17 September 2017 @ 10:48 pm
[ There's an excited looking Capybara sized hamster on screen with a Togedemaru. It looks like she's inside of a pub. There's a doggy bowl of fruits in front of her.]

I can finally fit through doors, that I can! And my child can talk!

You're my trainer, not my mother.

Please excuse him. He's entering a rebellious stage, that he is.

[ The rodent/egg Pokémon shrugs and starts munching on the berries from the bowl.]

(ooc: Italics is the Togedemaru)
Please do not come to Fayren right now. If you are planning a trip here or need to come here for one reason or another. DO. NOT. COME. Unless you can defend yourself from the wildlife that has decided to come into Fayren from the forest. If you live here already, please stay indoors.

Mavis, Alice, please respond immediately to help people get to safety. Qubine, please can you fly over the forest. I heard from someone that something happened there a good few hours ago and it might be the cause for this sudden attack. So if you find anything please let me know.

I will be looking into the situation and find out why all of this is happening, but if anyone knows of anything, please let me know.

[For those who are around Fayren will find Yukiko using her Persona to use fire attacks to keep the creatures away, but not directly hitting them while asking people to get to shelter.]
31 August 2017 @ 04:09 pm
[The video starts up with Arro's view from the Skyline of Nova City, the sun hanging low on the horizon. It's been some time since he's done anything public save for going to and from work and the Library, which is unusual forhim, but as always; he has been deep in thought.]

Dear friends, having just arrived from my work at the Hospital, I had come upon an interesting train of thoughts I might question of those willing to answer--

[He comes into view finally, sipping from a mug and turning his handheld so it can look at his desk and himself as he seats himself and starts writing on his papers.]

What is "humanity"? It sounds like an obvious enough question, but in my heavy observation of everyone here, I find it doubtful I can receive a consistent answer save that it is a defining characteristic that separates most of us from certain and cast-out individuals who unfortunately have to make a living the same as the rest of us.

Previous discussions on this I've had before tended to quickly devolve into a contest on who was more "humane". Yet, quantifying "humanity" is something I've not been able to do to a degree precise enough to record, and that's saying something since I tend to record... everything~

[He takes another sip from his mug and does a few calculations with his fingers before he writes something else. The camera is of course tilted in such a way that it's only clear he's writing due to the pen he's holding, but he has his usual pleased if not somewhat smug expression on.]

So I ask all the denizens here; can you define "humanity" for me?
01 August 2017 @ 02:07 pm
[ Iiiiiit's Whitley! He's seated in his office at the Schnee Dust Company, his smile and tone both pleasant and professional. ]

I hope today finds everyone well. For those of you who I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Whitley Schnee - most of you, I'm sure, have seen the holograph of my dear sister Weiss in the Bay. Having recently become the CEO of the Schnee Company here in Genessia, I'm afraid I haven't had much time to speak openly. Suffice it to say I had a lot of records to peruse and catching up to do, but now that I've finished adjusting to the professional side of this position I'd welcome the chance to be of more personal assistance.

[ A little laugh, resting one hand atop the other to clasp them on the desk. ]

After all, the Schnee Company is here to help anyone and everyone adjust to a new life in a new world. Part of that duty is to plan events in each city for all to partake in. So my question is simply, "What would you like to see here in Genessia"? 

No request is too large or too small for consideration. I'm here, and I'm listening.
29 July 2017 @ 06:29 pm
[ The video is taken from inside what appears to be a costume shop. It's a rather drab shop compared to her normal masks, but you have to start somewhere. 5000 red bills is not enough to afford her usual ostentatious masks of gold. She's holding a mask to her face, her lips drawn downward in a frown just beneath the rhinestone teeth. ]

Too on the nose.

[ She turns around, her device clearly propped up on a shelf of some kind, perfectly and elaborately coiffed hair and a the back of a gorgeous long sleeved, royal blue dress. She turns around again after a moment, holding up another mask. ]

Would you prefer something cute and harmless, Genessia? [ She quickly lowers her face and places this one on next. ] Or do you prefer a more honest facade?
11 June 2017 @ 03:16 pm


At this point, news had been spreading about the flowers- the ones that only grew near crystals in the Maw, that they were what Seek had used on Nova City back in January, even though they were Fayren-native. Those who have made it this far to The Maw and searched for some time will finally find themselves at a cave, deep within. The only light there is whatever they brought with them and the bioluminescent glow of some crystals and fungus within the cave- certainly not enough to guide the way without your own source.

Once the expedition party is deep enough into the caves, they'll likely notice that the crystals have shifted behind them and cut off the way that they've come in. They have to go somewhat deep into the crystals to get to the patch of flowers they’re looking for, a veritable field of them. Most of the crystals are white or a pale lavender in color, and once in deeply enough it will become clear that the crystals have been enchanted as they rapidly spike up from their spots on the walls and cut off the entrance, regrowing just as rapidly if broken. A character may be able to get out if they have teleportation or phasing abilities, but they will not be able to bring other characters with them.

The only choice is to go deeper, and some who do will begin to find crystals that look a little different- refined, not bound to the enchanted white and lavender ones, and they’re a vibrant green in color. Careful though- spirits still lurk around certain corners, and with the low light and the Maw's nature.. well, you may want to stick close to someone else. Those aren't the only monsters down there.

-If you were RNG'd to receive a green crystal, you received a notification last night. Reply with a top-level to this post to receive the content of that crystal. If you do not post a top level by the 17th, your memory crystal will get rerolled to go to someone else who has already posted a top level. The mod NPC account will reply to your post with the memory crystal contents so you will not have any way to receive them unless you reply to the main post. Crystal finders: Cassian Andor, Koishi Komeiji, Link, Kamille "Mobius" Rainer, Belle, and Major Lilywhite.

-Regardless of whether you were RNG'd, anyone who replies with at least 5 comments by July 4th will receive a Fayren charm.

-If you are one of the four people who get to participate in capture, feel free to assume that your person got separated from their group and ended up finding the other three who did as well. That way you can still have main threads with whatever group your character came in if you'd like while we can limit the thread to a semi-reasonable amount of people for a single thread because 5 people in a single thread is already a lot and we do want to make sure that this thread is completed. A specific thread for this will be posted in reply to this post for each of those who joined in to participate. Once again, if you do not reply by the 17th, you will just have your character dropped from the discovery so that we can move on. Because this is an active thread and not just an info drop, the role will not be replaced unless all four characters do not participate.

-Just replying may also give you a chance encounter for other neat stuff in the Maw. A mod may reply with something fun to interact with if it looks like your thread is active based on a daily RNG through the 17th.

-Please feel free to assume that characters eventually find a second way out. They can also take samples of anything they want with them- flowers, crystals, rocks, whatever they may find. If your character wants to do something with something they took, please ask a mod what they'll find out and include the method they are trying to analyze it with. (If you just say 'analyze it' that's not going to tell us whether you'll find something out- if your character says they're looking at something under a microscope or that they're running a test for something specific, however, the mods are more than happy to answer if there's relevant information that your character can discover.)
03 June 2017 @ 04:13 pm
[Upon waking up - The Doctor finds himself slightly baffled. What knocked him out? And then finds himself lying inside a cocoon. No. No. No. It's impossible. He can't be back during the Time War - those events are time locked. He must be somewhere else but where? What other planet have to cocoon the size of humanoids? Slowly adjusting to the lack of light; hears water near- by. Something or rather someone pulled him out of his Tardis with a tracker beam - again. Which it's not on accident; that tractor beam has to be very, very strong. Just like on Satellite Five; in his previous incarnation and ending up on a reality game show in the future; both him, Rose and Jack and finding out that the Daleks were still alive!


He has no knowledge of any place or world named Genessia. No. No. No! He's blind. Not really blind but he can't see what will, what has and what could be. Either someone is really powerful here or - this place is stagnant time.

For a moment, Ten is privately a very sad puppy. Losing his Tardis and now he can't see - on top of having lost Rose too.

Finally, looking more at what's inside. Job? Housing? This is horrifying. When coming across Weiss Schnee; That does answer a few questions. So he was kidnapped by who and why? What's the significance of the different colored pendants? Why is his red? Why are they being tracked on in which district they're in. Then makes a mental note about tampering with this device will execute a preventative protocol - that may come in handy later. As well as heading to Schnee Company's Genessia division on Oak and 16th, which is obviously a trap. But he doesn't want a map. What's the fun in having a map? Fine. Give it to him but he's not going to look at it.

Time to start thinking of a cover story possibility as well.

Finally; The Doctor clicks his device on. He's a rather dashing man - fluffy brown hair, big brown eyes, clever glasses and very proper with his blue pin-striped business attire. Ten smiles and waves at the camera]

Hallo. How are all of you?

(Action open to those in Genessia; abilities and permissions)
27 May 2017 @ 09:17 pm
[ A furry hamster face appears on the screen. She's established a territory in the forest in Fayren, with her Togedemaru. She's been rather clueless about the Chimera disease, and other current events. She received no orders from Mistress Albedo, and just learned that the Overseer vanished.]

I have noticed something, that I have.
These cities appear to favor humanoids, or at least those similar enough in shape and size. I do not fit in most doors, that I do not.

Are there any places that would accommodate one of my size?
Also, is employment a necessity?

I can survive, and forage in the forest. I have done this at home, that I have.
03 April 2017 @ 06:40 pm
[ Have a Tannusen, clearly in Velvet Lust -- though it's during the day, so no one else is in there with him and more lights are on than usual. It's the downstairs area, all gleaming dark hardwood and metal inlays and all that good stuff. ]

So, I scored these little shits.

[ The camera is panned around as he flips his phone over, and its focus lands on a Pichu and a Cinccino having what appears to be a deadly face-off on top of one of the pool tables. They're about the same size, and they're both bipedal, so it's something of a slap-fight.

An adorable, somewhat staticky slap-fight. ]

But I don't actually know anything about rodents. I'm a bloody cat, okay? Rodents aren't my specialty. Is this normal? The dinosaur, it just kind of perches on rooftops and screams a lot, I think because Tektite's been encouraging it...

[ That's right, Tektite, he's onto you. ]

But these two...

[ The Pichu throws a cue ball at the Cinccino, and then the latter rodent launches itself right at the former's face. Vicious, adorable wrestling match! ]

They generally get along, but I think they're just kinda... hyper. So do I get them a big hamster wheel, or what?

Do they even make them big enough for these nerds?
01 April 2017 @ 03:19 am
[ The video shows fur, a twitch of whiskers, a pink nose, then a large black eye.]

Hmm, a curious item, that it is.

[ The owner of the large eye moves back enough to show the face of a fluffy hamster. She probably should be more concerned about suddenly appearing in a new place. Her master specifically told her to be more aware, but such complex things weren't worth the worry.]

I have questions, that I do.
Why are people giving me orbs?
It was quite generous of them, that it was.

[ She caught and kept whatever Pokeballs people threw at her. A much smaller rodent made a sound. The Togedemaru appeared on screen, looking somewhat similar to its unaware trainer.]

Am I a mother now?
I have yet to find a mate, and I'm​ quite sure that I don't lays eggs, that I am.