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the Doctor ([personal profile] guitar_hero) wrote in [community profile] genessia2017-08-10 11:56 pm
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When the Doctor plays the blues

Who: The (12th) Doctor and anyone
What: A little bit of blues, okay a lot of blues, and maybe occasionally what's new Pussycat until people throw things at him.
When: August 7th-11th
Where: Genessia mainly, but also in Nova City and the Everglades
Why?: Why not?
Warnings: None yet

It's partly his "job" but partly his pleasure as very few of the pubs, bars, arcades, nightclubs, funeral parlors, or other please specify have specifically requested a musician. But he is there anyway, sitting on whatever counts as a stage, playing the blues on his electric guitar for hours and hours. Some familiar songs, some completely unfamiliar except for a very specific person and perhaps his wife. He will also take requests provided someone is earnest enough in asking about it.

Otherwise, during breaks, boredom or otherwise booted off the stage, he can be found either at the bar, drinking an impressive amount of a variety of drinks, or, in the arcade, playing hours and hours of Mrs. Pacman without even seeming to try.

Feel free to come engage him.

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