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[5th prayer:] [The window washing priest] [Action/video/voice]

[Lately, the priest needs to make a little extra money for the holidays next month, as his shopping list might be more than he can chew. So it begins, that he becomes a bounty hunter on a given Saturday or Sunday.

His first bounty from the Beacon Bounty Board is in Everglade, and the requirement of the task is simple: The Murky Eye needs someone to do the job of window washing duties for a few weeks. Washing the windows isn't too difficult, but it was rather cold this mid-November.

Abel doesn't mind doing the extra work, a lot more than necessary of what was required of him. That because he's a priest, and a part of him believes working and cleaning is just one way of being pious to his restless spirit and help the community. It helps take his mind off things such as homesickness or missing his friends or getting over his traumatic death prior to his arrival. Since the day Abel arrived here, he never really spoke much of his past, his friends from his homeworld, or himself. He's a priest that keeps to himself and minding his own business.]

[On the network, people can hear the squeaking sounds of a squeegee, and then splashing of water on glass. More or less, it's a sound of someone washing the windows at a slow pace. If one listens closely, there's a soothing male voice with a nice tenor singing softly as he goes around the house of Murky Eye, washing every window thoroughly.]

♪ "As I walk this land with broken dreams
I have visions of many things
Love's happiness is just an illusion
Filled with sadness and confusion

What becomes of the broken hearted
Who had love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
Maybe" ♪

[He sings the rest of the song while sing-mindedly washing the windows. He doesn't dance while doing it. But rather, he seems to be in deep serious thought, while doing so.]
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[action] hey dead priest, have a fellow dead priest

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[Koumyou has a habit of lurking when other people are doing honest work. Maybe he thinks it counters some of his own slacker-ness, somehow? Who knows. But now's not an exception; he's found his way into Everglade, and he's somehow found his way here, too.]

[He just hangs out nearby as Abel sings his song, smiling pleasantly and smoking from his pipe. Koumyou doesn't speak until Abel seems to have run through the song, though he idly follows the silver-haired stranger as he works.]

What an interesting song!
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Everyone asks if I'm new!

[Koumyou laughs at that, apparently it's funny.]

But, yes, I am new. And I am Koumyou Sanzo.

[The Buddhist equivalent to the Pope takes a drag from his pipe, smiling pleasantly.]

'Father', hm? As in a Western priest? How novel! I've never been to the West.
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Ohhh? I'm from China. Well, Tougenkyou, but the part that overlaps China...

[Despite his long blond hair -- longer in the back, where his thick braid reaches past his belt -- it would be hard to mistake Koumyou Sanzo as anything but asian.

He takes a drag of his pipe, and exhales smoke into the crisp autumn air.]

Don't let me interrupt your work!
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You can work while we talk!

[Koumyou doesn't offer to help, of course. He's always been a super slacker. The 'Demerit Monk' lives on. Literally, now.]

What was that song you were singing? It sounded almost Buddhist.
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Oh, I meant the lyrics.

[Koumyou takes another drag from his pipe, moving a bit closer to talk easier.]

Not the song itself. The philosophy of Buddhism can be quite grim in a way.

[Which isn't something your conventional Buddhist priest might say, but there is nothing conventional about a Sanzo. Case in point, Koumyou tips his head back and blows perfect little smoke rings up into the sky.]
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That last bounty shook Ted up something fierce, so he's taken to wandering around the city, looking for answers or letting answers come to him. He could really use a win right now, or something to perk his spirits.

Lo and behold, he does a double-take as he passes by the Murky Eye, almost missing the fact that the dirty old establishment had finally gotten someone to clean it. What wonderful symbolism! May the whole city be so washed one day.

"Abel," Ted cries, in a voice as arresting as an alarm clock. "Cleanliness is next to godliness, eh? I'm so glad to see you purifying Everglade, pane by pane. If my math is right, this would make the seventh task done off the board!" Of course, any real Christian would know what's significant about that. "I'm jealous. What led you to it? Not empty pockets, I hope, though I'm glad you picked here of all places anyway."
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[How did 6 get here from the forest? GOOD GODDAMN QUESTION.

He walked. It took a long time, and he took a lot of breaks, and it was an amazing journey, but he made it, and now here he is, watching a man wash windows.

6 cannot sing. He doesn't have the mind to remember the words to a song, he can barely string a sentence together. But he does start to follow Abel, humming along with him even if the tone is slightly off and he doesn't always get the pitch and tempo right
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[He's not as shy as he was when he first arrived. And now considering his last guardian has left, he can't afford to be shy for a while. He needs to find someone else to keep him from getting stepped on after all]

Hello hello.


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Here. Here. I've been... h-here.

I lost... s... someone. He is gone. Very gone. You would.... wouldn't... wouldn't have seen.

[But he has learned at least one trick to avoid being at kicking height, and Abel has at least thus far proven to be gentle enough. The little doll raises his hands]

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Home. The end, no more everyone is old and dead.

[He looked comfortable enough in Abel's pocket, grasping it with those little inky fingers and getting cozy in there]

S... Six. I am Six. You?
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Priest. Abel.


Two two two. Oh Two.

Oh Two. Hello. I was in church. Long ago.

[6 just started to fuss with the material of the pocket, humming softly, if discordantly.]

I walk. I am... alone. Yes. Yes. No one else. One two three four five seven eight nine not here.

Just me.
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Nine. I am six. There are.... are nine. Nine pieces.

[He was pretty cozy now, watching Abel as he headed for the last window. 6 doesn't have a nose, can't smell the stench of it, but he can see the cats. Good thing he's in a pocket]
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The Scientist.

We're him.

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