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The name is Sherlock Holmes... (Action)

[This was insanity.

He had gone mad, clearly. A mixture of not-sleeping and his general demeanor had obviously led to some kind of psychotic break.

Waking up in that...that /thing/, the box with a new phone and the necklace-thing and the pamphlet that attempted to explain what was going on...

Right. He had to wake up. It was a dream, and nothing more.

But how? Bashing one's head against the wall probably would attract attention. Maybe he should just, as they say, 'roll with it.' It was a pleasant-enough looking dream, and highly detailed. He should expect nothing less from his own brilliant mind.

Yes, that was it. His mind was clever enough to come up with this entire concept, even providing him with a phone and everything. Clearly he'd miscalculated on the amount of sleep he needed over the last few cases and was now catching up.

That was fine. In the meantime, he would enjoy this construct of his mind.

Sherlock Holmes, you outdid yourself again, he thought, amused and pleased by how real everything seemed, as he walked along.]

(Meet the most-certainly-not-arrogant Sherlock Holmes! Open to everyone!)
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Oh dear, there was a mortal... who thought he was dreaming. How could Tannusen resist? He couldn't read minds, but he could smell Glamour from a mile away.

The fae man appeared out of nowhere, dressed casually. Other than his pointy ears, he looked human enough. Being near him didn't precisely... feel like being near a human; how would Sherlock rationalize that?

"Lost in the hedge, are we?" he purred, "How unfortunate."