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I'm not dead.

Tis to say I've been a mite bit busy as of late, and I hope none of ye have managed to set anything on fire while I've been in.

[Being very sick]

And sayin' it now, I'll be in for the rest of the winter, none of ye are to ask me to leave the shop for any other reason than to buy food, because I ain't goin'.

It's colder than the frozen center of hell out there and it's only going to get worse.

We're havin' a sale on preventative herbs. Things for sniffles, sore throats, stuffed heads and bad lungs. Get them while ye can because I sure as bloody blazes ain't savin' 'em for ye.

I'll trade some items for soup products by the way. Still feelin' a mite bit under the weather.
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[Not dead? Well, that calls for only one thing!]


[The blond priest isn't even being a snarky shit about it.]

You know, on not being dead. Mmmmmm... I might be able to bring by some soup, but I've never been there!

Kouryuu? [He turns his head away to talk to someone off-camera.] Do you know how to make soup?

[He turns his attention back to the camera.]

You eat meat, right? Meat's good for you.

[Koumyou has never claimed to be the pinnacle of Buddhism, even if his rank and the raised, bright red chakra on his forehead -- from the Gods themselves -- would suggest otherwise.]
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Me neither.

[Let's face it, even most Buddhists Koumyou knows sneak the stuff anyway. Kouryuu didn't as a kid, but he grew up and learned better.]

Y'need firewood?
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Very well! I'll send my son over with some supplies once he's done sweeping! And cooking. Make him some soup, would you, Kouryuu?

[That last is said to the person off camera again. There's the distinct cadence of bitching just out of range for the mic to pick up. Koumyou just turns back to the camera and beams, as though everything that comes out of his cranky kid is sunshine and rainbows.]

He'll be over soon!
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Yes, I'm sure you can!

[Koumyou is immune to bitching.]
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[And Koumyou's expression is just the embodiment of ~<3]
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[Sanzo was inclined to agree with Cassian but here he is anyway, pissed, with a heavy bag over one shoulder. He was in normal clothes instead of his robes, because like hell he was going to play errand boy while looking the part of his rank.

He stepped into the shop and looked around, openly disdainful. It wouldn't be hard to tell who sent him, he and Koumyou looked related, narrow eyes, blond hair, and even a red dot in the middle of his forehead.]

Hey! [He sounds as annoyed and impatient as he looks.]
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Koumyou Sanzo disagrees with you. I disagree with him. [Sanzo didn't want to be taking care of anyone, even if Koumyou whined at him. Especially not some cantankerous western priest, he'd had his fair share of those.

He gave Cassian a withering look and set to removing a tupperware of soup- chicken and vegetables by the look of it-, a package of candles, and a small bundle of firewood, still wrapped in plastic from the grocery store, from the bag and setting them on the counter. He could've left the whole bag but, for one, it was his, and for two, he didn't care if the firewood left a mess on the counter.]
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[Sanzo wasn't intending to do anything but set things down so he could leave, so he surrendered the tupperware over without complaint. Well, he glared, but he always glared.]

I didn't want to come tend to some sickly asshole I don't know. Fine, you can move just fine, my master can check on you himself if he cares to.
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[Sanzo bristled. Well fuck you too! He didn't take insults near as well as he dealt them.]

Tell him yourself. With any luck you'll have keeled over dead by the time he thinks to come near this piece of shit. It'd do the world a favor.

[He stormed towards the door, fuming.]
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Go fuck yourself! [Sanzo's wish to be away from another shitty, grumpy priest outweighed his desire to put a couple of holes in Cassian. He shot Cassian a last, murderous look over his shoulder before walking out and slamming the door behind him.]