straight to the point.]

Question for the coffee lovers here: who has the best coffee in all of Genessia?

[Because he could really go for some coffee right now, okay.]

[ action; near the bay ]

[Anyone who happens to be walking near the Bay area before the network post may find a frizzy-haired, bespectacled teenager seated on a bench, eyes glued with intense focus to that tiny smartphone screen. Next to him is the white box every new arrival receives with a copy of the brochure from the magazine rack laying on top of it, signifying his newbie status. It's clear from the look in his eyes that the grogginess from his awakening hasn't fully worn off yet either; in fact, staring at a screen for such a long period of time is making him feel worse, but he wants to absorb as much information as he can while he tries to come to terms with this situation.

The more he learns, the harder it is to believe that this is all real, yet he has no choice but to accept it. It's fascinating, but thinking about what he's leaving behind fills him with sadness as well as anxiety due to the circumstances he left under, and it shows on his face.]

[ action; genessia city ]

[Akira can't just sit here going through posts and stewing in his thoughts all day, though. Shortly after he posts his message to the network, he slips the phone into his pocket and picks up the box and brochure as he rises to his feet. Shifting the box under his arm, he opens the brochure to the page that contains the map of Genessia City. Might as well check out his new place and drop off his stuff while he waits for responses, so he locates Genessia Commonspace on the map and takes a moment to plan his route before heading off.

He isn't used to following a paper map, so at times he may get a little lost into it and nearly bump into someone. That someone may be you. Fortunately, he has enough Proficiency to sidestep away from you moments before a collision can happen. It's still a little too close for comfort, though, so Akira looks up apologetically.]


[At least he didn't actually bump into you???]
23 June 2017 @ 06:57 pm
Who: Ten and OTA
What: Exploring and information gathering
When: 6/23 - 6/29
Where: Genessia/Everglade/Nova/Attleton/Fayren
Warning: None yet.

[Closed to Anasasta Leonheart]

If there's anything elsewhere to gather information besides the library is the museum or a planetarium in this case - and Ten stands there staring at the main display at the opening of the planetarium that can be seen from the ticket line and has a look of longingly in his eyes and almost - almost you'd swear that he's actually been up close to those stars.


The Doctor finally makes his way to Genessia Scientific Research Foundation and is snooping around for any sort of clues.

Another place, one will be able to spot The Time Lord are the museums.


Ten can't that Fayren isn't lovely looking but frankly that's all he can say about it. He can't say that he believed he just saw a dwarf go by there; just some sort of sub-human species. The dragon flying over- head some kind of alien from some world but nothing here is actually magical. Maybe someone could prove him wrong? That science can't explain everything.

To white picket fence and all American 1950's feel to it; which Ten makes a bothered face; but his Tardis could be anywhere.


Call him the fool that walked in at night; though he does like the fog - makes him think of London. He does feel that shiver though that something is a-miss here but what is quite another question.

(Feel free to make up your own prompt just put the where in the header :D)
19 June 2017 @ 09:55 pm
[It's such a gorgeous night in Genessia City, isn't it? A nice temperature, a little bit of a drizzle and a waning crescent moon. You know what the night sky's missing? A gorgeous aurora borealis. And that's precisely what mysteriously appears in the night sky, shimmering into a beautiful spectrum of colors. It's truly a lovely sight to behold.

Isn't that a nice, pleasant change after all of the excitement recently? The lovely phenomenon to watch and behold after all of that tension...

Well, that is, until the calming air is broken by a
horrible roar echoing in the distance.

The roar seems to have originated from somewhere around the Bay, where the aurora seems to be hanging over. What on earth could have possibly caused such a disturbance to be heard throughout the city?

Well, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual at the Bay... save for a particularly
fluffy, white dog pattering around.

Nope, nothing unusual here... unless you might be sensative to magic, in which case, that cute little pomeranian may not be all that it seems.]

[ooc: if you have a character with magic or supernatural abilities of some kind, or someone inhuman, I have a
permissions opt-in post over here for her being able to sense that! If you're okay with her being able to sense things about your character, please comment there and let me know! If you'd rather her not be able to, carry on, and her sensing will not work by default! Thanks! ♥]
18 June 2017 @ 01:43 am
End of Event Action - Nova City Archway )

[Voice - June 17]

[Gale was safely back in the penthouse he shared with Faye, although he was kind of stuck there for a while. It would take a while before his body could let a new stream of lucemite circulate and get his cybernetics back in working order... which meant no dancing or various other kinds of theatrics for a while.

His mood wasn't exactly the best either. For a variety of reasons. Between him dangerously over-exerting himself in the battle, the Guardian debates and now learning that asshole Jacques somehow mysteriously became the mayor of Nova City? What next? Is his Aerodactyl just going to drop dead on the roof? Could things possibly get worse?

Well, whatever. He'd at least broadcast a message while lazing on his couch, sounding very tired.]

If it's not one thing it's another, eh?

Alright, from now until the next paper comes 'round, drinks at After Life and Hangar Queen are half off. I think we could all use some drinks after all the shit that's happened here. I feel like debates are a terrible thing to follow up all that action with. [He mutters then.] Honestly, how are the Guardian hopefuls able to think right now?

That said, both clubs have plenty of staff positions open. If anyone's interested in some way or another, lemme know, yeah?

In the meantime, I think I need some sleep.

[Private Voice - After Life and Hangar Queen Staff]

Yes, that means half off of your drinks too. You know, the ones you have already discounted to begin with.

[He sighs in frustration.]

I won't be in either club for a while, so I'll have to ask you guys to hold the fort 'till I'm back. And don't do anything stupid- I've got cameras all over the place so if you do something, I will know. Just don't risk it. You guys aren't stupid.

Lemme know if something comes up that needs my attention though. I'm not completely helpless yet.