14 October 2017 @ 09:19 am
Warnings of blood )
[ Video, Evening of the first day ]

[ When the video flicks on, Konoka is at first focused on her face. Her eyes look... redder. Not completely red compared to her normal brown eyes, but notably redder. But since her face hogs the screen one could easily just blame the camera, right? She looks concerned. ]

Everything seems to have gone weird this morning. There's monsters in Genessia at night, people becoming monsters in Nova City, people facing their monsters in Attleton, and then little monsters eating my store in Everglade.

Hey, but on the bright side Fayren gives you a free costume when you walk through it!

But even through all that, I have a very important question.

[ She finally pulls back, revealing that she's not in her regular casual clothes, but an orange, form fitting jumpsuit and long sleeved blouse that hugs her figure. But most of all Konoka seems to have horns curling back behind her like a ram's, tiny wings and... a spade tipped tail? ]

Why does touching people feel so good?


Oh! And just a reminder, guys! For those of you dealing with those naughty monsters, I sell good protection at my store! These spells can erect quick barriers, lay traps, and even make copies of you to scout or deliver magical attacks to better survive those rough nights. And of course if you take too much damage, I can make the pain go away and heal for free, regardless if I'm at the store or enroute back home. Take care, okay?

[ Action, for all days ]

[ Konoka's schedule tends to go like this: When she wakes up, she makes a beeline for Fayren to get her free costume, which changes every day. After that, she might spend the day at her store in Everglade, catching naps if she doesn't have any customers. In the evening she heads home, though checking in by person or comms if someone needs medical help. ]

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09 October 2017 @ 10:05 am

Minato opens up an audio channel in the early morning of the day. Weird for him, reserved as he is, since he isn't that talkative on the network as he ought to be. Nevertheless, his voice seems a little off. It's as if something's wrong, but he's trying his best to hide it. Quietly, he mutters...

"Hey, if anyone's out there, how've you...dealt with losing someone close to you? It's been a few days and it's staring me right in the face."

As someone who knows that feeling keenly than most, he isn't too worried about what to do but in his own weird way, he feels he needs some kind of support. He interjects a small, slightly bitter laugh into his musings.

"Well, I guess I know how it feels, now, huh?"
06 October 2017 @ 11:49 pm
[...this was not something Yuyuko had anticipated at all. A new world, with technology that was quite foreign to her, people she'd never met before, and to make matters worse? The last thing she recalled before she woke up was being in the middle of a delicious meal that her adorable little gardener had made.

Needless to say, the ghost woman was not impressed when she woke up in a strange place, but Yuyuko figured that would be the case for anyone, really. As she mulled the situation over in her mind, she wandered the streets of this strange new city, hovering just an inch off the ground or so.

Her expression remained frustrated as she floated about, scoping out her new surroundings. The idea that perhaps this was Yukari's doing briefly crossed her mind, but despite her friend's...somewhat playful streak, Yuyuko knew that this was above and beyond that.]

Ah, this is simply...wonderful.

[She says sarcastically to herself, before huffing, followed by her stomach growling. That's right. She'd been eating before she arrived...here. Wherever here was, exactly. Perhaps she should find someplace to buy something to eat. She could think about things after she was full.]
05 October 2017 @ 12:19 pm
Video - Public
[ The recent influx of new arrivals haven't flown over Ayame's head. She pays a good amount of attention to the network, despite her obscurity in there. She often just doesn't feel the need to reply most of the time. That, and coupled by her aversion to extensive socializing. But today is a little different. Feeling herself hollow with her recent depressing woes, and stories from a couple of her friends who both miss someone who vanished from Genessia, had inspired Ayame to make the best of her time here and meet as much people as she can. Who knows, it might be good for her business too.

Ayame makes a video while wearing traditional Japanese clothes while she sits in Atelier Sakura, her kimono shop in Fayren. She had some help from some liquid courage in the form of whisky on the rocks, swirling inside a glass with gold trims. Ayame takes a little whiff of her whisky before her eyes flick toward the camera

Good afternoon, Genessia. We have quite a lot of new members and returnees. Many interesting faces, and I simply would like to extend my greetings to all of you now. I myself awoke in Genessia around this time of year, last October. Well, here's to us becoming friends in this strange new world.

[ She gives a smallest bow along with a raise of her glass ]

Welcome. My name is Ayame Sasaki, I run tailoring businesses in this world. Hopefully your queries have been met and you're on the way to adjusting, or re-adjusting, to this place by now. Should any of you be in need of assistance, custom attire, or employment, I can provide those for you to the best of my ability. My clothing stores could use some helping hands. No prior experience is required.

[ Ayame gives a small smirk along with her words. Then, her attention darts to the side where the sounds of small footsteps on wooden floors are coming from, revealing itself to be a massive wolfdog that nuzzles on Ayame's shoulder. She gives the dog a rub under the chin, to which the dog gives a pleased whimper ]

Ah, Himiko...

[ Ayame follows with some Japanese words directed toward her pet, moving her glass away from Himiko's probing nose which was sniffing the whisky's aroma out of sheer curiosity. Looking back at the camera, Ayame intends to at least end the video with a proper close. ]

In any case, I'm very much looking forward to meeting all of you in the near future. But if you'd excuse me, I have to take the dog out for a walk. Should you be around Fayren or Genessia, or browsing around the network, don't hesitate to say hello or tell me about your experiences with this world so far.

Until then.

Action - Fayren or Genessia City Streets - Public
[ Right after that public video, Ayame is out on a stroll with Himiko tied to an energy leash created by Ayame's own power. Under the autumn scenery of trees and crunchy leaves on the sidewalks, Ayame just follows along, even bringing the glass of whisky along with her. Himiko just so happen to be the opposite of her master; and is very friendly, hyperactive, and easily distracted. While on their walk, Himiko would bark at small rodents, or approach people just to sniff at their legs. Come say hi! Just don't hurt the dog... ]
03 October 2017 @ 11:47 pm
[A teenager is on the screen, and aside from the blue hair, pink-red eyes and blue-ish skin she seems... normal?]

Okay, like. I get the whole deal with the all the cute info given after I popped outta that weirdo pod in a lake. [Sonata no, that's not a lake.] But like I'm supposed to go and sing a big important thing with Aria and Adagio and I'm pretty sure if I don't show up I'm gonna be in biiiiiiig trouble.

So can anyone tell me how to get back to like, Canterlot High?
03 October 2017 @ 04:59 pm
[A purple-haired girl who looks incredibly tired appears on the video this afternoon, which is only accentuated by her yawning before she even begins to speak. She also gives the screen a poke. She also appears to be wearing pajamas.]

...I thiiiink it's on. Neppy? Histy?

[A pause.]

Noire...? Is this some kind of prank? I don't like it.

[This clearly isn't anywhere she's ever been. She's pretty sure of that, anyway.]

I just want to go back to my nap...
02 October 2017 @ 08:32 am
[When Chiaki wasn't working, she found herself lingering near the Bay, playing one of her handheld video games. She didn't really know why she did it, she did this similarly when waiting for Hinata to get out of school with no success. But she wanted to at least live in a little hope that maybe someone she knew might come out of the Bay, that maybe those she had befriended from here might return.

Her Pokemon were lingering around her, making sure that she was okay while she played her game and had been planning to nudge her when someone was close just in case.]

[Chiaki had spent a good few hours sitting around the Bay before she thought to use the device. Switching it on she looked down at the screen.]

I don't have work to go to today and I don't think sitting close to the Bay is really going to be helpful for me. So I was wondering if anyone wants to do something? Get something to eat, go play some games, anything. I just want to spend time with friends as much as possible... Because we never know when our friends will leave.
27 September 2017 @ 08:20 pm
He had spent the last two days disoriented, looking for information on the place he'd ended up and how he'd gotten there, going through the files on the.. cell phone? The device he'd been given. He had avoided people, and common areas. He wasn't stupid, and he recognized that there were no visible walkers here, but that hardly meant it was safe; After all, nine out of ten times he'd been close to dying, it wasn't the fault of walkers, but people.

When he finally activated the video call on the device, it was because he had reached the end of his patience with waiting and watching. He was in an alley making the call, somewhere in Attleton, which had felt more familiar to him than the big city of Genessia or his brief exploration of Nova City. The similarity it held to Alexandria kept him on his toes - he wouldn't drop his guard there, not anymore, so he wouldn't do it here, either. The picture was dark, but viewers would see a frowning teenage boy, with long brown hair and, curiously, a white bandage covering one eye and wrapping around his head, tucked half under his hair. His finger is in the way of the bottom of the picture a little, where he was working with the settings.

"Is there really no way out of here?" He asked bluntly, glancing out towards the end of the alley, keeping an eye on his surroundings as much as he was paying attention to the device. "I just got here. I don't want to stay." He had to get back to his dad, Judith, and the others. He didn't want to stay in this weird snowglobe of a world with no walkers, with normal people and stores and shit. It wasn't right. It didn't feel right.

He paused before adding, "If there's no way back.. where can I get a job?" He didn't want to stay long enough. But he sure as hell wasn't going to go to some home or something with little kids.
25 September 2017 @ 11:00 pm
Oh boy, get your leg busted up and get beaned by newspapers and then you miss all the cool stuff.

[Why yes, that is a kid talking about all the hullabaloo being interesting. Let us not dwell on the whole being hit with newspapers or busted legs, that's not important.]

Anyway! Considering how bad my luck has been lately, how're all of you losers?
20 September 2017 @ 09:21 am
[The video opens to what appears to be a rather ordinary man - dark hair, square jaw, and a smudge of something red over his nose. His face is too close to the screen, brow furrowed in concentration. It quickly melds into surprise, then disbelief - and maybe even a hint of amusement.]

And here I was, hoping I'd just landed in the Fade somehow.

[His tone is very light, and he sighs, pulling back from the phone enough that he inadvertently allows the camera to focus better on him.]

I'll have to admit to being at something of a loss. Attempts on my life usually don't come with instruction manuals. It's an interesting change, but I do prefer things a little more straightforward!

Oh. And if you are trying to kill me? I have to admit my head feels a little foggy and I appear to be unarmed, so it's probably a good time. We can talk about this whole thing, maybe get some drinks while you ramble on about your plan?

[There's a beat, Hawke looking around him, head tilted as if listening for an ambush. He shrugs.]

It was worth a try.
Text - Public - Morning
[ Atelier Sakura is Ayame's second clothing store, which had been open for business for some time with relative success. Wanting to change that, Ayame devised a plan to attract more customers by making her store more inviting, and tonight is the night to make those plans a reality. Sending out a text to the network, Ayame invites people from other cities to come visit her refurbished store ]

Good morning, Genessia. Atelier Sakura of Fayren is having a re-opening night at 6:00pm. It is my second store, where I sell traditional Japanese clothing and accessories. You don't have to buy anything, but I encourage you to drop by nonetheless just to see the store along with the newly added light display, and try some Japanese snacks.

Until tonight. Your visit would be much appreciated.

Action - Fayren, Atelier Sakura - Evening
[ As for the store it self. It's built near the outskirts of Fayren where it's nestled in a small wooded area; surrounded by a copse of tall trees. The store lies on top of elevated ground. A slowly ascending path connecting to Fayren's roadways lead people to the store, but now illuminated with glowing pillars of rolled textiles encased in glass tubes. The short path forks slightly, with one leading to the entrance to a traditionally Japanese building, and another to a small fountain with a decorated stone orb that sits above the crystal clear water. Inside the store is a large "genkan", where the customers can interact with the staff on the elevated wooden platforms without having to take off their shoes, unless they're interested in getting fitted with a kimono.

Ayame can be seen wearing a kimono of her own creation. Depending on the hour of the night, she is either indoors talking to her customers with a drink in hand, or outside by the fountain, watching her customers enjoy the scenery, standing by the food stall manned by random men from a subarchway who she hired to serve some Japanese street food. There's okonomiyaki (savory pancake made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and some pork belly), taiyaki (cake with fillings, usually red bean paste but is also available in custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato), takoyaki (ball-shaped wheat-flour snacks with diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion. It's topped with mayonaisse, takoyaki sauce, green laver, and some dried bonito flakes) and yakisoba (stir-fried soba noodles with pork, diced vegetables, and fried egg).
[Chiaki was quietly getting ready to go out to work. She had switched on the device as she paused. She had work to do, but there were a good few things that she had realised and well she just wanted to for once try and talk to the public a little bit more. More so after realising she has been here for a year now.]

I hope everyone is having a good day. I know I will be, or at least I hope so if that bounty about the High Score Killer is dealt with. [She had reasons to be somewhat nervous about that given her reputation and known for getting such high scores without meaning to.]

But I realised that today would be a year since I first arrived here and once I realised that, I started to think more about what I have learnt and how I have changed. [She gives a small smile.] Be that the good kind of change and learning or the bad kind, it still is something. [She had put the device down for the moment in order to put her hood up for the moment.]

So it makes me wonder, for those who have been here for as long as I have, how has this place changed you? Has it changed you for the better or for the worst? For those who have been here for only a few months if there have been changes, you can answer as well. [She picked up the device before going to grab her cat backpack and putting it on before picking up her hand held.]

Also... do you have regrets for things that have happened? Happy with friends that you have made? I... am just curious.

[With that she switches off the feed before heading off out. For those in the town of Genessia and Nova City as she walks to work can find Chiaki head in a game, walking and not really paying all that much attention to her surrounds. maybe it would be a good idea to distract her somehow.]
08 September 2017 @ 11:22 am
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[ VIDEO ] [ several hours later ]
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Current Location: throughout Genessia
06 September 2017 @ 11:56 am
[It's been some time since Belle has used the phones video function. She has been going through the motions of each day, spending her free time with her nose stuck in a book. She is sure that there is adventure here but loss has made her confidence waver ever so slightly.]

Hello everyone, for those I do not know, my name is Belle. [She spoke in soft warm tones.] I don't know any of the man's acquaintances but Gaston is no longer here. [Belle can't say that she misses him but the single thread that she had from home had suddenly vanished and with him she felt thin shreds of hope slip between her fingers. Belle knows that some people have been in Genessia for a long time, perhaps she should get used to loss.]

That said I am also looking for somewhere to take a vacation. I know that there are several smaller archways attached to the main cities but I only know where one of them goes. I'd happily take any suggestions.

[She flashes a quick smile at the screen before inclining her head in a soft bow.] Thank you.

[Colette’s enjoying her day off. She spent a few hours in the park in Genessia City with her pokemon, picked up some groceries at the local mart in Fayren, cooed over the rabbits at the new Bunny Poof Cafe in Nova City, and Pokesat for Kay and Cassian in Attleton, so she might be spotted in any part of Genessia today. She also might have tripped down the stairs of the Dancing Donner and broke the wall, so patrons might have seen her apologizing profusely to the owner or might have noticed the distinctive Colette-shaped cutout at the the base of the stairs.]

Video (backdated to September 1)

[Colette starts the video with a cheerful wave.]

Hi there! For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Colette! I currently live in the Dancing Donner at Fayren, but I think I need to move out. I have three pokemon [she points the camera to where her buneary, poochyena, and emolga are sleeping on the couch before it spins back on her] and I just don’t have enough space for them, so I’m looking to move soon. I was thinking maybe someone was looking for a roommate? I’d rather stay in Fayren, but I’m willing to move if someone really wants to live somewhere else. I’ll of course help pay rent and buy groceries, clean, and whatever else is needed.

Let me know if you’re interested!

((ooc: Colette has already found a roommate oog, but if you want to chat with her feel free!))
04 September 2017 @ 09:57 am
[As far as brooding teenage boys, he certainly looks the part, glaring at the device in hand. He looks in fact, like he needs a shower, dirt and blood smudged on his cheek like he's been in a fight.]

Something tells me this isn't the afterlife.

[His voice is somewhat sarcastic.]

Is there some sort of god I should be...offering my thanks to?

[Not that that thank you will be especially pleasant.]
27 August 2017 @ 12:27 am
[Oh look, someone is actually on the screen this time. Treasure it, he usually adores his voice function. Why bother with video when you can't see?

In any case, here he is, the phone clearly propped up, because he's obviously holding an entirely different phone in his hands. Midge is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he's behind the actually filming phone.

There's been some discussion on the network about a new scourge sweeping our tightly knit, familial little community. Now, I don't mean to scare anyone-

[And he does, actually, look dreadfully sincere. His expression is almost sweetly concerned, though the effect is marred somewhat by the sunglasses. Can't really pull off wide eyed concern with no eyes.]

But I'm just going to have to be frank with you, please, those with weak constitutions may want to leave the room.

... I'm sorry, Genessia... But I have heard... that people are being mean on the internet.

[There's a sharp violin sting behind the camera filming. Ah, that's where Midge went.]

I know, I know. I can't believe it either. People, being mean! To other people! Anonymously!

It's certainly something I never fathomed would happen, we're all such lovely people here. Not to worry though. I am here to give a brief lesson on what to do if someone on the internet is mean to you.

[Yeah. There's another violin sting. Szel gestures to the phone in his hand, not exactly the one from the city, but close enough in design.]

Please, pay attention. This is all highly technical, complicated jargon I'm about to start using. It's language primarily used by us experts in the technological and social media arts.

Now. Midge, I need you to pretend you are a mean person on the internet.

[The violin sting sounds dutifully, before a soft, lisping, mincing and demure voice sweetly croons out from off screen, behind the phone.]

I do not care for your glasses, for I am a low brow and simple cretin.

[The demon smiles, gesturing to the phone in his hand]

That is our insult of the hour. Now, while I could very well sit here and yell at the mean person on the internet-


For the next half hour, it is highly encouraged for all those without specialized training to do the following. If you would kindly pay attention, please take note of the button, here, at the bottom of the phone.

Now, I have found that if you press this button-

[Which he does, and the screen on the phone in his hand promptly goes black as the device shuts off]

It effortlessly silences any and all instances of mean people on the internet-


wherein you are free to go outside and make yourself familiar with the grass.

I believe that should cover todays PSA of mean people on the internet.


Thank you.

And stay safe.
Who: Mariko Ishiwatari & Chiaki Nanami
What: Mariko asked Chiaki out on a not-date
When: August 25th
Where: New York City Subarchway
Warnings: None

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23 August 2017 @ 07:39 am
[[Action: Everglade]]

Konoka's summer in review:

-Went on a lovely camping trip
-Traded barbs with a friend
-Realized she had feelings for said friend
-Then had no time to confess because Everglade went to hell in a handbasket because Dracula is a huge jerk
-Saw one of her mentors again, and set up room for her in her apartment somehow.
-Healed someone
-Learned Dracula's rampaging due to something about his wife... but the details were hard to come by, due to Dracula being... well, a jerk
-By the time she got some free time, the person she wanted to confess to... might have already been going out with someone else.

Long story short,  Konoka was on a roller coaster of emotions, and the brunette was having difficulty dealing with it. So for the first time, she wound up digging into a bounty, a surprisingly easily solved case once she was willing to brave one of Everglade's wicked nights. In the end, it turned out that she wasn't truly cognizant of Everglade, just Castlevania... otherwise, why would she have been surprised when it turned out that it was a human vandalizing non-human properties? Maybe she should actually venture out and explore the place.

When not at her shop, Konoka could be seen venturing out into Everglade itself, poking at stores, asking people about their lives if they look approachable, regardless of whether or not they were human. And of course, she was keeping a close eye on Castlevania, knowing that something dangerous had been brewing there for the past few days.  Maybe from this trip she'd be able to expand her shop's business... or at least get some fresh air. Too bad she seems a bit distracted.


Hey everyone!

Now, I know I said Everglade is super dangerous right now, and as far as I know that still holds true. But I feel like I've been cowering for too long. I still work here, and I want to make this place better for visiting... given that I specialize in protective magic, it's the least I can do. If there's something else I can do to improve Everglade, let me know.

In the meantime, if you need to actually visit, please stop by my store! I sell protective charms so ghosts and undead can't get ya... even if you're not human! It'll be especially useful if you don't already have magic.

[[Video, locked to those who know of Castlevania except Dracula]]

This might be bold of me to ask, given that I'm just a bystander now... but Dracula mentioned he had a wife. Who is she? Why is he angry about her now?