Who: Namur (in Ted's body) and ANYONE
What: Just what it says on the tin
When: August 4
Where: Noted in prompts
Why?: <-
Warnings: Potty mouth

Schlepping around Genessia in Ted's body isn't exactly the way Namur planned to spend his Friday morning, and what a shitty situation that is. Can't taste anything with his face so he keeps bumping into people. He can see a lot better so he keeps gawking at leaves on distant trees and bumping into people. Seriously, it's rude. They want to fight or something? Oh right, it's him bumping into them. So he smiles sheepishly and waves, trying his best to dart through the crowd which seems far less inclined to part ahead of him than usual. What a pain in the ass...

Prompts Under the Cut )
06 August 2017 @ 02:56 pm
[The video feed activates and it's evident that Minori is on the move. She's rather distressed but not panicking. She's not the helpless newb she used to be even if she wasn't even close to as strong as the others. There also seems to be a lot of soft jingling just out of the video feed.]

Please excuse me, is this still Elder Tales? I don't remember hearing about a Genessia City on the Yamato Server... I tried calling everyone on my friends' list but I just get a message about the player not being available.

[Minori looks away to check a street sign and then back at the phone.]

I'd like to thank the girl in white for the informative hologram as well! It was really helpful!

[And the feed ends...]


Minori sighed after hanging up. It didn't seem like there was a guild hall in this city for some reason, so maybe she wasn't in the game still. But she was still in her gaming avatar and could pull up the command menu. The city did seem safe enough but Minori kept her staff out just in case. The girl visibly shook herself and started walking again. The hologram had recommended she go to a place called 'Haller Home' and it was as good a place to start as any.
29 July 2017 @ 08:53 pm
[There's muffled childish cursing and a weird angled view of a little blond boy with pointed ears. He's dressed in green and has a shield that's too large for a child, and a sword that's just right.]

This is weird.

[The boy peers at the camera, big blue eyes curious.]

Navi, where are you?
25 July 2017 @ 06:18 pm
 What's this?

*There's only another second before Jack figures out the video function, and there he appears on screen - the most pleasant skellington you've ever seen. Or, yes, just a skellington man, who is seemingly quite animated*

Ah hello, people of Genessia Town! What a charming place this is, and what a pleasant introduction! The technology here is really quite something, isn't it? If only I had the time to examine it all! I would very much be interested in speaking with someone who can explain all these clever...mechanisms.

[Action - Various Places in Genessia]

Jack has never been to a place like this, has never been surrounded by so many things he doesn't understand. Not since his visit to Christmas Town. He can be found in various shops or cafes, picking things up in wonder, or else pressing himself against windows to peer into homes, offices, any kind of building, all with bright curiosity on his face.
24 July 2017 @ 07:37 pm
Hey so, bit of a weird question. Anyone here ever heard of Torchwood, and could maybe point me how to get back to contacting the local branch? That'd be really handy, yeah?

Year and star system coordinates would also be fantastic, but I'm not holdin' my breath waitin'.

[Bites her bottom lip in thought.]

[She doesn't even know which universe this is. Much less how she got here without a dimension cannon or where everyone she was with went. Maybe they're here. But then maybe even saying their name depending on the universe is dangerous. Luckily, she's had 5+ years (give or take for literal dimension rewinds and time in the vortex) of experience in learning how to do codes.]

Here's a fairytale you've probably never heard before.

Once upon a time there was a big bad wolf. She wandered a city of metal filled with metal men. [Too dangerous to even say the world cyberman until she learned more!] She thought she was on a mission to hunt down her lost prince. But she was actually on a mission to find home. Bit like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz if you know it. And one day she met a man who wasn't a prince at all. He was a very brainy professor. There was even another man who started off as a mouse but turned into a lion full of courage, saving worlds he never even knew existed. And a really flirty captain who was probably too pretty for his own good. They weren't off to find a wizard. Just a blue box.

The big bad wolf ran away from home and her pack over and over and over again, but no matter how many times she ran, and how many new friends she made or which universe she fell into, something was always calling her back. 'Pparently you can't escape your family that easily. That or the Big Bad Wolf's mum was seriously terrifying and would fight a werewolf for diamonds and totally win.

Thanks for listening, Ta!
17 July 2017 @ 06:20 pm
Who: Satsuki, Koishi, Doctor Flug
What: Satsuki proceeds with her own life fiber project
When: Before the Spirit Invasion

Electric Boogaloo )
Who: Ted, Komeiji Sisters
What: Ted apologizes and bares his mind to youkai
When: Evening
Where: Fayren outskirts
Warnings: verbosity

Poetry along the way to Fayren; Open )

Meeting of the minds/Closed )
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13 July 2017 @ 07:15 am
Who: Ayame Sasaki, K2SO, Sonico, Ran Fujimiya, & Others
What: Tokyo Day Trip
Where: Tokyo Subarchway (Attleton)

[ At Sonico's housewarming party, Ayame got to meet K2SO and had made a mention about taking him to the Tokyo subarchway. At the time, Ayame thought they were going the next day since she was free, but a sudden change of plans have made them move the date back to where everyone can attend. Ayame only found out later that Sonico wanted to come, along with a man she has yet to meet.

Ayame has heard from Gale and Satsuki about her colleague once taking people on a trip here, so that's on her also mind. She knows she can't compete with how sociable her colleague is. He may not be Japanese either but he knows more about Tokyo than she does, being from a small town near Kyoto and all. But she hopes to make up for it in her own way, and hopes that a Tokyo native like Sonico can help her out in coming up with ideas on places to go. All she has planned for this trip is grabbing some items and show off the robots to K2. But now she's taken up the role of designated teleporter, eschewing public transport and traffic and just use her created portals to travel around the city more effectively. Atelier Sakura in Fayren is not officially open yet, so she has all day to hang out.

Ayame brought her cat Hibiki along for the trip, who has been by her side while they wait for the others to show

Morning @ Shibuya Crossing

[ Ayame chose this as a meeting spot as it was not only close to where she needed to grab some items from, but it was also one of the most iconic locations of the capital. It's the heart of Tokyo, as many would say, but in hindsight, it seems like a bad choice of place too. The throngs of crowds have gotten thick and not helping with the blazing summer heat, with pedestrians crossing from all directions of the intersection like marbles spilling out of a bag in such organized chaos. Scattered sounds of chatter, car engines and distant horns, and audio from the massive digital billboards on the side of buildings. Ayame isn't bothered by the temperature, but the crowds are a little too much for her. She can be found standing out near the Tsutaya store, first to greet her fellow pendant-wearer with an acknowledging glance and a nod.

If they feel the need to eat before tackling on the day ahead of them, Ayame would be willing to pay and take them elsewhere around the city like the famous Akihabara, or someplace less crowded for some traditional Japanese eats. Or not. There's a McDonalds down the street.

Noon @ Miraikan

[ Shielding her human friends from the high noon sun, Ayame brought them to the Miraikan Museum, or the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Mostly for K2, since there's a presentation of Honda's Asimo robot going on in here. Aside from that, the expansive museum shows exhibits about Earth, rudimentary doll-like androids, and some basic interactive games and activities mostly aimed at children. Currently, there is an exhibition about cartoon animation history. ]


[ This spot of the day is open, with Ayame leaving it to Sonico to decide where to go next. Being a Tokyoite, Sonico would have a better idea on what places to see. The Miraikan is in Odaiba, which has malls and plenty of entertainment. They even have the Gundam statue there for K2 to see, and an onsen theme park. But they could also go back to the mainland, and possibly see Tokyo from the ground by exploring the hidden gems within the city, or seeing it from atop the roof of the observation deck. Ayame can teleport them there and hide their presence from security after all, and enjoy the breeze along with the view from the top. ]


[ Even while pressed for time, Ayame eventually convinces herself in making some, just for the sake of hanging out. Feeling generous, she's willing to pay and buy gifts for her new compatriots as souvenirs. There's some restaurants she's been curious to try out, and novelty shops and tourist spots that are better viewed at night that they still need to see before calling it a day. Rain is very likely to occur! ]
10 July 2017 @ 06:00 pm
[Public Text]

Out of curiosity, who should I talk to in regards to procuring an enchantment? I suppose Fayren is the most likely choice, but who would I talk to?

Private Video to the Guardians and Mayors )
10 July 2017 @ 03:21 pm
Who: Koiball and Eyebrow-Grump
What: Koishi has 4 chaaaarms
Where: Grumphouse
When: Backdated to as soon as the Fayren charm arrives in the mail.
Warnings: The pun in the title? I dunno. Lol.

Whelp. Koishi had four charms. Four charms and nothing to wish for. It's not really a surprise for her. To fervantly wish in hopes of it coming true is something that humans did. A wish that does not come true is simply wasted energy, and one that does come to pass is luck. Or perhaps a miracle if someone was listening. And the charms meant someone would be listening. And how unlike a youkai it would be to try to invoke a spirit or kami.

No, this wish couldn't be used by Koishi. Nor by Satori for the same reason. And because Koishi already knows what she would wish for.

Wishes were best given to the weak but brave. Or humble heros. Or, ideally, ronin.

And so, an hour later she was slipping into Satsuki's window, ignoring Gothitelle angry pokemon chatter as she waited for the apartment owner's return.
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[Text OTA]

[There's no easy way to say this. Might as well get directly to the point.]

This second spirit attack revealed that the pokemon that we've been given are as real as the sprites; that is, the majority of the population without necklaces.

[He considers adding an "I'm sorry", but decides to leave it at that. He'll add something cheerier.]

If anyone has been drained by said spirits and would like aid, let me know. I should be at one's disposal soon.

Private texts to Anastasia, Satsuki, and Augustine )

[Action, closed.]

The original pokemon were better )

Private Texts
Anastasia )

Bracken )

Moon )

Konoka )

Magician )

Sans )

Strength )

Sonico )

Star )

Sync )

Professor Augustine Sycamore )

Tony )

To all )

[Action, closed]
Back to the grindstone: extermination bounty )
Who: Koishi and YOU
What: It's too hoooooot!
Where: Genessia City
When: Around the start of the heat wave
Warnings: None really.

Well... Damn. As a youkai of the mountain, Koishi was built to handle some rather tough conditions. Anything ranging from flash storms to fires, to icy water, to high winds. But there was one thing the mountains of central Japan did not have. Heat. It was too bloody hot.

Well, she did live in hell. But that was old hell. The reactors were never turned up to full. It was usually snowy or pleasantly cool or, at the very least, the heat was radial and dry. And while this heat was dry too (for the most part) it was constant and unrelenting to the point where even the air she was breathing was hot and unpleasant. Sure, she could just go home... but why waste a clear day to be out and about?

Even if it was way too bloody hot. And the fact that everyone around her seemed miserable about it certainly didn't help the situation either. Damn subconscious powers!

And so, her usual wandering and exploring quickly turned into a quest to keep cool. To the point where she had even shed her yellow shirt and was just wearing the black tank top she normally wore under it. Even if that did technically expose the inhuman coloration of her upper arms for the world to see.

Well, in any case, she would be wandering around Genessia city looking for anywhere she could cool off. No doubt this might lead her into some strange or awkward places, but that didn't matter. She just wanted to be less warm.

(Feel free to pick a location to encounter her. Literally anywhere is fine.)
Current Location: Genessia City
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02 July 2017 @ 06:47 pm
Waking Up - The Bay

[Waking up had been a bit of a challenge after a several years of a moogle companion acting as your personal alarm clock. The bed was comfortable and compared to the ground she'd slept on in the past, it was a welcome change. The perky brunette curled up tightly, burrowing into the comfort for as long as she could. The battles to save Crystallis had been long, hard and exhausting. She'd gone to sleep on board the Enterprise, content on considering her next moves and dreaming of home.

But something wasn't right. She'd left Jaelyn on board the ship and the wake up call wasn't happening at all. It was with a sleepy whine that Selphie Tilmitt woke up with a start and stared at the completely different surroundings from where she'd fallen asleep. She felt the tight braid at the nape of her neck and the unfamiliar weight in her lap. It took several moments to rub the sleep from her eyes before she looked down and saw the small box in her lap. She opened it cautiously before smiling sadly at the white crystal contained within alongside some other objects. The SeeD quickly closed the box before leaving her bed and making her way out of the Bay she'd woken up in.]

If this is a joke guys, I'm not laughing!

The City Proper [Video]

[A few rounds of fiddling with her smartphone later, a 23 year-old Selphie comes into view. Her customary bangs are back in place but instead of her shorter hairstyle, she's adopted a long braid that's flopped over her left shoulder. She's a bit on the tired side and very wary of her new surroundings. Yet, there's a glimmer of cautious optimism about this situation. She tugs at the sleeves of her Red Mage attire before waving at the phone. She sees the little symbol that it's recording but other than that, smartphones are completely foreign to her.]

Helloooooooo? Is anyone out there?

Jade? Anise? Sonic? Anyone from Crystallis? Squall? Zell? ...Seifer?

Um... [She looks at the lens sheepishly before clearing her throat.]

Right. Looks like I'm on my own so, hello! Is this thing working? If you can hear me, or see me in this case, say something! Anything, really.

[Selphie smiles warmly at the camera before tapping the phone again until the feed cuts out.]

The Wildcard

[Do you have something else in mind? Come at me!]
02 July 2017 @ 04:52 pm
I. Video

Hello! [Luke is smiling at the camera, and waves politely to his audience. He's sitting at the counter and has a book in front of him, but the image is catching a view of Teanie Teas that some who have been in Genessia longer might find familiar--Luke has set his mismatched china out on all of the tables, he's stocked his shelves with various arrays of tea, and the kettle is on the stove behind him.]

I've not been in town for a long while, but now I'm back and taken over the shop again from Miss Kiryuin. And everyone knows a proper celebration deserves a puzzle!

[Come now. You can't have expected anything less.] I promise it won't be too hard. If you can solve it, you may have a cup of tea free! So, what on earth is this message trying to get at? "Blank is one thousand times blank blank." [Complete with air quotes.] You can fill in the blanks with a single letter from the alphabet. What's the letter?

II. Action

[As promised, Luke is back in the tea shop for most of the day. As a shop with no other employees, he simply spends his free time in and about the shop.

Today and with the heat wave, he's looking at boxes of tea on the shelf, arms crossed with a small frown and head tilted just slightly to the side. He's talking quietly to himself, clearly lost in thought.]
I'm sure there's something that will make a nice cold tea, but what?
[Oh hey it's that weirdo multi-coloured haired chick from like, earlier in the month. The one who tried to eat her phone.

Wow she looks kinda, no really, upset. Like grossly so. There may be snot involved.]

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee's goooooooooooooone, it's not faaaaaaaair!

[Demencia sulks at the phone, before the gross sobbing begins anew. With some mournful wails added in as well.]
26 June 2017 @ 01:47 pm
Fun question: Who found green crystals in the Maw and what did they say? Major can't have been the only one because that definitely didn't seem like the whole story.

[ She's hoping anyway. There's a chance it was just a remnant of a story and they'll never know the rest, but she's kind of hoping otherwise. ]

Other fun stories and information would be great too. The GSRF doesn't operate on guessing really well.

P.S. Been craving froyo all day, send help or froyo.

[ Yes, she said P.S. outloud. ]
24 June 2017 @ 03:42 pm
Pitch black darkness will appear on everyone's screen for several long seconds and then..... From out of the darkness, will come a face both terrible to gaze upon yet  too mesmerizing to turn away from.  The hooded robe of midnight that made the figure seem a part of the darkness. The pasty white skin of the face filled with deep, almost scar-like  wrinkles caused by more then old age. The yellow eyes that seems to bore into the viewers as if they see every thought  of their audience. . One could easily think that was perhaps Death himself.

"My fellow inhabitants of this strangle world, please do not be alarmed by my appearance...  I am Emperor Sheev Palpatine, ruler of the Galactic Empire. I wish to be of service to you, the people here as I was to my subjects."

The voice is at odds with the face. It sounds warm, benevolent, grandfatherly.

"From the universe I hail from, I was originally but a humble Senator representing the Planet Naboo in the great Senate of the Galactic Republic. In time, I was elected Chancellor of the Republic and sworn to end the internal corruption that up until that moment, was twisting the great government of hundred million star systems to serve only the interests of great corporate monopolies and planetary elites. They start a rebellion against the Republic, calling themselves the Confederacy of Independent Systems in perverse joke that soon devolved into civil war.  The very fabric of galactic society was being tore apart.  The Republic was brought to the brink of collapse. It had to be reborn.

And so I and my followers reorganized the Republic into the Galactic Empire, with myself reluctantly taking on the role of Emperor. Through the valiant efforts of the newborn Imperial Navy and Army, we ended the menace of the CIS and ushered in an untold period of peace, prosperity, equality and most of all, stability that has last for over 20 years now...  

And while it is imperative that I return to my Empire as soon as possible in order continue to safeguard the well-being of it's citizens, It is my desire as a public servant to want to also extend that same sentiment to the people of this world for as long as  I am here.   That is...."

And here his voice becomes troubled.

"If I am not cut down in the streets first.
I have good reason to believe there are members of the Rebel Alliance, a terrorist successor movement to the Confederacy among the population here. They will seek to take my life, which is why I am currently in hiding. But it is not the loss of my life that I fear. I have been the target of so many over the years that I've grown numb to them. One of them even permanently damaged my face as you can see.  No, it the innocents that could be caught in crossfire between them and me. A conflict that originated in our galaxy should stay there.    

That is why I decided to introduce myself in such a public manner. I am but a frail old man in the twilight of his life who only wishes to continue until the end, his heart's desire as a ruler.... The betterment of all under him.   Will you not deny me that?"
V I D E O;

[Once the feed clicks on, you'll see a woman wearing a plain lab coat (with no name or emblem on it just yet) wearing a black turtle neck and a stethoscope around her neck. You might see on her name tag that's clipped to her coat pocket that it says "Genessia General Hospital" and "Dr. Angela Ziegler" on it. She's not wearing her halo, nor her Valkyrie Suit with the wings today; it seems she's on her break, for however short it might be depending on how things go. She's used to having her breaks cut short by this point.]

Wow, that was some crazy time to come here... With all of the spirits gone, I'm glad to see things have calmed down a little. Is everyone doing okay? If anyone needs to be healed, let me know. I'll do what I can to help. Although I suggest that anyone with serious injuries should just visit the hospital to get themselves checked. It never hurts to be cautious when it come's to one's health, right?

I did introduce myself upon my arrival as well, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to re-introduce myself now that things aren't as chaotic around here. My name is "Angela Ziegler" and I'm a doctor at Genessia General Hospital; I also answer to "Mercy" if you'd prefer to call me that instead.

I'm new around here and have a lot to learn yet, but I hope that I can be of some assistance to those in need. I'd also like to check out this world more thoroughly now that it's safer outside. I hope we can all get along.

[She glanced off to the side for a moment before looking back finally.]

Whoops! It seems my break is over. Have a wonderful day. [Click.]

A C T I O N; Genessia General Hospital

[Mercy was hard at work, although admittedly she didn't have too much to do just yet. She was still new at this job, though not the duties. She couldn't expect to be given any special tasks just yet when the others barely knew her, after all. Still, she was doing her best to help out wherever she was needed/instructed.

It was business as usual, besides the constant cries for healing, flying back and forth to assist reckless teammates, and dodging enemy fire; being a field medic sure was a joy sometimes. Feel free to to come across her walking about the hospital for whatever reason. Got yourself hurt? Just want to meet the noobie? Anything goes. She'll have her staff in hand, just in case she needs it, although she's more likely to rely on her skills as a doctor besides her nanobiology healing.... unless she had a need for some serious healing.]
Who: Dr. Flug and YOU! Yes you! A-And the one behind you. In the green jacket. Yes you too.
What: Dr. Flug has been drained by an empty spirit and is looking for more emotions
When: June 12 through Flug getting dunked/Events End
Where: All over the cities
Warnings: Emotion draining
Notes: For a custom starter just post a date and location with an empty comment and I will give you a custom opener.

What do you do with an emotionless evil doctor? )
11 June 2017 @ 03:16 pm


At this point, news had been spreading about the flowers- the ones that only grew near crystals in the Maw, that they were what Seek had used on Nova City back in January, even though they were Fayren-native. Those who have made it this far to The Maw and searched for some time will finally find themselves at a cave, deep within. The only light there is whatever they brought with them and the bioluminescent glow of some crystals and fungus within the cave- certainly not enough to guide the way without your own source.

Once the expedition party is deep enough into the caves, they'll likely notice that the crystals have shifted behind them and cut off the way that they've come in. They have to go somewhat deep into the crystals to get to the patch of flowers they’re looking for, a veritable field of them. Most of the crystals are white or a pale lavender in color, and once in deeply enough it will become clear that the crystals have been enchanted as they rapidly spike up from their spots on the walls and cut off the entrance, regrowing just as rapidly if broken. A character may be able to get out if they have teleportation or phasing abilities, but they will not be able to bring other characters with them.

The only choice is to go deeper, and some who do will begin to find crystals that look a little different- refined, not bound to the enchanted white and lavender ones, and they’re a vibrant green in color. Careful though- spirits still lurk around certain corners, and with the low light and the Maw's nature.. well, you may want to stick close to someone else. Those aren't the only monsters down there.

-If you were RNG'd to receive a green crystal, you received a notification last night. Reply with a top-level to this post to receive the content of that crystal. If you do not post a top level by the 17th, your memory crystal will get rerolled to go to someone else who has already posted a top level. The mod NPC account will reply to your post with the memory crystal contents so you will not have any way to receive them unless you reply to the main post. Crystal finders: Cassian Andor, Koishi Komeiji, Link, Kamille "Mobius" Rainer, Belle, and Major Lilywhite.

-Regardless of whether you were RNG'd, anyone who replies with at least 5 comments by July 4th will receive a Fayren charm.

-If you are one of the four people who get to participate in capture, feel free to assume that your person got separated from their group and ended up finding the other three who did as well. That way you can still have main threads with whatever group your character came in if you'd like while we can limit the thread to a semi-reasonable amount of people for a single thread because 5 people in a single thread is already a lot and we do want to make sure that this thread is completed. A specific thread for this will be posted in reply to this post for each of those who joined in to participate. Once again, if you do not reply by the 17th, you will just have your character dropped from the discovery so that we can move on. Because this is an active thread and not just an info drop, the role will not be replaced unless all four characters do not participate.

-Just replying may also give you a chance encounter for other neat stuff in the Maw. A mod may reply with something fun to interact with if it looks like your thread is active based on a daily RNG through the 17th.

-Please feel free to assume that characters eventually find a second way out. They can also take samples of anything they want with them- flowers, crystals, rocks, whatever they may find. If your character wants to do something with something they took, please ask a mod what they'll find out and include the method they are trying to analyze it with. (If you just say 'analyze it' that's not going to tell us whether you'll find something out- if your character says they're looking at something under a microscope or that they're running a test for something specific, however, the mods are more than happy to answer if there's relevant information that your character can discover.)