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[Video] Well that's weird

[Groggy and confused was a much better state than he expected to be in. Alive was a better state than he expected. Maybe he wasn't alive? It was pretty easy to die when one's airship was destroyed under their feet.

After fiddling with the phone for awhile, and dropping it twice, he gets it working. He might as well ask, right?]

Greetings. I will not waste time inquiring about how this... world works but I must know how it is that most come to be here. The circumstances that led to my being unconscious before arriving were dire, leading me to believe that this is either some kind of afterlife or that my mind is locked here while my body is controlled by a very powerful entity.

The complexity of the illusion makes it unlikely that the dragon is behind this. Unless it is far more intelligent than previous speculation suggests.

[As calm as his words are, he looks concerned.]

Is it common for others to arrive here in the middle of a deadly encounter? If there are other sylvari that can hear me now, I would be exceptionally grateful to know how you came to be transferred to this place. I still feel a connection to the Dream, though it is fainter than I have ever felt before.

I welcome any explanations that disprove my theories.
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[Video] *just flings half my alts at Trahearne's FACE*

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[Astronema's hair today is long and wavy; purple. She's got her chin propped up in one hand on a table of some sorts. The background is very dark, with only the occasional flicker of a colored light.]

I was in the middle of a deadly encounter. Conscious, though, until I... wasn't.
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I doubt it's possible to transfer us between worlds while conscious. Or perhaps it's possible, but our minds would blank out the experience.

[Something to ponder.]
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Well, for what it's worth, I'm an old hand at being mind-controlled. It doesn't feel like it's happening now. As for death...

[Astronema shrugs.]

I prefer it to the alternative fate that awaited me.
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[Becoming a minion to the side of 'good' wasn't much better.]

Well then, either we've been transported to another planet, or we've at least avoided nasty endings. One way or another.
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I've heard our dimensions are 'paused' while we're away. I've seen no proof, mind you, but it's what I've noticed everyone believes... for some reason.

[Astronema pauses, considering.]

Your... forces? Against this 'dragon' you fear, I assume.
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[Astronema laughed.]

Plans never go as planned.

Personally, I'm content to stay here indefinitely.
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Well aren't you just a shining hero.

[A pause.]

Or glowing, rather. I assume this dragon is evil, and you're fighting for good and truth and freedom and all that... stuff?
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Mmn, so what is your definition of good? Or of evil? Or both.

[Astronema graced the camera with one of her dazzling smiles.]

We've certainly got the time.
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Mm. The side of 'good' has tried to subjugate me before. In fact, that's what I managed to escape by being brought here.
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I don't think fighting to survive is inherently either, personally. It just is what it is.

[The Queen shrugged.]

In my dimension, you'd most likely be considered 'evil', simply because you're sentient and not human. It's very black and white like that.

[There were a few alien races that seemed excluded from that rule, but she doubted this green man would be one of them.]
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I look for definitions and nuance from others because there's so little of it where I'm from. Everyone just... has a side, and that's that. And then there's me.
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[Astronema shrugged.]

Fair enough.
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[Astronema rolled her eyes.]

I doubt anyone's going to do that. It's fine.

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