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Mark I

video | ota
[ Standing near the entrance to the Bay was a man of average height sporting a rather striking three piece suit and tinted sunglasses. His posture was composed and the persona he projected quite obviously calculated. Upon closer inspection it might be apparent through small points of behavior or in the way he forced his smile that he was much more tired than he cared for anyone to know.

Regardlesss, there had been very few times in Tony Stark's life where he didn't feel the need to engage in theatrics. It was what he had been taught, and it was his way to hide. A safe place to reside in a situation that, had he not already become intimately familiar with things beyond the knowledge of most, would likely have broken him even further than he already was.

Really, it was about needing to stay in control.

The way he looked into the camera was like he had done it a hundred or even a thousand times. He didn't seem to be phased by public speaking at the very least. ]

Greetings, citizens of... Genessia? It was Genessia, right?

[ He put a finger up and pulled out the map he'd arrived with. It went back out of view into his chest pocket after a few moments of being studied. ]

Yep. Just confirmed it in case anyone didn't know. By the way? Shout out to the kind folks who left me the goodie box. Way generous. Wouldn't have expected it. Can only assume the party was great and I was at least 5% sober when I agreed to trans-dimensional travel.

[ He gave a charming grin. ]

Now, I'm not one to be a rude guest -- but curiosity, you know? I can't help but think all of this isn't as simple as the welcoming committee -- again, God bless their souls -- made it out to be. Therefore I come to you, the humble public. Simply put, I'm looking for information. What goes on around here, where you're from, any sort of important details that could have, I don't know, slipped between the cracks? I'm interested. Hit me up.

[ He gave a lazy peace sign and proceeded to pick up the device he'd been using to record on, but just before turning it off he paused and held it up selfie style. ]

Almost forgot. Name's Tony Stark. Expect to hear it a lot.

action, various locations around genessia city & nova city | ota
[ After his successful performance, Tony decided the best course of action was to see everything that he could see. He could be found at various odd locations throughout Genessia City during the day, and Nova City later into the evening. Running into him anywhere and everywhere was very much possible. ]

anonymous text | ota
Need to know if anyone from home is here.

Tell me what the initials S.H.I.E.L.D stood for as proof.

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action: Nova City

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Priss had much the same idea Tony had, about scouring the cities for information.

She had no particular reason to find Tony interesting just yet; he was just a normal dude to her. But perhaps someone walking around in a hardsuit -- a heeled hardsuit -- was enough to catch Tony's attention?

So, here she was exiting a dodgy mechanic shop, a chunk of red metal in her robotic grasp. With the visor of her helmet firmly down, it was impossible to tell by looking if she was a person in a suit, or -- perhaps more likely -- a machine entirely.
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Priss paused mid-step and half-turned to look at the stranger. The hardsuit was proportioned oddly; arms too long, legs too long, no space to speak of inside if there was a person in it. The ADP had even assumed for a while that the Knight Sabers were military hardware being tested out in the semi-public.

Up close, it was no easier to tell. Priss didn't see through any conventional means from inside the boomer. Especially this version, bound directly to her brain as it was. The fingers holding the red metal were definitely mechanical-only; there was no room in the joints for them to be gloves. That was because her hands were inside the too-long forearms, would-be motions carried out by the machine at the level of brain impulse.

"Excuse me?" she repeated, and even her voice was filtered, modified; hard to place as organic or generated or what. Unlike Tony, Priss the famous rock singer hadn't blown her own cover, intentionally or otherwise, and that distinctive voice was kept as hidden as the rest of her.

Not that identity was an issue, anymore... but the safeties were still built-in, all the same.
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Back on her world, and before Galatea had turned Tokyo into a post-apocalyptic shit-show -- again -- Priss' response would have been an easy one. She'd have stared at him in silence, much as she was doing now. Only, it would have ended with her turning and leaving, leaping up onto the nearest very tall building with help from her thrusters and ditching the curious human.

She strongly considered it anyway, as that silence was allowed to stretch...

Fuck it. She'd verified this wasn't Earth, and no one here knew what she was to want to hunt her down. Plus it wasn't like she had a secret base to store the hardsuit in -- her identity wasn't going to hold up as 'secret' on this world.

"Priss Asagiri," she gave it in the western order, since he was pretty clearly American. Then, because why the fuck not, "Human inside a semi-sentient, non-organic machine."

Which meant her figure was on display, because this thing left no room for anything. As it was the machinery couldn't be thicker than the tip of her pinky in some places, and that included armor. A significant amount of it; she was the 'tank' of the Knight Sabers, after all.

This close, after this much scrutiny, there were hints of damage to the suit. Something otherwise symmetrical was 'off'. The tip of a helmet fin was slightly twisted from heat. The reek of burning ozone barely clung to the odd metal, but if you lingered this long it could start to make itself known.

Priss had re-formed the hardsuit to look pretty much alright -- and pretty much like its previous incarnation. But it was still damaged; fighting in space and then being hurled through atmospheric re-entry could do that. Particularly when you weren't originally built for either of those things.

Also, she was out of knucklebombs. The open sockets on her fist-plates and 'feet' just reminded her how there was no real restocking to be had. Probably. There were reasons she was poking around mechanic shops in this city in particular, after all.