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[ video ]

[ the feed starts with the sight of shiemi first, looking somewhere away from the screen with a rather concerned look on her face. she’s well-dressed, a white button up and a black tie (which she had learned how to tie herself). she had to fix the tie every so often because it often got stuck between her cleavage but… that was besides the point. she wanted to look nice while she worked. and make nightroad-san proud of her! ]

I have a few questions. [ she pauses, smiling as nee crawled onto her shoulder and the demon maneuvered to sit on top of her head. ] I’m going to work but I guess I can ask now… does the name “Garden of Amahara” relate to anyone? And um… if so, where or who did you hear it from? I know everyone comes from different worlds. Universes even! B-But someone has to know, right? Maybe.

[ sigh. ]

Thank you. Also if there are any fairies out there, I’d like t-to talk you all too. [ she taps her chin in thought. ] And know of your experience as one. I’ll reply soon after I get back!
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Faeries? Why do you want to talk to faeries?

Some of them are mean.
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[Tannusen grins, and his teeth are just a little...

There's something about the canines, upper and lower. Something. One can't quite place it.]

I have indeed. Quite a few, in fact.
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[Tannusen gives the camera an elegant bow, with a flourish.]

I am indeed. A dream of tigers, at your service.
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I am as much a tiger who turns into a man, as I am the reverse. So... yes.

And even then, what you see before you is my Mask. My Mein has my markings, among other things.

[Like teeth that can kill a person in one -- very successful -- bite, even in human form.]
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Yes and no. It's complicated.
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[Tannusen laughs at that.]

Yes, I'd rather it last forever. But alas, Banality will eventually win. I'll be unravelled, sent away while my mortal form continues its life as an amnesiac. And then I'll be reborn... again.

At least, until humans manage to wipe out all the bengal tigers. Then... I probably won't be reborn again. No one knows for certain.