14 October 2017 @ 02:06 pm
[The camera takes a moment to focus on the correct thing in the room: namely, a roughly hamster sized fishbug, glowing a soft blue with tiny motes of light milling about, no matter how vehemently he tries to shoo them.]

Oh good, everbody else gets horns an' wings an' shit an' I getta be a tiny glowy bug-thing. Whoo. Guess I'mma be huntin' krill 'stead a fish for awhile. Was hopin' this shit'd wear off after a day like the last time this place decided t' dick 'round with my body, buuuuut I reckon this'ns fixin' t' stay awhile, ain't that grand?

[He looks exactly the opposite of happy about it.]

Anyway, if any a y'all's got a brilliant idea a good shit t' do when yer standin' 'bout knee high t' an anklebiter, lemme know. Like t' make the best a shit that comes my way but somehow I jus' ain't feelin' this'n.
13 October 2017 @ 01:19 pm
[This is going to be a long month. David is very prepared to take it on, though. He starts up the video feed. He needs to go over some things.]

Until this is all over, Genessia City will have a curfew. Tentatively, it will be set for 10PM until we have a better grasp of when the creatures appear. This curfew is only for those who have no way to defend themselves from the monsters.

[It honestly feels like it should go without saying that anyone that can't fight these things shouldn't go out and put themselves in danger, though.]

There is no punishment for breaking the curfew, but it is highly suggested that if you can't fight those things that you should either be inside of a building when they appear or in another archway. Judging from what’s going on in other cities and given how long stuff like this usually lasts, It’s a safe bet that they will be making a few encore appearances.

I will try to have safe areas set up on every city block that I can for people to take shelter in should they need to. The creatures appeared to be unable to go into buildings, so that's a good thing. The GCPD will also be out to help combat the creatures and lend aid where they can. I will have groups of them positioned throughout the city.

If you can actually fight against these things, your help would be very much appreciated when they attack. Genessia isn't a small city so it's impossible to cover every inch. If you would like to receive some sort of payment for giving your help, then I can try to have something arranged. I ask that if you do come to Genessia City to do this, to make sure you help anyone in need and make sure they get to the nearest safe area.

Anyone that can't battle these creatures can also have someone that can escort them through Genessia City or request a police escort if they really need it.

Genessia Deputies )
13 October 2017 @ 01:14 pm
[Fai was already aware of what was going on in Genessia. he lived there and had been dealing with it as he had gone from Genessia to Nova City just to check on a few things at Bunny Poof Cafe. However, it soon became obvious that something was different about the older man when he switched on the feed and he was sitting in a room where the curtains were closed. The lights were at least on so it wasn't completely black.

A smile was still plastered on his face as usual even if things didn't seem normal.]

I guess something must be going on not just in Genessia, but Nova City as well. Has anyone else noticed such a thing?

[He looked to the side.]

Because of what is going on in Nova City I find myself in a situation... One that I am actually somewhat familiar with, but not fully familiar. [Like him needing to keep the curtains closed in the backroom of the cafe. That was not fun having to stay here for the time being.]

It's a strange experience never the less but it brings me to ask an even more strange question. Does anyone know the term Game? To note it's probably not what you think it is in the obvious area of games. [He put a hand behind his neck, rubbing it slightly. It may be one of these times he really wished Kurogane was around. Would be so useful.]

But if you don't, I guess it's better to simply put it in another term. Since I cannot leave the backroom of the Bunny Poof right now, I am unable to go to Everglade and get some blood. So...I kind of need someone to come to me with some if possible. You will, of course, be rewarded if you do this little task. Just need to name your price.

[His smile widens slightly.]

Thank you and good day.
12 October 2017 @ 11:56 pm
Who: Open!
Where: Genessia City
When: Midnight, Friday, 13th.
What: Monsters!
Warnings: Also monsters.

Read more... )
07 October 2017 @ 04:41 pm





[ Airhorn sound. There are some pictures of dramatic kitchen battles going on while the announcer speaks. ]


[ And then Alice shows up on screen with Ryo in the background looking like he really doesn't care about being there but Alice definitely dragging him, tapping her lips with her fingers and giving the camera a sly look. ]

Who knows what I'm going to have to swallow, hm?

[ And then a cool metallicy sword-swipe sound, followed by an explosion as

on the screen. Whooooa, coool.

Yes that's it they're back they're dumb lets get cookin.

And then there's an actual video of Alice waving and smiling. ]

I look pretty good on TV, don't I? That's going to be on TVs all across Genessia starting tomorrow! The commercial, the show starts next week. We'll re-open Nakiba as soon as we can too, so you'd better start making reservations now!
05 October 2017 @ 01:01 pm
[A teenage girl's face appears on the screen, she's sitting on a bench in a Genessia City park.]

So. Hi. How do these kidnappee introductions work? Is there a Miss Manners for the Kidnapped book I missed out on? Anyway, I'm Mikaela. I've been here for a couple of days, got settled in, seen the sights. I'm trying to figure out now where I want to live. Got any suggestions for me? Nova City looks cool right now, I mean, they have flying cars! It's like living in a sci-fi movie.
04 October 2017 @ 11:08 am
[The woman that appears on the screen appears frustrated, her hair red and shorn close to her scalp and her lilac dress half-damp from momentary unsteadiness in the bay. There are dark, damp splotches up the front of it. Regardless, she carries herself like some kind of royalty]

I am Medusa.

[Her speech is measured, but it almost feels like she might be trying to be more personable. It just isn't going well. It would help, potentially, if she were smiling, but she doesn't have it in her today.]

Since this is my only method of communication at this time, I wanted to make my presence known. [She takes a deep breath, expression still fixed.]

I'm sure that given everything I have seen so far you have heard this before, but this is not a good time. No offense meant, of course, to our hosts.

[Oh, it was meant.]

If anyone happens to see an oversized bulldog, please let me know. I need to get home.
29 September 2017 @ 02:35 pm

[A woman's face is perfectly framed in the communicator screen, neither too close nor too far. Her blue-eyed gaze is serious, not a trace of warmth reflected in her elegant features.]

I will keep my queries brief, and I would appreciate it if the answers supplied in kind were kept succinct.

[Funny how her appreciation sounds a lot more like an irrefutable demand. Her head inclines slightly as if to indicate gratitude, though vocally she gives none.]

First, I would like a status update on what is being done to remove ourselves from this situation. Is there an organized effort. Are studies being conducted.

[No questions, just statements that require explanation.]

Second, I would like a list of names of those who have been within this realm the longest, including the date of arrival. If you were able to return to your home at any point, whether through the Dream Docks or other methods, I would also like a summary of what you experienced.

Third, and last, I wish to know the structure of your emergency response personnel. If there is a breach in the barriers, who responds? What kind of leadership has been set in place for such events?

[Her chin lifts imperiously as a means of indicating that her orders requests are given in completion.]

I thank you for your assistance in this matter. Should you wish to contact me at a future date, my name is Winter Schnee. But I trust that your responses will be punctual.

['Trust'...'insist'...same thing. The feed ends crisply.]

* * * * *

[Private to Weiss]

[This follows just seconds after her initial public announcement, and her tone is just as brisk. However, there's just the faintest incline of her snowy brows to hint at her true concern for her sister.]

How long have you been a part of this world?

[No formal greetings, no 'how nice it is to see you's. This is no time for pleasantries as far as Winter is concerned.]
29 September 2017 @ 12:03 am

[ It's a bit different waking up from the pod this time around. While the first time she was here, she was filled with skepticism, but also a sense of curiosity as to why she was brought back here of all places. Now, it just seems like she's tired and ready to rest for a bit. The Protector gingerly sits up, threading bandaged fingers through her hair as she holds back a wince. Right, she can't afford to show weakness again.

...Well, not that she can't. It's just that she won't. ]

Guess it's time for more.

[ Gently, she stands up from the pod, collecting the items that she woke up with again before making her way over to the exit of the Bay. When her form emerges, she's dressed in her uniform, but has bandages covering her forehead as well as her cheeks. Those are the ones that are most visible anyway.

Hello Genessia, Hikaru has returned. ]


[ Once she's been acclimated enough, she takes a moment to turn her videophone on, despite how bad she looks. It seems like she still has her sunny disposition, but it's obvious in her eyes just how exhausted she really is. She still is bandaged up pretty well, especially since she's yet to seek further medical attention. ]

Hello everyone. It seems like I've returned. For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Hikaru Takeda, Superintendent General to the PIPE, the Pro-Intercontentinal Peace Enforcement Agency. I'm not sure if anyone is here who remembers me, but do you mind catching me up on what's been going on since I've been here last?

[ A pause -- should she be selfish and ask for her job back? Does the position even exist anymore? Surely it's been filled, but she could be security of some kind to someone.

No. She'll rest up. She's sure that she could use the time off and she doesn't feel quite up to fighting again. ]

...I'm glad to be back. I missed everyone that I met.
26 September 2017 @ 07:26 pm
[The video clicks on and Spock can be seen in his natural habitat his lab at the Genessia Research Foundation. Everything is scarely in order, with not a single beaker out of place. If anyone knows him well enough, they might notice the slightest etchings of fatigue on his features.]

Good evening. As some of you may know I have been studying the barrier which surrounds us, but as I am currently unable to get in close proximity of it my data is limited. I am curious if anyone has and knowledge and/or experience with barriers, this one or otherwise who might be willing to impart that knowledge onto me. I believe it would greatly expedite my progress.

I am also interested in collecting information from everyone about the worlds in which you are all from and your own traits and lives to see if there is some shared attribute which might have attracted whoever is behind out joint abductions and links us all together. If we can determine the reason we were taken then perhaps we can determine what we it is we must do to return to our homes.
26 September 2017 @ 12:23 am
At the risk of becoming public enemy number one because of a bunch of close-minded fools who think they know what is right, I'd like to offer my services to anyone who would like to practice combat against the empty spirits from outside the barrier.

I killed four types during the last breach and am now able to summon them to my side. Anyone interested in learning to protect themselves in the unfortunately event of a future breach should contact me. I won't be holding it in a set location lest some of the idiots decide to stage a protest over something that's literally a part of my soul to be able to do.

[ It's something small, but she'd rather show that it's a useful skill and not some abomination. It'll also help her practice her summoning. And this is definitely something her father won't want to get involved with either, she's sure, especially since she's identified it as controversial. ]
24 September 2017 @ 01:28 am
It took a while for Maggie to feel safe enough to even look at the device she'd been given - more or less a cellphone - let alone the other things she'd woken up with, in that damp, dark cave. It was easy enough to understand, but she was out of practice; It'd been a long, long time since she'd seen a working phone. But safety mattered more, and the first thing she'd done was get out of the cave and into the blistering sunlight. After that, it had been a matter of seeing for herself that this place was - as the bizarre hologram woman had promised - safe and free of walkers, at least from what she could see. Now, she set up a voice message, from where she was sitting on a bench she'd found, at the edges of a park. It'd been a long time since she'd seen one of those, too.

"H-hello?" She started, swallowing hard before pressing on, forcing her voice steady despite the scary strangeness of this place. A scary strangeness she'd felt before, that still felt wrong in the pit of her stomach. "My name is Maggie. I just arrived here, and I'm trying to get.. situated. Things were pretty bad where I was, and I was hoping - if this place is safe, maybe some of my friends came here, too? Is it true that there's no walkers here?" The last question was sort of blurted out, unintentional, and she shut up as soon as she'd said it. It was a hope too far - a world without walkers. But it was also - maybe, probably? - a world without Glenn and the others, too, and that was worse. That was terrible. Hastily, she added, "I heard - I heard it was safe here. Is that true?"

[Those close to the forest on the afternoon of the 17th might hear the thunderous crashing of trees and possibly even see a towering figure high above the treeline blotting out the sun. Yet just as soon as it appears, it seems to fade away with a magical poof. Any soul brave enough to go to the center of the flattened trees to try to figure out what that was, will see a very large bird angrily stomping on some mushrooms]

Stupid, stupid Mira! It's all fun and games until you're too big!


[The video feed clicks on with some difficulty, to reveal a bird the size of a small house trying to handle the much smaller device.]

Excuse me? Could anyone please deliver a cake to me in the Fayren forest? I'm worried about getting too close to town at my size and... this is the smallest form I can transform into besides a fish.
08 September 2017 @ 11:48 am
[The feed turns on to reveal a rather concerned looking girl with silver hair that glimmers in the lights of the bay. That's right. Silver. Not white, nor gray. She prods at the phone for a moment, unsure as to whether or not it's actually working. Kyrie is not well-versed in technology.]

Vellsha? Aethelia? Are you there?

[A pause as she ponders who else to call for. There's a slightly, almost exasperated sigh before she finally calls out the next two names.]

Fesìr? Captain Idell? I think I'm lost...

[That's an understatement. She's never heard of this place, and she hasn't received any word from Silennia either. This in particular worries the poor priestess.]

...anyone? Hello?
04 September 2017 @ 03:56 pm
Trapped under soft and fluffy bunnies, send help.

[A few hours later there is another text.]

Also if it isn't obvious Bunny Poof Cafe is now open. Come for some of the best coffee around. Also, come to adopt some beautiful rabbits that are waiting to be given a home.

It is to note that because of all my cafes minus Mokona's Magical Cafe having animals that need re-housing I will be doing a Top Cat/Dog/Rabbit thing every so often picking out a couple of the animals.

But if you want to know about some of the ones around, let me know and I will hopefully find you the perfect companion.
04 September 2017 @ 12:06 pm
[dogs. dogs everywhere. Genessia, Attleton, Nova City, Everglades, Fayren, wherever there is a pound or animal shelter, they've been sprung from them and are now baying through the streets or sleeping on doorsteps or rummaging through trash.

Through Genessia proper though, there is a pack of them, charging through the streets, baying excitedly. In the middle of them is one shirtless hat less pirate, rolling along on a skateboard despite the fact that his hands are cuffed behind him. At intervals, he'll throw back his head and howl as he goes along]

[a little later, he's sitting against a wall, breathless and excited, comm propped between his knees as he grins wildly at the camera though it, dogs sleeping all around him and a pooped pug on his head, snoring upside down with her legs twitching in the air]

Yo! I'm here. I'm back. Anyone got food? Or a key? Marco? Namur? Adela? [his grin widens] Taisa? Come find me. I'm free.

[Locked to whoever is in Namur's apartment]

[at some point, at Namur's apartment, this same certain pirate may be seen sleeping against the outside of the window, as if he was trying to jimmy it open with his teeth and conked out during the attempt]
[A hint of confusion lingers upon this newcomer's face once they finally arrived in Genessia proper. A rather lovely stranger with a rather unique bright vermilion red attire brandishing steel in the form if a classic black hilt ōdachi blade. The sword rests awkwardly upon his right side like a long curved pole. Nevertheless, not an inch of the sword touches the ground thanks to it's wielder's attentiveness. Despite all of these oddities, it's the strange black and white cat ears sitting upon that nest of shoulder length black hair and the matching tail that truly stands out beyond all things else.

Nao fumbles with his device a few times as he attempts to follow the instructions he heard earlier from the hologram upon the shore. He's drenched from head to toe thanks to the high tide, his hair clinging to his forehead and cheeks in slippery black strands.

...Greetings. [He calls out tentatively once he's certain the phone is working properly. This marks the first time he seen technology quite like this before. Nao isn't very good with this kind of stuff.]

I trust I'm not alone here.

[He's tempted to reach others from his old clan but the former Shinobi isn't too certain if he'll receive an answer. Instead, he raises his left hand and does an incomplete version if the Tora gesture in hopes of alerting them. He can't exactly hold up the phone and do this at the same time. His clan coined the Tiger Symbol as their sign ages ago despite its many meanings.

If they're here, they would easily recognize him...and probably try to kill him. Nevertheless, it's worth trying to locate them now before swords are drawn.

I can assure you that I come in peace.


( ooc: feel free to check out any references here about Nao. )
26 August 2017 @ 11:38 pm
This is how you use this thing right? I've...never really seen a device like this before. But it seems pretty simple, I guess.

Anyway, my name is Skyler. I just arrived here. I was going to find this place the newcomers sleep in, but I thought that maybe I could learn a little more by asking here.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for new arrivals. Thanks.

Uh, bye.
25 August 2017 @ 10:56 pm
[It was in the evening hours when the video comes on, Anastasia was wearing her favorite Sylveon-themed nightgown, complete with a Sylveon ear hood up on her head. An actual Sylveon can be seen in the background, sleeping on its back on the girl's bed.]

I have a question about the Holodeck'd. Is it possible to use it to play hypothetical scenarios from your own home world? Like, see what happens if you had done something differently?

Or perhaps see what would happen if one were to confront a coming challenge as one is now?
23 August 2017 @ 06:41 pm
How do you stop a cat from attacking you at every opportunity?

Funny thing is this cat doesn't do this to anyone else, just me. I think he hates me for some reason and now I'm scratched to high heaven because of it.