05 September 2017 @ 01:47 pm
[ Viewers are treated to the sight of Eleanor Guthrie looking very frazzled, her dress and hair a mess from her own run-in with Fayren's wildlife, her facial expression just short of thunderous. She's furious, utterly furious, but being angry doesn't bring you more patrons.

So what people get to see is a very sharp smile. ]
People of Fayren, I'm sure you've all had your own encounters with our wildlife already. Now you could do as our valiant Guardian has said and stay at home, alone and miserable waiting for the danger to pass.

Or you could come the Dead Men's Port right there in the harbor and wait it out with the best rum in town and meat fresh from the hunt. Until danger has passed, drinks and food are both half price. If you play music or tell stories to amuse our guests, drinks will be free.

Let's all make the best of our circumstances!
Please do not come to Fayren right now. If you are planning a trip here or need to come here for one reason or another. DO. NOT. COME. Unless you can defend yourself from the wildlife that has decided to come into Fayren from the forest. If you live here already, please stay indoors.

Mavis, Alice, please respond immediately to help people get to safety. Qubine, please can you fly over the forest. I heard from someone that something happened there a good few hours ago and it might be the cause for this sudden attack. So if you find anything please let me know.

I will be looking into the situation and find out why all of this is happening, but if anyone knows of anything, please let me know.

[For those who are around Fayren will find Yukiko using her Persona to use fire attacks to keep the creatures away, but not directly hitting them while asking people to get to shelter.]
04 September 2017 @ 03:35 am
Until the day I die...

[That promise she was made to make swirled in her mind as Eleanor emerged from the creepy cave with the contents of this mock gift she woke up with. Her memory was hazy and vision clouded from sleepiness.]

Where ever could this be? This... This doesn't look like Westgand... Just where am I?

[She concentrated for a moment, like she was calling on a inner being...]

Laphicet, can you hear me?


Laphicet? ... Oh gods, please no! Don't tell me I lost Laphicet...

[It didn't take long for signs of panic begin to set in. As if her previous situation wasn't bad enough, now it's gotten to deadly proportions. She hugged herself as she paced around the clearing in front of the Bay.

Of course, in the midst of her worries, her thoughts begin to spill out into the open.]

This can't be happening, I can't believe this is happening. I lost Laphicet and without me to protect him, he'll turn into a daemon and then Velvet...

[Velvet...and her Daemon hand... And the promise to kill her if Eleanor failed.]

Not only that, but Lord Artorius... My mission... My last hope to redeem myself... This can't be the end of everything I worked so hard for!

But where do I even start? What kind of Praetor Exorcist loses her malak not once, but twice? I can't just walk up to any old body and just ask, can I? That will shake the faith in the Abbey to the foundation...

[Feel free to eavesdrop on everything she just spouted.]
13 August 2017 @ 09:27 pm
[As Qubine turns on the feed, he lets out what sounds like a deep, guttural sigh.]

...Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn't take issue with predators hunting their prey. It's only natural...and necessary for one's survival. But the fact that this so-called "Apex Predator" not only hunts for sport, but had also taken out a dragon has me concerned. Its ruthlessness and cunning remind me of the Beastclans of my own world...although I have no reason to believe that they have found their way into Genessia...yet.

[He pauses for a moment. If the Beastclans did arrive, what would they do? It occurs to him that he doesn't know much about them other than their hatred towards dragonkind.]

...I would investigate this myself, but yet...we don't have enough information to work with.
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08 August 2017 @ 08:56 pm
[Genessia City]

[He'd woken up with a blistering headache. He was disoriented, left on his own to figure out how he'd woken up in this place and just what the point of the items in the box were. He'd of course take in as much information as he could from the pamphlets and the hologram (a form of astral projection? Or was it simply something beyond his own understanding?), but this headache made him dizzy and standing on his own was difficult let alone taking in any sort of information. The headache told him one thing: He was forcibly removed from his connection with Kyofu. Hell, he couldn't sense anyone he knew in this place- not Kyofu, not any of the other young Cardinals... but perhaps the only relieving thing was not being able to sense Liam.

He took a few steps further away from the Bay before collapsing to one knee, clasping his head tightly. It felt like his head was spinning, but regardless he slowly got back up to his feet. It would subside, he'd tell himself. There were more important tasks at hand than allowing this to slow him down.

... that is, until he collapsed onto a nearby street just barely under the light of a street lamp. Okay. Maybe he should take it slower. The severed connection was making his magic go haywire, and that... probably wasn't good. The air around him would steadily grow colder as he lay there, cursing himself for lacking the strength to move at that moment. The last thing he wanted was potentially needing someone's help in this bizarre world.]


[Once he was able to regain himself, it was a matter of exploring the cities and learning whatever he could. However, after the incident earlier and the very small amount of sleep he had gotten before arriving here, he was tired. He felt more at ease once arriving in the city of Fayren, which was far more akin to what he was used to than those bizarre horseless chariots in the other cities, and chose to take a break on the shoreline. Anyone near the beach could eventually hear the faint melody of a flute in the night, lasting for well over an hour.

Should someone arrive at the beach after the flute playing had stopped, they will find the man garbed in white laying on the beach sound asleep. He hadn't intended to take a nap, but there he was. Perhaps taking a break on the beach wasn't such a good idea after all. Hopefully no one thinks he's just a body that washed ashore.]