23 September 2017 @ 05:05 pm
[It was as Weiss said.

One day, Regis was here enjoying a peaceful evening at his home and next he was gone. Death had claimed him once more. He had returned to nothingness into the bleak afterlife only to be reawakened yet again. Regis didn't think he would be returned to this land, back to Genessia. He thought his days were done and prophecy fulfilled. Fate had been exceeding cruel towards him, so never once did he think a miracle would occur.

Despite being returned in a rather dishelved state slightly drenched thanks the pier and blood upon his person, Regis only has one person on his mind.

...Correction, two .

Do I dare ask if my son is here? [ The last he seen of Noctis, the young man was passed out upon the sofa prior to his disappearance.] His name is Noctis.

Noctis Lucis Caelum.

[His heart will ache if his son is no longer here in this world but Regis is hopeful.]

In turn, is Weiss Schnee still present? If so, I request an audience with her. It's been quite a long time since last paid her a visit.
04 September 2017 @ 03:44 pm
[Action A – Fayren]

[Another day, another attempt to bring out her light. Liora still chooses Fayren as her favorite practice spot for her magic exercises. So while hovering several feet above the ground by flapping her wings, she emits the bright golden glow from her body. She holds her talons in front of her, attempting to bring that light together into a bright, glowing ball. She strains her mind and body, trying to pull that light and then push it forward, but no such luck. She tries again and again. And again. After many more failed attempts, exhaustion starts to kick in as she lets herself drop to the ground, catching her breath.]

I'm just exhausting myself at this rate...

[Time to hunt some insects.]

[Action B – Any City]

[Luckily insects can be found anywhere in great abundance. Liora crawls along the ground with her face low, snatching up the little bugs into her mouth. However, while she's doing this, she doesn't pay attention to her surroundings, so she may accidentally run into someone's legs. Try not to step on her...]
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31 August 2017 @ 04:09 pm
[The video starts up with Arro's view from the Skyline of Nova City, the sun hanging low on the horizon. It's been some time since he's done anything public save for going to and from work and the Library, which is unusual forhim, but as always; he has been deep in thought.]

Dear friends, having just arrived from my work at the Hospital, I had come upon an interesting train of thoughts I might question of those willing to answer--

[He comes into view finally, sipping from a mug and turning his handheld so it can look at his desk and himself as he seats himself and starts writing on his papers.]

What is "humanity"? It sounds like an obvious enough question, but in my heavy observation of everyone here, I find it doubtful I can receive a consistent answer save that it is a defining characteristic that separates most of us from certain and cast-out individuals who unfortunately have to make a living the same as the rest of us.

Previous discussions on this I've had before tended to quickly devolve into a contest on who was more "humane". Yet, quantifying "humanity" is something I've not been able to do to a degree precise enough to record, and that's saying something since I tend to record... everything~

[He takes another sip from his mug and does a few calculations with his fingers before he writes something else. The camera is of course tilted in such a way that it's only clear he's writing due to the pen he's holding, but he has his usual pleased if not somewhat smug expression on.]

So I ask all the denizens here; can you define "humanity" for me?
19 August 2017 @ 04:45 pm
Insult injury = _ ?

Does anyone else think the newspaper's puzzles could do with some improvement? Simplistic mysteries that fail to even provide an illusion that they require any complex thought. Anyone with the capability to read at a third-grade level could solve these. A few minor trivia facts and you're granted a hollow prize. Gaining a few coupons does not help a genius in need of stimulation.

And this new bit that's written like something out of a lackluster children's clue book. Riddled with mistakes. It could kill several brain cells reading. Slanderous to the word "enigma." An insult to everyone's intelligence, really. Not that the intelligence levels are particularly high for most of you...
Almost an insult to everyone's.

Whoever is in charge of this is clearly some buffoon. Asinine publishing. We can do better.

What is a riddle you truly felt rewarded for solving? What is a mystery you have agonized over before discovering the answer for? Is there a puzzle you still haven't figured out? A person or situation that continues to vex you?

Would anyone miss that newspaper if something terrible happened to it?
25 June 2017 @ 02:33 pm
[This is the last week of June. Back in Sornieth, this would be the beginning of the Brightshine Jubilee, the celebration of the Light flight. Being in a world of completely different cultures, Liora didn't plan a full celebration of her own. Even if she were still home, she could hardly celebrate with Erebus at large and the whole world in danger. Regardless, she wasn't going to go without taking a few moments to honor the Light flight deity.]

[First she took a stick and drew the Light flight insignia into the dirt. As she stands in front of it, preparing to say her prayer, she remembers something lightly hanging from her neck. She pulls off the coin-sized jade disc that Ayame had given her months ago that was supposed to bring her good fortune. Whether it had worked or not, Liora realizes that she could no longer wear it. Not only does it feel like a betrayal to her own culture, but she realizes that she would need to find her own strength. Liora closes her talon around the disc before closing her eyes and tossing the item away. She then sets up her device and begins her broadcast. She figures the Lightweaver would better hear her this way. She gets on her knees, bowing her head as she begins her prayer.]

Oh Lightweaver, I come to honor you on this, the first day of the Brightshine Jubilee. For eight months, I've been trapped in this world, unable to complete my mission. Every day, my incompetence tears me apart. Just recently, during that spirit invasion, I felt something I never thought I could feel...it felt as though the light was working against me...

[She pauses, thinking to herself to stay strong, despite the hopelessness she feels.]

Oh Lightweaver...please guide me. Help me tap into my power...and into your light. I know you realize how important it is...even more than I do...
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[First, a beautiful unhappy ending was thwarted and now he's in a new disgustingly bright and happy sun-shiny day. At least he got a pretty-pretty necklace out of this. That makes up for falling asleep in the Shadow Realm and waking up in this happy land.


Ulric, a big bad wolf, floats above Genessia, taking in its sights with disgust, thinking over what the brochures and the hologram said.]

Genessia... A whole other world from my own. No Brute. No Bruha. No Rascal...

[A sinister Wolfy grin.]

No Glitter Force~

At long last, I can do what I do best. [Ulric produces a peculiar book.]

Genessia! Your picturesque fairy tale is coming to an end-

-as I paint your dreams black!

[Ulric crushes a tube of paint in his hand and smeared the ages with the only black paint. The magic of the book is activated, unleashing a wave that turns Genessia's day in a bleak, full moon night. His magic was re-writing the future to a sad ending.

Black aura appeared around people in the immediate vicinity, wisps of darkness gravitating towards the Book of Sad Endings.]

Every ounce of negative energy turns the Wheel of Doom one more tick, bringing me closer to the day I can revive my master; Nogo, Emperor of Evil!

[But nothing happens. Ulric didn't sense that satisfying tick of doom. In fact, none of the people appear to be incapacitated by hopelessness.]

Hey... What gives? [He flies down to the nearest NPC.]
Why isn't your negative energy turning the wheel of doom?

[The NPC shrugs and continues on with his day.]

Great. What am I supposed to do now?
06 June 2017 @ 12:32 am
[Liora watches, terrified, as the spirits push through the barrier. It's just like the attack on the lair. It's just like that training scenario in the holodeck. Even after those experiences, she hasn't gotten any stronger. Not strong enough to deal with what was happening now. And she curses herself for it.]

I don't understand...why is this happening!? What should I do...!?

[But then she hears the information about the safe house in her mind. She has no choice but to go there. But can she get there...?]

[She pushes through Fayren, trying to avoid the spirits at any cost. When a spirit did manage to get in her path, she would frantically cast her basic energy ball at it. All the while thinking that her light magic would be stronger...if only she could actually use it. But there was no time to think about that as she continued to scramble towards the safe house.]
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Action - Genessia City Garden Park
[ Ayame had been keeping to herself, feeling drained of socializing energy. It's been over a month since she showed her face in the network, and she's just been keeping busy with training Mirai in tailoring and saving up money. She haven't been keeping touch with her friends and hasn't even been showing up to bars and casinos like she tends to do, opting to practice her skills in baking, cooking, singing, and playing the guitar instead. But today seems like the day she feels rested and ready to mingle again. Ayame enjoys the spring weather with a picnic mat set up on the park's lawn, where a full-grown tiger is sleeping on the side, and a Gardevoir with a cherry blossom hairclip is quietly watching over the assorted foods that's way too much for one or even three individuals.

Not far from the picnic set-up, are over a dozen students clad in sparring gear and the gym uniform of Second Honnouji Academy. The students train and spar with trainer weapons, based on historical swords from longswords, messer, katana, sabres, rapiers, & bucklers. Among them is Ayame, who is wearing something not very well-suited for sparring. But despite the nylon sabre in her hand she's not here to fight, but to instruct. Ayame isn't an official faculty member of the Academy, but some of the students know her enough from her frequent visits there to train kyudo with Satsuki in the mornings. Ayame uses the training sword as a teacher's pointer stick as she watches the students spar with different weapons. Ayame calmly instructs a pair with a katana going against a messer and buckler

You are doing good by keeping the point of the katana forward, you are keeping him at bay and making him think high. But you need to improve on your footwork. You had a lot of chances of slipping your sword around his buckler and get a good cut across his torso, but you are too far to strike whenever the opening presents itself. Move those feet.

[ Ayame lightly taps on the student's leg before turning her attention to the next pair, with a longsword against another ]

Remember, a sword isn't just a cleaver or a poker, use your halfswording techniques when he gets within grappling range.

[ Ayame pats one of the tired student's shoulder as she continues to walk away to her picnic mat, handing the nylon sabre to another student. The students comply to Ayame's instructions without question, and helping each other out by correcting each other's mistakes. Right before she makes herself comfortable on the mat, she looks at any on-looker with a kind wave and a nod. Anybody close enough for her to speak to, she says: ]

Come to watch them practice or simply enjoying the beautiful spring weather?

Video - Public
[ While still at the park and enjoying her homemade foods with Gardevoir and her cat-temporarily-turned-tiger Hibiki, Ayame fiddles with her comm device while using Hibiki as a backrest. She thinks of how long it's been she talked to people outside of her job, and quietly sighs at her difficulties in socialization. She figures it's worth a shot to go out of her comfort zone, so after some internal pep talking, Ayame starts the video. ]

Hello. How are you all this beautiful spring day? To those who I have yet to meet, my name is Ayame. I quite enjoy this season, and it's a perfect time to try something I've been wanting to, which is to go camping deep in the forest. Although, it's difficult to find a perfect place to do this that isn't Fayren, with the outbreak of the Chimera infection, I don't see this being a pleasant experience to magic-wielders. Are there any good secondary options for a good camping spot? I would appreciate any good suggestions.

If not, well, I figured now that we're here we might as well get to know each other. Maybe over some drinks sometime? I know a good bar.
Who: Mariko Ishiwatari, Dante Sparda, Gale Reinhardt, Konoka Konoe, Liora, Kanonno, & [Your character. But contact me first please]
What: Holodeck Training Simulation, wrap party in After Life
Where: Holodeck'd - Nova City Branch
When: May 4th, 6PM
Warnings: Violence.
Text - Public
[ With her last bounty hunt ending up in a gunfight and Icy's recent attack on Attleton, Genessia's dangers have finally revealed themselves and made Mariko see how unprepared she really is. She's confident in her powers for the most part, because back home they managed to save her bacon more times than she can count. But this is not her world. She'll need to start adapting for real, and she cannot do that by remaining obscure. Deciding to step out of her comfort zone, she sends a public text in hopes of meeting someone and learning something new: ]

Looking for people to train with and partner or team up at the Holodeck. Not looking to pick a fight with anyone here, just putting that out there before you get any ideas. Recent events just made me want to step my game up. I fight with firearms as my main weapon of choice and my combat experience is short and against "supernatural" enemies. I'm not a regular human like the natives of Genessia City, physically speaking. Disparities in our abilities can be a turn-off though and some of you might have questions, so let's hash things out first if you're unsure and schedule a time. I'd definitely appreciate it
24 April 2017 @ 01:49 am
[Waking up in such a alien place was quite jarring. The mere confusion of it all, being locked up in a dungeon and rescued by the oh-so-handsome Lord Marth, and then ending up in another dungeon?

This can't be right at all. She saw her sister, they marched together as soldiers in Marth's army, so how did she end up here? And as for this box with pretty things for a girl? Well, it was just a necklace that caught her eye. Was it an apology for kidnapping a real life Macedonian princess? Minerva and Michalis will not be happy regardless. But first thing's first, she needs to find a way out of this town and back to Marth.

She will be sitting on a park bench with the box of things in her lap and a staff leaning against the bench, messing with the phone. Anyone passing by might wonder what this tiny little thing is doing by herself.]


[Eventually she does get it working, broadcasting her sweet little smile.]

"I hope this is working okay. My name is Maria. Can anyone hear me?"
20 April 2017 @ 02:01 am
Cut for scary dream... )

[Liora springs awake, gasping for breath, as if to recover from the suffocation she had suffered in her dream. While it's nighttime, at least she's able to see the faint light from the moon and stars. She feels the comfort of the web bed that she's made at the top of a tree. For a moment, she looks around frantically, trying to remember where she is. Then she notices her device lying next to her, currently broadcasting. Then she remembers that she's still in Fayren. She picks up the device and stares into it with a relieved sigh.]

It's just a dream...I hope I didn't wake anyone...

[It's certainly a good thing that she didn't wake with a full scream. She sort of wishes she could talk to someone, but really doesn't want to wake anyone.]

...Is anyone awake...?
16 April 2017 @ 11:15 pm
[What, the world makes a big hullabaloo about Christmas, but not its supernatural conclusion? You can't just proclaim Christ's birth without its telos! This will not stand! Genessia's about to be schooled by the lone man who cares enough about the holiest of holidays.

Ted's there, somehow even more gaily dressed than usual, along with all seven--the number of completeness--of his pokemon behind him.]

Good evening, ye merry gentlemen, and God bless you as we celebrate Easter, the day when the world died only to be reborn from dusk to dawn.

Christ, the paschal lamb, who had been slain but three days prior, was risen by the power and glory of God. Just as sin and death entered through men by the first man, Adam, so Christ became the firstfruits of life. He bore sin and death that he might trample both, and resurrect the sleeping ones yet in bondage to sin.

So Death, the last enemy, is and was destroyed by the Redeemer, who means life and life abundant for all who cleave to him. Take that, Hades! The tombs are emptied, the visible is overcome by the invisible! Rejoice, men and angels and all alike for whom life is freed!

[His pokemon rustle; clearly eager to join in on whatever festivities are planned. Ted turns around, laughs, then spreads his arms, gesturing to them.]

We were graced with parcels of life's abundance one month ago, and rightly rejoiced. How much more, then, for the life and liberty from sin granted two thousand years ago? Happy Easter, everyone; God take you all.

[With that his pokemon make a joyous, clamorous farewell as he ends the feed. With but an hour of Easter left, Ted takes his court of Pan--such wonderful representatives of life!--to the city streets for more happy singing.]

"Christ is risen from the dead, Allelujah!
Every people, every nation,
Soon shall hear the gladsome sound;
Joyous tidings of salvation,
Borne to earth’s remotest bound.
Then shall rise in tones excelling,
Praise for grace so freely shed;
And the Easter hymn be swelling,
"Christ is risen from the dead!"

[It did say every people. Neither Ted nor his personal zoo will be slack in spreading this gospel, oh no! He felt extremely happy, as though he were Adam himself, back with his named creatures in Eden.]
31 March 2017 @ 01:08 pm
[Oh who the hell has this communicator? It's turned on three times, upside down, facing the wrong direction twice, shaken violently and turned off-]


[That's happened at least five times too, considering whoever is holding it keeps grabbing it at the wrong angle and hitting buttons at random.


At length, there's a sharp phrase, spitted out in a harsh, annoyed whisper.

Tā mā de!

[... If you know Chinese, don't tell her you heard that. She's a proper lady, damnit.

Finally, finally, the device is flipped about the right way, and oh my goodness.

Is that an old lady? That is an old, old little lady, angrily glaring at her communicator and continuing to mutter in strings of Chinese, broken up by English.

Yes, auto translate, but the old woman seems to be making a stubborn point of specifically talking in Chinese.

A phone doesn't need all this foolishness in it, make calls with the phone, you do not write with phones-

[Someone... someone please help her.


Please this is really pathetic.
17 March 2017 @ 12:48 pm
[When the feed begins, the first thing that comes out is a loud, piercing shriek.]


[The camera turns, focusing on an egg.]

Wh-what is this!? Where did this come from!? I know I haven't bred! Not in this world, anyway...!
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Who: Ayame Sasaki, and you! Bring yo friends.
What: Mingle log. Ayame low-key celebrates being old.
When: March 7th (morning to evening), March 8th (morning)
Where: Nova City Islands
Warnings: None

[ Today is a special day. One that has occupied her mind in a both excited and anxious fervor. It's her 28th birthday, and all it did was make Ayame feel more depressed. It was just like the night before Valentine's Day, but she took solace in the fact the following day was great. Ayame didn't want to let this metaphysical grey cloud of sadness that's hovering over her to ruin her day, so she was about to do something she's never done before: invite people to have fun with her.

She has saved enough money ever since she became a business owner and being very reserved with her spending, she managed to afford a good deal for Nova City Islands that she was willing to share with everyone interested. She even booked a night-long stay at the place. Well after a couple of rounds of liquid courage to calm her nerves, Ayame starts a network video with a wave, showing her face with a small smile etched across her lips. The artificial beach and the palm trees show in the background, all protected from the winter by the large dome above them.

Good morning, Genessia. For those I have yet to meet, my name is Ayame. Currently, I'm in Nova City's famous indoor beach enjoying the balmy weather away from the last legs of winter. So if any of you could use a break or could not just wait for spring, I invite you to come join me here. But please use the promo code Iris28 to get a 50% discount in your admission. Well then, I look forward to meeting all of you.

[ Ayame waves goodbye before stopping the recording, breathing a big sigh of relief now the camera had stopped rolling. Still wearing an airy dress over her swimsuit, Ayame took a moment and stretch her arms, ready to spend her birthday in this tropical paradise in the middle of the city. ]
06 March 2017 @ 10:55 am

[Within a couple of days of the Shyster invasion coming to an end, Xander gets on the public network. As Guardian, he feels obligated to speak about it.]

As you know, Fayren recently fell under siege a few days ago. Strange creatures who moved about on bouncing platforms were terrorizing the populace. Rest assured, those foul cretins will never again have the privilege of gracing our streets.

Their ringleader was a creature of a different race who used the same method of transportation. He called himself Mack. He had taken up residence in Fawn's Forge, but fortunately, with the help of a few other brave citizens, he was dispatched. Once he fell, his underlings all fled or were caught.

First, let me take this time to thank those of you who came to the city's defense. Because of your efforts, lives and property were both saved. In the future, I will be working more closely with the bounty hunters, to ensure that proper rewards can be issued to those who rally to Fayren's aid.

And second, I want to issue a warning to any other hoodlums who might be considering a similar course of action.

[At this point, Xander's already stern countenance grows even darker. His eyes in particular radiate an intense fury.]

Save yourselves the trouble and don't try to disrupt and jeopardize the lives of the citizenry. You will regret it. Let it be known that I have zero tolerance for acts of terror or murder, and you will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly -- by my own hands if necessary.

[Xander then takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. His face returns to its neutral expression.]

That is all for now. I thank you all for your time.

[Action - Genessia]

[Xander has been here for several months now, and all the time he has been using the outfit he arrived in for formal occasions. However, it also doubles as riding armor, and that last encounter made him realize that he realistically needs a second formal outfit for public appearances. He also recalls from a conversation a few months earlier that one of the people he met here has a tailor shop here.

It doesn't take long for him to find Atelier Iris. And once he does, he walks right in. Once inside, he keeps an eye out for the owner or any employees she may have hired.]
Busting crime and busted self-esteem )

"Has anyone er, ever had success in comforting a tree monster?

...eheh, probably not. It's just, ah, Trevenant, my pet, has always been merry and gay. Today was a rough day for the two of us and he's taken it rather hard. I've never seen him this sullen and upset before. I tried the usual efforts, of course. Telling him I love him and offering his favorite food and patting his trunk, to no avail. Maybe all he needs is time, although...well, if anyone has advice or wants to try their hand at raising his spirit, they're welcome."

[Wandering passersby on the outskirts of Fayren would see a depressed
Trevenant, propping up his 'forehead' with his hand and looking sadly contemplative. Ted, clownishly dressed as always, sat silently on the grass nearby with a mildly concerned expression.]
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18 February 2017 @ 06:24 pm
[Thankfully, Kimmuriel didn't have to wait too long after his initial arrival to find that he wasn't alone in the city. Jarlaxle had collected him some hours ago now, had taken him to the inn he had been staying to help the smaller drow settle in. And for a while, that was good enough - it was a nicer place to wait out the daylight hours as opposed to the cave he'd been skulking in earlier that day.]

[And after the sun had finally set, and most other people living there had, hopefully, turned in for the night, Kimmuriel finally took his own leave. First to visit the welcome center that people were so fond of recommending, and though it had some helpful information, it wasn't enough.]

[So, you know. At this point, he decides it's time to do what he should have been doing since he arrived here in the first place.]

[Anyone that happens to be nearby may see the small elf, all coal skinned and white haired, lurking off in the shadows somewhere as if in thought. Or worse, they may feel a sudden chill, may feel as though icy fingers are forcefully pressing against their mind as Kimmuriel tries to dig into thoughts, into memories, into anything that can give him more information about the cities and the world in general. This would have been so much easier to do at the start than trying to talk to these miserable people.]

[What are personal boundaries???]
18 February 2017 @ 04:04 pm
The bouncing. The BOUNCING. )

[OOC: Here's Smithy's big debut! Or Mack's, specifically. Feel free to pick a prompt and bop some bad guys. You can also put your own character out there to be terrorized and rescued, in that order. NOTE: Mack, the boss, can only be engaged by three people at most. Get with me in mail or Plurk ([plurk.com profile] JudgeCF) to make sure. Other than that, have fun.]

A. City streets )

B. Homewrecker )C. The barn, the barn, the barn is on fire )

D. House arrest )

Boss fight: Mack the Knife )

F. Damsel in Distress (Sonico) )