14 August 2017 @ 10:37 pm

[If all her other posts were far more serious in nature, this one is clearly not.]

[Rose holds up a stuffed animal unicorn.]
I need a name for it. Not Uni, though I'm thinkin' it can be Attleton U's mascot if they don't already have one, yeah?

Action x2:

Investigating Vampire Deaths:

[You know how Everglade isn't safe for humans? Rose Tyler did not seem to get the memo. She's doing her best to snoop and investigate the nightclub "hate crime" and asking way too many questions of a blonde perky human where humans should not be. She also is talking up the other nightclubs and spreading word about unity and harmony between all peoples! BLECH!]


[Even Rose can admit, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of point to trying to move out. WELL, MAYBE THERE IS. Things are more confused than ever, but maybe they'll sort out? Probably NOT by running away though, even if that's what she's good at. Still as she checks out jobs and office spaces that would be best to locate Torchwood in, she finds herself looking at apartments and the like too, almost out of habit.]

[She also gets a bit distracted playing with storefront puppies, and trying not to drool over bass guitars.]

[Might need to get one...]
13 August 2017 @ 05:03 pm
what kind of monster doesn't eat potato chips anyway
Action: Kitten in the House Flower Shop- Attleton

[Not expecting to be gone so long, Aya felt not only out of sorts but very...incomplete. The Dream Docks revealed that he had been missing more than a year's worth of memories, and he wasn't okay with that. But with not knowing how to deal with his newfound memories, he did the only thing he knew, which was go to work.]

[So here he is, at his newly opened flower shop, sweeping the front of the store with a broom, lost in his thoughts about what has been revealed to him. He definitely doesn't pay much mind to the gaggles of young girls who tend to stop by to make small purchases, or just stare.]


Does anyone think our memories are being suppressed purposely?

Private Video to Sonico:

I got your messages. I'm sorry to have made you worry, Sonico. I'm fine, I promise.

[Besides the still healing gash on his neck from his bounty a couple of weeks ago. But otherwise fine!]
[The video starts as most introduction videos to. The screen shows Max's bushy black hair before it moves down to show his face. Green eyes glare at the camera for a moment. The hologram lady is going through her usual speech and clearly Max isn't interested.]

You know, if I hadn't recently been assaulted by magic, I wouldn't believe any of this crap.

[He motions to the magazine stand, which now has all of it's papers tilted to the right and shuffled around. Have fun sorting that out.]

I'm not going to some stupid kid's house either. Fuck that noise. Someone around here has to be okay with breaking child labor-

[Max is interrupted by a very loud and familiar voice to some in the city.]


Oh god n-

[Before Max can even finish his sentence, David is picking him up and Max drops the phone. It hits the ground but both can still be seen.]

Oh, Max, it's so great to see you! Are you okay? I know it must be pretty disorienting to be here so suddenly but you're going to be alright! I'll take care of you! Don't worry, the people here are so friendly and welcoming, you'll make so many new friends you won't know what to DO with them all and --

Somebody fucking shoot me.


[With that, the video ends.]