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[Video/Action | Open] Book leaves

[Video] Help Wanted

[The video feed shows a portion of a warmly lit room, a full bookcase and a stack of more books behind Trahearne.]

Hello! [He pushes a curious grey paw out of the frame before continuing.]

I find myself in need of help lately. I’ve recently taken over at Tomes and Thaumaturgy, in Genessia City, and have increasingly limited time to search for stock for the store. I’m looking for some to fill the book hunter position or, at least, a clerk, so that I might do that myself. Those familiar enough with magical arts to tell the authenticity of texts are prefered.

Please let me know if you’re interested!

[Again he had to push a paw out of the way and leaned back to scold the offending cat.]


[Action] Tomes and Thaumaturgy - Genessia City

The small used bookstore on Willow and 11th is under new management and has a few changes to go with. The selection of magical tomes and books on magical studies have increased, leaving a smaller reference section. The upstairs has been finished, stairs in the far corner of the store leading to a small reading area upstairs with comfy chairs and a small bookcase full of worn used books of various genres. A sign on the bookcase says “Take a Book, Leave a Book.” There’s also a table holding a coffee machine, some cups, and packets of sugar and powdered creamer.

The owner is easy enough to find, Trahearne is usually sorting books on the shelves, behind the desk working on paperwork or fiddling with various magical reagents, or upstairs in his office. There’s a bell on the counter if he’s not around. His “assistants” are always available but avoid coming too close to customers. They appear to be animated stuffed animals of some undetermined species. A sign taped to the counter suggests you ask them to retrieve books from high shelves, but the little creatures won’t linger long after handing the book over.

Two cats lounge around the shop, happy to harass customers for attention. One is a large silver tabby and the other is a small, fat tortoiseshell. Their collars read Brian and Cookie, respectively.

There are three signs taped to the window by the door:
Help Wanted:
Books Hunters & Clerk

Don’t Mind the Tiger

No Gunfire in the Store, Thank You

[The “assistants” are reanimated skeletons of various creatures with a friendly, stuffed animal shell. They have small runes sewn into their collars to help disguise the nature of the magic that controls them, but it’s not completely hidden.]


[Action] Various bookstores in Genessia, Attleton, and Fayren

Despite claims to not have much time, Trahearne is still hunting down various books on magical subjects that catch his interest. As possibly the only walking, talking plant around, he’s hard to miss, especially when he has one of his cats with him. It’s too cold for actually walking the large silver cat, but he’s happy enough in a sweater, riding on his owner’s shoulders.

Occasionally he gets bored enough to hop down and mess with those in leash range.
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[ action | OTA ] No, Actually, /Do/ Mind the Tiger

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[If one happens to come in during one of the times Tannusen is oh-so-helpfully lounging around the shop in his natural form, at least one of the signs near the door should make a lot more sense.]

[The huge, white bengal tiger generally picks spots out of the way of the door, and the counter, but he may very well be laying in the way of a particular bookcase, or the stairs up, or the restroom.]

[Or, if a character is particularly unlucky, the tiger may be up and moving, stalking around in the store in his hunt for the perfect napping spot. At nearly four feet tall at the shoulder, and twelve and a half feet long from nose to tail-tip, having him walk up right behind you on eerily-silent paws is enough to make most people jump, at the very least.]

[Good thing Trahearne is generally in earshot when Tannu is around! Smart plant.]
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*Knowing that Trahearne had opened his new book shop, Sonico decided to pay a visit. It's not the kind of place she would usually go - she didn't know magic books actually existed - but why not have a look? She is quietly browsing the shelves, gaping at the types of book on offer when - a tiger?!

Sonico freezes on the spot, dropping the book that she had in her hand, onto her toe. She gasps quickly but bites her lip, afraid to make any noise at all. Surely if she just stands there, all seized up and barely breathing, then this huge cat won't mind her, will he? Sonico recalls that this is Trahearne's friend, but still, despite how beautiful this tiger is, he is also rather terrifying*
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The huge tiger rotates an ear forward at the gasp, and lets out a quiet whuff of air of his own. He sits down in place, thick tail curling around his feet, just as prim as any housecat. If, you know, housecats had paws the size of dinnerplates and were, when sitting like this, as tall as many humans.

He seems quite content to have a stare-down, for the moment. He's just, you know, one of those things humans have been terrified of since they huddled in caves in the jungles and plains of the world... chillin'. Passive, for a predator, but not the least bit contrite about being a nuisance.

And he knows quite well he's a nuisance; that any creature with a lick of sense or instinct will react much the same way as Sonico is. But since he is literally the living embodiment of humanity's deepest, darkest nightmares of bengal tigers, made flesh, that fear merely feeds him in a way that meat alone cannot.
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If he were perhaps even slightly smaller, Sonico might be able to see past the scariness to how potentially pretty and precious he is. But nope, Sonico is still frozen in place and quite transfixed by his gaze. She isn't so much staring as unable to look away. After a few more moments of holding her breath, Sonico lets it out in a nervous sigh.

So far, Sonico hasn't appeared to have angered the tiger, nor has it made any attack. So she watches a moment longer, trying to control her breathing and remember that it's okay - the sign said so. What can she do now but attempt to be polite? "H-hello...Mr Tiger."
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Even if he wasn't a teleporting bastard of a Faerie, Tannusen could be at her throat in a heartbeat at this range. Actually, he could do that from pretty much anywhere in the shop, with a standing leap distance of over six meters.

Trahearne has likely only not banned the Fae from his shop because he knows it wouldn't work.

That... and Tannusen has promised not to eat anyone on the premises. Out of politeness, mostly. He's such a gentleman. But he hasn't promised not to scare the crap out of people once in a while and feed off the Glamour such strong emotions creates.

The tip of the tiger's tail flicks, up and down, up and down, and his other ear flicks forward to join the other. But he doesn't break the stare-off. Cats are all dicks, and Tannusen? Tannusen is a very big cat...

Thankfully, Trahearne is undoubtedly nearby and about to spoil his fun, or this could go on for a while.
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The ear flicking is really rather off-putting. She wonders if she's doing something to annoy him, but at least he isn't hissing, or poised to pounce. Sonico knew she could probably make some attempt to tip toe away, but wouldn't that be rude? After all, this is Trahearne's roommate, isn't it? The one who looks out for him.

Figuring that he must, therefore, be at least a little friendly, Sonico makes the - brave? Stupid? - decision to attempt to introduce herself. "My name is Sonico. It's nice to meet you. I have heard good things about you." He might not know what she's saying, she can't tell, but she uses a soft voice reserved for talking to angry cats. Rather limply, Sonico vaguely holds a hand out - not for him to shake, but to sniff if he needs to. As a domestic cat might.
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The tiger's gaze drops briefly to her hand, but then goes back to staring eerily at her face. Doing it on purpose? Definitely.

He lets out another whuff of warm air at the mention of hearing good things about him. Amusement? Leave it to Trahearne to leave glowing reviews of his couch-surfing lunatic roommate! What a silly tree.
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Sonico's relief, when Trahearne appeared, was palpable. She even wobbled slightly and had to catch her balance. Then she was suddenly aware of the book she'd dropped on her foot; Sonico swooped to pick it up, then hugged it to herself for comfort.

"Oh - it's okay - he was just...saying hi?" Yeah, not so convincing.
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Tannusen purred, the sound loud enough to rumble through the whole building. Definitely a laugh.

See? He was just inspecting the clientele -- er, saying hi. Yes. Totally. Trahearne wouldn't buy that for a second, which was what made it so funny.

'Shoo', though, he flat-out ignored. As per cat policy 74351297-c.
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"That's okay... You don't have to apologise." She felt much better - his calmly tone did much to soothe her frayed nerves. "I just - I'm not especially used to being around tigers." Of course Sonico would shift everything that it was all on her - her fault that somehow she had been intimidated by a massive predator.
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Tannusen huffed out a sigh, tail swishing from side to side. Trahearne was such a spoilsport!
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Sonico glanced between the two of them, again thinking about what such an odd but interesting pair they made.

"I can?" She wasn't so certain when she looked at the tiger who didn't look particularly happy. "And he won' around?" Trying to think of a polite way to describe the way she'd seen her own cats play with a mouse.
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Oh, it was like that, was it? Tannusen liiiiiiicked the side of Trahearne's face, which was not unlike being ground with incredibly harsh sand-paper. See Sonico? They were just such good friends. Tannu was totally not trying to draw sap, here.

(He was.)
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Sonico wasn't very sure that she was supposed to have seen what had just happened. Actually, she wasn't entirely sure what she had witnessed - affection? Anger? Anger to disguise affection? Either way, it made her blush and she had to try not to fidget with the book in her hands.

But she was more alarmed when she saw the sap appearing on Trahearne's cheek. In a bid to help, she pulled a tissue from her pocket - don't worry, it's a fresh paper one with cats printed on it. She stepped a little closer, but held the tissue out to Trahearne from arm's length. "Oh, here. Does it hurt?"
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Yeah Trahearne, does it hurt? Tannusen set part of his very heavy head on Trahearne's shoulder, side-eying the bleeding sylvari. Only part of his head fit, since his skull was about three times the size of Trahearne's.

Talking about him like he's not there... pfffft. At your own risk, tree-man!

The tiger's gaze shifted back to the human, now holding out a cat-printed tissue. Okay, no, she got a pass for that one. That was kind of funny.
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Once Sonico was done being helpful with her tissue, she went straight back to seeming quite lost and unsure of what she was to do with herself. She was glad, at least, that Trahearne wasn't properly injured - then she really wouldn't have known what to do.

She shuffled awkwardly, moving her weight from one foot to the other, "Oh, thank you. I wasn't looking at anything in particular. I just wanted to stop by and say hi." Because, after all, she did say that she would at some point.