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Hype(?) Train [Video]

[Blue, webbed hands hold up the pretty date auction advertisement distributed through the paper.]

Look at this shit. Seriously?

[The flier gets tossed to the side, in favor of letting the camera focus on Namur's face. His teeth aren't fully bared, but there's certainly a bit more of a snap in the way he says his words.]

Come through time an' space an' differnt universes or dimensions or whatever the hell shit we gone through an' y'all still wanna auction each other off like random shit y' find in some ol' dead bloke's attic? Someone please 'splain it t' me cuz they couldn't back in Balamb. Y'all get some kinda thrill sellin' yer pals? Make y' feel powerful or some shit? Oh, 's okay cuz 's for charity, yer gonna say. Who gives a shit? Yer sellin' people!

[He pounds his fist on the table next to his communicator, making it jump. By the time the feed stops fuzzing and focuses again, he's running his fingers through his hair, trying to calm himself down because he's getting more fired up than he meant. He takes a deep breath and blows it out slowly.]

A'ight, look. Anyone still watchin'. If y' sign up for this damned thing thinkin' 's gonna be fun or whatever an' y' wind up gettin' stuck with some asshole y' ain't okay with, but yer still gonna go through with it cuz charity or whatever- call me. I'll back y' up. Don't care if I never metcha 'fore. Need a 'mergency phone call oops gotta go, I'll make that call. Need a friend happens t' be close by jus' in case, tell me where an' when, I'll be there, catch me? Seriously.

[Namur gives a sloppy but well practiced salute. Anyone familiar with SeeD will recognize it instantly.]

Peace out, peeps.
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[personal profile] swordprincess 2017-01-30 02:41 am (UTC)(link)'s not that bad. I was part of it last year, and I rather enjoyed it. Even if you view it as "selling people," it isn't permanent by any means. It's only a one-day arrangement, and something more may come out of it if the partner is compatible. And if the date doesn't go as well? We're not obligated to stick with it.
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[he gets it, Namur, really. Still.]

Don't you worry, sharkbutt, I got this covered.
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[oh lord this thing is terrifying-- And Joseph has seen some pretty frightening things. But there are too many teeth and small brutal eyes and yet-- that he extends the offer means that there is some... ...humanity? in him

Still his face is pretty pale on the video]

W-well it's-- everyone has a-agreed to take part so it's not like a s-slave auction or anything. [nervous laugh] In fact for some people it might be their only chance.

[not that he's speaking from experience]
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So... who signed you up for the mystery date?
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"Haha, sure, I'll make an effort at explanation. Assuming that wasn't a rhetorical question, of course. Goodness, it's like you're almost moral! Would you prefer here, or in person?"

[It's these brief encounters of the ethical kind that make Ted hold on hope that maybe Namur won't go to hell after all. Plus it'll be fun if he shows up; went to Sonico's thing, didn't he?]
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*Faye side eyes this guy and his little rant - what is he supposed to be? At least the robot had warned her about different creatures being around. Finally, though, she faces him ever so slightly more*

You're right. It is sad.

I mean, who is so desperate that they'd pay someone just for the chance of a date?
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I completely agree. Someone always signs me up and doesn't inform me until I'm there to support a friend. Last year I ended up getting purchased by a serial killer. The year before that people kept trying to bid on my boyfriend like he was a piece of meat while someone I knew as a creep tried to bid on me and my friends had to bid me up to bail me out. Not happening this year.

[ She's already gone to donate money to get her name removed from the list. ]
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You sound surprised that this would happen.

Honestly, people will do anything for money and attention. This is a staple of typical human nature.
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I'm not planning to sign up because I don't get it. I mean even if it goes well you can make a new friend out of it, doesn't make sense in the method.

[Unless of course maybe one isn't good at making friends? She still didn't quite get it.]
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Don't you think instead of going on about a small charity event selling people that is only for like one day that perhaps you should focus on a bigger issue with selling people?

You know that people sell people for sex on a daily basis, don't you? Perhaps instead of wasting energy just talking the big old talk that perhaps you fix that problem? If you do that might show people that it's wrong and to not consider this type of thing again.

You know just saying.
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Humans like to subvert that which scares them or their darker desires and parts of history.

That's how most kinks got started.
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[ Ayame thought this auction idea was pretty fun; until she hears Namur's opinion of it that her views on the auction got demystified. With furrowed brows obscured by her sunglasses, and a disappointed hum muted by the sip of coffee from a straw, Ayame takes a second to respond while she walks down Genessia City's streets. Of course, she's dressed up as always. ]

Hm. I've never seen it in that way until you've mentioned it...

[ She's still working on fully wrapping her head around how the Valentine's Day auction is such a bad thing. Part of her still thinks it's just silly fun, and she still feels like attending the party. Ayame doesn't even remember that she signed up someone for it last night. She got pretty drunk, and is now suffering the aftermath of it ]
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[A certain long eared anti-hero is just standing in the city just staring at the poster]

"What the actual crap?" I know this is for a good cause, but standing on a stage just to have a date of someone you don't actually like for this?"

[The man is seen ripping up the poster]

"I'm out."
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I think its disgusting and whoever liked it should be asked about how they feel on public execution.
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Dear me.

Have you dealt with this in your home, then?
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"Hello!" it was Namur's little green friend and most adorable employee. She was all smiles, as usual. She seemed to be sitting in a tree, probably by the bay.

"I think you misunderstood the auction. It seemed weird to me at first too but it's not slavery or anything silly like that. It's to make some humans feel better about themselves because they are afraid that they couldn't get the other person's attention in the first place. Or maybe they just want to hang out and have fun. It's like you have your own special friend for a whole day!"

Koishi, when you say it like that it sounds like prostitution...