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WHO: Cassian and Sanzo in one, Cassian and Amberdrake in another
WHAT: DINNER TIME and A brief material run
WHEN: Shortly after Christmas, before the shops in Fayren close.
WHERE: Everglade and Fayren
WARNINGS: Gore, violence, mentions of cannibalism

He'd gone too long. He knew he'd over extended himself, the gift he got from Tannusen could only last so long. Wheezing, stiff, the faint sound of flutes beginning to sound in the back of his mind, tonight had to be the night. He wasn't going to risk it all again, he couldn't. He couldn't keep relying on someone else here to patch him up every time he fell into shit.

He was a grown man. He could take care of this.

As it had been for two thousand years, the hunt was on. As it had been for two thousand years, the iron dagger found its mark, the husk soulless yes, but oh how they screamed like any real living thing would. Once, perhaps, he would have shrunk away from the sound. A long time ago, he'd be frantic to silence them, clumsily slashing at vocal cords and sobbing in fear and horror-

He knew how to work now, and the screaming was quickly silenced to pathetic, wet gurgling as the cloaked man snapped ribs with ease, feeling the rippling sensation of that thing pulsing in the back of his head, feeding his meager strength. Peeling the membrane off the heart. Sinking his teeth in and silencing the husk forever.

Blood everywhere. It stank of it, but the pain in his body and his lungs faded with every bite, even if it couldn't fully sate the beast. Just another bandaid.

But for now, it would do.
4 Amberdrake

Of course, Everglade wouldn't have the materials he needed. No one would stock in the type of silver he required, and he didn't even ask any shops there. Seemed like a good way to get a lot of unwanted attention. So, wrapped up in fleece and wool, cranky and miserable and cold, headed for Fayren.

They'd have what he needed, or at least part of it. He could always return home and finish blessing it all later. He had some energy in his step now, so the little man was going to be quite the obnoxious terror in Fayren, picky and fussy with everything he picked up, viciously haggling every single object down.

"I'll only be takin' pure silver, and not anything else. I don't want any steel or nickle in any of this- What else is in this mirror? Oi! Tis a real question, does it look like I'm foolin' with ye?"

Yeah. Not a good day for Fayren.
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It was the middle of the night, that hour when any reasonable person would probably either be at home or on their way there. Even in Everglade, unless one was out hunting for something...

Like, maybe, an ass-kicking.

The street was quiet, the muffled sound of arguing coming from an upstairs window and -- ludicrously enough -- an almost manic laughter. Then, glass shattered from someone being thrown through the window, and the person in question hit the ground with a sick thump. Bleeding all over the place through countless cuts, glazed-eyed, Tannusen found himself just trying to remember what breathing was, exactly.

At least the shouting had stopped.

Mmm... actually... that probably was not a good thing, come to think of it.
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Tannusen had just fallen from a second story window -- okay, been flung, but who cared about semantics? -- and still most definitely had the wind knocked out of him. So, he just rolled onto his back and wheezed up at the cranky asthmatic. The 'shoo' gesture from one bleeding hand was clear enough, at least.

Aaaand the fact that the front door to that house was being slammed open from the inside would be why!
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Tannusen's chosen entertainment for the night was a very large, very strong, very angry guy whose knuckles were already bloody from -- yeah. Tannusen turned his head away and spat out a mouthful of blood. His knuckles were raw from punching the shit out of the Fae upstairs.

The guy seemed content to ignore the priest, marching on over and reaching down to grab a now-grinning Tannu by the throat. A pale face watched from upstairs. A woman? A very under-dressed woman.

What had Tannusen done, in-deed.
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"Why not?" The guy had no problem lifting Tannu haphazardly to his feet, and Tannu had no problem being lifted. He tried, again, to shoo Cassian off. He could teleport away if he needed to, right? Probably? Did that work with a concussion?
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Tannusen gurgled out something that might have been a laugh if not for the meat-vice of a hand currently squeezed around his throat. Nice.

The man stared down at Cassian for a moment, and then hurled Tannusen straight at the mouthy little runt!
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His fucking tiger? Oh my god, Cassian, get off his fucking di--

Tannusen hit the ground and rolled to a stop a few feet later. Hhhhhh everything was still spinning...

The man, at least, decided he'd had enough aggravation for the night and stormed back into his house, slamming the door after himself hard enough that another piece of glass broke loose upstairs and shattered on the ground.
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Tannusen stayed on the ground for a bit, still trying to get his breath back. Impact, a choking, and then another smaller impact hadn't left him with much room to get air flowing again!

Once that was accomplished, he spat up more blood and then climbed up onto his hands and knees. He got a boot under himself, planted it firmly, and then pushed himself upright, swaying dangerously once he was back on his feet. Healing? Fuck healing. That defeated the purpose of getting his ass kicked. Besides...

"No Glamour."
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Oh like that threat was going to work. If anything, in Tannusen's current mood? It was encouragement.

"That was pretty funny," yeah, his voice sounded like shit right after that choking. "Almost worth you ruining my evening."

Honestly, how rude.

His hair had come loose at some point; some of it was plastered to his bloodied face. He painted a very unhinged picture, which... well, he was.

Not much to doubt, there.
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"Yes," at least he was honest. Tannusen flinched away from the rag, reflexively, but didn't jerk away like he could have. Honestly, most of his conscious effort was going into not turning into dead weight.

...With mixed success. A stumble almost took him down. Under his hair, his eyes were glazed and wide, and not quite sane.
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"Only time you're what?" So sue him, he was dazed by the whole situation. And deeply, deeply confused. What the fuck was going on?
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"Someone tried to do that to me once--" Tannusen cut off with a wince at ending up in the chair. There was still glass in that back of his. And his legs. Not that he tried to get back up again, because fuck it. He let his eyes slide shut, somewhat hoping Cassian would just buzz off if he thought he was falling asleep.

Not that that was a great idea, either, if he'd bashed his head that hard.
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That wasn't how Glamour worked, Cassian. Tannusen took the tea and stared down at it blankly, then up at Cassian. "Why would I want help with the pain? Did you miss the part where I did that on purpose?"

Still, whatever, he'd humor him. Tannusen downed the tea in one long pull, and then set the cup down. Happy?

"Not the worst thing I've swallowed today."

Yup, he was still making innuendos. He couldn't understand half of what the priest was doing or why -- he really didn't want to think of how warmly he did some of that stuff -- but he could still talk shit.
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"Oh for--" Tannu clawed at the arms of the chair until he got purchase with his annoying stupid stubby human fingers, and pulled himself forward to the edge of the seat. Had he already bled all over Cassian's upholstery? Why yes, yes he had. And dragging his legs against the chair made him see white sparks.

Glass was super, duper fucking sharp. People often underestimated how sharp it was. It wasn't that sharp in the movies and shit! But the back of his shirt was soaked, not that one could tell by sight. He wore a lot of black when he wasn't in his suits, okay, for a reason.

Leaning forward was easy enough, at least. Tannusen didn't even realize he was holding his breath until he almost blacked out. Shit.

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