Frisk? Chara?
02 August 2017 @ 12:59 am
Who: Chara and whoever (open?)
Where: Everglade, just anywhere in there.
When: August 1st-ish
What: Following up on some anon things and this symbol.
Warnings: Uh, Chara probably being a creepy freak child, if anything else comes up I shall edit.

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! )
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Ryder Clayton/Den
02 August 2017 @ 06:03 am
[Video] August 2

[As the video starts, you can see Ryder arranging his bed in his new apartment at Oak Gardens. And judging by his movements, he seems to be in a hurry as he quickly jumps onto the bed and turns his attention to the camera]

Hey there! So... I think I didn't introduce myself before after my awkward first impressions last month.

I'm Ryder Clayton and I know it's a little weird for a modern kid like me living in a fantasy city like Fayren. Well, it is less weird in those light novels.

[He quickly coughs as he realizes he's starting to get off-topic.]

But I have my reasons staying here. And...

[Just then, his eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain in his body.]

I think you will find out in a few seconds.

[As he quickly falls from the bed off-screen, you can hear Ryder's groans and screams turn into growls. After 5 minutes, you can see that Ryder manages to return on-screen as he gasps in exhaustion, but his appearance has somehow changed. Not only his hair changed into a silver wild and messy style, but he has now wolf ears and a silver wolf tail.

Strangely despite his painful transformation, he is somehow able to show a smile while barring his new grown fangs.]

Sorry about that. But long story short, when I'm in this form, I usually call myself as "Den". It's not that I'm actually revealing my secret identity, which for the record, I'm not a superhero back home. But I just want to feel more comfortable when I'm this form. Call it a "title" that I'm proud to own.

As for that little demonstration I somehow showed you, guys, I'm trying to endure the pain of my transformations since I usually transform back into my human form less often. But at least I know the magical energy of this city is enough for me to stay in this form for very long. Which I'm really okay with it since I was in this form for a while now.

So... Back to the main subject, I managed to get a job at this Under The Sun Retrievals. It's the closest thing to my old hunter job back home. And along with my new bounty hunter job, I managed to earn enough money to rent an apartment right here.

[He then gives a small sigh of exhaustion upon he said this.]

To be honest, I'm still getting used to this new world and I just hope nothing bad happens in here.

Also, if you need any question about what you saw, I'm all ears.

[Action] August 3

[While Ryder isn't working as a Beast Hunter and Herb Gatherer in Fayren, he is usually found in Genessia's library, who is reading any books he finds in his human form. He is still a bookworm at heart and he wonders what kind of novels and books Genessia has to offer for him.

Afterward, you may even see him in his werewolf form training near the rivers of Fayren.]
Tony Clark

Well, this is off to a bad start. Especially with that stupid paperboy breaking my window with another newspaper. Again.

[He even shows the said window, which is now shattered thanks to the said incident.]

But anyways, I got something on my mind lately. The arcade is good and all, but does Genessia, Nova, or Attleton have a skate park or a laser tag or something? I'm kind of bored with just video games and comics around.


[Later, he really wants something ever since the last Olympics sport.]

Does anyone know how do I get a cool motorbike? More importantly, do they allow 12-years-old kids to drive a bike?

Bounty: Death at the Zoo [Action/Solo] [Bounty Link]

Tony doing some justice under the cut )
佐々木 菖蒲 ▷ Ayame Sasaki
02 August 2017 @ 04:23 pm
Text - Public

An image file is sent to everyone, attached to a text message with additional details, such as the exact address, and additional images of special drinks and Taiwanese snack foods that are going to be served:

♦ Drinks provided by Gale Reinhardt of After Life and Hangar Queen, & serving Taiwanese cuisine. Eating and drinking challenges abound!
♦ Live performances by Super Sonico, and other artists.
♦ Infinity pool available - bring a swimsuit.

For questions and concerns, please contact this number.
Inquisitor 🔪 Alleyana Lavellan
Who: Dorian and Alleyana.
When: Backdated.
What: Fitting the prosthetic arm Dorian's been working on for Alley.
Where: Skyhold II
Warnings: Probably not.

The Inquisitor was pretty easy to track down when she was at the house. Generally, she was either in her room reading or doing maintenance on her armor and weapons, or she was in the back yard working on Jethro's tack or fussing with the garden. Today was that last option, the warrior meticulously weeding the raised beds currently growing a variety of Thedosian plants of assorted uses. Lots of elf root, of course, but a good representation of the whole lot over-all.

Useful stuff to have around, and it wasn't like they could just go plucking handfuls of these plants from different regions of Ferelden and Orlais anymore.