08 October 2017 @ 10:08 pm
[Zexion appears on the screen and he does not look happy in the slightest. Although perhaps he should be- he seems to be alive, after all, despite that the last thing he remembers, that shouldn't be the case. His frown deepens. He wants to ask how that's possible, but he's not sure if anyone here will have the answer to that, or if he even really wants it right now.]


[He shifts in his seat like he's uncomfortable or unsure of himself. To be fair, he's much more familiar with books than he is with technology, and he's not entirely sure if videotaping himself is a good idea, but it's potentially the fastest way to get information.]

If I'm to believe the information that was given to me upon my arrival, I've arrived in a world that I cannot leave. Is that accurate?

[He did already try to leave via darkness, but clearly that didn't work, or else he wouldn't still be here.]
Man, we gotta get some shit started, so I'mma start it, right here, right now!

Gonna play a li'l game we call Marry, Shag, Cliff!

For the uninitiated, 's a game were y' make a comment, and then some other asshole's gonna give y' a list a three people, an' y' gotta come back with which one y' wanna spend yer life with, which one y' wanna hook it up with all night long- hell yeah!- an' which one y' wanna ever so gently shove off a really tall cliff. Sharp rocks is definitely at the bottom.

Who's in?

[ooc note: PLEASE TAG EACH OTHER AND GO CRAZY. Namur partially just wants to sit back and popcorn.gif as people embarrass each other ngl.]
05 October 2017 @ 01:43 am
Who: Demyx and Larxene (Arelen)
Where: their apartment
When: Oct 4th, late morning
What: She's trying, she really is.
Warnings: Language mostly. Will update as needed.

protège-moi de mes désirs )
03 October 2017 @ 11:47 pm
[A teenager is on the screen, and aside from the blue hair, pink-red eyes and blue-ish skin she seems... normal?]

Okay, like. I get the whole deal with the all the cute info given after I popped outta that weirdo pod in a lake. [Sonata no, that's not a lake.] But like I'm supposed to go and sing a big important thing with Aria and Adagio and I'm pretty sure if I don't show up I'm gonna be in biiiiiiig trouble.

So can anyone tell me how to get back to like, Canterlot High?
03 October 2017 @ 11:21 pm
[The screen is tilted at an odd angle, as if someone just hit the communicator with a wandering hand, but the view it's clear, Cassian Andor's bedroom. The clues of figuring that one are that the camera shows Cassian himself in his bed, jacket lost somewhere on the floor and shirt half undone.]

I will never get tired of having lips.

[The voice comes from Cassian's company: a tall, blond man, who is not only very handsy with him but trying to suck a lovebite into Cassian's neck. That earns him a moan and a stifled laugh.]

Good, because I'll never get tired of your lips.

[He curls his fingers into the man's hair and yanks his head up, pulling him into a rough kiss.]
03 October 2017 @ 12:17 pm
[ TEXT -> ACTION ] | [ Backdated Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday ]

(( OOC: if your character is someone who expressed interest in meeting up with Shinjiro later on, they will receive the following text message on their CPU, sometime during the above days. ))

want to hang out?

if your free today.
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[ AUDIO ] | [ Backdated to Monday afternoon ]

Uh, there -

[ There's some shuffling sound, like he's setting the phone up somewhere, still. ]

Right. So.

... I ain't good at this, either the talkin or the - well.

But just writin it seemed ... not enough, and. All of you are probably sick of seein my face, so.

[ There's a brief pause, before he goes on. He sounds very, very tired, but his voice is nonetheless serious, and firm. ]

I frightened the hell outta a lot of you.

I said a lot of stuff, some of it to some people I don't even know.

And, it's complicated, but I can say that - while it wasn't all me, it was a part of me. So, yeah, I ain't gonna pretend it isn't my fault.

I'm sorry.

[ He swallows. ]

I am sorry.

I'm not gonna. Just sit around feelin guilty, though. Not -

[ Coughs. ]

- Yeah. So.

Up to you if you take this seriously.

But let me know if I can make it up to you.

[ And then the audio is turned off. ]
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29 September 2017 @ 10:50 am
[....just kidding! PANIC A LOT!]


Where is everypony??

[At the moment, the camera is facing the sky, as it's on the ground. Not very pony friendly, honestly. Fortunately, Pinkie can be seen with the camera angle below her, calling out to...whomever she's looking for.]

Did we go overboard with hide and seek, Gummy? This doesn't even look like Ponyville...

[Looking up, a small alligator pops out from her mane, blinking quietly in response.]

...yeah, I didn't think so, too. [There's a giggle at how silly she feels at even thinking that.] But what are these...things? They don't even look like ponies!

[Judging eye squint]

24 September 2017 @ 01:12 pm
[He turns on the camera and he's in an open space. He rolls his shoulders. If he's going to exercise, he'll go with what he knows.]

Hey! Does anyone want to spar with me?

[They should probably consider this carefully, if they're not used to it.]

Larxene said I'm getting fat.
22 September 2017 @ 11:12 pm
[OOC: After Shinjiro's video message]

As the suspect has just announced, there is currently a dangerous individual at large. Despite his video making it look otherwise, he remains contained within a currently heavily guarded subarchway.

Although he styles himself a vigilante, citizens are asked to proceed with caution until the threat has been removed, just in case of a breakthrough. Law enforcement is working with experts to resolve the situation speedily.

Other vigilantes are strongly discouraged from engaging inside or outside the subarchway; the Guardian's office will not take responsibility for self-endangering behavior.

[also OOC, not part of the text message, but relevant to the plot, Blaze's files
22 September 2017 @ 01:39 pm
(( OOC: Please read the warning post for this plot before tagging. ))

(( ooc: ... okay have you read that? cool. thanks. ))

Messages for Ace, Mitsuru, and Akihiko (TW: notes saying goodbye) )

Action for Attleton Guardians and Deputies )

Video for Everyone (TW: Death threats to not-nice people, language) )
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12 September 2017 @ 10:20 pm
Who: Demyx and Larxene
Where: Genessia
When: 9/12
What: Demyx did not follow her instructions.
Warnings: Possible bickering, perhaps naughty language. Hard to say.

Nothing like a man and his sitar... )

11 September 2017 @ 08:32 am
When things aren't going out of control, I want to know who here would want to go to a movie premiere?

A movie I am in of course. I have like a good eight tickets left because I gave two away to a mother and child and I was hoping to give the rest away to good friends if they want them of course.
This... was not where he was supposed to be. Story of his life, really, just usually it was intentional. Being here without Miranda was a little disconcerting, but Donovan was used to rolling with the punches. That's just how he rolls. When he isn't too busy rocking. Thankfully his axe came with him. After reading the pamphlet and looking everything over, he took stock. His Axe was still strapped to him and ready to rock, acoustic or electric should the Maestro appear. Shirt. Pants. Hot pink jacket, check check and check. He lifted his shirt and looked at his chest. Well... he'd miss his Kelsheen mark, being somewhere new. But that was fine, if there were any Orcs, he could fall back on his mastery of the Orcish tongue.

Alright then!

Putting on the necklace, tucking it under his shirt, and putting everything else he woke with in pockets, he set out and started exploring. The pink jacket was certainly eye catching and hard to ignore, and the black shirt under it only seemed to make it pop all the more. Thankfully for people's eyes, the guitar on his back covered a chunk of it. He checked out the university, and wandered around, mostly in that area. And rather than follow the guide to starter housing, when it started getting later he found a busy enough area in a park, and wrote up a sign with whatever he could find around that was clean.

"Uncle Pinky - Donovan Deegan - Professional Bard - will trade one performance for one night of comfortable shelter and good food."

Setting up the sign, he sat on a bench behind it, and started to play a slow low ballad, axe settled carefully in his lap. He might not have his wife or kids here, but he had his guitar, so he wasn't alone. The warm strings against his fingers was like the firm handshake of an old friend.

(Yes, his icons are from early series, Donovan is from after retirement, however.)
02 September 2017 @ 10:57 pm
[Honest, swear! This was just supposed to be a private send. Really! No lying! He'd not even put in a ton of effort into making himself camera worthy today!

Which isn't saying much, the siren is usually more than just passably pretty whether or not he decides to dress up today. As it is today's outfit is literally just pajama pants. No hat, no vest or coat. Nothing but blue striped pajama pants, and the sound of water flowing in the back seems to suggest he's either got a tub running or this is somewhere outside.

Which, considering Kani, either could be true.

Hey Chief! I know ya still got that scale I gave ya. I don't see ya hang out when I'm on stage though, that ain't no fair! I gave that thing to ya fer you to use.

Ya better respond ta this too, I ain't puttin' on real clothes ta find ya right now.

[He's too busy being lazy.]

Promise, it won't mess ya up chief.

[That's the grand extent of the warning as he clears his throat, and sweeps in to a song.

It's... different than the others.

No sir, no mere suggestion, not an idle tugging at ones thoughts. The song, for those lacking in the appropriate defenses, would drag their listener into them.

The emotions would be powerful, overwhelming and seem entirely organic. The feelings of love lost, of longing, of missed opportunities. The sensation of a chance that was fumbled and lost, never to be regained, an echoing hollowness that would never, ever be filled.

Feelings of intense love, of sweetest rapture and a near dreamlike sensation of delight all intermingled with that sadness, bitter sweet, tender and tragic...

Lingering powerfully after the last notes of the sing died away

... Ya better thank me fer that, chief, I ain't used that voice in like a hunnered an' fifty years.

[[OOC: AS ALWAYS, Kani is a siren! If you want to have the music effect you, go nuts! Here is the permissions page with a short list of side effects for falling under the song spell, feel free to pick and choose]]
31 August 2017 @ 04:09 pm
[The video starts up with Arro's view from the Skyline of Nova City, the sun hanging low on the horizon. It's been some time since he's done anything public save for going to and from work and the Library, which is unusual forhim, but as always; he has been deep in thought.]

Dear friends, having just arrived from my work at the Hospital, I had come upon an interesting train of thoughts I might question of those willing to answer--

[He comes into view finally, sipping from a mug and turning his handheld so it can look at his desk and himself as he seats himself and starts writing on his papers.]

What is "humanity"? It sounds like an obvious enough question, but in my heavy observation of everyone here, I find it doubtful I can receive a consistent answer save that it is a defining characteristic that separates most of us from certain and cast-out individuals who unfortunately have to make a living the same as the rest of us.

Previous discussions on this I've had before tended to quickly devolve into a contest on who was more "humane". Yet, quantifying "humanity" is something I've not been able to do to a degree precise enough to record, and that's saying something since I tend to record... everything~

[He takes another sip from his mug and does a few calculations with his fingers before he writes something else. The camera is of course tilted in such a way that it's only clear he's writing due to the pen he's holding, but he has his usual pleased if not somewhat smug expression on.]

So I ask all the denizens here; can you define "humanity" for me?
29 August 2017 @ 07:42 pm
[He can't make money if he doesn't play, and he can't get known if people don't know he can. He's in profile, his fingers tapping a beat on the base of his sitar as he got set up. He counts it off in his head, raises his hand and begins to play.

If there's one thing in any world Demyx knows, it's his sitar. His fingers move masterfully over the strings, the melody fairly upbeat. It isn't a song that anyone would know, probably, but just something off the cuff, off the top of his head.

His movements are subtle, his foot tapping to keep himself in time. The sound of his sitar was melodic and perfectly pitched, he had taken care of tuning it. The instrument itself is immaculate. The corners of his lips pull back a little as he smiles, a lot more genuine than perhaps he usually has.

If he has any part of a heart, it's in his music.]

Thank you. [He addresses soft applause from onlookers.] Tips are appreciated, but it's up to you.

[He flashes a grin and begins again. Anyone who wants to keep tuned into him is in for a treat of a great deal of sitar music. After all, he has to back up his claims that he has some talent!]
26 August 2017 @ 04:51 am

[Puts on the necklace and tucked the folder in her coat pocket]

Just where the hell am I? What kind of sick joke is this?

Not that I wanted to be home anyway.

Someone better explain why I'm here and why I suddenly need a job and a place to stay after a month.
26 August 2017 @ 12:12 am
Oh my.

[The screen flicks on. There's no panicking, no yelling. No anger or fear. The smiling face on screen, if anything, looks calm. Calm, but with growing excitement, in the back of those brilliant purple eyes]

Well. I did just turn my paper work in for this years paid vacation. I wish I'd known it was going to be to another dimension, I completely forgot to fill out that section.

Bureaucracy can be so complicated.

[A brief tug at his tie to straighten it, a glance off towards the sound of a bus. Something flies past in the sky just behind him, its seven gleaming, insect like wings humming sweetly.]

But! What a lovely city you have here! And my, what a lovely greeting. The cave was beautiful, the water level perfect. The brain pod I awoke in was warm and accommodating, and the lovely holographic woman had such a soothing, sonorous voice. I'm very impressed, and it's only been ten minutes. Does this dimension have a yelp page?

Five stars!

[Meanwhile, Cecil is of course, still at the bay. Even when he's not in Nightvale, and technically on vacation, he's still working. A passerby makes it a point to skirt nervously around a small team of spiders collecting under a maple sapling, one of the arachnids furiously gesturing and calling out in a tiny voice, the language unknown.

A single leaf is starting to turn a brilliant, solid chartreuse as Cecil pauses under the tree, ignoring the hum of the seven winged dragonfly that just lighted on that color shifting leaf not too far from his head.

Oh! The dining district isn't too far away at all, I wonder if I have the funds for a food tour...
23 August 2017 @ 01:24 pm
How do you work out a lot of rage when music, running, and talking or drinking aren't enough?