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[Video/Action] Stargazing


[It was early in the night in Nova City, and a certain young princess was in her room in Satsuki's home, dressed for bed, but sitting by a open window and looking up at a clear night sky with a full moon. Anastasia was still thinking about her best friend who has long since returned home.

Going for a walk is very tempting right now, but she doesn't know where she can safely go alone at this hour. She really wants someone to talk to, though, so she grabs her phone and turns on to a video feed, hoping there are others awake. Feel free to pass by her open window and tell her to go to bed.]


"Good evening, everyone. Can you tell me about superstitions revolving around your respective worlds' moon?"
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[Astronema sighs. Her reply sounds distinctly bored.]

Which world, which moon...
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I have no such thing, I roamed the stars.
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With a ship, generally.

[Astronema squints slightly at the video.]

Oh, you're from one of those planets. No space travel yet? Pity.
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