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2nd Snowday [Video]

[The feed shows a rather annoyed white haired teen who seems to be stuck in a bathtub. A blue scaly tail can barely be seen flicking annoyed behind him]

So ...anyone else having issues.....Like growing odd apendages?
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I grow odd parts all the time.

Mostly teeth.
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Because my face gets bigger.

[I mean, obviously.]

Tooth fairy can't have my teeth, I need them.
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Aren't we all?

[Tannusen grins, and there's something... odd about his canines. They're not big and pointy or anything, just... something. A little too sharp? No, that can't be it...]

She can only have them the same way everyone else gets them when they get too grabby.

[Faerie on faerie violence, such a pity. It wouldn't be his first rodeo, however.]