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Singles Night @ Bright Sky Diner

It had started as a joke, but gradually more people were showing interest in the idea, and so Singles Night became a thing. It would be fun, the managers said, and it would hopefully gain some revenue. The event would have been advertised around the city, so when the night came, the staff there were waiting for a good turn out. They'd certainly gone to some effort.



The main part of the diner had been changed into an area made of larger tables to encourage mingling. Here there were buffet tables set up, and the lighting was warm and friendly. Light jazz music played very softly in the background to keep the atmosphere buzzing and happy. Maybe people would meet the love of their life here, or maybe they'd just meet a new friend.


The booth along the walls of the restaurant remained as they were, but the lighting above the tables was muted for a more intimate feel. These areas of the restaurant would be quieter and there was no need for anyone to be nearby unless they were seeking a little more peace. These tables are ideal for people who have found someone they'd like to get to know a little better. It's relaxed, but pretty romantic, with candles on the tables too. These booths include table service, with quiet but friendly wait staff.


Now this is the special place to be. The outside area of the diner has been transformed into a romantic and cosy place. Fairy lights decorate the fencing, and there are warm blankets on the benches too. This is a perfect place for those who want to cuddle up. After all, what better way to warm up than to sit side by side and admire the stars with the charming stranger you've just met?

[This is a mingle post! Feel free to add your characters anywhere you wish. Good luck on finding the one, making new friends, or trolling the singles. Have fun!~]

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Priss Asagiri | Outside | OTA

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Leather, kevlar, engine grease, and blood. That's what you wore to a party, right?

Not that Priss had intended to show up at such an event. She'd been doing... something, and then suddenly she was... here? Where the fuck was here?

She stood in the middle of the outdoor area, having just come out of a wandering fugue, to stare with obvious suspicion at her surroundings. The fuck was this.
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[ Ayame was in desperate need of fresh air that she steps out of the diner with a frown on her face, and an empty flash in her hand she so desperately wishes was full. It took her a second to lament her lack of drink when she sees Priss at the corner of her eye. It wasn't hard, that leather jacket was shiny enough to reflect the warm light from the diner. But the blood was intriguing... ]

Had a bad day? What's the matter?

[ Ayame appears both curious and concerned from the look in her eyes. She's trying to figure Priss out with a cold read, but this girl seems a little hard to crack. Or Ayame is just getting a little tipsy ]
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Priss swayed a little in place and blinked at the stranger. "What? Shit. Where'd I wander to?"

This time?

She thought she heard a little girl's giggle, and whipped around to look for it. Nothing was there, of course.
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[ Ayame's eyes just narrowed at the direction Priss' attention was drawn to, raising a brow and humming in thought while placing her hand on her hip. ]

I'm not sure what you mean by "where", you look really lost.

[ Ayame sighs, lowering her hand away and shrugging a shoulder ]

If you meant this though... [ Ayame points back to the diner with a nod of her head ] it's usually a diner. Right now they turned it to a gathering place for a "Single's Night" event. Sadly they forgot to put "just teenagers" and "no good drinks".

[ Ayame is feeling particularly sassy tonight, thanks to the rum she used to spike her iced tea with. But she stands there, still looking puzzled at Priss, unsure if the other woman could use some help or what ]
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Maybe 'cuz I am really lost. Damn, since when did it get this cold?

[Priss pulls her leather and nano-kevlar jacket closed and zips it up against the cold. She's been 'out of it' for months, now. Winter literally snuck up on her, just like this moment of clarity -- semi-clarity? -- and this party.]

Well then hell, let's go find somewhere with real drinks. Preferably out of the wind.
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[ Ayame couldn't help but feel a tug at her lips. Not only is Priss' jacket pretty interesting, but the woman's "fish out of water" demeanor and immediate hankering for a drink is something Ayame just found amusing. Ayame takes a step away from Priss and turns to look at the other woman, with her hands behind her back and a small lean forward that shows a playful body language ]

I know a couple places. It just depends on what your poison is.

[ Ayame gives a thoughtful hum, giving Priss another read before taking a stab in the dark ]

You seem like the type who likes hard drinks. Come on. Luckily the place I know isn't far.

[ In fact, it's just directly on the other side of the road which Ayame leads them to. It's late and she's drunk, so Ayame didn't care about jaywalking to get there. The place is a quaint Irish-styled pub, with dim lights and polished wooden walls and floors to go with the moss green color of almost everything else. Entering the pub was like crossing through a portal. The cold just vanished immediately. Ayame made her way towards the bar with Priss in tow, ordering a drink for herself before looking to Priss ]

What do you want? It's my treat.
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[The sudden heat is definitely welcome. Priss flexes her hands, wondering when feeling would make its way back into her partially-gloved fingers. She unzips her jacket again, not used to having it closed unless she's on a motorcycle, and even then she sometimes didn't bother.]

You're paying? You pick.

[It has to be better than the fiery swill she chugs regularly back at her apartment.]

Seriously though, is it winter already or something?
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[ Ayame did just that, ordering them a couple of Boilermakers to kick off the night. She taps her fingers on the bar while the bartender gets to work. When Priss asked her, Ayame seemed to have been waken up from a daydream ]

Close. It's only a couple of days before December now. Why? Are you new to Genessia?
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No, I'm just completely nuts and lost track of... a few months of time.

[She sat down at the bar, too, and picked a bit of dried blood out from under one of her nails. Classy, that was Priss Asagiri.]

So, what's your name? Since you're plying me with alcohol, and all.
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[ Ayame just glanced at whatever Priss was doing, not giving it much thought as she specified wanting a Japanese whisky wants for the Boilermaker. ]

How did that happen?

[ Ayame waits to answer Priss' question as the bartender approaches them with two pints of beer and two shots of whisky. Ayame slides Priss' pint and shot towards her side of the bar before taking a seat herself. Ayame gently takes the shot glass and drops it into the pint. ]

And just call me Ayame.
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Which part, the going completely nuts, or the losing track of a few months?

[Priss supposes the answer is the same, but, she doesn't like talking about it. She follows suit with the shot of whisky and the pint.]

I'm Priss.

[For now. For now, she's still Priss, damnit. And damn Galatea, growing in her mind like a tumor.]
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Both had me intrigued, especially the blood on your hands. But if you feel like that's a topic for another time, you're free to not oblige my curiosity.

[ Ayame grips the handle of her pint and raises it just after Priss dunks the shot glass into her own pint ]

Here's to new acquaintances.
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I don't know how the blood happened.

[Priss lifts one side of her jacket to peer under it at more blood. And engine grease? The hell? And there's that giggle again, making her drop her jacket and whip around to look behind her. Nothing, of course. The little girl she keeps hearing is literally all in her head.]

[Still, it's got her tense and not noticing the attempt at a polite toast, staring with slightly unfocused eyes around the room. Every bit of metal catches her attention like it's screaming at her.]


[Perhaps a smart person wouldn't drink in her state. Priss is... actually smarter than that level of smart; she knows it doesn't matter if she's inebriated or not.]

Sorry, you said...? Something?