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[video] and action in Fayren

[Zoro's holding his phone idly in one hand so that it only occasionally shows his face and his new winter coat (sheepskin, very warm and furry), sometimes the video is primarily of the leaden gray sky or a lattice of bare branches which happen to be behind his head as he leans on a railing]

Treehouses are fun and all, right up until all the leaves fall off in the autumn and then it snows for a week straight. [BIG SIGH, his breath vapor in the cold] At least Ace is like a furnace if you get up real close to him, but he drools in his sleep, so.

I wanna know what pays the best, the fastest. We need money for a ship and I ain't content with these piddly little bounties that're barely enough to keep Luffy fed for a week. I heard there was a coliseum somewhere, can you make money doing that? I got a decent price for a book from the ruins but even that seems to be tapped out now.

...and before anyone offers, if it involves wearing a uniform or being nice to people, don't even bother.

[if anyone who has fought him before (or at least heard his complaint about needing strong people to fight) wants to find him for another round, he's still in Fayren when not giving Namur's business a hand in Everglade. The pirate treehouse is easy to spot with no leaves on the trees, but he's also a fairly common figure on the streets and in the taverns, what with green hair, three swords, and no shirt on under that sheepskin coat. Because Zoro.]
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You're looking for a steady job or just something big and flashy and done all at once?
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Ah, 'fraid I'm no help then.