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[The video starts with the first sight of waaaay too much pink and purple to be one a boy and what is that? at ears and tail? There is a cat boy now in your midst, citizens of Genessia!]

I take it that I am not either in the Amusement park or Wonderland anymore if what the fake girl said is true.

[Fluffs up his 'fur' before adjusting it to fit better around his shoulders.]

The name is Boris Airay, the most badass cat all of you will ever meet. Where can a cat get some grub to eat?
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[Tannusen peers into the camera. Is that another pooka? Fae?]

The most badass cat I'll ever meet, hm? I suppose, as I'll never meet myself. You're certainly the most colorful.
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I might well be.

Ever consider... I don't know, hunting? Meat's at it's best when it's freshest.

[Like still alive.]
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Oh... just a tiny little twelve-foot-long, nine hundred pounds of muscle, bengal tiger. With armor. Who can teleport. No big deal.

[Tannusen grins, and there's something off about his upper and lower canines. Just something. One can't quite put a word to it. It's part of his slipped Seeming; a little of the Fae slipping into his mortal guise.]

Too much work? But there's so much long pig around. Doesn't even move that fast, abysmal night vision... screams a lot, though, which draws lots of other long pigs to the location if you don't take the throat out early.

[Just a tip from a local predator.]

Or there's my bar, south of where you woke up. Velvet Lust. Makes great steaks, if you're not too scared to go in.
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Oh, you meant housecat? In that case, I suppose you are the most badass housecat I've ever met...

Or, not met, as the case may be.

[Tannusen laughs, a deep rumbling sound, and rolls onto his back on... a couch? The phone is held over him, his long and pretty hair splayed out on the cushions. Pity the sight's lost on the housecat.]

Really? Not anything? Nothing at aaaall?

[Holy shit, be careful with that kind of claim around an Unseelie Faerie.]
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[Video -> Action]

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[Tannusen laughs, and suddenly the background of his video feed changes to... sky? And he flips the phone around to show the housecat's own very colorful hair from the back.]


[The fae is so close he practically says it into Boris' ear.]