13 August 2017 @ 02:09 pm
Scenario: your culinary arts students are looking at you like you're dinner. (You got licked.)

09 August 2017 @ 03:54 am
[The video feed clicks on in just a moment, and when it does, everyone is greeted by a smiling young woman seated with a guitar.]

Hello everyone! I'm Mirajane, and I'm here to sing for you the ballad of Erza Scarlet and her perfect strawberry cheesecake, as requested by our guild master Mavis.

[The song that follows goes like this, starting off slow and sweet, but finishing into a resounding rock anthem crescendo, that was perhaps a little over the top for such a simple subject matter.]

Thank you for listening everyone, tune in next time to hear the misadventures of Happy and Natsu! Oh, and please remember to stop by Fairy Haven in Fayren if you're looking to have a drink, and to hear more songs from me, Mirajane!
22 July 2017 @ 08:51 pm
[This is no post from the pod, in fact, he's snuck in a few days ago. He's been watching and observing people in his friendly way, but he hasn't approached anyone yet.

Demyx is bored. He isn't used to having no one to talk to so he activates his device and smiles brightly for the camera.]

Hi! I'm Demyx!

I know you can talk on this thing, so I thought I'd say hi, and do that. This place is pretty interesting, although I didn't think I'd still be here.

[He couldn't just teleport home. Weird.]

Oh well, nothing I can do about it. So, how are you?
16 July 2017 @ 04:05 am
WHO: Jaune Arc, Emerald Sustrai
WHAT: Harvester Bounty
WHEN: A couple of days after the bounty was posted.
WHERE: Nova City, various locations.
WARNINGS: Violence and gore. The bounty's about black market organs, come on now, what do you think is gonna happen??

[ Since the bounty had gone up, Emerald had started a new "job." She didn't plan to stay at it long- it was to get close to someone who'd rather suddenly gotten a pair of eyes that really didn't look human. She said cosmetic surgery, but the facts didn't add up, which meant that she was probably her best bet for figuring out who the mystery doctor who fixed her up was. It was probably the person who has been stealing alien organs without permission.

Which is why Emerald Sustrai is dressed in a pencil skirt, her twintails rolled up into a bun at the back of her head with two of those hair chopsticks in it. She wore a smile that said friendly coworker, but internally screamed that she wanted to kill whoever decided this was professional attire. They were the real criminal here. She was rolling into day four of being the new temp and finally making friends with Sinday Barklay, AKA Miss Alien Eyes. She'd just pulled her into the copy room for a little playful work time gossip to warm her up. It was finally time to ask about where she got that "cosmetic surgery" and make up a story about how she was really looking to get her own eyes changed, considering how many people seemed to get freaked out by red ones.

At least, that had been the plan. She hadn't counted on her lead being the same lead that a certain deputy had found in the case, or what would transpire next. ]
08 July 2017 @ 05:14 pm
[Jaune is sitting in his office at Nova City's Guardian Skyrise. When the video starts, he's blaring some loud, classical rock music with unintelligible lyrics, which he quickly turns down. Oops. There's a lengthy looking scroll on his desk and you can see interesting decorating choices such as empty redbull cans, action figures of the other guardians and deputies that look like they were in mid-fight with the Weiss one on top of a book, and a chew toy.]

I think I mentioned before looking for a weapons expert. I kind of rushed into it when I asked that, when I should have spent time mastering and re-learning the basics.

Also, I don't think my armor's going to work for much longer. [He's not wearing it right now. It's way too hot for that.] I got a lot of good answers about breaking rocks, but I've finished the design since then, but I don't want to leave it with just anyone.

So, do you have any favorite blacksmiths? Even better, is anyone who's still here one?
06 July 2017 @ 07:32 pm
[Gaston can be seen hunched over book at a table in the Drunken Monkey His shift had ended and he was enjoying a drink at the same time. He held the book awkwardly in his hands just as he had with the smart phone. He always had a hard time holding something small with his large hands, feeling like he would break the object.

Thankfully he had found a book that was in his language to read. That was the first problem. Then it was finding something interesting enough to read. A book called the Three Musketeers caught his attention. Even then he was having a hard time reading it. Not to mention the attention span for it.

He didn't understand why Belle loved those books so much. She was always carrying one or two around and had her nose stuck in one. She basically hid in them. When he tried to spark a conversation with her over the book she had, she seemed interested for a change. Only, he had failed miserably with the fact he never had read the book.

He eventually slammed the book with an irritated sigh. He was lucky enough to have made it through a few pages before growing bored.]

I don't get it. What is so important about these books? They can never hold my attention long enough to finish one.

[He was talking to himself more then anything, not realizing that he accidentally turned his device on to recording.]
05 July 2017 @ 06:23 pm
Alright... I'm pretty sure it's normal for folks to have the 'what the hell' reaction upon arriving here. I mean, no offence to Weise, or how ever you pronounce your name, sorry. But no offense, being told I was kidnapped in a cheerful voice doesn't fix the fact that I'm not exactly okay with this.

[The video shows a person looking in their young teens with amber eyes and light brown hair, frowning at the camera.]

Is there anyone I can actually talk to, not just a hologram, that can... maybe give me some more answers? I read everything, and I get that I need the necklace...

[She holds up her red necklace, then the manila envelope.]

And that the money helps but... I've still got questions like the how, and why and general what the hell is going on. If anyone's willing to chat with me, I'd be grateful. I do good over electronics, but seeing someone in person wouldn't be too upsetting really.

Uh... if anyone who knows me is out there... please let me know.

04 July 2017 @ 09:20 am
[ A multicolored girl can be seen on the feed, as can her female Meowstic sitting on her shoulder. She begins speaking, but not in the usual way. She's using sign language. She's had to take classes to get familiarized with this world's sign language, and luckily Neo learns quickly.

"So when is someone going to develop technology for sign language to text, or even to speech?"

She wonders who will reply with more than a "huh?"
03 July 2017 @ 03:46 pm
Action; The Bay
[Rapunzel didn't remember falling asleep right after she finally left the tower and started on her adventure to see what she always dreamed of seeing up close. The lanterns have been her dream for as long as she could remember.

So when she found herself waking up in something she doesn't remember waking up in she couldn't help but worry ever so slightly. Where was her guide? The one who was meant to show her to the place she was meant to go to. As her bare feet hit the water she paused, looking down slightly. Water. Not exactly something she was expecting when getting out.

With frying pan firmly in her grasp and the items that she woke up with, in her other hand, she slowly made her way out, scared about what to expect in the world. her 150ft of hail slowly but surely trailing behind her. With each step, she moved the frying pan to the left, then to the right quickly when she saw people around.]

Action; Genessia
[Once Rapunzel had heard the hologram, which had scared her when it initially turned on she had made her way around, seemingly a little more excited to see everything around her. Running from window to window looking in, she was excited about simply being out of the tower. However, it wasn't long before she finds herself stopping. She was in a new place and if she didn't get back in three days, her mother would not be happy. That was enough to cause the young blonde to lean against the window.]

She is going to be upset with me? Why did I do it? Maybe I could go back?

[For the rest of the morning at least, the young woman can either be found running around happily trying out new things or she can be found sitting around, mumbling to herself.]

[Whoever was using the device clearly had no idea how to actually use it. So when it switches on all one can see is a giant green eye looking into it. They moved it back for a moment in order to check it out before moving it back to the way it was before.]

I admit I have never seen anything quite like this. But... what actually is it?
02 July 2017 @ 03:10 pm
[It's hot. There's no way around that. Jaune is wearing athletic black swimming trunks with red accents, and he's armed and ready. After borrowing the water gun following Weiss's beach party, he modified it with sophisticated tools such as duck tape, and some suspiciously wires that pulse a blue light. So does the gauntlet on his right arm.

When he finds someone to aim at, it's possible they're met with a powerful blast of water that leaves a bright blue dust residue in its wake. However, water dust is stronger than just normal water, and this was an impulsive idea that Jaune isn't sure how to control. He might accidentally knock a few people to the ground. If he does, he winces.]

My bad.

[At one point, he lets his Gyarados, Neptune, out. Neptune doesn't seem very happy to be in a very cramped, very warm space. He huffs in Jaune's face and Jaune reaches to pat him on the back.]

I promise I'll take you to Fayren's ocean after this and we'll hang out there, but can you do me a favor? [Doing a front flip, Jaune uses the momentum to punch the ground and create a wall of water that Neptune swings his tail with--]


[Creating a mini tidal wave to knock people off their feet.]
02 July 2017 @ 12:38 am
[Lilith has lived a reasonably long life, in her opinion. So when she had woken up in a pod in a bay a few days ago? She didn't go right ahead to gabbing on the phone she had woken up with and instead focused on getting herself settled.

But sadly, for her, the settling didn't include one important thing. She needed to eat a very unique kind of sustenance and the locals weren't looking good, so she bit the bullet and turned on her phone.]

Hello hello~.

[It's a woman's voice with a sing-songy tone to it, as if she's trying to be very charming. It probably won't work at all on the majority of people here, but a Succubus-Mermaid has gotta give it a try.]

Does any of you fine folks here who are also in the same stitch as me help a poor gal out? I have very... Unique dietary needs and I'm hoping some nice fellows could help me out with that. Please?

[Now, as she waits for any replies? Lilith really hopes there aren't any other magical folks around who are the type to rat her out, those folks are so bothersome.]
30 June 2017 @ 05:53 pm
[When the feed turns on, Cassian and Bodhi are sitting outside in the garden after cleaning and putting away the decorations of the home-warming party. By the small pond, Cassian‘s mudkip pokemon plays and splashes around while the vanillite freezes water droplets in mid air and turns them into ice while giggling.

Kay, the one who set the camera, comes into view holding his cat Fest in one hand and ice teas in the other. The image of a group of 'radical terrorists' Palpatine acused them to be doesn't fit them. Instead, this is a view that says: We are comfortable. This is our life now. We're not about to bring a war here.

The droid doesn't sit down but stays close to Cassian, petting the cat, and finally looks up at the camera.]

It had come to our attention that with the arrival of people from our world some things need to be explained. We would like to shed some light on the issue and ease any possible confusion about our endeavors back home.

Thank you, Kay. [Cassian gives him a smile that shows more warmth than he would let on in public under normal circumstances.] Emperor Palpatine‘s accusations against us members of the Rebel Alliance, or Alliance to Restore the Republic, were heavy. I understand if some of you are alarmed, but we have no intentions to wage war here. We understand that to battle here won’t save any lives at home.

[He pauses, struggling to hold on to the placidity he has been wrangled into for this broadcast.] Make no mistake, lives are being lost at home every day. The Empire is no benevolent government spanning the stars, it‘s a cruel dictatorship which will sacrifice millions, even billions of lives to keep its citizens enslaved. When we died fighting it, we died trying to stop a new weapon which could destroy entire planets with one shot. They have no qualms to use it. We fell victim to it.

But it‘s one word against another, and we don’t expect you to take sides. We just ask that we may live our new lives in peace. My duty is to protect and guard Attleton. That includes any Imperial citizens who choose to make it their home.

[OOC: Specify if you'd like a reply from someone specific]
29 June 2017 @ 12:15 pm
[It's been quite a while since the blonde-haired Hyrulian had made herself known to the other captives of the world. A month had come and gone so effortlessly that the woman can hardly believe what all had transpired since her first arrival into the world of Genessia. When the feed first appears, the former Princess of Hyrule is in the process of taking a seat at the end of a long table. Stacks of books almost look like castle towers at either side of where she sits, framing her in a coincidental manner befitting her background. Softly, her throat clears, a single hand coming to her lips to excuse the gesture.]

I'm unsure of who this might reach, though I suppose it is safe to assume it will reach a great many of you. My name is Zelda. I want to first thank those who selflessly offered assistance and helped me to get my bearings in this strange place. Our encounters may have been brief but they were well received all the same.

I've.. [For a moment she pauses, turning and reaching an arm out to pick up a large, leather-bound book that falls upon the table top at her release.] .. been catching up on some reading. This world has a wealth of knowledge I've never seen before, and even in a month's time I've only scratched the surface of what lies beyond my home. Contraptions and technology, medicine and arts, so much of it foreign but all so alluring I'm not quite able to fathom what else might be out there.

To the few of you that I did have the pleasure of speaking with, I wonder, would I perhaps be able to inquire more of where it is you came from? Call it curiosity or an inquisition, I assure you I mean no harm in asking, but I wish to learn as much as I can to better be of use to the whole of this world. I've.. not a talent for much outside of what I was raised upon, but I do know a minor amount of medicine and potion drafting. Languages, history, I'm not sure what good those sorts of things will be but if I can help in any sort of medical task I would very much like to.

If you're still out there, Doctor McCoy, I'd be very interested in meeting with you once more, personally.

[She stands from the table, continuing to speak as she walks towards the view of the device.]

To all other parties, you'll be able to find me in the central library, I believe it is called. Once I'm able to tear myself away from the table here, I can most likely give you a better location than name alone.

[She gives a soft smile while her face is framed in the camera, lifting her free hand up to wave at the audience.]

Until then. I do hope to hear from many of you soon.
26 June 2017 @ 06:52 pm

Now that things seemed to have settled down across the cities, Sonico was ready to get her housewarming in full swing. She has never been to one before, nor has she ever attended one, so it’s all very new to her. Still, now that she is more settled in her new home with Cassian and Kay, she is determined to make this a really great housewarming party.

So, all friends of Sonico, Cassian, and Kay, are invited to their brand new home in Attleon for a barbeque and drinks to celebrate friendship, and home. Come along and mingle!~

Early Evening

Where it all begins! The garden is large and includes a small pond, a couple of trees with a hammock between, a wood burning stove in the corner of the patio and, of course, the BBQ. There’s a large grass area and a patio area too, plenty of place to stand and chat. There are a few fold up chairs dotted around too. There’s a table full of foods and burger buns and condiments and, of course, yet another table full of various kinds of cider, beer, and soft drinks. Help yourself, mingle, say hello to the happy hosts and hostess.

Getting Dark

Later on, there’s a definite sense of merriment around the garden. If it’s too cold, there’s always the options of going inside to find a couch or a blanket to stay comfortable. But all the fun is in the garden, where the fairy lights that Sonico has strung up everywhere have been turned on, lending a festive, and almost romantic, glow to the evening. Even if most of the food has gone, it seems to have been replaced with snacks and more cold drinks. The wood burning stove is on now and, when it is dark enough, Sonico appears with matches and boxes of sparklers for her guests to enjoy – not quite fireworks, but fun enough!

Very Late

The evening is winding down, most guests have probably gone home. Still, it’s nice to sit long and late into the dark with friends, or even on your own just to enjoy the atmosphere. When all is said and done, there’s still some clearing up to do.



10 June 2017 @ 10:40 pm
ota; action
[ Looking to get into Nova City? Chances are you're going to run past Weiss. Since this has started, she and Nova's deputies have been holding onto various roles. The entrance to Nova City's been guarded by Weiss, Satsuki, and Grievous. Mercury's been doing expeditions into Genessia main to help bring people back, and Jaune and Garrus have been keeping things calm within the city walls. All armed with David's spirit weapons, though with orders to use them as limitedly as possible and to just try to keep out with regular weapons rather than kill if possible- protecting the city was the priority. At least, until Jaune had realized what those flowered things were- or at least what part of them was.

Their formation needed to change. Things needed to be done, and she didn't want to send Jaune off alone either. When she gets a chance, she gets the rest of the deputy team and guardians up on the comms. ]

nova deputies + fellow guardians and deputies (not directed at but so they have the info); voice
I'm staying at the gate and Nova City is going to be overrun over my dead body, but Jaune's right. Some of us need to head to Fayren. I told one of the guardian candidates that the cities in this place only exist because we're all here together, not because we only stick our necks out for our own. I need to know which of you are going so we can regroup in Nova City and make sure our people stay safe, but at minimum Jaune is headed to Fayren.

Jaune, I have faith in you but I don't want you going alone. No one should be alone in this fight.

If one of you goes and finds the man who gave Seek the flowers that we're now seeing in these spirits? I want him brought to me. We've got Seek, we can have him give a positive identity and then we can question him. If any of the other Guardians want a piece, we can discuss custody afterward and they're more than welcome to come question him but I want to make sure someone has him secured and since Fayren's a little lacking in leadership right now, we'll take responsibility.

ota; voice
David mentioned the Bay's waters, but if you're nowhere near there, use any last seconds you have to call someone you care deeply about. There's a chance they can reach you after these things have gotten you. I.. speak from experience, though I'd rather not get into it. It's a very personal experience, so what worked for me might not work for you anyway. Just know that someone you care about can bring you back. These spirits can take a lot from you but as corny as it sounds, love isn't one of them.

locked to sun; voice
Please tell me you're still doing okay and if you're cornered, tell me. I'll find someone to cover, I'm not losing you.

locked to whitley, jacques; voice
Go to my wardrobe in my bedroom and get in. Stay there and don't come out until I come get you.

locked to yang, nora, pyrrha; voice
Are you safe? We could use some help on the Nova front lines if you are.
08 June 2017 @ 06:18 pm

[Jaune's on top of a building in Genessia, avoiding the spirits long enough to post on the network. He's still in his formal white jacket, the red sash he always wears as well as his shield and sword making him looks somewhat more like a knight. He knows his weapons won't fully defeat them, and he has the one Weiss gave him, but he tries not to use it except for when necessary. A physical barrier is better than nothing. As for how he got up there, his Gyarados is in the background, but he's about to put him back in his pokeball for his own protection.]

I didn't get the chance before we got attacked, but those flowers inside some of the spirits are familiar. Remember back in January when anyone who drank the water in Nova City were split in to different morality halves? When Kanonno defeated Mr. Seek, he told me that he used a flower a lot like the ones seen inside those spirits for his formula. The same flowers can be found in Fayren. I don't know how the spirits could have gotten into Fayren, or why, just-- If this is going to be stopped, I think looking there is our best bet. I'm already heading over. If anyone wants to team up, let me know. Don't feel like you have to.

Just be careful.

[Private to Weiss.]

I know that I should go to Nova City. We have a responsibility, but I feel like this is the only thing that could help all of the cities. Will you let me do this, and can you go with me?

[He already knows her answer. He closes his eyes for a moment, and opens them, looking resigned.]

Please just give me an answer so I know you're okay.

[Action | Genessia]

[It's more of a struggle than an actual fight, when the spirits just keep reappearing. Jaune has made the choice to use his own weapons as much as possible, not sticking to one area for very long unless he sees someone who is cornered by the spirits or who looks hurt. He'll be fine. He doesn't need to rely on it too much. He just has to keep his distance.

People who are still outside might hear a loud scream that's meant to be a battlecry before Jaune flies past them using his shield to try and ram the spirits away, or pin them down with his sword in a downward strike.]
06 June 2017 @ 01:59 pm

a. At the party

[she's not okay. she's not okay. she's not okay.

a massive gathering of people, free food, and mindless speeches? fine, she can handle that, at least she would be able to drown out most of the people and just focus on getting herself a meal. what she couldn't handle was another earthquake. suddenly at the sensation her stomach lurched, she felt like she was a little girl again, and all the emotions from that time came flooding back.

but no, push it all down, this was different- this was an entirely different earthquake. this wasn't another red hole incident. even so... it was so devastating that it reminded her of that horrific time. minatsuki had been wearing a pink dress for the occasion, and it was definitely going to get ruined, since she planned on using her branch of sin either way.

even after the earthquake died down minatsuki was off to the side, absolutely rigid, her hand resting on her earring and ready to yank it at any given moment. she wasn't okay, she wasn't calm, she looked like she was about to snap and really hurt someone, or herself for that matter. try and sooth her or stay away?]

b. Fight or flight

[and when the spirits started coming, that was when minatsuki let her irritation and anger out completely. she had already yanked off her earrings, the blood flowing freely now as she manipulated it and twisted it. her tendrils of blood swirled around her as she backed away from a group of vile void spirits as they came towards her.]

Fuck off! You goddamn-...!! [she lashed out with her blood whips, her whip wing crashing into the spirits and sending them back temporarily. they kept on coming towards her, however.]

You bastards lay a hand on me and I'll rip your fucking heads off! [she was screaming, shaking, and she felt like this was an enemy she just couldn't defeat. this wasn't like her at all, but she hadn't ever encountered something like this before. she was in a whipping frenzy with them, and if she didn't stop she would certainly hurt someone else in the area. try and stop her? be careful! you will most likely get whipped if you do!]


[she had managed to get away from the spirits, for the time being, but she didn't know if she could keep running from them forever.]

This is so fucked up! How the hell are we supposed to beat these bastards? Whatever I do with my whips... they just keep on coming back. I can't... [she can't do this by herself.]

....And the flowers, those aren't like any flowers I've seen before. [and she knows her flowers.] Do the flowers have something to do with all this shit?

[someone please talk to her she's having a mental breakdown.]
25 May 2017 @ 01:28 pm
I'd like to gently remind all the City Guardian candidates that this is not the position of a ruler, nor a legislator, nor medical professional. This is a job to protect people. A job to protect them not only physically, but also protect their rights and way of life. Your personal opinion about their beliefs doesn't matter, and you certainly don't have legislative capabilities outside of your role in the criminal justice system.

That said, it sounds like there are plenty of great candidates who do understand what the actual job is, and I look forward to a fair and positive competition against Captain Kirk and anyone else who should choose to run for Nova City.

private to dorian;
Have you ever had an ice sphere cocktail?

private to gale and cassian;
Would one or both of you mind being substitute Guardians for some time on Saturday? I'd like to treat my deputies to a team-building trip but I also don't want to leave the city unprotected.

private to nova deputies;
We're going to the beach this Saturday. It's a mandatory team-building exercise trip. If you need waterproofing spray for any parts, I found some at a local store. It turns out plenty of cyborgs enjoy swimming. I will make certain we have someone to hold down the fort and keep us posted if disaster strikes and we have to rush back, and we'll be in one of our own subarchways so if something does happen, we can make it back somewhat quickly.
24 May 2017 @ 11:44 pm
[The video clicks on, and there’s Jacques, back straight and classy as ever in his new suit, hands clasped behind his back..]

Good Evening.

As you may have heard, I have recently stepped down from pursuing the Schnee Company at my daughter’s request and allowed it to be passed on to my son, Whitley. I hope that you’ll treat him with the same respect and admiration you all showed for Weiss.

Now, I know there were some misgivings about my behavior when I first arrived, and I am truly sorry for the way I acted. I was very stressed and my actions were naive, immature, and in only my own interests instead of anyone else’s. I apologize and hope that you’ll look past that awful first impression. I would like to see this world prosper, and I believe I have found a way.

[He plasters on the most politician smile you can imagine here.]

I have elected to run for the Guardian position in Attleton. I firmly believe that I can implement change that is beneficial to everyone, not only in Attleton but even to Genessia as a whole to some extent. I encourage everyone to take a look at my application and reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your time, and remember to vote for Schnee, the finest of them all.
16 May 2017 @ 12:11 am
You know what? Something ridiculous occurred to me. Not once for all the time I've been here have I made any sort of post on this network on my own. I've had this useful source at my fingertips for over twelve whole months and I've never even considered starting a discussion of my own. It seems even sillier now that I've said it out loud. Typed it out loud? You get the point.

So, for those of you that don't know me, Jefferson's the name and hats are the game. As in I make them. Or I did. Been thinking about starting that up again, actually, so this is the part where this all becomes less one-sided. I'm looking for hat opinions. What's good, what's bad, what you'd use one of three wishes to abolish from history. Enlighten me.

Also. One other thing I've been wondering about. If you've lived here a while, how long? Do we actually know who's been around the longest? Who's the lucky record breaker? I get that this is an isolated question and probably not something people want to talk about and all but it's been on my mind. Curiosity and the cat.

- J.S.