03 August 2017 @ 08:58 am
I have a question.

[The young girl speaks as the feed switches of. Rapunzel herself was currently laying on her bed. She had spent the most part looking through the device and had come across the invitation. After pondering on it, she had questions because it was something new for her.]

It's about the costume party because, silly me. Not good with new experiences and all... I mean I have read plenty of books, but they don't quite help me for certain situations as they were mostly story books and fairy tales.

[Someone was starting to mumble, using her free hand to start playing with her blonde locks. After a good couple of minutes, she stops.]

Ah, sorry. I was mumbling. [A beat.] My question comes in two parts. For starters what exactly is a costume? I have little to no idea what one is. Secondly, what is a swimsuit?
Mordecai Heller
03 August 2017 @ 01:45 pm
[It was really just a matter of time.

He'd have to be visible publicly eventually, he couldn't limit his interactions to a giant shapeshifting cat, his grip on sanity was tenuous as it was anyway.

So here's the video.

A sleek, well dressed tuxedo cat with polished pince nez glasses, oh so dapper in a style that wouldn't have looked out of place on Al Capone.

Neat as a pin and seated comfortably at what appears to be a kitchen table

I'll be offering my services to local businesses as a freelance accountant. Apparently, it is impossible to establish my own business, and I've not yet found a reputable accounting agency in the area.

I'm going to keep this initial broadcast curt and to the point, and if anyone has need for my services, you're welcomed to contact me privately for further information. I do have a resume, though I can't imagine contacting any former employers is possible here.

I've had eleven years of experience in the field-

[Eleven years of technically legal experience-]

And I highly doubt you'll find someone better equipped to manage finances and budgeting here.
Dio Brando
03 August 2017 @ 03:33 pm
[A man with the physique of a Greco-Roman classical statue and  a fashion sense right of the 1980s stares out from everyone's smart phones with keen interest. His face is handsome, sensual even but the features are filled haughtiness and cruelty.]

Hello, I'm DIO. [Yes, that is in all capital letters.] 

Please to meet you, Ladies and Gentlemen of this bizarre new world.  I was rather in the middle of something important.... But perhaps this place has done me a service by taking me away at just the right moment, what with my enemies right on my doorstep.  This truly is a most fascinating place.  One that I, DIO look forward to ruling in due time.  

[He says it so casually.]

I understand that that there are vampires here... If so I'd very much like to meet with you.  You see, I'm one myself of a most unique breed. 

Action: Everglade.

[He easily stands out like a beacon in his flashy yellow, black and green attire as he strolls the near deserted, misty evening streets of the town. This place full of great unease and fear... He'll loves it already. Eventually he'll met someone else out and when he does....]      
The Tenth Doctor
03 August 2017 @ 06:29 pm
Who: Ten, Belle, Lea, Amy
What: Drama
When: August 1
Where: The Bar and Belle's apartment
Warnings: Drinking and Emo language-read at your own risk-

Too much timey wimey )
03 August 2017 @ 07:06 pm
Who: Crow and YOU! Well you if you're unlucky enough to be in the bank he's gonna rob.
When: Tonight~! 8/3/2017 - evening
Where: Genessia City
Warnings: Villain tropes and explosions!
Notes: I will be posting an inside the bank option and an outside the bank option. Please mark which one you are responding to in the subject of your tag.

Cue the villain's theme song )
Mirajane Strauss
03 August 2017 @ 09:47 pm
[Mira has just woken up and is playing with her smartphone, finding that she catches on fairly quickly, but finding the device to be amusing all the same.]

These things are great, it would probably make getting drinks so much easier if customers could just place their orders in ahead of time. Then again, I kind of prefer the face to face reactions.

[She clicks another thing, and finally realizes that it's a video recorder like some of the magic in her own world.]

Oh! Hello everyone! I'm Mirajane, and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if they've seen any Fairy Tail mages around? My siblings Elfman or Lissana readily spring to mind, but any members would likely be a welcome sight if I'm going to be here for a while. If not, well I'd be happy to offer my services as a barmaid if anyone is hiring. I have a good five or six years of experience behind the bar, and I can mix just about any drink you'd like.

(Edit hours later): Erza has informed me we do have a branch of Fairy Tail, so I'll be working there. If anyone would like my free month of room and board, please speak to me, and if anyone wants a nice foaming mug of beer, come to the Fairy Tail guild hall! Best quality liquor with the friendliest barmaid~!