24 September 2017 @ 01:28 am
It took a while for Maggie to feel safe enough to even look at the device she'd been given - more or less a cellphone - let alone the other things she'd woken up with, in that damp, dark cave. It was easy enough to understand, but she was out of practice; It'd been a long, long time since she'd seen a working phone. But safety mattered more, and the first thing she'd done was get out of the cave and into the blistering sunlight. After that, it had been a matter of seeing for herself that this place was - as the bizarre hologram woman had promised - safe and free of walkers, at least from what she could see. Now, she set up a voice message, from where she was sitting on a bench she'd found, at the edges of a park. It'd been a long time since she'd seen one of those, too.

"H-hello?" She started, swallowing hard before pressing on, forcing her voice steady despite the scary strangeness of this place. A scary strangeness she'd felt before, that still felt wrong in the pit of her stomach. "My name is Maggie. I just arrived here, and I'm trying to get.. situated. Things were pretty bad where I was, and I was hoping - if this place is safe, maybe some of my friends came here, too? Is it true that there's no walkers here?" The last question was sort of blurted out, unintentional, and she shut up as soon as she'd said it. It was a hope too far - a world without walkers. But it was also - maybe, probably? - a world without Glenn and the others, too, and that was worse. That was terrible. Hastily, she added, "I heard - I heard it was safe here. Is that true?"
19 September 2017 @ 09:15 pm
[It is a more thoughtful Grievous that appears on the network today. Thanks to chaos he has regained and clarified many memories that had been lost and while this happened some weeks ago, it has taken him a while to properly process it. At least, enough to speak about it further and not continue to keep it to himself.]

I have spoken of loss before but even then I had forgotten what that truly meant or how deep the wound can be. Some hearts once broken can never be fully healed and the emotions can threaten to overwhelm your life. The sorrow can become your life and all you may have left is vengeance.

To discover that there are even deeper betrayals can also be an instigator for revenge. Were certain people within my grasp there is certainty that they would pay for their treacherous actions.

I have been wronged and pieces of myself that were lost have now been found. I have not regained my true form but I have again found my soul and reconnected with the shards of mind and heart that had been shattered.

I will reverentially continue to grieve for that one which can never be returned to me yet my strength will prevail and I will continue to serve the people of Nova City as one of your Deputies under the new Guardian's leadership. I will protect you as I once did my own people; my elite warriors; my wives; my children and my family - to the best of my ability. I will do what I must, for the good of the people who reside in Nova and beyond, should other cities require my assistance.

The revelations and memories will not undo me. They only strengthen my resolve and purpose now.
12 September 2017 @ 09:40 pm
[Link doesn't look much happier than he did on his previous posts to the network.]

If someone was with us when we...left home...why didn't they come too?

[He missed Navi. A lot.]

I was jut wondering.
06 September 2017 @ 09:53 pm
[ The feed turns on to show the Nova City Guardian's office - instead of being occupied by Weiss Schnee as per usual, someone new is standing in view.

Or two someones, rather.

Mercury steps back from the device, having just turned it on, with Garrus standing a short ways back. A grin touches Mercury's lips (which is nothing new) as he offers a mock salute with his fingers. ]

Weird week, right? I sure didn't expect to find myself here, but. Welp! Things happen.

That makes two of us.

[ Garrus steps forward so he’s standing side by side with Mercury. ]

As you all might have heard, Weiss stepped down from her position as Guardian of Nova City and left the two of us in charge. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Garrus Vakarian. I’m a former officer of C-Sec’s Investigations Division back home - like a cop since I just realized you have no idea what that means. I also worked under whom I consider to be the greatest commander in my galaxy to help save it, and was in charge of a... team of individuals who were tasked eliminate a haven for criminals and the like.

Me, I’m Mercury Black, but I think I’ve been here long enough that a lot of you have seen my face. I’ll put it this way - by now I know all the rocks people can hide under in Nova City, so do yourself a favor and play nice. Or don’t, but then don’t blame anyone but yourself for what happens once we catch you. And yes, we will catch you.

[ Garrus nods firmly, opening his mouth to add onto that before letting it go. ]

Look, we could go on and on about how qualified we are, why Weiss chose us, how we’re going to uphold the law and not tolerate any injustices and the like, but I think that would bore most of you. What you need to know is that we’re the new Guardians, and we will do our best to keep this city safe.

And if you really have some desperate, burning question that you just have to put out there, then…

[ A beat, before Mercury makes a vague hand gesture towards the camera. ]

I don’t know, maybe ask?

((ooc: This is a joint post for both Mercury and Garrus - questions or comments can be directed to one or both of them! Users can, as always, leave anonymous text responses if they want to be candid or anonymous trolls.))
05 September 2017 @ 09:07 pm
[ The video recorded on the network appears to be from the angle of the podium that Weiss is standing at, though it's obvious that it's taking place in an official space. Just as likely, any character would be able to see the same scene on television as a press conference called by Weiss Schnee. What's stranger is that she doesn't seem quite as confident or self-assured as she might normally. This isn't good news. ]

Nova City has become a home to me. Which is what makes this incredibly difficult. The type of person I decided I wanted to be was the type of person who protects others- someone who fights to make things right, and be a better person than people expect of me. Being Nova City's Guardian has let me be that person, but it takes a toll. Everyone has a point at which their bias and self-interest conflicts with being able to do the right thing. I've recently begun to see where that point lies for me. Before I reach it, I'm going to do the right thing one last time for Nova City.

[ Weiss takes a deep breath, her fingers gripping slightly before she releases both them and the breath. ]

Today is my last day as City Guardian. In my place until the next election, Deputies Garrus Vakarian and Mercury Black will be acting as co-Guardians to lead the Nova City Guardian team. They have very different styles so it may be an.. interesting transition, but I think the contrast and balance will ultimately help to keep Nova City a fair and safe place.

[ She's so aware that it's going to be a controversial decision. Mercury is rash, with little leadership experience, but he got things done and he was decisive. He wouldn't play around with unnecessary ventures, and Weiss honestly felt that if he was going to continue down the path he was on, he needed to be motivated to do that. She'd give him the responsibilities and hoped he picked up on it, using his already skillfully trained abilities to support it. Garrus was far more justice-oriented and enthusiastic about the job, and much more intelligent, but he also acted too quickly and ended up on wild goose chases or involved in ridiculous drama somehow. The biggest worry she had about the team-up would be whether they would go too far in the name of justice, but she was hoping the remaining deputies would keep them in check in that aspect. Her other deputies may have been more qualified individually, but they were less likely to be followed by the rest of the team or more likely to be influenced by outside parties. It was the only combination that worked. They elected her, hopefully they trusted her deputies to uphold her standards in her stead. ]

Thank you.

[ And the transmission ends. ]
20 August 2017 @ 01:26 am
[Hello, ladies and gents, it's your resident salty robot ready to make a serious announcement.]

Regardless of what some people around here might wonder -or even wish about- I do not have a vibrate function. [Okay, so, ' serious announcement' might be an overstatement. Gale, Cassian, you are both to blame for this.] I am, however, liquid-proof.

That will be all. [The feed turns off, only to be turned on a second later.] Actually, I forgot one thing. Please refrain yourselves from licking my boyfriend, no matter how tasty he might look.

14 August 2017 @ 05:41 pm
[Now that's a sight - or not really. The camera shakes as the sound of someone running through echoes and you briefly see flashes of blonde hair, bronze skin and bright hazel eyes. As if the owner of the device is trying to make it focus on something. Then you hear a familiar voice. It's Miss Schnee giving her familiar speech, and you see her presented in the cameras view. Then you hear it. The unmistakable sound of a blade being unsheathed from its hiding place, unseen from the camera's angle, and it hangs before the camera and hologram, rising up ready to strike.

You should say or do something. Before she does something stupid.]
13 August 2017 @ 07:53 am
[It was truly an odd spectacle for a certain fairy tale villain to show up on the network. Even more unusual was what he has to say.]

Hello, Genessia... I have a small, yet... important request. Important to me, at least. I decided I will start a hobby. I want to collect a photos of everyone here.

So... Anyone willing to sell me a photo or two?
08 August 2017 @ 04:26 pm
The recent fights and events here held too many rules to show any test of real skill.

[His pride may still be hurting over a disqualification during his very first fencing match during the Games.]

How well can any of you wield a true weapon? How many have cut down their foes in battle?

It is strange to merely fight for trinkets with such flimsy weapons.

[A little bitter over his loss? Maybe.]
29 July 2017 @ 08:53 pm
[There's muffled childish cursing and a weird angled view of a little blond boy with pointed ears. He's dressed in green and has a shield that's too large for a child, and a sword that's just right.]

This is weird.

[The boy peers at the camera, big blue eyes curious.]

Navi, where are you?
27 July 2017 @ 08:58 pm
[Jack looks amused on the screen of your devices, but it is hiding a deep sense of worry and unease. To go from a funeral to where ever this is wasn't right, but Jack is a traveler who has seen more of the universe. He isn't going to let a little blip like this get him down.]

Hello good people, I'm Captain Jack Harkness and I was hoping someone might be able to point me to a group called Torchwood if it exists here. Or if anyone knows of a man called the Doctor...I'd like to consult with him if he's around.

[Jack flashes his most charming smile]

I have a feeling this place is going to be interesting.
16 July 2017 @ 10:21 pm
[As opposed to his usual aggressively sounding network posts, today Grievous has an air of almost melancholy contemplation about him.]

When is it time to cease grieving for something that has been lost?
10 July 2017 @ 07:37 pm
[Kay has decided to record this little experiment so he's able to check his progress in the future. But he turns the video into a public post by accident, hitting the wrong button and making his misery visible for everyone.

He's a bit stressed right now, you see.

The droid is sitting behind a desk, a paper in front of him with unintelligible scribbles on it, and one of the Attleton city reports next to his left hand. Everything in the Guardian's Office, all the information, files, important documentation...everything is written on paper. To Kay, those letters could pretty much just be stick figures drawn with paint at the bottom of a cave. He wasn't joking when complained to Cassian that people in this city lived in the stone age.

He is trying, Force knows he is, except the little letters make no sense and when he copies them on the paper his processor automatically switches to Aurebesh and nothing seems right.

He hunches over and grabs a pencil that immediately breaks in half. After a small sigh, Kay clenches one of the pieces. He tries to continue writing with half a pencil, only for the tip of to snap, falling and rolling on the opposite side of the room floor.

Kay stares in silence at the tip, then looks down to realize that when the thing broke, it ripped part of the paper. If Kay had eyes instead of optics, this would be the moment when people would witness his soul departing his body.

Leaving the broken pencil on the other side of the table -and next half a dozen more broken pencils-, Kay throws the paper into the nearest trash can with deadly accuracy. The paper ball would have gotten inside the trash can without issue if it wasn't because it's already filled to the brim with crumpled papers.

[ooc: guess what little thing doesn't exist in the star wars universe? Paper! And guess who never learned how handwriting works? Actually, all of the SW space folks. The Struggle is real and Kay wants to cry.]
08 July 2017 @ 05:14 pm
[Jaune is sitting in his office at Nova City's Guardian Skyrise. When the video starts, he's blaring some loud, classical rock music with unintelligible lyrics, which he quickly turns down. Oops. There's a lengthy looking scroll on his desk and you can see interesting decorating choices such as empty redbull cans, action figures of the other guardians and deputies that look like they were in mid-fight with the Weiss one on top of a book, and a chew toy.]

I think I mentioned before looking for a weapons expert. I kind of rushed into it when I asked that, when I should have spent time mastering and re-learning the basics.

Also, I don't think my armor's going to work for much longer. [He's not wearing it right now. It's way too hot for that.] I got a lot of good answers about breaking rocks, but I've finished the design since then, but I don't want to leave it with just anyone.

So, do you have any favorite blacksmiths? Even better, is anyone who's still here one?
01 July 2017 @ 08:12 pm
Congratulations to the new and returning Guardians.

For those who do not know of me, I am General Grievous, one of the Deputies of Nova City under the Guardianship of Weiss Schnee.

I hope we all can work together in the future to maintain the safety and security of all the districts within Genessia and the surrounding towns and cities. Any dissent should be discussed before it escalates. Threats will be dealt with accordingly.
30 June 2017 @ 02:56 pm
[For now General Hux chooses to use the voice function of the device. He found that the smart phone was rather outdated to what he was used to, but it was pretty easy to figure out. With so many of those from his world and the different time periods clashing, he was wary of showing himself. Maybe later he would choose to do so.

When he speaks it's in a crisp manner with and heavily accented, similar to the British. He cuts right to the point, giving the bare minim information that wasn't going to give away what he didn't want them to learn. Once, he's said what was needed he then ended the feed.]

It would certainly seem that I have arrived at an interesting time. I have to say I have been amused in watching the problems arising in the many fractions from my world. The majority of you would be from my past.

My name is General Hux of the First Order. We follow in the Empire's footsteps.

If you want to listen to people talk and make empty promises then its best you listen to the Rebels or their counterpart the Resistance. They are quite known for empty promises. If you're looking for someone to take action we are the ones to look to.
[The video opens up to a child dressed in something so very not European or anything of the like, very much still in the Bay area, if the magazine stand is anything to go by. She gives the pamphlet and map a shake with a giant scowl.] It's good the holo-lady was there, because I can't read the funny squiggles and stuff, but even if I followed the green line, how would I know what this 'Kusanagi and Haller Home for Children' even looked like? Same if there was a picture in the map? The squiggles aren't even writing!

[She sounds indignant, if not shaky voiced, but there is fear in her eyes.] I - This is not ok! I need to go home! You can't just kidnap me and expect me to be able to read your stupid squiggles. I have Very Important Things to do. And, if you're going to kidnap me - and this is like, the second time today and I don't even know why this time!, why isn't this [here, she thrusts the necklace into view for several seconds. It's stones are a mix of red and green.] blue? If I have to have it, why isn't it blue? The red isn't even proper red, and the green is too weird. It need more blue, because blue is the best colour.

Plus, my clothes itch, but that's not your fault; they just really itch and the headdress is heavy! And the place is weird, the names are weird, and it's stinky like an anyas den! [-the feed cuts off before anyone can see her burst into tears.]

Action to The Bay, for anyone interested.
[Anyone walking past is going to find the kid curled up near the magazine stand, headdress now at her side. To anyone who's able to sense it, be it via magic or other means, her very being is the perfect balance of light and dark, but they'd have to pass at least five feet from her.  Regardless, she's trying very, very hard not cry, though the sniffles kinda give it away. From time to time she'll peer at the map brochures, as if that will magically turn it into something she can read. It doesn't, and no  matter how many times she screws up her face, it's all alien squiggles to her.] Not fair.....

[She knows she should go and find that funnily named house for kids, but... She doesn't want to leave, not until she knows more, though she doubts poking the hologram will give her anything new.

Plus, this is nothing like being in the bowels of the
Atahualpa. She could at least read some of the writing there and find her way around while hiding out of sight.

This, not so much.
24 June 2017 @ 03:42 pm
Pitch black darkness will appear on everyone's screen for several long seconds and then..... From out of the darkness, will come a face both terrible to gaze upon yet  too mesmerizing to turn away from.  The hooded robe of midnight that made the figure seem a part of the darkness. The pasty white skin of the face filled with deep, almost scar-like  wrinkles caused by more then old age. The yellow eyes that seems to bore into the viewers as if they see every thought  of their audience. . One could easily think that was perhaps Death himself.

"My fellow inhabitants of this strangle world, please do not be alarmed by my appearance...  I am Emperor Sheev Palpatine, ruler of the Galactic Empire. I wish to be of service to you, the people here as I was to my subjects."

The voice is at odds with the face. It sounds warm, benevolent, grandfatherly.

"From the universe I hail from, I was originally but a humble Senator representing the Planet Naboo in the great Senate of the Galactic Republic. In time, I was elected Chancellor of the Republic and sworn to end the internal corruption that up until that moment, was twisting the great government of hundred million star systems to serve only the interests of great corporate monopolies and planetary elites. They start a rebellion against the Republic, calling themselves the Confederacy of Independent Systems in perverse joke that soon devolved into civil war.  The very fabric of galactic society was being tore apart.  The Republic was brought to the brink of collapse. It had to be reborn.

And so I and my followers reorganized the Republic into the Galactic Empire, with myself reluctantly taking on the role of Emperor. Through the valiant efforts of the newborn Imperial Navy and Army, we ended the menace of the CIS and ushered in an untold period of peace, prosperity, equality and most of all, stability that has last for over 20 years now...  

And while it is imperative that I return to my Empire as soon as possible in order continue to safeguard the well-being of it's citizens, It is my desire as a public servant to want to also extend that same sentiment to the people of this world for as long as  I am here.   That is...."

And here his voice becomes troubled.

"If I am not cut down in the streets first.
I have good reason to believe there are members of the Rebel Alliance, a terrorist successor movement to the Confederacy among the population here. They will seek to take my life, which is why I am currently in hiding. But it is not the loss of my life that I fear. I have been the target of so many over the years that I've grown numb to them. One of them even permanently damaged my face as you can see.  No, it the innocents that could be caught in crossfire between them and me. A conflict that originated in our galaxy should stay there.    

That is why I decided to introduce myself in such a public manner. I am but a frail old man in the twilight of his life who only wishes to continue until the end, his heart's desire as a ruler.... The betterment of all under him.   Will you not deny me that?"
16 June 2017 @ 10:37 am
Waking in an unexpected place was bad enough, but adding in what appeared to be a mass-produced pamphlet was just adding insult to injury. Still, reading all the offered information, there was only leaving The Bay with the necklace on as instructed. Thrawn remained silent and inscrutable as he stood and calmly listened to the welcome hologram. It wouldn't be the first time he was on his own in an entirely unfamiliar place. It would help a great deal to have better information, and while the hologram offered that, Thrawn very much doubted the answers he wanted would be so simple or so readily available to the general public if one did go to the location specified.

Alright, then, first things first. Basic needs dictated food, water, and shelter. Supposedly those waking here with no knowledge of how they came to be in this place was a common occurrence. Common enough to warrant temporary housing for those who have found themselves in this same situation. The 'smartphone' was of more primitive tech; it used a screen rather than a holographic image. It responded to his touch easily enough, though, so it was put away into a pocket for further investigation later. The key was, ostensibly, to this temporary housing. That would be what was investigated next, then. And so, still in the full white uniform and gold shoulder bars of rank, Thrawn set off through the streets of Genessia.
03 June 2017 @ 04:13 pm
[Upon waking up - The Doctor finds himself slightly baffled. What knocked him out? And then finds himself lying inside a cocoon. No. No. No. It's impossible. He can't be back during the Time War - those events are time locked. He must be somewhere else but where? What other planet have to cocoon the size of humanoids? Slowly adjusting to the lack of light; hears water near- by. Something or rather someone pulled him out of his Tardis with a tracker beam - again. Which it's not on accident; that tractor beam has to be very, very strong. Just like on Satellite Five; in his previous incarnation and ending up on a reality game show in the future; both him, Rose and Jack and finding out that the Daleks were still alive!


He has no knowledge of any place or world named Genessia. No. No. No! He's blind. Not really blind but he can't see what will, what has and what could be. Either someone is really powerful here or - this place is stagnant time.

For a moment, Ten is privately a very sad puppy. Losing his Tardis and now he can't see - on top of having lost Rose too.

Finally, looking more at what's inside. Job? Housing? This is horrifying. When coming across Weiss Schnee; That does answer a few questions. So he was kidnapped by who and why? What's the significance of the different colored pendants? Why is his red? Why are they being tracked on in which district they're in. Then makes a mental note about tampering with this device will execute a preventative protocol - that may come in handy later. As well as heading to Schnee Company's Genessia division on Oak and 16th, which is obviously a trap. But he doesn't want a map. What's the fun in having a map? Fine. Give it to him but he's not going to look at it.

Time to start thinking of a cover story possibility as well.

Finally; The Doctor clicks his device on. He's a rather dashing man - fluffy brown hair, big brown eyes, clever glasses and very proper with his blue pin-striped business attire. Ten smiles and waves at the camera]

Hallo. How are all of you?

(Action open to those in Genessia; abilities and permissions)