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Hello everyone. I just wanted to let all of you know that Artanis is no longer here, so I'll be looking for a new deputy to take his place. If you'd like to throw your hat into the ring, feel free to come speak to me. I certainly don't guarantee the job to the first person who speaks up, so if you're at all interested and qualified, please speak up. I'm not just looking for people who can hit things hard, but any form of magic, healing, technology prowess- anything that could be useful to the team could be what gets you the job. I'd like to keep us well-rounded if possible.

[ She's not going to mention that she has the funding for two, but she's assuming she'll get more than one candidate to choose from. ]

I also want to thank everyone for their generous contributions to the GSRF. Hopefully we'll be finding out more about this world soon, and if you have some kind of scientific background that you believe may help, feel free to request an interview to make sure that you fit the GSRF's standards.

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I need to speak to each of you privately when you get the chance. It's.. a somewhat difficult topic, but considering it's coming up on that time of the year again and Whitley and Pyrrha have already popped up, I want to address it sooner than before one of you punches a hole in the wall.

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How is the job search going? [ The one she assumes he better be on. She's going to big sister him to death if he doesn't, she's only got excess money to support him until she hires new deputies. ]

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I'm going on vacation for my birthday, no surprise parties.
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[Hitting things hard, magic, healing, and technology prowess. Tannusen has all of that to one degree or another, but he's not much for working for others. So, he hasn't put his name in the hat, as it were.]

[But he's a nosy bastard, sometimes, so a few days after the broadcast--]

How'd your search go?

[Have they ever met? Nope. Talked? Nope. But, he's a giant cat. Far be it from him to let any of those details stop him.]
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Well, good luck. Finding talent is a real pain sometimes.

[Just ask his bar's empty kitchen.]
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I suppose that's true. How's this instead? The right talent /and/ temperament, can be a pain to find.