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12 BRAINS ; video

[ Hi all. Guess who is waving from the morgue. There are no bodies or horror-esque messes around, she cleaned up first. ]

I'm starting a blood drive to help all those in need. Just because you're part of the monster squad now doesn't mean you have to murder. Come to Genessia General and ask for Olivia Moore if you have any new peculiar eating habits you need to take care of, I'm more than happy to save a life by feeding one. I've already got the hospital administrator's permission.

[ At least for the blood. The other stuff she's not mentioning.. well, that'll be a conversation for when someone arrives if it comes to that. ]
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Just to clarify... can I donate someone else's blood?
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Aw, come on, pleeaase?

What if they don't need it anymore?

Also, and this is important, do you accept squirrel blood.
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Oh well, more for me.

[ The unseelie faerie totally isn't doing this on purpose. Nope. He's a nice kitty in human skin. ]