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Hype(?) Train [Video]

[Blue, webbed hands hold up the pretty date auction advertisement distributed through the paper.]

Look at this shit. Seriously?

[The flier gets tossed to the side, in favor of letting the camera focus on Namur's face. His teeth aren't fully bared, but there's certainly a bit more of a snap in the way he says his words.]

Come through time an' space an' differnt universes or dimensions or whatever the hell shit we gone through an' y'all still wanna auction each other off like random shit y' find in some ol' dead bloke's attic? Someone please 'splain it t' me cuz they couldn't back in Balamb. Y'all get some kinda thrill sellin' yer pals? Make y' feel powerful or some shit? Oh, 's okay cuz 's for charity, yer gonna say. Who gives a shit? Yer sellin' people!

[He pounds his fist on the table next to his communicator, making it jump. By the time the feed stops fuzzing and focuses again, he's running his fingers through his hair, trying to calm himself down because he's getting more fired up than he meant. He takes a deep breath and blows it out slowly.]

A'ight, look. Anyone still watchin'. If y' sign up for this damned thing thinkin' 's gonna be fun or whatever an' y' wind up gettin' stuck with some asshole y' ain't okay with, but yer still gonna go through with it cuz charity or whatever- call me. I'll back y' up. Don't care if I never metcha 'fore. Need a 'mergency phone call oops gotta go, I'll make that call. Need a friend happens t' be close by jus' in case, tell me where an' when, I'll be there, catch me? Seriously.

[Namur gives a sloppy but well practiced salute. Anyone familiar with SeeD will recognize it instantly.]

Peace out, peeps.
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[personal profile] swordprincess 2017-01-30 02:41 am (UTC)(link)'s not that bad. I was part of it last year, and I rather enjoyed it. Even if you view it as "selling people," it isn't permanent by any means. It's only a one-day arrangement, and something more may come out of it if the partner is compatible. And if the date doesn't go as well? We're not obligated to stick with it.
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[he gets it, Namur, really. Still.]

Don't you worry, sharkbutt, I got this covered.
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[personal profile] chicken_kun 2017-01-30 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
The idea did cross my mind at first, but nah, I got something much more crazy in mind. People are gonna regret showing up.

I wonder if there's a place that'll pierce my nipples in time?
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True...but the money raised really is for charity. It's nothing more than that.

[Really, she thinks he's just blowing this out of proportion.]

[When he brings up Battler, however, her face goes dark for a moment, before she gives an equally dark smile.]

It would be, if it gives me an opportunity to bring him to justice. Not only as Deputy Guardian, but I personally owe him for what he did to me and the others.

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Y'know, I ain't been there yet. Too clean. But if you know a shop you can recommend, I'm all over that. I just don't know how long they take to heal - my nose seemed to take forever! But if it's like ear-piercing then I'm on that shit.

People, man. Am I right or what?
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[That last line really gets under her skin.]

What makes you think that no one's bothered to hunt him down? Just because he hasn't been caught yet doesn't mean we haven't been trying.

[It's not like she already has issues worrying about her confidence in her position...]

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[oh lord this thing is terrifying-- And Joseph has seen some pretty frightening things. But there are too many teeth and small brutal eyes and yet-- that he extends the offer means that there is some... ...humanity? in him

Still his face is pretty pale on the video]

W-well it's-- everyone has a-agreed to take part so it's not like a s-slave auction or anything. [nervous laugh] In fact for some people it might be their only chance.

[not that he's speaking from experience]
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[personal profile] black_black_heart 2017-01-30 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
So... who signed you up for the mystery date?
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[personal profile] black_black_heart 2017-01-30 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
Oh? I figured that was why you're so bitter about it. My mistake.

[A vague gesture off-camera.]

I signed my friend up for it, because he's shy but secretly wants to meet people. It's for a simple date, not for guaranteed sex, and so far as I know it no one's being dragged into the auction in chains.

If I'm wrong about those last points, let me know. It's never too late to burn the venue down and salt the ashes.
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S'pose you got a point there. Probably safer than askin' some smelly barkeep in Fayren to jab a dagger through there, too., what to do about the bottom half...
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He meets people all the time... but doesn't really talk to them. This way, he'll feel obligated to stick around and chat. You know, for charity. Besides, the guy led an army the size of the five cities, he can handle a few minutes on a stage.

I plan to be there, anyway. If some creepy shit wins his company for the day, I'll just invite myself along~

[And it's really hard to un-invite the unseelie tiger Fae, whether you invited him or not!]
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I'd give it good odds that he's figured it out by now.

[If nothing else, Trahearne must be suspicious. Tannusen hasn't exactly been being sneaky.]

[The sylvari's probably listening to this right now!]
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Just adding this for ~flavor~

[personal profile] treesus 2017-01-30 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
[There's a heavy sigh in the background.]
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[what a naughy, naughty laugh that is]

My outfit.

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