10 July 2017 @ 06:00 pm
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Out of curiosity, who should I talk to in regards to procuring an enchantment? I suppose Fayren is the most likely choice, but who would I talk to?

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17 May 2017 @ 09:55 pm
[The video clicks on in front of a large white building in Nova City with a red sign on it reading "Revocs"]

I'm pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work, time, and effort, Revocs is finally ready to open to the public. Revocs is a clothing company - owned by yours truly of course - that strives to produce only the finest of clothing, while remaining affordable to any budget. Any alterations can be made here, and we take commissions as well.

Whatever you wish to wear to bring out the best in you, you'll find it here, at Revocs.

There are some job openings as well, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me.
26 April 2017 @ 05:55 pm
[Jacques isn’t sure what he’s doing here or how he even got here, but he is pleasantly surprised to see Weiss has opened up a branch of his company over here. Perhaps the girl had more of a mind for business than he had first imagined. Of course, it also could have been because of him; he’d given her ample time to think about things when he imprisoned her in her room.

With a few adept strokes, a video of him is being broadcast, glorious mustache and all.]

Good Evening. My name is Jacques Schnee, proud father of Weiss Schnee who you all seem to know. I trust that she’s been doing an honorable job of starting up a branch of the Schnee Company here in… Genessia, was it? However now that I’m here I’ll of course be stepping up to run my company just as soon as I get settled in. If you have any business with Schnee, be sure to send them my way and I’m sure we can work something out.

[He’s laying the charm on thick – it’s all about appearances, after all.]

Weiss, darling, be sure to call me and let me know where you are staying so we can have a little chat, just the two of us. I’m glad to see you doing so well.
07 April 2017 @ 01:03 am
[The time had come and she made her choice. Anastasia departs from Satsuki's home carrying her small sword, Confiance, to a remote open space somewhere in Nova City. It was difficult to find, but at least the space was big enough and had the right elements to suit her purpose. Just a big, open space with a large rock bigger than she was. A rock like this, or any rock for that matter, is not suitable for training with a sword. So that only means one thing.

Anastasia plans to destroy her sword.

Drawing it from it's scabbard, the girl looked at it with loathing. Struggling to understand in her mind how someone as nice as Terra could be involved with something so unspeakably evil? To Anastasia, the sword was tainted, and she'll be damned if she corrupts herself wielding such a object. She approaches the rock and raised Confiance in both hands, bringing it down with all the force her little arms can muster and the training she got from Satsuki. A loud clang and a flash of sparks, but the sword remains intact.

With a yell and another strike leads to another loud clang and a flurry of sparks. She winces each time at the sparks, but she repeats as often as her stamina can carry her until the blade slips into a crack in the rock. Now the sword was stuck and she lacks the strength to pull it out. She gave up and backed off, tired from using up so much of her stamina to try to break the thing. She has no other choice then.

With an upright posture, her heels together and hands close together in front of her, she channels the natural mana that flows through the air, weaving purple wispy ribbons together which condensed into lightning. She looks to be in pain as she holds it until it was ready, then, she thrusts her arms into the air. A small bolt of lightning strikes Confiance still jammed in the rock, creating a electrical beacon for a second, larger bolt of lightning to strike immediately after.

The sword remains intact.

Lightning magic is hard for her to use, her celestial anti-element drains a lot of her own mana. But she resumed her pose to try again, weaving yellow ribbons. She thrusts her arms into the air once more, stones rip from the ground into the air above Confiance and merge to form a large rock, then fall onto the sword. The new rock shattered and did nothing more but shove the sword deeper into the rock.

Anastasia was at her limit now, but she wanted this sword destroyed. Another anti-element will harm her and another neutral element will do nothing, so she is left to try a positive element. She resumed her posture once again, weaving together white-blue ribbons. This was a natural element for her, easy to use, but this is a higher ranked spell than her previous two. She thrusts her arms forward, and the sword and rock together were consumed by a large magic sphere, with large, sharp stones of ice swirling around inside with howling speeds. Anastasia tried to keep up the spell for as long as she can, but it only took a few seconds for her vision to blur and her mind began to swim. Her focus was lost and the spell ended, revealing a still undamaged sword.

Anastasia staggered and simply toppled over onto her side, hitting the ground with a light thud. She could hear footsteps approaching as she slowly slipped out of consciousness.]
14 March 2017 @ 03:15 pm
[It had been a couple days since the whole Koishi incident, and Ragyo was once again before Genessia looking rather unamused.]

I feel it is prudent to offer an apology of sorts to the citizens of both Nova and Genessia cities. The recent attacks are partially my fault, I'm afraid. The garment the girl - Koishi I believe - was wearing was made from a material native to my world. In moderation, they can grant strength and durability to humans. Most people can only withstand a garment with up to 30% of the make up being that material. Unfortunately, some of that material was stolen from me during a business trip in Nova City, where it was experimented on and forced onto the girl.

I want to state beyond a shadow of a doubt that Koishi was not acting under her own volition. The garment had complete control of her, and she should not be held responsible for her actions during that time.

[Private to David, Weiss, and Satsuki.]

I have apprehended the culprit that stole the material and caused the attacks, along with evidence linking him to the theft beyond a shadow of a doubt. I would like to meet with you to discuss exactly what happened, at the earliest convenience.
Who: Those who signed up and anyone else who wants to help
What: Kamui event. Action. Chaos. Bloodshed.
When: March 10th
Where: Genessia City
Warnings: Graphic violence, people-eating, Koishi frowning, possible feels.

It was not unusual for Koishi to go missing for days at a time. It was unusual, however for Koishi to go anywhere without her hat. And that beloved article had been left at Satsuki's house for the past week with no sign of its owner. Unfortunately, due to the little youkai's unconscious nature it would not be possible to simply seek her out.

The only thing that could be done is wait.

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((OOC: Each character or group that signed up will get a toplevel here and each attack will happen within the span of time between Koishi's escape and when Satsuki finds her. If you signed up you should have a toplevel below. Each is designated with the sigil icon and they are in alphabetical order. If you didn't sign up feel free to tag the toplevel for reactions or relief effort if you so choose. Keep in mind that no one in this event is allowed to react to or see Ragyo. This is a smaller part of a larger plot.))
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09 February 2017 @ 07:24 pm
[It had been some time since Ragyo's arrival, and she was finally settled. Everything was accounted for, and it was time to get down to business. Ragyo appears in a lavish sitting room, with a tea set on a table behind her, and framed as if being shot by a professional cameraman.]

Hello everyone, I am making this broadcast to announce that I am starting the process of establishing my company - Revocs - in this place. It will take some time to get everything situated, but in the mean time, I will be offering my services as a tailor and designer to anyone who wishes to do business privately. That is all for now.

[She clicks off the feed before starting another, this one with a filter making it private to the guardians of the various cities...]

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21 January 2017 @ 03:06 pm
[Anyone around The Bay would likely notice something happening. A light seemed to be shining from within, and after a few moments that light would explode into a dazzling rainbow of color washing over the surroundings, making it dull by contrast. At the center of this light was a woman. Tall, slender, and wearing a fashionable if revealing dress and hair that encompassed just as many colors as the light surrounding her. She stood at the entrance of The Bay, looking around with mild disdain before finally beginning to walk, wandering the streets as she gathered her bearings, the light seemingly following her everywhere.]


[It had been a couple hours and Ragyo was shown seated at an outdoor cafe, a coffee next to her as the pamphlet she'd woken up with and the odd currency laid out in front of her as if she were analyzing everything that came with her. As the video started, she was putting down the pendant she had received with a soft sigh.]

La vie est drole... I would commend the audacity of anyone brazen enough to attempt to kidnap me, and the skill to follow through with it. However, cowardice is unappealing. Shoving me into that pod thing was simply uncalled for. As for the hologram claiming this is some other world? You'll forgive me if I maintain some doubts.

I suppose I should introduce myself anyway, should any of that information prove true. My name is Ragyo Kiryuin. I am CEO of the Revocs corporation, and a very powerful woman. It would be in the best interest of my kidnappers to release me and return me to Japan. I have very important work yet to do.