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VIDEO: campaign announcement

Hiiii Genessia and friends.

[ The video starts with Barbara smiling, a little wave. She seems to have a little black dress on underneath a nice fur coat, and heels. Her hair is cropped and lightly curled, making her look rather professional and just a little intimidating. ] My name is Barbara Kean. Most of you don't know me yet, so I'll start with an eensy little intro. I'm from a place called Gotham City. I was born a rich socialite and Mommy and Daddy never really loved me. [ So sad. Boohoo. She almost says it like it's a joke, but it's true. She crosses her legs and sets her hands on her knees like a proper lady, listing off information like she were giving an eHarmony video profile. ] I found a way to get over it and went from being an art gallery owner to the owner of a very popular club in one of the roughest parts of town, which means we had to learn to protect ourselves. We did. I went through a lot in that time, from being kidnapped by more than one serial killer to becoming someone that murderers don't like to mess with. It helps that back home, I was engaged to one of the most daring, brave, and incorruptible cops in Gotham.

Now that you know a little about me, I've got to share what I've learned about this place. Do you know what people are saying here? About who's really in charge of this place? I'll tell you, because that's the kind of person I am. I don't hold back. Are you ready, Nova City, Attleton, Everglade, Fayren? The only one of the Guardians I was told that I needed to worry about while slumming it around with the criminals was Mr. Haller.

[ Her mouth is wide open like she just said something shocking, tilting her head and looking offended as she shakes her head. ]

How are the other cities supposed to feel about that? Your criminals don't fear your Guardians at all. They think as long as they don't mess around in Genessia City itself, they can get away with anything. My experience with the justice system tells me that the only kind of system that breeds is one full of corruption- full of politicians asspatting each other and tossing up propaganda that everything is A-O.K. because they think people are too stupid to ask questions if the news doesn't advertise it. But we feel it.

So here's my suggestion, fellow kidnapping victims: Don't vote for the same people who were in office as before. I'm running, so if you want someone who's got experience putting bad people under her heel, that's an option. If not, just do me a favor and don't vote for people you shouldn't have confidence in. I'm all about freedom.

[ She goes back to smiling. ] Oh, I almost forgot. I've always wanted to do this part. [ She sits up straight, looking directly at the camera. ]

My name is Barbara Kean, I'm running for Attleton City Guardian, and I approve this message.
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Iiiiinteresting! Didn't you just arrive a bit ago? That's quite the research you've done on such short notice.

I'm all for naughty boys and girls being put under heels, but I have to say, as an honest business owner in the main city... I just haven't seen that much criminal activity!

[Probably because when he isn't engaging in it, he's eating it.]
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Well, some people just don't care what others know. Can't be helped.

[Really, it's all just a game to him. And she doesn't know much of anything, in the end. So he disappeared with a shopkeep? The fake people of this world regenerate even quicker than the real ones.]
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[Attempt to collar this tiger and you'll lose your hands. Tannusen smiles.]

I suppose there's that. Good luck!
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[Tannusen grins, amused at the reference. Damn! He should have been introducing himself that way this entire time! It's not like anyone would know better.]

Not if you keep flirting like that.