16 October 2017 @ 05:48 pm
October 15th- Nova City Hall, Action - OTA
[ After Yang's incident, Weiss had decided the best course of action to get her ready again once she was out of the hospital was to hop on stocking up on Dust. Which meant she was headed to Fayren, despite the news that Halloween costumes were abound. Last time that happened she briefly was able to firebend, it didn't seem like that big of a problem.

Unfortunately, instead of selecting a random costume, it went for Weiss's actual costume she had selected. It was an olive branch to Jaune after their latest fight, a character from his favorite comic, X-Ray and Vav: The Mad King. (Look, he had the cutest skirt out of everyone.) It's not a complete takeover, so Weiss is still decidedly Weiss, but the personality.. well, that's a little different.

She didn't change out of her costume when she got back to Nova City, instead her priority being visiting the City Council-- the government body that her father couldn't operate without the cooperation of. After a brief meeting, Weiss can be seen walking out of City Hall with a little smirk on her lips and every member of the city council happily.. cuddling puppies and saying things like "Absolutely, Queen Schnee! Thank you!" and "All hail the mad queen!"

It's undeniable they've decided to be on her side of things, though it's questionable how else she got them to agree besides puppy power. Approach her? ]

October 15th- The Throne Room, Video - OTA
[ Where exactly this is is questionable in the video, but the sky in the huge glass wall windows behind it is definitely Nova City. There are definitely people following her every whim and Weiss Schnee is definitely leaning to one side on her throne of blue and silver for a moment before sitting up straight. ]

Citizens of Nova City, my name is Weiss Schnee, and as of yesterday, the City Council has agreed to follow under a new system of government. Sometimes you can't fix what isn't broken, and they've all decided that the appropriate solution to many of Nova City's problems is the installation of a monarchy. My monarchy.

[ And then the City Councilpersons come up one by one and give their blessing on this decision about accepting the Mad Queen Weiss as their ruler. ]

Well, I suppose it's better than Ice Queen.

[ Perhaps those who work in City Hall might find the sudden addition of a throne room on top of the building rather curious, but hey. A queen needs a throne. ]

October 16th-18th Power Station - Closed to X-ray & Jaune (once they.. sort things out so they can try to save the day)
[ Despite the odd circumstances of her ascention to the apparent throne, Weiss was still a popular person. Obviously there was dissent about her suddenly becoming a monarch of a city though, but it had been strangely.. well, subdued. Probably because a huge portion of the population was being manipulated by a robotic cow that had been programmed and plugged into the city's power in a hole beneath the station and wifi system utilizing some coding that Weiss had stolen from a case involving the hacking of prosthetics. And all she was doing with it was sending out one clear message to smooth things over: All Hail the Mad Queen.

Needless to say compliance was much easier when you were overwriting a huge chunk of the population to follow your rule. :)

Weiss of course checked in on it every day to make sure that the cow was still secure. Still in the hole. ]

OOC NOTE: Weiss only influenced the NPCs, not PCs. If you play a character I promise you I didn't just do that without your permission. (The coding is for Nova City's system as per a case she worked on when she was city Guardian!)
16 October 2017 @ 06:22 pm
[There's a sound of rustling as the feed turns on with just audio, and footsteps can be heard shortly thereafter. A small "hmm" can be heard before the pressing of buttons, and there. It's on a video feed with a woman, blonde hair, reddish brown eyes, dressed in a royal blue military uniform. She has a professional expression across her features.]

My name is First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. I apparently passed out somehow, and woke up with these instructions and what's called a smart phone. If this is a kidnapping from what that projection of the girl informed, I have to say you're not doing a very good job of it.

[She frowned and sighed for a brief moment, relaxing her tone just slightly.]

I suppose I should start asking around for employment if I'm going to be here a while.
16 October 2017 @ 11:55 am
Who: Sarah Jane and OTA
What: Running from monsters (typical Monday)
Where: Genessia City
Warning: Monsters go boo?

Oh what a wonderful arrival! )
16 October 2017 @ 04:06 pm
[He managed waking up fine, weird pod and all, and even stranger some information about his new place. He doesn't particularly care, he'd been in an 'anywhere but here' kind of situation. His wish is granted, but as he leaves the bay, there's a monster in front of him.]

Whoa! I come to a new place and there's monsters roaming around!

[The screen goes back, stuffed into a pocket most likely and the sound of gunshots, and a bit of a scuffle.

He appears on screen with a huge grin.]

Haha! Victory!

[He hums a fairly familiar tune, at that.]
16 October 2017 @ 08:34 am
(Plot A)
[It was a new day, October the 14th. Anastasia spent one whole day as a fairy, and she oddly enjoys herself. It's not easy being 7 or 8 inches tall, though. After exploring the town and chatting on the network, she got an idea for actual clothes without bothering tailors.

She is going to buy a doll. And borrow it's clothes.

Dressed in a tissue dress and hidden under a tissue hood, Anastasia went back to Genessia city near noon time, fluttering her way to the nearest toy store that sells dolls, struggling just a little bit carrying a bunny-print clutch purse. The fact that the first store she finds doesn't have an auto-door nearly dashes her ideas, but she was persists and just hovers where she is, fluttering in front of the door, waiting for someone to come and open up for her to dart in.

While waiting, she may get bored and start either singing or dancing. Her dancing may have accidently made a fairy circle on the side walk. Magical mushrooms grow pretty fast.]

(Plot B)
[Now she is finally inside the toy store. Anastasia flutters around the store, looking for the girls' section to find a doll. Meanwhile, she has to be careful not to flutter too close to other people, lest she be mistaken for a bug and swatted. A big bug that is carrying a clutch purse.

She finds the aisle and soon finds an assortment of dolls her height. Several different dolls for just about any theme. Animal doctor, explorer, princess. Literally anything it looked like. But she is only able to afford one. Quite obviously she is thinking about the princess doll. However, there is just one problem...

How is she going to carry it?]
16 October 2017 @ 01:20 pm
[Haru didn't want to turn on the feed and that was for a very good reason. When she finally gathered up the courage to do such a thing it was clearly obvious she was still very uncomfortable. It was also clearly obvious that her current look was not her normal one. Wings on her back and horns on her head. It was clearly obvious that she had been changed into a succubus.

She was not happy about it, but it did mean she could peer into her friend's dreams if she wanted to. That always seemed like a fun opportunity, but also kind of a rude one as well. After taking a small deep breath she finally speaks up. She wasn't going to let what she had changed into get to her.]

Good afternoon everyone. I am very proud to announce the opening of my sandwich shop.

[She moves to the side, pulling on a shop to reveal the name of the shop 'Lettuce Feed U Sandwiches']

At Lettuce Feed U Sandwiches we make fresh sandwiches every day. The bread is made here at the store and the ingredients we use come from the garden that is attached. So you know you will get freshly made sandwiches every time.

[She wondered if she was doing a good job attempting people over to this place. She wanted it to work. She was hoping to expand the Okumura Food name in Genessia and made it for the best.]

I hope to meet you all at Attleton where the shop is. Thank you for listening and hope to see you there.... Once whatever is going on has died down, or if you aren't scared when soon.

[With a bow she switches off.]

Action - Dreamwalking
[Haru didn't really want to, but she was curious and wanted to try and at least have fun with what abilities she has right now. Dream walking was one in particular. She figured out how to do it, but she made sure it was only toward people she knew. After all if it had been a complete stranger that would have been awkward. But because she isn't used to these abilities, maybe still end up in them regardless.]

Action - All cities
[Haru can be found exploring all of the cities, mostly for work-related things or at least just checking our produce and such for other future food ideas or restaurants that she might open in the future. After all she wanted to help back home make Okumura foods a good name again and she wanted to do it here as well.]
16 October 2017 @ 02:02 am
[The video starts with Jaune in his apartment.] Hey. Jaune Arc again. Now that I've been taking a break, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about something that's very important to me:

And that's drinking less energy drinks and drinking more water. [He holds up a glass of delicious, cold water, precariously filled to the rim. Look as the beads just glisten in the florescent lights.] Water is an important source of nutrients and energy. Most bodies are composed of...about fifty to ninety percent water? Depending on your species. And without it we can't do as much as well as we normally can. Our brains get sluggish, and our super powers or whatever aren't as super powerful. Which brings me to energy drinks. They're a good source of sugar, and, well, energy, but there's a reasonable limit and it's easy to cross that limit.

Don't be like me and drink ten in one night. Just don't. Don't do that. [His stare becomes haunted, before brightening again.] This message was brought to you by X-Ray and- [Bark! An excited white golden retriever named Snow runs down the hall and into Jaune's leg, thinking it's time for pets, but Jaune was unprepared and he has to catch himself from dropping the glass, upsetting the still surface and spilling some on his shirt and pants--]

[He looks either nauseous or uncomfortable and drops his device as he falls rather suddenly, his dog barking at the video while a frustrated, screeching COME ON!!! echoes in the apartment. Turning the fallen device back to him, his problem is quickly made clear. Jaune is now sporting a bright yellow tail with two broader fins and a smaller one that fans out at the end. Some of the scales seem to grow bright blue, particularly the ones lining the edges, and bringing the camera up it's shown that while the scales don't fully stop there, going up his elbows and some on his neck where his gills are, his normally blue eyes seem even brighter than before. Despite the change in appearance, Jaune just groans and slumps back on the floor while Snow starts investigating the different scents.]

I guess I'll go live in the ocean until this is over. Dogs don't eat fish...right?
15 October 2017 @ 11:18 pm
Who: River Song and you!
What: An open log for the whole month of October! Before the Halloween plot, during and after!
Where: River is a wanderer, so if you want to find her somewhere, find her there! (During the Halloween event she's going to be in Attleton cause that's where she lives and works.
Warning: Flirting. All the flirting, emotional stuff because of her fear. Some actual River Song anger, potentially.
Don’t get too close. It’s dark inside )
[it's dark, it's night, and the camera is set up on the edge of a wall to get a full view of a dork who looks like he's wearing sedate normal clothing, but...really, he's not. His normal outfit would be the harlequin pants and feather-trimmed coat. This dark suit and the fedora perched precariously on his mohawk? Totally a costume. Thanks Fayren for making him into a mafia don from another culture.

Bartolomeo also looks exceedingly proud of himself, perhaps because his fingers are crossed.

Isn't this a fucking blast?? This is great! I haven't gotten so much action since the shitty spirit thing - and everyone was so freaked out and morose about that it wasn't half as fun. This, though? This is awesome!

[he says as a mishmash of movie monsters - ye olde werewolf, mummy, and vampire complete with high-collared cape - charge at him from behind and smash face-first into a translucent barrier they didn't see ahead of time. Barty just laughs his damn ass off.]

Every night is a party! This is so much fun! Smashing the monsters to bits with my barrier, it's great! I dunno what you're all so scared of. Come on out and have some fun with me!

[action-wise, if anyone wants to encounter the Bari-Bari human - to be saved, to fight alongside him, or to lecture him about being out past curfew fighting monsters and having way too much fun doing so - he's in Genessia City every night during the Halloween party. He may not always be in his mafia costume, he might also be in his normal harlequin pants. Enjoy.]
Who: Martha, Jack, Mira and Rose
Where: Wherever Rose is here
When: Right away
What: A long overdue talk
Warning: IDK will update if needed

[Martha sighed softly typing a private message to Jack]

We need to talk to Rose now. Did you get the message from bowtie boy?

She's at the park.... meet me there alright?

[Martha hopes that between Jack and Mira, Rose will be there when they all got there
15 October 2017 @ 05:40 pm
Who: Colette, Kay, and Cassian Andor
Where: Attleton
When: Halloween Event 2017
What: Colette's biggest fears come to life
Warning: Contains mentions of blood, death, and physical abuse

Let the 'fun' begin )
15 October 2017 @ 04:48 pm
[Garrus knew things were rough in Genessia City right now, but he didn’t think they were so bad that Mercury should look like absolute shit. Added to that, the man has barely acknowledged anyone beyond a glare all day. It doesn’t take his experience at C-Sec to tell him that something is wrong, so he does some digging and, well, what he finds ain’t pretty.

He was changing. Schnee had assured him of it. And yet he had just up and attacked some civs in Attleton, even though he was supposed to be in Genessia wrecking some monsters. And now he’s Garrus’ problem.

He wants to rip into him, equals or not, but he remembers what Weiss had told him about “being compassionate” and “second chances” and that bull, but damn if he wasn’t a turian of his word. So instead of assaulting the man, he’s going to hear him out.

Wouldn’t Shepard be proud.

He looks over his desk at Mercury, a stern look on his face.]

Black. We need to talk.
15 October 2017 @ 09:40 pm
Can someone, please, please come and get me? I'm at Attleton and I just don't like it here right now.

Action - Attleton
[There had been a reason for her not liking it here and that was the fact Mother Gothel, the one she called mother was currently standing in front of her. Why was she a fear of all things? It was slowly starting to become obvious when the supposed mother speaks.]

Come now Rapunzel. Time to go home, back to the tower. You've seen the world and all that, but before anything awful happens to you.... [As she spoke she had walked up to Rapunzel her hands trailing along her long golden locks. She seemed to care more about that than Rapunzel herself.]

I don't think I could live with myself if something dreadful were to happen. I would just die. [She started to tug at the young woman's arm as Rapunzel started to tug back. It seemed as though she really didn't want to go back.]

No, mother. Please don't drag me back there. I like it here, the people are really nice and while a few things have happened, it's not as bad as you made it out.

Now Rapunzel, there is no, no. You are coming back to the tower whether you like it or not. I mean really, Rapunzel you say you like it and the people are nice, but have they really looked at you. [And once again she was starting to cause Rapunzel to look at the floor and her feet, trying her hardest to fight the fear she was feeling at the thought of going back to the tower.

However, before she even had a chance to try she was getting dragged again, causing her to try and fight back, fear clear in her eyes.]

Mother! I don't want to go back!

You have no choice, I am keeping you safe dear.
16 October 2017 @ 02:57 am
[The video starts somewhere in the Genessia City at night with Tony not only wearing his yellow spy suit but for some reason, a skateboard helmet while holding a baseball bat and his yellow skateboard with him. Alongside him is his trusty Noibat, Noise, who is currently perched on his trainer's head.]

Okay, so before you guys can scold me for going out at night while everything has gone cuckoo, I'm not planning to back out of this. I don't want to end up being the victim around here, and so does everyone here in Genessia. And don't worry, I'm not planning to take those monsters out alone, so I'm open for anyone to help me out here and bash some monster skulls around here. So thanks in advance and see ya!

[He is about to turn off the camera until he realizes something.]

And just in case if you become a monster yourself and I accidentally hit you, sorry!

[After that, he turns his camera off for real.]
15 October 2017 @ 02:05 pm
Who: Link, Navi, and you
When: Friday the 13th
Where: Around Genessia City

Read more... )
15 October 2017 @ 10:30 am
WHO: Yang Xiao Long & Others
WHAT: Yang's in poor shape after her last encounter. But she gets better. And she gets angry. Then at the end of the week she hunts Mercury down to give him so many words.
WHEN: October 15th - 21st, 2017
WHERE: Hospital - OPEN (10/15-10/17), Anywhere but Attleton - OPEN (10/18-10/20), Mercury's Apartment - CLOSED (10/21)
WARNINGS: Mentions of past traumatic events (Yang's lost arm, child abuse, shitty circumstances all around), possibly some Dad jokes

This was a therapeutic chain of events. )

[The video feeds kicks on to a pretty blonde who is not looking to pleased with her dressing arrangements. A silly bug antenna headband, bouncing around playfully as she tries to take it off. Not much else can be seen at the moment.]

As much as I like dressing up my dolls, this is annoyingly ironic. Is this supposed to be a bumblebee costume?

[The camera pans backward, likely carried by her helper dolls as Alice allows a full view of her costume, a one-piece leotard with black and yellow strips across her midsection, a quick turn reveals bee wings and a stinger on her bottom.]

This is not funny!


[Alice didn't like this one bit. This is way to revealing and she can feel the stares of men on her, and it was writing her out. She can't concentrate on making dolls and doing her deputy duties like this. Who would even take her seriously?

Alice walks through the cobblestone roads of Fayren, going from clothing shop to clothing shop, trying to get a new outfit, only to end up back in the sexy bee costume again.]

This is ridiculous! The foolishness of these holidays have gone too far!