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[Well, it's not entirely uncommon for him to wake up in a confined space these days, though this place... seems off compared to where he should be. Even more so when he realizes he woke up in a place that's not his pod. Huh.

But once he's gotten most of the information under his metaphorical belt, he'll see about messing with this phone as the technology seems about on par if not laughably underwhelming compared to what he's familiar with.]

First time being kidnapped, no one I've ever heard of has been ballsy enough to go after a Saiyan like that. Congratulations are in order for the moron that managed to do it, even more so for not dying in the process.

First question for anyone here, dragon balls, any information will be... rewarded. Reward to be decided later. [A swift and possibly painless death, possibly. Maybe.]

Second question, is this whole damn place nothing but cities or are there any outskirts? Because I can tell you right now you won't like me when the moon comes around. And I'm not about to stay inside all damn night once it comes around. [Or just not look at the moon, oops.]

[Hey, at least he's not threatening anyone yet, that's a step in the right direction.]
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What the hell do you want with dragon balls?

Leave the poor dragons alone.
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Oh, well that's good. Dragons always seem to be in such short supply.

[They don't need to be neutered, okay.]