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Could you do me a massive favor?

[Don't even think about not answering this, Artie. He knows where you live]

I've heard tell of an elixir called "coffee" usually located in the bigger cities of Genessia. Do you suppose you could find a cup of this for me? I'll be sure to do a favor for you next~.

[Don't talk like that, Jarlaxle. And no, he won't make this post private because he doesn't even care.]

Oh! Has anyone managed to beat dear Artemis in combat yet? Tell me if you do! I want to have a conversation with you about a possible job offer. First one to best our dear Artemis in a sword fight gets top payment.

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Swords. What's the point of 'em with teeth?

Unless you mean a different kind of sword fight...
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Oh well, his loss.

And I'm more of a brawler, myself.

[Sometimes as a twelve-foot long bengal tiger, but who's counting?]
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[Tannusen's smile is slow, and lazy.]

That depends... far be it from you to coax me into what, exactly?
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[The unseelie faerie laughs.]

There's excitement... and then there's something else. Are you... recruiting on an open frequency?

Come to Velvet Lust in Genessia, at night, and ask for the tiger. If you're looking for beyond the pale, you should be willing to put in a little leg-work for it.
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Oh honey, I'm extremely easy in the right circumstances.

I look forward to your visit.