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[Video] πŸŒ™ The moon greets the rising sun.

[Koumyou appears on camera and blows a party favor at it! Complete with that laugh of his.]

Everyone! I have an important announcement to make!

[He blows on the party favor again, practically giggling.]

It's my son's birthday, today!

Here's his number! Everyone wish him a happy birthday!

[And yes, there's Sanzo's phone number. He holds up a paper with it written on it, beaming!]

He'll act all grumpy but I still want everyone to do it! Pleeeease? Thank you!

[He's a good dad. And also a very, very embarrassing dad. Isn't Sanzo lucky?]
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[From within a very busy, very loud, somewhat dark nightclub.]

Happy birthday, random guy I've never met! Your dad is awesome. Talks about you all the time!
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[Sanzo looks disgusted and hopes that Tannu is lying.]

Who the hell are you?
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[In the background: UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ, flashing lights, the works. What kind of company does your dad keep when you aren't around, Sanzo?]

Just some asshole, who're you?
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[Sanzo doesn't want to know, honestly.]


[The sound was already giving him a headache, from sheer annoyance. He hung up.]