11 August 2017 @ 07:20 pm
[Rory had admittedly stayed away from his so called device for a time. He just needed to wrap his head around the fact that he was not in his living room with Amy and the Doctor.

He rubbed his temples. Amy and the Doctor.... Where were they? Were they safe? Shite! why was he sitting around here? He jumped up and started roaming the cities, flipping his device on]

AMY! AMY! Where are you Amy? I didn't wait 2,000 years for you just to lose you now. I will find you!

After the weeks it took to finish, Ayame's first ever house is ready to open it's golden gate for guests. The groundwork was from the effort of Attleton's hardworking people; but Ayame finished the rest, putting together the floors, the walls, and roofs with nothing but her power. Every door is open for guests to come see every room inside at their own leisure, with the plants at the gardens at full bloom and an open swimming pool in the backyard as the centerpiece of the house. Ayame's Attleton neighbors, and friends in the fashion industry help populate this night of revelry...

The Backyard & Swimming Pool

Directly from the main gate are two large hardwood doors leading to the infinity pool. The roof is yet to be installed along with the walls, so it is for the meantime an outdoor swimming experience and a part of the entire backyard where the party is held. The tea room is yet to be installed, so in it's place is a small platform that acts as a stage for the performers. The bonsai greenhouse is also not built yet as well, allowing for more space in the backyard for guests to use as a patio with the bar, serving up drinks provided by Gale Reinhardt's night clubs After Life and Hangar Queen, including the special cocktails only available in both clubs. Assorted water guns are available for use.

There is a drinking challenge at the bar for anyone over 16. It can be a drinking contest between two or more individuals, with the last person standing is declared the winner. Or it can be a single-player match against the bartender, where he or she provides drinks that gets progressively stronger. If the contestant survives the strongest drink, they win the game. Winners get a prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a commemoratory photo with a certificate of proof that they won, a gift basket of snacks, and bragging rights.

The Dining Area

With it's doors and windows all open, the dining area is temporarily one with the backyard so guests can come and go to sample the Taiwanese feast on display on the dining table and kitchen island. Main dishes include Taiwanese-styled popcorn chicken (marinated with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, five-spice, and white pepper before being fried, making dipping sauces unnecessary), tofu fries, gua bao (pork buns, although available in chicken), black pepper buns (much like the gua bao, only the meat is stuffed inside the bread and is baked in a tandoor), & scallion pancakes (a flaky flatbread treat that comes with just the scallions, or can be used as a wrap for beef and chicken, with the added egg).

Desserts include: Run bing (peanut brittle shavings with scoops of ice cream, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper), red bean & pineapple cakes, finishing off with assorted bubble teas.

There is an eating challenge at the kitchen. Survive eating a full course meal of chicken or lamb curry with Carolina Reapers. Superhumans get an extra helping of the peppers to make it fair as possible. Preparing it requires the cook to wear a gas mask, and even inhaling the aroma of the peppers from a few feet away can cause most people to feel it burn their nose and throat. The contestant must finish the entire meal to win the full prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a t-shirt of proof that they won, a plush toy, and bragging rights. Not finishing only leaves them with participation t-shirt with a gold star that says "I tried".

The Living Spaces

With most of the noise being outside, the inside of the house is fairly quiet in comparison. The living room is still a place where people gather to converse without all the noise or risk getting splashed with water. Upstairs are the bedrooms, which are all open for people to come in and observe, with the two master bedrooms connected by the two-floored walk-in closet displaying all of Ayame's massive collection of clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and accessories. You're welcome to touch them or even try some of them on, but don't expect to vandalize it or leave the room with them without alerting the host. She's very protective of her collection.

Perhaps the quietest place in the house is also the most traditional. The guest portion of the house have tatami rooms both up and downstairs, with the latter having an elevated wooden corridor next to a small garden, providing fresh air to those who want to take a break or have a more private conversation.

03 August 2017 @ 06:29 pm
Who: Ten, Belle, Lea, Amy
What: Drama
When: August 1
Where: The Bar and Belle's apartment
Warnings: Drinking and Emo language-read at your own risk-

Too much timey wimey )
27 July 2017 @ 09:12 pm
Who: Ten, Martha, Amy, Captain Jack, Rose, Pidge, Twelve
What: Insanity
When: July 27
Where: Genessia (on the sidewalk corner of the Police Station)
Warning: Label the subject title of your threads please if a warning is needed; use character starter threads please and thank you :3

Welcome to the Clown Car )
27 July 2017 @ 08:58 pm
[Jack looks amused on the screen of your devices, but it is hiding a deep sense of worry and unease. To go from a funeral to where ever this is wasn't right, but Jack is a traveler who has seen more of the universe. He isn't going to let a little blip like this get him down.]

Hello good people, I'm Captain Jack Harkness and I was hoping someone might be able to point me to a group called Torchwood if it exists here. Or if anyone knows of a man called the Doctor...I'd like to consult with him if he's around.

[Jack flashes his most charming smile]

I have a feeling this place is going to be interesting.
27 July 2017 @ 01:41 pm
[At first there is silence, though something is definitely turned on. Someone is definitely waiting for something. Then, a guitar begins to play

After it fades, there is a breath and then a slow steady strum of chords, as if to provide background noise]

You know, it's a common misconception that the world is a pretty placid place. That every once in a while, something astounding may drop from the sky or drive up out of the ground, changing life as we know it. But change happens continually all around you. From when you're just walking down the street to when you're sleeping. Skin cells die, skin cells are created. Neural networks and pathways connect as you dream or don't and every breath you're inhaling just a little bit of the cosmos.

So, really, with all that change in mind, constantly going around like an ant inside your brain, you can't really expect me to be surprised by the complete change of location. Because, trust me, I'm not. Bit worried about the timing however, since I'm expected places. [a pause] Ah, it can wait. Give me what you've got.

[he begins to play again.]

The name... is Jhhh Joe, by the way... [a hard riff] Joe Cool.
24 July 2017 @ 07:37 pm
Hey so, bit of a weird question. Anyone here ever heard of Torchwood, and could maybe point me how to get back to contacting the local branch? That'd be really handy, yeah?

Year and star system coordinates would also be fantastic, but I'm not holdin' my breath waitin'.

[Bites her bottom lip in thought.]

[She doesn't even know which universe this is. Much less how she got here without a dimension cannon or where everyone she was with went. Maybe they're here. But then maybe even saying their name depending on the universe is dangerous. Luckily, she's had 5+ years (give or take for literal dimension rewinds and time in the vortex) of experience in learning how to do codes.]

Here's a fairytale you've probably never heard before.

Once upon a time there was a big bad wolf. She wandered a city of metal filled with metal men. [Too dangerous to even say the world cyberman until she learned more!] She thought she was on a mission to hunt down her lost prince. But she was actually on a mission to find home. Bit like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz if you know it. And one day she met a man who wasn't a prince at all. He was a very brainy professor. There was even another man who started off as a mouse but turned into a lion full of courage, saving worlds he never even knew existed. And a really flirty captain who was probably too pretty for his own good. They weren't off to find a wizard. Just a blue box.

The big bad wolf ran away from home and her pack over and over and over again, but no matter how many times she ran, and how many new friends she made or which universe she fell into, something was always calling her back. 'Pparently you can't escape your family that easily. That or the Big Bad Wolf's mum was seriously terrifying and would fight a werewolf for diamonds and totally win.

Thanks for listening, Ta!
18 July 2017 @ 09:23 pm
[Belle looks a little unsure as she addresses the network.]

Excuse me. My name is Belle.

I apologize for addressing everyone so soon. My roommate, Ildikó odala, has vanished. I haven't seen her for a few days now and... I'm worried. I fear she's left for good.

If that is the case I need to find housing else-ware or someone interested in housing with me.

Please let me know. Thank you for your attention and time.
The first thing that Martha noticed when she opened her eyes, was that she was cold. Her memories of what she was doing before waking up were fuzzy and frankly quite perplexing to Martha, who needed to understand everything for it to make sense.

She felt the weight on her chest and opened the box, hoping somehow that the Doctor had left some clue. Oh.... the Doctor.... of course.

"Hello???? Is anyone out there. If I said Tardis what would you say?"
06 July 2017 @ 09:01 pm
[She couldn't time travel; after having given this place his ability to not need to sleep often and the ability to not get drunk; upon waking up in his Tardis at least Ten can hear her and she's alive but - she paid a price too for being here. At least he was able to find her. Even if it was in Powell Estate in Peckham. A bit bothersome on how something knows that when he hasn't told anyone. It wasn't a coincidence considering the 'Bad Wolf' painted on the walls outside.

Next, The Doctor sees if she can fly - and she can! And they fly together through all the areas; Nova, Attleton, Everglade, Fayren and Genessia; during the night. Trying to break through the barriers. And found it useless. However, doesn't mean that some people didn't see a Police Box flying though the sky at night. You just may have Where that landed is quite another question.

Trapped. Was he supposed to accept this faith? No - he will not. Not again. Time Lords punished him in his Third life on Earth and was not happening again.... Maybe if he goes underground? He'll have to figure out how too.]

[Locked to Cassian Andor, Grell Sutcliff, Yukiko Amagi, David Haller, Weiss Schnee]

Hallo. I'm The Doctor. Sorry, so sorry about being late about this. Have belated congratulations on winning the election. Great speeches all of you.
[Now to business]

Yukiko and David already know from the spirit invasion but if you're in need of a volunteer. Just give me a ring.

[End Lock for Cassian Andor, Grell Sutcliff, Yukiko Amagi, David Haller, Weiss Schnee]

[Lock to Professor Augustine]

About those Pokemon creatures - tell me more about the Poke balls.

[End lock to Professor Augustine]

[Locked to Belle]

Sorry, sorry if I worried you. I sort of passed out for a week. [Pops his mouth at the end there]

[End lock to Belle]

So - seeing as this place is a multiversal hub - I'm sure you all have stories to tell about where you're from.

Whut's the most interesting thing from your world?

I'll start - which is The Lion King and The Muppets Christmas both brillantly done pieces of human filmography.

(OOC: The Tardis is near the Genessia City Police Department)
27 June 2017 @ 12:56 pm
Hello. [Belle holds the device like it's a mirror and while she's getting better at using it, she continues to appear a little awkward in her continuance as she addresses the screen.] My name is Belle and I had found a crystal that had a recording on it. [It takes a great deal of self control for Belle not to call it a magical crystal.]

I believe it's the first in the series and while I know others have found something similar I'd like to present the information for those interested to see.

[She pauses for a moment and then continues.]

I've transcribed what was in the crystal and what the woman I saw said. If anyone wishes to see it please let me know. I hope to donate the crystal but I'm not sure where. I know that there are many research facilities so any directions would be helpful.

Thank you for your time.

[With that Belle flicks off the video.]
26 June 2017 @ 01:47 pm
Fun question: Who found green crystals in the Maw and what did they say? Major can't have been the only one because that definitely didn't seem like the whole story.

[ She's hoping anyway. There's a chance it was just a remnant of a story and they'll never know the rest, but she's kind of hoping otherwise. ]

Other fun stories and information would be great too. The GSRF doesn't operate on guessing really well.

P.S. Been craving froyo all day, send help or froyo.

[ Yes, she said P.S. outloud. ]
24 June 2017 @ 03:42 pm
Pitch black darkness will appear on everyone's screen for several long seconds and then..... From out of the darkness, will come a face both terrible to gaze upon yet  too mesmerizing to turn away from.  The hooded robe of midnight that made the figure seem a part of the darkness. The pasty white skin of the face filled with deep, almost scar-like  wrinkles caused by more then old age. The yellow eyes that seems to bore into the viewers as if they see every thought  of their audience. . One could easily think that was perhaps Death himself.

"My fellow inhabitants of this strangle world, please do not be alarmed by my appearance...  I am Emperor Sheev Palpatine, ruler of the Galactic Empire. I wish to be of service to you, the people here as I was to my subjects."

The voice is at odds with the face. It sounds warm, benevolent, grandfatherly.

"From the universe I hail from, I was originally but a humble Senator representing the Planet Naboo in the great Senate of the Galactic Republic. In time, I was elected Chancellor of the Republic and sworn to end the internal corruption that up until that moment, was twisting the great government of hundred million star systems to serve only the interests of great corporate monopolies and planetary elites. They start a rebellion against the Republic, calling themselves the Confederacy of Independent Systems in perverse joke that soon devolved into civil war.  The very fabric of galactic society was being tore apart.  The Republic was brought to the brink of collapse. It had to be reborn.

And so I and my followers reorganized the Republic into the Galactic Empire, with myself reluctantly taking on the role of Emperor. Through the valiant efforts of the newborn Imperial Navy and Army, we ended the menace of the CIS and ushered in an untold period of peace, prosperity, equality and most of all, stability that has last for over 20 years now...  

And while it is imperative that I return to my Empire as soon as possible in order continue to safeguard the well-being of it's citizens, It is my desire as a public servant to want to also extend that same sentiment to the people of this world for as long as  I am here.   That is...."

And here his voice becomes troubled.

"If I am not cut down in the streets first.
I have good reason to believe there are members of the Rebel Alliance, a terrorist successor movement to the Confederacy among the population here. They will seek to take my life, which is why I am currently in hiding. But it is not the loss of my life that I fear. I have been the target of so many over the years that I've grown numb to them. One of them even permanently damaged my face as you can see.  No, it the innocents that could be caught in crossfire between them and me. A conflict that originated in our galaxy should stay there.    

That is why I decided to introduce myself in such a public manner. I am but a frail old man in the twilight of his life who only wishes to continue until the end, his heart's desire as a ruler.... The betterment of all under him.   Will you not deny me that?"
24 June 2017 @ 09:43 am
[David starts up the video feed and stacks of paper can be seen beside him as he's sitting in the Guardian's Office. He’s been pulling all-nighters for the last few weeks, but he’s finally reached the mountain top of paperwork. Though a Guardians work is never really done.]

With everything that has happened, I’ve yet to have a chance to say this. But thank you to everyone that helped not only defend Genessia City, but every other city during the breach. Even if you only helped people get to the safe houses, I still want to extend my gratitude to you and I hope all of you got through it okay.

All things considered, just like last time, we’ve learned more about this place because of this situation. Though, ideally we could discover more about this place without it taking some massive event for more information to be discovered.

A small word of warning too. Given how many of the creatures from outside made their way inside, some could possibly still linger around. I plan to make some rounds through the cities for the next couple of weeks to check, if anyone wants to join, they are more than welcomed to. If anyone happens to spot any while they happen to be out, please report it.
23 June 2017 @ 06:57 pm
Who: Ten and OTA
What: Exploring and information gathering
When: 6/23 - 6/29
Where: Genessia/Everglade/Nova/Attleton/Fayren
Warning: None yet.

[Closed to Anasasta Leonheart]

If there's anything elsewhere to gather information besides the library is the museum or a planetarium in this case - and Ten stands there staring at the main display at the opening of the planetarium that can be seen from the ticket line and has a look of longingly in his eyes and almost - almost you'd swear that he's actually been up close to those stars.


The Doctor finally makes his way to Genessia Scientific Research Foundation and is snooping around for any sort of clues.

Another place, one will be able to spot The Time Lord are the museums.


Ten can't that Fayren isn't lovely looking but frankly that's all he can say about it. He can't say that he believed he just saw a dwarf go by there; just some sort of sub-human species. The dragon flying over- head some kind of alien from some world but nothing here is actually magical. Maybe someone could prove him wrong? That science can't explain everything.

To white picket fence and all American 1950's feel to it; which Ten makes a bothered face; but his Tardis could be anywhere.


Call him the fool that walked in at night; though he does like the fog - makes him think of London. He does feel that shiver though that something is a-miss here but what is quite another question.

(Feel free to make up your own prompt just put the where in the header :D)
13 June 2017 @ 04:58 pm
Who: Belle & OPEN
What: A sticky situation with shadows.
Where: Genessia/Everglade
Warning: None yet.

Belle wasn’t a fighter but she also wasn’t the sort of person who could sit and do nothing while people got hurt. She’d been heading to work when she saw the spirits break and swarm through the cities. She had nothing she could use to fight except a nearby fallen tree branch. She dove for it when the spirits approached, swinging it to keep the dark figures away from.

It did nothing to them but they paused and she used that time to run.

Breath exhaled I heavy puffs as she made her way down the streets. She fumbled with her phone seeing the message that indicated where the safe houses were. She didn’t want to go there, she wanted to help, but all thoughts slipped from her mind as one of the shadows loomed above her. Belle stumbled backwards, falling hard on the ground beneath her with a solid thud.

She was too breathless to scream.
05 June 2017 @ 01:07 pm
For those who are in Fayren, I am already on my way to help evacuate the people to the safe house that David set up.Even if I am in a dress and high heels.

I am texting to ask if anyone would be willing to help me either patrol and check for people who might still be around after and to also help out keeping an eye on the gate that leads from Genessia to Fayren?

It is most important that people's safety comes first and to make sure everyone is in a safe place as well as to watch the gate. After all we have no Fayren Guardian right now, so we have to step up and work together to over come that.

Because of that, if you volunteer I would like to get to know what you can do, so that we can find the best place for you to be the most effective. If that is okay of course.
03 June 2017 @ 04:13 pm
[Upon waking up - The Doctor finds himself slightly baffled. What knocked him out? And then finds himself lying inside a cocoon. No. No. No. It's impossible. He can't be back during the Time War - those events are time locked. He must be somewhere else but where? What other planet have to cocoon the size of humanoids? Slowly adjusting to the lack of light; hears water near- by. Something or rather someone pulled him out of his Tardis with a tracker beam - again. Which it's not on accident; that tractor beam has to be very, very strong. Just like on Satellite Five; in his previous incarnation and ending up on a reality game show in the future; both him, Rose and Jack and finding out that the Daleks were still alive!


He has no knowledge of any place or world named Genessia. No. No. No! He's blind. Not really blind but he can't see what will, what has and what could be. Either someone is really powerful here or - this place is stagnant time.

For a moment, Ten is privately a very sad puppy. Losing his Tardis and now he can't see - on top of having lost Rose too.

Finally, looking more at what's inside. Job? Housing? This is horrifying. When coming across Weiss Schnee; That does answer a few questions. So he was kidnapped by who and why? What's the significance of the different colored pendants? Why is his red? Why are they being tracked on in which district they're in. Then makes a mental note about tampering with this device will execute a preventative protocol - that may come in handy later. As well as heading to Schnee Company's Genessia division on Oak and 16th, which is obviously a trap. But he doesn't want a map. What's the fun in having a map? Fine. Give it to him but he's not going to look at it.

Time to start thinking of a cover story possibility as well.

Finally; The Doctor clicks his device on. He's a rather dashing man - fluffy brown hair, big brown eyes, clever glasses and very proper with his blue pin-striped business attire. Ten smiles and waves at the camera]

Hallo. How are all of you?

(Action open to those in Genessia; abilities and permissions)