22 September 2017 @ 06:51 am
[The bland and spartan assigned apartment at the Commons seems to be the backdrop to this very brief video from Orihime. She appears on screen, neatly centered, and appearing to be in good health.]

Good morning! I need to run some errands in Everglade on Sunday, and I promised I wouldn't go there on my own since I was told it can be a little rough. If there's anyone that wouldn't mind sparing a few hours, or if you already live there and can play the role of tour guide, I'd be very grateful!

[She hesitates for a moment, having been about to conclude, but she's got one more question.]

One last thing -- what kind of item would you buy most from a bakery? Just curious!

[There, now her very important message has been delivered.]
Text - Public - Morning
[ Atelier Sakura is Ayame's second clothing store, which had been open for business for some time with relative success. Wanting to change that, Ayame devised a plan to attract more customers by making her store more inviting, and tonight is the night to make those plans a reality. Sending out a text to the network, Ayame invites people from other cities to come visit her refurbished store ]

Good morning, Genessia. Atelier Sakura of Fayren is having a re-opening night at 6:00pm. It is my second store, where I sell traditional Japanese clothing and accessories. You don't have to buy anything, but I encourage you to drop by nonetheless just to see the store along with the newly added light display, and try some Japanese snacks.

Until tonight. Your visit would be much appreciated.

Action - Fayren, Atelier Sakura - Evening
[ As for the store it self. It's built near the outskirts of Fayren where it's nestled in a small wooded area; surrounded by a copse of tall trees. The store lies on top of elevated ground. A slowly ascending path connecting to Fayren's roadways lead people to the store, but now illuminated with glowing pillars of rolled textiles encased in glass tubes. The short path forks slightly, with one leading to the entrance to a traditionally Japanese building, and another to a small fountain with a decorated stone orb that sits above the crystal clear water. Inside the store is a large "genkan", where the customers can interact with the staff on the elevated wooden platforms without having to take off their shoes, unless they're interested in getting fitted with a kimono.

Ayame can be seen wearing a kimono of her own creation. Depending on the hour of the night, she is either indoors talking to her customers with a drink in hand, or outside by the fountain, watching her customers enjoy the scenery, standing by the food stall manned by random men from a subarchway who she hired to serve some Japanese street food. There's okonomiyaki (savory pancake made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and some pork belly), taiyaki (cake with fillings, usually red bean paste but is also available in custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato), takoyaki (ball-shaped wheat-flour snacks with diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion. It's topped with mayonaisse, takoyaki sauce, green laver, and some dried bonito flakes) and yakisoba (stir-fried soba noodles with pork, diced vegetables, and fried egg).
07 September 2017 @ 09:57 pm
Uh...so, I got a question for unicorn experts.
Can unicorns and regular horses create offspring?

Uh...I think the unicorn unlocked the stables to get in.

After the weeks it took to finish, Ayame's first ever house is ready to open it's golden gate for guests. The groundwork was from the effort of Attleton's hardworking people; but Ayame finished the rest, putting together the floors, the walls, and roofs with nothing but her power. Every door is open for guests to come see every room inside at their own leisure, with the plants at the gardens at full bloom and an open swimming pool in the backyard as the centerpiece of the house. Ayame's Attleton neighbors, and friends in the fashion industry help populate this night of revelry...

The Backyard & Swimming Pool

Directly from the main gate are two large hardwood doors leading to the infinity pool. The roof is yet to be installed along with the walls, so it is for the meantime an outdoor swimming experience and a part of the entire backyard where the party is held. The tea room is yet to be installed, so in it's place is a small platform that acts as a stage for the performers. The bonsai greenhouse is also not built yet as well, allowing for more space in the backyard for guests to use as a patio with the bar, serving up drinks provided by Gale Reinhardt's night clubs After Life and Hangar Queen, including the special cocktails only available in both clubs. Assorted water guns are available for use.

There is a drinking challenge at the bar for anyone over 16. It can be a drinking contest between two or more individuals, with the last person standing is declared the winner. Or it can be a single-player match against the bartender, where he or she provides drinks that gets progressively stronger. If the contestant survives the strongest drink, they win the game. Winners get a prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a commemoratory photo with a certificate of proof that they won, a gift basket of snacks, and bragging rights.

The Dining Area

With it's doors and windows all open, the dining area is temporarily one with the backyard so guests can come and go to sample the Taiwanese feast on display on the dining table and kitchen island. Main dishes include Taiwanese-styled popcorn chicken (marinated with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, five-spice, and white pepper before being fried, making dipping sauces unnecessary), tofu fries, gua bao (pork buns, although available in chicken), black pepper buns (much like the gua bao, only the meat is stuffed inside the bread and is baked in a tandoor), & scallion pancakes (a flaky flatbread treat that comes with just the scallions, or can be used as a wrap for beef and chicken, with the added egg).

Desserts include: Run bing (peanut brittle shavings with scoops of ice cream, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper), red bean & pineapple cakes, finishing off with assorted bubble teas.

There is an eating challenge at the kitchen. Survive eating a full course meal of chicken or lamb curry with Carolina Reapers. Superhumans get an extra helping of the peppers to make it fair as possible. Preparing it requires the cook to wear a gas mask, and even inhaling the aroma of the peppers from a few feet away can cause most people to feel it burn their nose and throat. The contestant must finish the entire meal to win the full prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a t-shirt of proof that they won, a plush toy, and bragging rights. Not finishing only leaves them with participation t-shirt with a gold star that says "I tried".

The Living Spaces

With most of the noise being outside, the inside of the house is fairly quiet in comparison. The living room is still a place where people gather to converse without all the noise or risk getting splashed with water. Upstairs are the bedrooms, which are all open for people to come in and observe, with the two master bedrooms connected by the two-floored walk-in closet displaying all of Ayame's massive collection of clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and accessories. You're welcome to touch them or even try some of them on, but don't expect to vandalize it or leave the room with them without alerting the host. She's very protective of her collection.

Perhaps the quietest place in the house is also the most traditional. The guest portion of the house have tatami rooms both up and downstairs, with the latter having an elevated wooden corridor next to a small garden, providing fresh air to those who want to take a break or have a more private conversation.

31 July 2017 @ 08:57 pm
[ The feed turns on to show a young man - a newcomer, given the Bay in the background - who seems, quite naturally, a bit out-of-sorts in a nervous kind of way. Cheerful, though! Always cheerful.

As soon as he begins to speak, some people may notice that he sounds strangely similar to a certain someone else. ]

Um... hello? I mean, hello! Before anything else, my name is David, and it's a pleasure to meet you all - even though I guess I haven't met any of you yet, technically. But still! That nice lady in the hologram seemed welcoming enough, so I'm sure we'll all be super great friends in no time. Definitely!

Thaaaat being said... Is there any way to call back home? Not that this place isn't probably amazing, and all, because I'm sure it is, but I have a bunch of young campers to look after. Sure, Gwen's still there, but she's...

[ Gwen. ]

Well, it's just a lot of work for only one person, you know?

Speaking of camp, I heard we get some sort of temporary residence when we first arrive but are there any woods around here? No offense, I'm sure the accommodations are lovely, but I'm more comfortable in a tent and sleeping bag than any apartment building. You can take the camper out of the camp, but... well, I'm sure you get the idea!

... So!

[ He beams, wide and genuine. ]

Since I don't know any of you yet, how about a fun little icebreaker? Let's do some word association! Just throw me a word and we'll go back and forth as long as we feel like.
31 July 2017 @ 06:26 pm
[First thing that pops on this screen is this purple cat with a black witch-like hat and a tag. It seems she's still wondering around the arrival area, shaking off whatever water was on her. She tilts her head to one side, curious, tail swagging in the background. She leans closer to the screen poking her nose on it, and bats it with her paw before pulling away. The cat grins happily letting out a laugh.]


Is this thing really on?

[She asks happily, and yes, the cat speaks!]

Hello~! Can anyone hear Blair?
21 June 2017 @ 12:00 pm
[There's a young blonde on the screen, her hair painstakingly combed and braided to perfection, but the 18th century dress she wears, although equally painstakingly washed, is frayed and torn at the hems, with a few stains which couldn't be fully removed yet. She looks pale, her cheekbones a little too sharp, deep shadows still under her eyes. These signs of her recent captivity couldn't be washed away as quickly as the grime, or as she had demanded for a lady in the Welcome Center to teach her the proper use of this - still uncanny - device.

Eleanor may hate appearing in public looking less than perfectly poised, but every inquiry for suitable clothing got her pointed to Fayren, and she's not quite daring enough yet to brave a town everyone keeps telling her is full of real, actual magic. First things first then.

My name is Eleanor Guthrie, formerly of Nassau, New Providence Island. I'm not going to waste your time with complaints about being taken captive, as I'm sure you hear them from every new arrival. I'd rather sate my curiosity. I've been told a woman may own and rule equal to any man in your towns, even in Fayren, and that quite a few of the most powerful citizens are indeed women. Is this more than just the letter of the law?

[Old wives' tales come to life or not, Fayren is the only place that seems to hold any comforting familiarity in this bizarre, foreign world she has been thrust into, and she's not going to let sorcery or any kind of bizarre otherworldly creatures stand in the way to that.]

I also have another, more trivial question for you: Can we hope for it to get warmer yet? It's a little bit nippy for this time of the year, compared to what I'm used to. I'd hope Fayren, at least, is warmer; I'm planning to settle there if all goes according to plan.

[David starts up the video feed. He certainly prepared for this eventuality.]

We have encountered these creatures before a few years back. I created shelters in each city for people to retreat to in the eventuality of another situation like this. There is both magical and technological shielding to help keep the creatures out. The magical shielding was applied by various magic users in their own styles, including former Everglade Guardian Fai. The Genessia City police force is being dispatched to help stem the creatures from getting into the Archways as well as helping Genessia City citizens get to shelters.

[He puts in their location in each city here.]

There is food and supplies and space to house the entire populace of each city.

[The shelters are really that big.]

I would like for anyone that is able to help get people to the shelters if they wish to go as well as stand guard near them to help protect anyone coming in. Fellow Guardians, if you can spare yourself or your people to help with that effort, I would be grateful. Doctors, EMT as well as others that can offer medical help should be going to the shelters as well.

I will be moving through each city and broadcasting this message out with my telepathy to let people know about them, so don't be alarmed if you hear my voice in your head.

[That said, on to information about the creatures.]

Don’t let the creatures touch you, as they drain emotions from you when doing so. It can cause you to turn on your closest friends. These creatures can be dispersed by strong normal means, but they will only return. After their first attack, I had weapons created to help deal with this. If they are dispersed by one of these weapons, they won't return. The ones with the..flowery thing in them are new. So be extra cautious of them.

These weapons have their own drawbacks, however. Creatures from the last time that they were here have been sealed inside of them to give them the ability to banish the creatures for good. We were able to seal some of the creatures inside of sealing stones last time, but getting over run by them is way too easy. I took the creatures sealed in those stones and had them transferred to the weapons.

The weapons, when removed from their sheathes and wielded, have the same affect that the creatures have if they touch you, however it is at a much slower rate. The weapons can be effectively used in combat without much detriment. Though I do advise to only use then for finishing blows.

They have been routinely maintained and stores, so there is no worry about their state. If you want to use one, respond here or contact me directly. These weapons are only being loaned out and will be collected once this is all over. I think it's a good idea not to have these things freely floating around.

I will be going to the Cloister of Trails to see if this can be fixed. The last time there was a breach like this, a handful of people gave up things precious to them to fix it. I doubt it's going to be so easy this time around, because this breach is far worse than that one.

Karla )

Liv )

Telepathy )
22 April 2017 @ 01:25 pm
[ Now seems like a good enough time to try making a post instead of just commenting around sparingly, right? Everyone gets a nice view of Link, who got pretty good with cameras. He holds up his free hand, giving a small simple wave. Hello. ]

Where do you find- ? [ Someone interrupts him. ] ...

HEY! Get off the roof! It's dangerous! What the heck are you doing up there?

[ The camera gets turned around and ...down. From the high ledge he's sitting on. The man below seems a little ticked off and concerned about the choice of location.

He just pans it back on to himself. ]

...anyway. Jobs, horses or best food?
13 February 2017 @ 03:09 pm

[Johnny starts the video feed up and he's sitting at the counter in his kitchen.]

Man, I feel like I haven’t shown my fave on this thing in so long. [And that’s a crime, right? No reason to deny these people his wonderful, handsome face.]

Can’t say I’ve had too much downtime lately, though. I know I’ve mentioned my business Axiom Games on here before, but I Got another place too. It’s called Fortuna’s Palace. So if any of you like to throw caution to the wind and test your luck on games of chance, hit up Fortuna’s Palace in Nova City.

Also if you are looking for a job or something, we have various openings for Cooks, Bartenders, Game Dealers, ect. I like to step behind the bar myself and flex my own bartending skills when I get the chance.

So let’s end this with a question. What’s your favorite drink of choice? If you are a wee laddie or lass that is unable to drink, feel free to chime in with a non-alcoholic beverage. Unless you have drank underage, in which case shame on you, except not really. Maybe.

[Action; Nova City Mall]

[Johnny is paying a trip to the mall in Nova City. He’s had some shopping that he’s been meaning to get out of the way for the longest time, and he could pretty much do it all here as long as he didn’t allow himself to get distracted by any attractive women that might be roaming the place. He takes a sip from the coffee cup he’s holding, and when he realizes just how cold its gotten, he takes the top off and points a single finger at it and shoots a little stream of fire.]

Man, I swear they don’t make these things as hot as they used to. [When the liquid is sufficiently boiling, he puts the lid back on and takes a sip.]

Now, clothes shopping or furniture shopping.. [He did love to change things up with his look and his furnishings every so often.]
05 January 2017 @ 04:35 pm
[Kratos is not... a wordy or expressive man. When he arrived at the Bay, he quietly listened to the instructions of the hologram with grim acceptance, and wandered all the over city, looking for a place to stay because it's winter in Genessia. He found the map from a few magazines to find his way around.

Truth to be told, he sort of marveled at the sights and sounds and life of the city, compared to his world of Derris-Kharlan where he foresee his people of lifeless beings under his care after Mithos is gone. The technology is different than the magi-technology, he observed.

After a few days, he settled in an inn in Fayren. His lifeless world, the floating planet in space was left behind...for the time being. Still, the mana he sense here on this world is stable as he can use most of his spells while practicing in the woods of the forest.

Ah, it didn't dawn upon him to use the device to communicate to the Network. So speaking into it with a very mild:]

"... ... ...hello."

[Yup. Pause. Not a wordy man. He's one of those strong silent types.]

"Greetings. I'm Kratos Aurion. I'm a swordsman and a mercernary. How do you do?"

[Good start. There we go.]

"Is there is anyone who is a swordsmans around here too? I think I'm rather out of place in this city."
23 October 2016 @ 12:22 pm
[ Joruk is looking a bit pale. His fangs aren't obvious.]

This sucks. Uh... literally. I can't do my job in this condition. The sun kinda hurts and horses freak out when I try to approach them.

Can't really blame them. They're starting to look tasty, and they're not meat horses.
07 August 2016 @ 09:45 pm
[senji doesn't usually talk to the entirety of the network at once, but hey he's had enough and just wants to talk to people for a bit. he's kind of been fed up with people swinging around their super powered dicks for a while- and he is actually curious about the others around here.]

Yo! A'ight, I just got one thing I wanna address here.... there's lots of people here from different worlds, so that means you all got some pretty special powers, right? I just wanna see 'em and gauge you for what you're worth.

Also I'm not interested in people that... I dunno... claim to be the strongest in the universe or some bullshit like that. It's borin' and I ain't into that kinda scene. [talkin' about you freeza, too bad he locked this from the super baddies.] Nah- I just wanna know what you can do! Doesn't really matter if it's powers, could be like uh.... special skills or some shit like that too.

C'mon, entertain me. Oh and don't worry, this shit will just be between you 'n me, it's all private. If you're shy, then... I guess I can start things off with a bang! Or I guess I should say a-....

[senji moved away from the camera a little, just backing up, and he activated the razor rings on his thumbs, now pulling the blades over his forearms. he cuts deep into his flesh and pretty soon long red blades are formed from his blood.]

....ssslice! Hehaha!
21 July 2016 @ 01:19 am
[ his broadcast is the result of unintentional button mashing, his face appearing both upside down and too close to the screen when it's first flipped on. then he's lurching away and dropping the device into the grass at his feet, startled by the screen when it lit up. it gives the network a good, unobstructed view of a man in clothing that clearly belongs to another century. heavy fabrics and leathers with ornate patterns stitched and engraved into them, the hilt of a sword with a bright red scarf dangling from the end, and the curved tooth of a pendant dangling from a thin chord around his neck.

it takes a moment for him to step back up to the device, curiosity overriding fear as he kneels next to wear it has fallen. now his image is sideways and remains that way until he reaches down — hesitantly — to grab it, successfully turning his image upright. ]

What is this? [ he holds it up, above his head, as if illuminating the translucent surface with the sun's rays will offer a better explanation. a thick, distinctly italian accent clings to his voice when he speaks. ] Why— I don't understand. What purpose does this serve?

[ marco gives it a good shake in a poor attempt at jostling answers free. had he not ran from the sudden appearance of weiss schnee's hologram or taken a moment to read over the pamphlet he stuffed into his belt, he'd have a better idea of what this was, nevermind how he came to be in this strange, foreign land. alas, he's currently engaged in a losing battle with a smartphone, and if someone doesn't intervene soon, it runs the risk of becoming forever lost to the shallow depths of garden park's duck pond. ]
11 July 2016 @ 05:31 pm
[he takes some time to peruse the materials, listen to the hologram, and note maps and things, all the while bemused. He would say it was a dream only he can't remember the last time he's slept. And in that other sleep he doesn't dream, thank whoever, so he knows it's not that.

So a kidnapping, is it? The Soul Court is going to be pissed. Joseph can't help but smirk a little at that. He's glad and a little apprehensive to have slipped the leash for a while.

He mulls a little over what he finds and then decides to see who or what else is out there. It feels a little awkward introducing himself; like those college orientation classes all over again. But a bit of awkwardness never hurt anyone.

Still when the feed clicks on he's standing a little stiffly, gloved hand on the sleek black sheathed sword at his side.]

Uh... hello... My name is Joseph Fukuzawa.... I enjoy... uh... reading... parasailing... and uh... horseback riding.

[this is going well. Excellent job, Joe.]

By occupation... I'm a Ghost Eater for the Soul Court... and if that has uh...meaning to anyone... let me know. If not... um... [scratches his nose]



[his ears might be completely red at this point. Public speaking. Not his thing]
05 July 2016 @ 04:47 pm
[The video feed shakes slightly, before clearing to reveal a small dark-haired woman in turn-of-century garb. She lifts up the communication device and turns it about disdainfully, allowing it to show a bit of her surroundings in the Bay. At last returning to displaying herself once more. She starts out quietly, in a tone of musing to herself.]

Good heavens, these newfangled devices become odder each year.

[Her tone abruptly becomes crisp as she frowns sternly into the camera.]

Greetings. I have been made to understand that this odd device is the most efficient means of communication. I am Ms. Amelia Peabody. You may call me Amelia. I am a spinster of independent means, currently traveling for pleasure.

I had intended to embark on a voyage down the Nile today. However, if what I have been told is true, it seems that my plans have been unavoidably delayed.

I am not accustomed to my plans being unavoidably delayed.

Regardless, I am not one to waste time regretting the past. I have two questions. First, would anyone be willing to recommend a place of lodging in the city? And secondly, I wish to more fully understand the situation that has occurred. Who in this place considers themselves to be in charge? Is there an equivalent of a British Consulate?

01 July 2016 @ 05:31 pm
ok so ive been told my opinion is totally legit about all things always
so here is a short ass review of places around the cities

genessia places
click this )
nova places
technology city )
yep )
fayreon & everglade
why )

on an unrelated note heres a new jam
feel(alive).mp3 - also titled "in memoriam to the shades"
check it
you can hire me to dj your parties or whatever
09 June 2016 @ 02:02 pm
[ video ]

[Hey guess who is back? This guy. He's even sporting new clothes (including the quiver and bow) and looks a bit older than last time people saw him. He's sitting on a bench located in Garden Park outside in the sun, because why not.]

Greetings everyone, it would seem I took a trip to my world after deciding to investigate those Dream Docks in the city and only came back recently. I hope no one missed me in the half a year I've been gone. Although now that I've returned, I had an idea I'd like to share. How many of you know archery or how to handle a bow? I'm thinking of expanding my services to teaching, if anyone is willing to take up my offer. I don't bite, I promise. Of course I won't be doing this for free either, but think of it as experience you won't get anywhere else from a true professional. [He even smiles into the camera.] So thank you for taking the time to listen.

[And the feed cuts off.]

[ action ]

[If you didn't see his video post, you'll find him in Garden Park practicing a makeshift archery range he set up for himself. It's not that great, but hey, it'll do. He's pretty sure it's far away enough from anyone so no one would get hurt too. Though if you are passing through the area, watch out anyway for stray arrows that might fly because of Angelo trying some new archery moves.]
25 May 2016 @ 10:26 am
Closed to bounty peeps )

OPEN TO ALL | Everglade or Genessia | Action

[Hindsight is an amazing thing.

In hindsight, his idea had been a stupid one. Yes, it worked but it came at a cost. The poison running through his system is meant to kill most victims, Toby is lucky because he isn’t most victims. His body is slowly repelling the poison but it’s coming at a cost. He’s beginning to feel feverish though he’s stubbornly pushing past the achy feeling in his joints.

He just needs to find a place to sleep: rest, reboot and he’ll be fine.

Anyone who comes across him will hear a steady stream of curse words whispered under his breath. He isn’t looking to go home and get yelled at so he might find a place to sleep in an alleyway or wherever looks comfortable.]

[ooc: feel free to find him wherever between Genessia and Everglade.]

Closed to Cas: Backdated slightly.

[He is an idiot. This is a fact that he’s very aware of though he’s never made strides to fix it. School has never been his strong suit and even now he got dreary at the idea of reading a book. His idiocy doesn’t excuse his behavior the night before.

Toby doesn’t know how to say sorry. He isn’t the sort of person who talks a lot and when he does speak he feels as if his words don’t carry the weight that others do. He foregoes the awkward stumbling over words and decides to do something that he knows, something he’s very familiar with.

He’s standing in the kitchen with a few things set up on the counter. He works as if he’s lived in a kitchen his whole life, frying potatoes and chopping up vegetables and meats. Anyone watching him might comment that it doesn’t look like Toby at all. There is a slight up curl to his lips, not his usual smirk but a smile as he works. Alluring smells begin to drift through the kitchen and he hopes that is enough to call his roommate from her hiding place.]