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Blair ([personal profile] pumpkinmagic) wrote in [community profile] genessia2017-08-10 11:00 am

[Open log] Come out little mages

Who: Blair, Erza Scarlet, and anyone at the Fairy Tail Guild - Fayren
What: Mirajane invited Blair to try and join the guild
When: August 7th
Where: Fairy Tail Guild
Why: Curious cat.
Warnings: It's Blair....

It wasn't hard to convince Blair for certain things. Toss her a ball of yarn and she would be all over it. Mirajane seemed nice, and fun. The idea of them being a duo for entertainment pleased Blair. She also loved working with people. Plus, Blair really had to look for a job to buy some cute stuff she had seen in the city. Long as the guild payed and was fun, it was fine for Blair.

It taken some time, but finally Blair was finally free. The party was fun, Blair had to recover herself from a migraine thanks to the drinks and excitement. But hey, she had fun and met a couple cute boys and girls. Today she decided to go human form, to be a little more professional, like back in Chupacabra. Blair had her attire, almost a bra with her short jacket and short shorts. This girl had no issues exposing skin, she was a cat after all. So professional, for her.

When she arrived at the Guild Hall, Blair tipped her had up to see the signs and made sure she was at the right place. She flashed a playful grin and opened the door to let herself in. Blair walked right in, arms behind her back as she glanced around the place. She let out a soft whistle of the place, it was nice. On top of it all, there were people here who knew magic.

"Hello~?" She called out. "Mirajane miss?" She continued to wonder around the place.

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