13 August 2017 @ 02:30 am
[Congratulations, Mr. 19th Century, you've figured out how to video.

God only knows how long he's been working on using this thing, in private, with no company, without looking like an idiot. It's really important that he doesn't look like an idiot, and he's still sort of upset about his entire introduction here being one line train of looking like the biggest idiot ever to idiot in the kingdom of idiots.

So hey, it would almost appear that Ichabod is one hundred percent comfortable with using this phone now!

It's just a shame he sucks with human interaction because that discomfort will never go away

I've gotten a new position at the local hospital.

[Or, rather, he's been in it for a while, but again, didn't want to look stupid on the internet so he's been practicing this]

I am, however, still interested in remaining active in criminal justice. It hardly bothers me to take on another position, part time or not.

[He doesn't have a fucking life, work is his life]

If there are any openings available, I should like to hear of them.

Thank you for your time.

[... And then a massive awkward pause as he spends the next goddamn five seconds trying to remember how to end a broadcast.

17 July 2017 @ 08:08 pm
[A click. There's darkness, and shuffling, the sound of water being splashed around, and a very soft, very gentle curse.

Then a few seconds of silence... before the screen blasts white. It takes a second for the phone to adjust to the light itself, and when it does, blue skies and an upside down Genessia city are broadcast for a decent minute, before the screen is finally angled up at the holder.

A young man, dressed as if he'd tumbled out of some dark Victorian based funeral parlor, white as a sheet thanks to his own panic and confusion.

... It must still be a dream...

[Apparently, he's not entirely aware of what he's looking at or what the hell its doing, because in short order that phone is flipped over to get a good look at some expensive looking boots as he decides to just... take this all one goddamn step at a time and deduce what the ever loving fuck this thing is.]