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Who: Captain Jack  and ANYONE
What: Just what it says on the tin
When: August 8 and 9th
Where: Noted in prompts
Why?:  Because Jack is Jack and things need to happen okay
Warnings: One of the prompts is going to contain discussions of needs and possible sex.

On the TARDIS: Closed to anyone who lives there

Jack hummed as he sat at the desk in his room and made notes in his journal. It was something he started after the Miracle. He wasn't sure out long his memory is going to be able handle his centuries of experience. He smiles and hummed along with the soft Glen Miller the TARDIS was playing for him. She'd also provided the journal a leather bound book with his real name and his chosen one written in Boekind language. It also locks with a thumbprint lock that is coded to his DNA. He writes with a pen and an inkwell enjoying the scratch of it on the paper as he works to remember everything he doesn't want to forget. 

Wandering About:

Jack was exploring with the eye of a man who can easily take in every detail in one glance. His hands are stuck in his pockets and his coat billowing out behind him. He doesn't really know what he's looking for just that he needs to take the measure of this place. He's also lost in his own thoughts as if his memories were a bit too much to bear, but he needs to remember. He's been through a lot since arriving here and while exploring he needs to think...needs a moment to process everything. 

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