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I need help, with catching up, I mean. A lot of people on the network have been mentioning the elections. I haven’t been paying much attention to it all, though. I don’t like political stuff… [ she looks sheepish. ] …but who won? I think congratulations are in order, right?

Sorry, today I’m kind of slow. The New Years have been catching up to me.
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You're that girl who wanted to talk to fairies a while back, aren't you?

Everglade's the one causing the fuss, which I hear is usually the case. In this instance, one person won and we all settled in a little, and then they re-counted the votes and someone else won instead.

And then the settling stopped, because the girl who won after the re-count made some 'ambitious'--

[Air-quotes provided by his gloved fingers.]

--statements in her speech leading up to the vote.

[Sure, he'd poked at Grell's statements at the time, but only in his special Tannusen way. Batting at a bit of string, more like. Now, the string has some measure of authority. Whelp.]
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That's basically the gist of it, yep.

So do I. I actually don't mind some of the residents there.
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[Tannusen laughs at that.]

I wouldn't even know where to start. What's this resolution of yours?
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Those are quite ambitious, taken as a group. But I'm sure you'll do fine at them.

As for there being a lot of bakeries... so what? Almost all of them are owned and ran by the 'fake' populace. You don't think you can put a spin on it that a bunch of pre-programmed husks couldn't?
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Maybe you can get a loan? From other 'real' people, if not from the fake banks.
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lmao it's cool

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Something for you to look up later, I'm afraid talking the finer points of finances physically pains me.

[Does anything get more banal than APR ratings and credit scores and excel spreadsheets? Well... yes. But it's still painful.]