12 August 2017 @ 09:45 pm
Who: Lisa Tepes and Remilia Scarlet
What: Determining if Lisa is really herself or a creation
When: Sometime after the blood rain started but before this all goes down.
Where:Lisa's rooms at Castlevania
Why: To determine if Lisa really is the Lady of the Castle.
Warnings: Possible language, all the feels, and memories of a time long ago.

This was the only life she knew, could it all be fake? )
12 August 2017 @ 06:23 am
Who: Castlevania crew (Dracula, Lisa, Alucard, Remilia, Flandre, Patchy, Sakuya, Soma)
What: Plot conclusion for the Rain of Blood event
When: Backdated very slightly to August 9 (5 days after the initial rain)
Where: Castlevania subarch, possibly spilling into Everglade
Why: Because Dracula is a dick.
Warnings: Language, violence, possible gore, cuddles. ...okay that last one might be a lie.

[There is an area in Castlevania where only its master may go. It's sealed off by a door of black smoke through which not even the most powerful of magics may penetrate, and it leads into the realm of Chaos. A place where monsters orders of magnitude stronger than anything else in the castle roam, and where the spirit of chaos itself resides, whispering its secrets and lies to those it deems worthy of attention.]

[It's been several weeks since Lisa Tepes' arrival set it to whispering in Vlad's ear. During that time, Vlad called down a rain of blood on Everglade, and with it the beginnings of a repeat of Targoviste. Thanks to the guardian of Everglade and her allies, there haven't been any deaths - not yet, at least - but this is just the calm before the storm. The time for talk has passed.]

[The plan, such as it is, is simple: Remilia and Alucard will distract Dracula and defend Lisa while Soma, with the assistance of one of Alucard's familiars, enters the realm of chaos and silences the spirit. Which task is the more dangerous? Who can truly say?]
08 August 2017 @ 04:26 pm
The recent fights and events here held too many rules to show any test of real skill.

[His pride may still be hurting over a disqualification during his very first fencing match during the Games.]

How well can any of you wield a true weapon? How many have cut down their foes in battle?

It is strange to merely fight for trinkets with such flimsy weapons.

[A little bitter over his loss? Maybe.]

After the weeks it took to finish, Ayame's first ever house is ready to open it's golden gate for guests. The groundwork was from the effort of Attleton's hardworking people; but Ayame finished the rest, putting together the floors, the walls, and roofs with nothing but her power. Every door is open for guests to come see every room inside at their own leisure, with the plants at the gardens at full bloom and an open swimming pool in the backyard as the centerpiece of the house. Ayame's Attleton neighbors, and friends in the fashion industry help populate this night of revelry...

The Backyard & Swimming Pool

Directly from the main gate are two large hardwood doors leading to the infinity pool. The roof is yet to be installed along with the walls, so it is for the meantime an outdoor swimming experience and a part of the entire backyard where the party is held. The tea room is yet to be installed, so in it's place is a small platform that acts as a stage for the performers. The bonsai greenhouse is also not built yet as well, allowing for more space in the backyard for guests to use as a patio with the bar, serving up drinks provided by Gale Reinhardt's night clubs After Life and Hangar Queen, including the special cocktails only available in both clubs. Assorted water guns are available for use.

There is a drinking challenge at the bar for anyone over 16. It can be a drinking contest between two or more individuals, with the last person standing is declared the winner. Or it can be a single-player match against the bartender, where he or she provides drinks that gets progressively stronger. If the contestant survives the strongest drink, they win the game. Winners get a prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a commemoratory photo with a certificate of proof that they won, a gift basket of snacks, and bragging rights.

The Dining Area

With it's doors and windows all open, the dining area is temporarily one with the backyard so guests can come and go to sample the Taiwanese feast on display on the dining table and kitchen island. Main dishes include Taiwanese-styled popcorn chicken (marinated with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, five-spice, and white pepper before being fried, making dipping sauces unnecessary), tofu fries, gua bao (pork buns, although available in chicken), black pepper buns (much like the gua bao, only the meat is stuffed inside the bread and is baked in a tandoor), & scallion pancakes (a flaky flatbread treat that comes with just the scallions, or can be used as a wrap for beef and chicken, with the added egg).

Desserts include: Run bing (peanut brittle shavings with scoops of ice cream, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper), red bean & pineapple cakes, finishing off with assorted bubble teas.

There is an eating challenge at the kitchen. Survive eating a full course meal of chicken or lamb curry with Carolina Reapers. Superhumans get an extra helping of the peppers to make it fair as possible. Preparing it requires the cook to wear a gas mask, and even inhaling the aroma of the peppers from a few feet away can cause most people to feel it burn their nose and throat. The contestant must finish the entire meal to win the full prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a t-shirt of proof that they won, a plush toy, and bragging rights. Not finishing only leaves them with participation t-shirt with a gold star that says "I tried".

The Living Spaces

With most of the noise being outside, the inside of the house is fairly quiet in comparison. The living room is still a place where people gather to converse without all the noise or risk getting splashed with water. Upstairs are the bedrooms, which are all open for people to come in and observe, with the two master bedrooms connected by the two-floored walk-in closet displaying all of Ayame's massive collection of clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and accessories. You're welcome to touch them or even try some of them on, but don't expect to vandalize it or leave the room with them without alerting the host. She's very protective of her collection.

Perhaps the quietest place in the house is also the most traditional. The guest portion of the house have tatami rooms both up and downstairs, with the latter having an elevated wooden corridor next to a small garden, providing fresh air to those who want to take a break or have a more private conversation.

04 August 2017 @ 10:42 am
The weather report had predicted a partly cloudy and mild day in Everglade. However, somehow the predictions seemed to be wrong as thick storm clouds began covering the city mid-morning. By noon, it would be difficult to tell it was even day, as thick as the clouds that hung over the city were. At about 12:30, it would begin to rain. But this would not be a normal rain. Thick drops hit the ground, filling the air with a vaguely metallic smell, and anyone who had any sort of light source nearby would quickly identify why.

It was raining blood.

Meanwhile, in Everglade's abandoned church, music could be heard. A piano could be heard playing a rather haunting tune as the blood storm raged outside. Within, several small floating candles lit the place as what appeared to be an old man hunched over the restored piano, fingers dancing over the ivory. He wore a cape that spread over the floor behind him disappearing into the shadows and a few shapes could be seen moving through just beyond the reaches of the candle light.
01 August 2017 @ 01:20 am
[ After relocating from the bay and listening to the message the young girl in the hologram had given, Hiro hadn't wasted too much time thinking about things before deciding to test out ways to use the device he'd found at his side. Everything was still kind of confusing, but at least the technology was cool! It was probably going to be a really important thing to have.

Note to self: don't lose item or delete from inventory.

It took only a few minutes to figure out the basics of the network posting system. A lot of other people seemed to be introducing themselves, so maybe that meant he should too? It was a first step, anyway. ]

a. text
your text here )

b. video
Read more... )

c. action
Read more... )
OI! Wot's all this about the vampire killin', huh?! You can't just go around killin' vampires that didn't do nuffin! They were just mindin' their own business!

COME ON! There's gotta be laws against that, right?!

Look, I'm gonna set up an agency. In my parents' universe, it's called Torchwood, and it advocates for reasonable peaceful solutions betwixt different species of people and helpin' 'em advocate for 'emselves, if they get lost or stranded or somethin'.

But until then, could you 'old your bloody 'orses?! NO KILLIN'! Damn!
29 July 2017 @ 07:37 pm
[The feed clicks on to show a rather confused boy, having just seen the welcome hologram and still not quite sure what just happened. Kidnapped? Wasn't that exactly what he and his surviving friends had just gone through... sort of...? It takes him a few seconds to realize he'd turned on the video feed to ask some questions and instead spaced out. Whoops.]

A-Ah, uh, hi? Sorry, I'm kind of... [He rubs at one of his eyes, taking a quick breath to steady himself. Why did he feel like he'd been in a deep sleep...? Last he remembered, he wasn't even...]

I guess I'm new here? I'm pretty lost, but I guess you all had the same experience when suddenly ending up here. My name is Makoto Naegi. [Best assume he's in a foreign place... well, that's where he is now, right? He'd go with western order, here.] It's nice to meet you all. I guess given the way things are back home, if it's safe here, that's... [... Better? No, he'd still rather be with his friends. He didn't even really get to see what was beyond the front doors of the school. Had she been telling the truth?] Well, that's good, I guess.

[The video feed would linger a bit longer before he'd end it with a goodbye, but he could also be found walking around the Bay, reading the map and asking passersby about this strange new place he'd found himself in.]
27 July 2017 @ 11:36 am
[Thea had emerged from the pod both confused and covered in blood thanks to Ra's Al Ghul's sword. But once she gets her bearings at least somehow she's walking towards what is hopefully shelter but comes onto the feed on a mission of sorts. There's bits of glass in her hair but she's not bleeding which is weird enough right?]

Waking up in a freaky pod covered in blood is not normal so where am I?
24 July 2017 @ 11:04 pm
Welcome to podtown, here's some cash, get a job?

[Her face twists slightly in irritation.]

Now, listen... I understand every community wants its unexplained supply of human flotsam to do something productive with their time. Suspicion of the idle you can consider basic human nature. And the lackadaisical approach might be calming, for people who need that kind of thing.

But for all this is preferable to, I don't know, being told I have to claim the heads of 99 other pod people to be anointed champion of this timeline, it doesn't quite resolve the frisson of waking places unexpected.

So this is your collective invitation to tell me something interesting and get in my good graces. Not an opportunity that comes around often, have at it.
18 July 2017 @ 10:57 am
It was a tense night for everyone in Castlevania. The gears that lined the castle had begun to chug and churn all through the night while the monsters that roamed the myriad halls were far more skittish and likely to attack anything that moved - even each other. Only a few knew why the change of atmosphere had permeated the place, not even the lord of the castle himself knew for sure. He only sensed something was... off.

As dawn neared and he began preparations to return to his coffin, an imp that he had sent through the halls to seek out the cause of the disturbance saw something. Tucked away in a room that had gone unused for centuries, tended to by Sakuya and Patchouli, was a woman. Even with all the burns covering her body, Dracula would recognize her in a heartbeat. For 324 years, that face had been burned into his mind, and now she was in his castle.

His mind, twisted by the centuries of hate and war, instantly jumped to the most logical conclusion. Someone had created a homunculus in his wife's image and sent it to him in order to manipulate him. Upon this realization, the gears that had settled into a low chugging noise ground to life once more as an unholy roar reverberated through every stone throughout the castle. So loud was the roar that it was audible all throughout Everglade.

It did not last long and as suddenly as it had erupted from the throne of Castlevania, it ended. There were no echoes, no evidence that it had actually happened. Only a deafening silence left in its wake. Those in Castlevania itself would notice a few things. Several rooms seem to have been rearranged at random, making traversing the castle far more difficult, especially in the chambers leading to the throne. The stairs to the chamber housing Vlad's throne had collapsed, and the foyer leading into the throne looked as if some great battle had taken place with smoldering carpets and gashes ripped through the stone walls. Every bit of furniture had been shoved up against the door to the throne room as well serving as a makeshift barricade. The monsters within the structure were also far more aggressive than normal. The undead that had previously just wandered aimlessly without purpose were now roaming in packs, setting up ambushes around dark corners. The werewolves and demons were actively hunting now, lashing out at any who dared walk the halls alone, and plants that had occupied themselves feeding on the frogs and bugs of the caves below the castle now burst up through the cracks in various halls, seeking out more substantial meals.
14 July 2017 @ 02:06 pm
Who: Grell, Remelia, Marco, and Seth (and probably Oswald if he wants to join with them or separately later on)
What: Guardian Meeting
When: NOW or like sometime Friday
Where: Everglade- The Rose Estate
Warning: None for now but who knows...

Their meetings are better than yours! )
Who: Koishi and YOU
What: It's too hoooooot!
Where: Genessia City
When: Around the start of the heat wave
Warnings: None really.

Well... Damn. As a youkai of the mountain, Koishi was built to handle some rather tough conditions. Anything ranging from flash storms to fires, to icy water, to high winds. But there was one thing the mountains of central Japan did not have. Heat. It was too bloody hot.

Well, she did live in hell. But that was old hell. The reactors were never turned up to full. It was usually snowy or pleasantly cool or, at the very least, the heat was radial and dry. And while this heat was dry too (for the most part) it was constant and unrelenting to the point where even the air she was breathing was hot and unpleasant. Sure, she could just go home... but why waste a clear day to be out and about?

Even if it was way too bloody hot. And the fact that everyone around her seemed miserable about it certainly didn't help the situation either. Damn subconscious powers!

And so, her usual wandering and exploring quickly turned into a quest to keep cool. To the point where she had even shed her yellow shirt and was just wearing the black tank top she normally wore under it. Even if that did technically expose the inhuman coloration of her upper arms for the world to see.

Well, in any case, she would be wandering around Genessia city looking for anywhere she could cool off. No doubt this might lead her into some strange or awkward places, but that didn't matter. She just wanted to be less warm.

(Feel free to pick a location to encounter her. Literally anywhere is fine.)
Current Location: Genessia City
Current Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsV_ntlzWYo
02 July 2017 @ 12:23 am
[This comes out nervous and slightly quiet. Almost as if Flandre's regretting this.]

I...I don't know if anyone else may know about this so, there may not be a answer I'm looking for.
[There is a pause, chiming and then she speaks once more.]

What if the person you thought you knew wasn't yours? I mean..Like say they are from a different timeline or even world? How you you take it or if it was you, how could you bring it up with people you care for?

N-Not like I'm saying something but..I'm curious.
30 June 2017 @ 02:56 pm
[For now General Hux chooses to use the voice function of the device. He found that the smart phone was rather outdated to what he was used to, but it was pretty easy to figure out. With so many of those from his world and the different time periods clashing, he was wary of showing himself. Maybe later he would choose to do so.

When he speaks it's in a crisp manner with and heavily accented, similar to the British. He cuts right to the point, giving the bare minim information that wasn't going to give away what he didn't want them to learn. Once, he's said what was needed he then ended the feed.]

It would certainly seem that I have arrived at an interesting time. I have to say I have been amused in watching the problems arising in the many fractions from my world. The majority of you would be from my past.

My name is General Hux of the First Order. We follow in the Empire's footsteps.

If you want to listen to people talk and make empty promises then its best you listen to the Rebels or their counterpart the Resistance. They are quite known for empty promises. If you're looking for someone to take action we are the ones to look to.
30 June 2017 @ 05:53 pm
[When the feed turns on, Cassian and Bodhi are sitting outside in the garden after cleaning and putting away the decorations of the home-warming party. By the small pond, Cassian‘s mudkip pokemon plays and splashes around while the vanillite freezes water droplets in mid air and turns them into ice while giggling.

Kay, the one who set the camera, comes into view holding his cat Fest in one hand and ice teas in the other. The image of a group of 'radical terrorists' Palpatine acused them to be doesn't fit them. Instead, this is a view that says: We are comfortable. This is our life now. We're not about to bring a war here.

The droid doesn't sit down but stays close to Cassian, petting the cat, and finally looks up at the camera.]

It had come to our attention that with the arrival of people from our world some things need to be explained. We would like to shed some light on the issue and ease any possible confusion about our endeavors back home.

Thank you, Kay. [Cassian gives him a smile that shows more warmth than he would let on in public under normal circumstances.] Emperor Palpatine‘s accusations against us members of the Rebel Alliance, or Alliance to Restore the Republic, were heavy. I understand if some of you are alarmed, but we have no intentions to wage war here. We understand that to battle here won’t save any lives at home.

[He pauses, struggling to hold on to the placidity he has been wrangled into for this broadcast.] Make no mistake, lives are being lost at home every day. The Empire is no benevolent government spanning the stars, it‘s a cruel dictatorship which will sacrifice millions, even billions of lives to keep its citizens enslaved. When we died fighting it, we died trying to stop a new weapon which could destroy entire planets with one shot. They have no qualms to use it. We fell victim to it.

But it‘s one word against another, and we don’t expect you to take sides. We just ask that we may live our new lives in peace. My duty is to protect and guard Attleton. That includes any Imperial citizens who choose to make it their home.

[OOC: Specify if you'd like a reply from someone specific]
24 June 2017 @ 03:42 pm
Pitch black darkness will appear on everyone's screen for several long seconds and then..... From out of the darkness, will come a face both terrible to gaze upon yet  too mesmerizing to turn away from.  The hooded robe of midnight that made the figure seem a part of the darkness. The pasty white skin of the face filled with deep, almost scar-like  wrinkles caused by more then old age. The yellow eyes that seems to bore into the viewers as if they see every thought  of their audience. . One could easily think that was perhaps Death himself.

"My fellow inhabitants of this strangle world, please do not be alarmed by my appearance...  I am Emperor Sheev Palpatine, ruler of the Galactic Empire. I wish to be of service to you, the people here as I was to my subjects."

The voice is at odds with the face. It sounds warm, benevolent, grandfatherly.

"From the universe I hail from, I was originally but a humble Senator representing the Planet Naboo in the great Senate of the Galactic Republic. In time, I was elected Chancellor of the Republic and sworn to end the internal corruption that up until that moment, was twisting the great government of hundred million star systems to serve only the interests of great corporate monopolies and planetary elites. They start a rebellion against the Republic, calling themselves the Confederacy of Independent Systems in perverse joke that soon devolved into civil war.  The very fabric of galactic society was being tore apart.  The Republic was brought to the brink of collapse. It had to be reborn.

And so I and my followers reorganized the Republic into the Galactic Empire, with myself reluctantly taking on the role of Emperor. Through the valiant efforts of the newborn Imperial Navy and Army, we ended the menace of the CIS and ushered in an untold period of peace, prosperity, equality and most of all, stability that has last for over 20 years now...  

And while it is imperative that I return to my Empire as soon as possible in order continue to safeguard the well-being of it's citizens, It is my desire as a public servant to want to also extend that same sentiment to the people of this world for as long as  I am here.   That is...."

And here his voice becomes troubled.

"If I am not cut down in the streets first.
I have good reason to believe there are members of the Rebel Alliance, a terrorist successor movement to the Confederacy among the population here. They will seek to take my life, which is why I am currently in hiding. But it is not the loss of my life that I fear. I have been the target of so many over the years that I've grown numb to them. One of them even permanently damaged my face as you can see.  No, it the innocents that could be caught in crossfire between them and me. A conflict that originated in our galaxy should stay there.    

That is why I decided to introduce myself in such a public manner. I am but a frail old man in the twilight of his life who only wishes to continue until the end, his heart's desire as a ruler.... The betterment of all under him.   Will you not deny me that?"
21 June 2017 @ 03:15 pm
[A young man appears on screen wearing a blue/gold military uniform. He wears a white powdered wig that covers his long brown hair tied underneath. He appeared to be at ease with using the device, having taken the time to read the instructions and figure it out. He addressed the audience as if he were standing before his crew and spoke in a clear tone.]

My name is Admiral James Norrington. I work under the East Trading Company and have had many years of experience working for the British Navy. I just recently arrived. I don't have many questions, most answers I've managed to learn already. I would however, like to offer my services and do the best to help those in need. I saw that you had been recently under attack.

I suppose the one question I have is to ask-- is who are the people in charge here when it comes to gathering aide? What has been done in the past? I appreciate any information you have to provide. Thank you.
Having heard the message from David, Grell wasted no time in sounding an alarm heard city wide, and possibly for anyone close enough to the city. It had been a good thing she rewired the sound system at the guardian's office and upped the security on it. It was way too easy to hack into. Once at the gate, she ordered a few magic users to head to the shelter ahead of the residents and find a way to lead the citizens to the emergency shelter.

After about twenty minutes of fighting off the spirits at the gate, streaks of florescent green lit up the sky, definitely visible from any city. She made a mental note to thank them later for their help.

Over a loudspeaker, Grell played a recorded message she made before getting to the gate, since she was sure that speaking while fighting would be too distracting. Her voice spoke to the whole of Everglade.

    "This is your City Guardian. Everglade is under threat. This is not a drill! Do not go near the gates! If you fear for your safety, then keep calm and follow the green streaks in the sky to a shelter."

She was sure not everyone would be frightened and would want to help, and couldn't stop them if she wanted, or maybe they wanted to stay in their homes. The message repeated every two minutes, and the siren will continue until the threat is over.

Anyone that encounters Grell will see that she's in her pajamas and a pair of black sneakers, wielding a chainsaw.
03 June 2017 @ 04:13 pm
[Upon waking up - The Doctor finds himself slightly baffled. What knocked him out? And then finds himself lying inside a cocoon. No. No. No. It's impossible. He can't be back during the Time War - those events are time locked. He must be somewhere else but where? What other planet have to cocoon the size of humanoids? Slowly adjusting to the lack of light; hears water near- by. Something or rather someone pulled him out of his Tardis with a tracker beam - again. Which it's not on accident; that tractor beam has to be very, very strong. Just like on Satellite Five; in his previous incarnation and ending up on a reality game show in the future; both him, Rose and Jack and finding out that the Daleks were still alive!


He has no knowledge of any place or world named Genessia. No. No. No! He's blind. Not really blind but he can't see what will, what has and what could be. Either someone is really powerful here or - this place is stagnant time.

For a moment, Ten is privately a very sad puppy. Losing his Tardis and now he can't see - on top of having lost Rose too.

Finally, looking more at what's inside. Job? Housing? This is horrifying. When coming across Weiss Schnee; That does answer a few questions. So he was kidnapped by who and why? What's the significance of the different colored pendants? Why is his red? Why are they being tracked on in which district they're in. Then makes a mental note about tampering with this device will execute a preventative protocol - that may come in handy later. As well as heading to Schnee Company's Genessia division on Oak and 16th, which is obviously a trap. But he doesn't want a map. What's the fun in having a map? Fine. Give it to him but he's not going to look at it.

Time to start thinking of a cover story possibility as well.

Finally; The Doctor clicks his device on. He's a rather dashing man - fluffy brown hair, big brown eyes, clever glasses and very proper with his blue pin-striped business attire. Ten smiles and waves at the camera]

Hallo. How are all of you?

(Action open to those in Genessia; abilities and permissions)