30 July 2017 @ 10:55 pm
[The feed opens to a song. No preamble, no introduction. By the angle of the phone and the distance of the siren himself, and indeed by the excited, energetic motions, it'd seem likely that the fairy had flung the device into a corner before gallivanting about the room.

And it's nothing but energy. Many, many people might find, if they don't mute the audio or shut their phone off immediately, that it was all too easy to be swept into the song, the beat turning primal as the fae plays what might be a merry and private game of 'the floor is lava', leaping from chair to table and back again.

It appears to be the inside of Velvet Lust, not too long before opening, so of course Kani would be there. Supposed to be getting ready instead of...

Jumping on tables.

Whatever has gotten into the water spirit was anyones guess, but it was best to try not to get too into the song, as it would attempt to sink its fingers into the brain of any listener.

Energy, raucous, boundless, almost impish energy, the need to go out and start trouble, the desire to tip a car, bang on trash cans and scream and laugh into the night as the puckish creature either unwittingly or uncaringly seemed to try to stir up an internal storm.


[[OOC: PERMISSIONS for Kani and his songs are HERE. Feel free to assume that your character is/is not effected by the emotional draw]]
Who: Tannusen and/or whoever!
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Who: Tannusen and/or whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)
What: A general Velvet Lust catch-all post. Back-tagging in the future, and back-dating now or later are both fine.
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08 April 2017 @ 01:59 pm
How is this...

[You know? Being told he was being banished for a few hundred years, it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He really expected to be... dead. Really dead. Painfully dead. Or tortured. And dead.

Some combination of the two.

He supposed, grimly, that the Charred Council had just assumed he'd merely been tricked by Abaddon into allowing the End Times to begin early. That the captain of the Hellgaurd had already fallen before this point and the Well Watcher had just been deceived.

He'd say he wasn't that gullible but...

In any case.

This wasn't... what he had expected to see. This wasn't the wasteland he was so sure he'd be thrown into. No desert crafted from the ashes of the dead, no burning city, no massive cemetery.

It was... it was alive, he could scarcely believe it. He'd almost thought perhaps that the hologram in the cave had just been some forgotten technology, there was no way this could happen and yet-

The phone.

Well he'd be a pretty crummy lover of humans if he didn't know what a cell phone was. He really didn't have to ponder too much on how to use it either. Wings awkwardly shifting and fluffing in confusion and silent, frantic hope, he pulled out the device.

He had to see something. He had to know. Standing outside the caves, he evened his voice, prepared his expectations and...

... Is there anyone else here?
17 March 2017 @ 02:11 pm
[When K-2SO show in the screen he's holding a giant white egg, head tilted. He has no proper features to show concern or confusion but his body language should be enough to give that away. In his shoulders, where the Empire emblem used to be, a bright orange Starbird can be seen instead.]

This thing showed up in the living-room, next to my recharge station. It also had a card with my name on it. I put it in the fridge but a few minutes later it when back to the living room, somehow.

Is this is how storks and babies work for humans? Because I think there's been a grave misunderstanding.

29 January 2017 @ 03:37 am
Who: Open to all
What: Adventure!
Where: The White Catacombs
When: January 29th - February 5th
Warnings: None at the moment

Adventure )
12 January 2017 @ 11:28 pm
[At first there's blackness, then the camera flips over and there's a good view of the ground. Shortly after that the camera is facing upwards again and a scared-looking youth can be seen. With a frightened expression, he pokes at the screen but doesn't understand the functions so he doesn't address the video he's already accidentally switched on. Now clutching the device in his hand, obscuring the vision again, he begins walking and his anxious breathing can be heard.]
Guten Morgen, wunderschΓΆn Genessia City. How many of you have slept tonight at all? It is time to wake up now!

Greet the day before the sun can beat you to it, ja?

I am making this announcement for anyone who is interested. It would be nice to have a morning partner in Fayren for a good brisk morning swim.

[... Yep. In January. Does this look like a joke to you?]

Anyone is invited, it will be fun! I promise, I will make a good breakfast when we are done. How are you doing, by the way, Herr Regis? Do you need anything else?


Well he'd bought these presents for a reason. He missed Christmas... by like... a lot. So it was only fair that he actually get around to it now.

Two short, but friendly knocks at Koumyou's door. Or Sanzo's door. You know, whoever answered the door.

Better hope it's Koumyou. That's not Reinhardt hoping, for the record.

Whoever answers the door better hope it's Koumyou for their own sanity.]
08 January 2017 @ 01:37 am
Happy Election everyone! Taking bets now on what acts of violent terrorism happen where, you know where to find me, but Christ don't talk politics at me, I don't have time for that shit.

Isn't there like a bunch of really hot chicks in power now? There are right? Like smokin' hot right? I like where this year is going you guys, keep this shit up.

Anyway, me and my sweet new condo are totally open for after parties. Thought I'd bring that up. After parties after the parties I throw as my job.

Still, still, totally doing murder on the side though. Like keep that hush hush. No one can see this right?

... Look don't tell anyone important.

Will still totally shank a dude for like twenty bucks or a sandwich, just reminding you all.


[Wade wasn't kidding about his job pretty much entailing throwing parties. Well, essentially throwing parties. He might not have been the most charming host, but he could still throw one hell of a party. The club was on fire, not literally despite who was currently encouraging a few patrons to have an upside down drinking contest.

Feel free to interact with him, since Wade will be darting in and out of crowds, generally mingling and having a pretty fucking good time.

He may or may not be pushing more alcohol too.

Why not?

04 January 2017 @ 08:12 pm
[Well, it's not entirely uncommon for him to wake up in a confined space these days, though this place... seems off compared to where he should be. Even more so when he realizes he woke up in a place that's not his pod. Huh.

But once he's gotten most of the information under his metaphorical belt, he'll see about messing with this phone as the technology seems about on par if not laughably underwhelming compared to what he's familiar with.]

First time being kidnapped, no one I've ever heard of has been ballsy enough to go after a Saiyan like that. Congratulations are in order for the moron that managed to do it, even more so for not dying in the process.

First question for anyone here, dragon balls, any information will be... rewarded. Reward to be decided later. [A swift and possibly painless death, possibly. Maybe.]

Second question, is this whole damn place nothing but cities or are there any outskirts? Because I can tell you right now you won't like me when the moon comes around. And I'm not about to stay inside all damn night once it comes around. [Or just not look at the moon, oops.]

[Hey, at least he's not threatening anyone yet, that's a step in the right direction.]
26 December 2016 @ 08:49 pm
[The video opens to Jaune trying to fix the camera, before finally settling his device and the picture down. Wearing his jeans and hoodie, he's sitting crosslegged on his bed which he takes a lot of pride in. Oh, and there's a hole in his wall that looks like something around seven or so feet was violently knocked through it but pay no attention to that.

Jaune takes a sip from what looks like an energy drink before he starts talking. He sounds a bit stilted and awkward, as if he didn't plan any of this.]

In case you don't know me, I'm Jaune Arc. I work for the Nova City Branch of Schnee Company, led by Weiss Schnee her snowiness herself. But today, I'm here to promote a very important non-profit side company called Genessia Scientific Research Foundation, or GSRF for short. If you went to the party, which you should have. [He points at the camera, then takes a sip of his drink which is precariously balanced on his comforter.] Then you probably know a little about it. But if you didn't, then stop watching this video and go to GSRF. Right now. I'm serious, stop watching. We have a lot of great things we offer but we can't do this for free. By donating, you get to attend the best parties. There's lots of neat sh-- things going on there. We have some of the most dedicated scientists working there, and they're really smart and stuff. At least I think they are. Don't you have to go to school for a long time to play with needles and other instruments? So yeah, if you're interested in science, or want to find out more about this place and donate your time, we could always use more interested people.

What else can I say about it-- Uhhh. Oh yeah, I got this useful pamphlet! [He picks up a GSRF informative pamphlet which he never bothered to read, carelessly showing it off and holding it like it's more than a piece of paper.] You can get one of these for free and you could read it to learn more. You could read it with your friends...you could even frame it and have a poster. Or write your grocery list on it. It's incredibly versatile! GSRF pamphlets, offered for free at GSRF. But we offer lots of cooler stuff for people who donate. Like a free tote! Weiss do we get free totes? [He looks over his shoulder.] Oh. She's not around. Anyway, you have the word of Jaune Arc you'll get this super cool free tote that you can use for...anything if you donate 50 redbills to the GSRF Foundation. You could put your drinks in it, or your car keys...you could even just carry it around. Just in case you find a stray cat and want to take it home.

Don't be mean to stray cats.

Go check it out yourselves because like science people always say, learning's an opportunity. This carefully thought out advertisement promoting GSRF was not funded by any company and done voluntarily by myself without being assigned or rewarded for doing it.

[LOUD. It may as well have been thunder, from the rumble and volume of it. The face on the communicator, as well as that voice, doesn't exhibit a single sign of unease, or worry, or even the mildest bit of concern.]

I have become lost, so it seems! Guten Abend, meine freunde! My name is Reinhardt Wilhem! If anyone knows how to get back to the Oasis, please tell me as soon as possible.

I was very busy.

While I wait, I would also appreciate maybe something to eat. Just until contact with home is reestablished.

Vielen Dank, I await response immediately!

[Which means he definitely expects it. ASAP.]
11 December 2016 @ 01:54 am
[Now that she's gotten her bearings Kristen's on a new mission: finding a job. So cue a more composed young woman making this video.]

Anyone in need of an experienced file clerk?
[It's uncomfortable, hearing that wheeze from this channel. The communicator seems to have been carelessly swatted to the floor as he passed by it, considering that it caught the tail end of his retreating shape before it slumped heavily into a chair.

He's gray. Grayer than usual, pale blue in the lips and fingers and obviously cold and sick. Clearly, the steaming drink he has, too dark to be any normal blend of tea, isn't doing whatever job he expected it to.

Whatever is going on, his lips haven't stopped moving once, a shaking hand carefully thumbing each and every bead on the rosary. Prayers, probably.

He has some kind of tic. A constant jerk towards the window, as if he heard something from there, before he digs at an ear with his pinky. Tinnitus maybe? Whatever the issue is, the faded glare finally lands on the blinking light of the communicator, and he hurls a book sitting on the table at it, before struggling to get up and shut the stupid thing off

DΓΊr, maith do rud ar bith, briste pΓ­osa truflais! Γ‰ist suas!
Who: Genjyo Sanzo and Koumyou Sanzo
What: Bounty - What Remains - Kindroth
Where: Fayren - Ruins
Warnings: Violence

Idek )
Who: Genjyo Sanzo, Koumyou Sanzo, Amberdrake.
What: OP & thread 1: Koumyou Sanzo visits his son in the middle of the night. Thread 2: Drake and Sanzo talk about Koumyou and briefly about what went down in thread 1. Thread 3: Koumyou and Sanzo talking some more.
Where: Drake and Sanzo's house in Attleton.
When: OP & thread 1: The same night as Singles Night, after Koumyou eventually leaves. Thread 2: Around noon, the day after. Thread 3: Evening of the same day as thread 2.
Warnings: FEELS. Angst, suicide mention, probably Warm And Fuzzy Feelings, y'know, the whole gamut.

It was very late at night when Koumyou glanced up to find himself having wandered to his son's house. The intense moonlight lit the cozy little cottage enough to make it impossible to not know where he was.

But, it was far too late at night.

He wouldn't knock.

Koumyou sat down on the wide, circular short step before the door, and sighed quietly. He tucked his legs half-under him, and wondered what he was doing, just sitting out here on the cold stone. In the morning, he could call Kouryuu from his apartment, hear his voice. Right now? There was nothing to do but lurk, and wallow in his own sadness.

Between the other night at the shrine with the little golden dragon, and several more instances tonight, he'd spoken of his death and the burden it had left on his young son many times, recently. Too many times...

He was no therapist, like Amberdrake. Ripping open his own wounds constantly wore on him far faster than it did the kestra'chern. Right now, he just wanted to be near his son. And so here he sat, breath fogging in the cold air.

The sun would rise when the sun would rise. And perhaps the moon would still be out when he did.
[Liora woke from her sleep at the dream docks, completely in a state of shock. She couldn't say she regretted making that move, but she was very, very shaken at what she saw back home. Still, she'd better announce her return. However, when she does, her device is very shaky in her talons.]

I'm...I'm back...

[That's all she manages to say before she quickly switches off the feed, not wanting the whole world to see her break down.]

Action: Fayren

[Liora lands at the edge of the town of Fayren, too exhausted to fly too far. This isn't the ideal place to break down, but she can't control her tears any longer. She walks slowly and blindly on her tiny legs, memories of the events back home all too fresh in her mind...]

Cut for introspection )

[If anyone is passing the little dragon as she's sobbing her eyes out, they might hear whispers of, "It's all my fault..." After crossing through the main town, she'll wander into the forest, where she'll pick a random tree and continue weeping in solitude.]

Action: Genessia City Shrine

[Liora remembered the shrine that Ayame had led her to that one night. She believed it would become one of her favorite places, and so she decides to come here and hopefully try to relax. However, when she saw the fireflies, she remembered what Ayame had told her about them – that it was believed that the fireflies were the souls of the fallen. At that moment, all Liora could see were her clan mates, tiny ghosts drifting about in specks of light. Qubine, the clan leader, and his mate Shayla. Handel, the Fae dragon who had fallen for Liora; his brother Aether, and their other Passage partner Lazarus. Amadeus, a fellow Light dragon, wise and powerful. Reiko, Kitty, and Brenna, who had initially rescued Liora from the Beastclans. And Azalea, whom Liora heard had been in Genessia before. All of them, and the others, whom Liora may never see again. Instead of finding comfort in these fireflies, Liora's heart broke even more, and she began to weep once again.]

It's all my fault...
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29 November 2016 @ 04:33 pm
[Koumyou appears on camera and blows a party favor at it! Complete with that laugh of his.]

Everyone! I have an important announcement to make!

[He blows on the party favor again, practically giggling.]

It's my son's birthday, today!

Here's his number! Everyone wish him a happy birthday!

[And yes, there's Sanzo's phone number. He holds up a paper with it written on it, beaming!]

He'll act all grumpy but I still want everyone to do it! Pleeeease? Thank you!

[He's a good dad. And also a very, very embarrassing dad. Isn't Sanzo lucky?]
27 November 2016 @ 10:12 pm

It had started as a joke, but gradually more people were showing interest in the idea, and so Singles Night became a thing. It would be fun, the managers said, and it would hopefully gain some revenue. The event would have been advertised around the city, so when the night came, the staff there were waiting for a good turn out. They'd certainly gone to some effort.



The main part of the diner had been changed into an area made of larger tables to encourage mingling. Here there were buffet tables set up, and the lighting was warm and friendly. Light jazz music played very softly in the background to keep the atmosphere buzzing and happy. Maybe people would meet the love of their life here, or maybe they'd just meet a new friend.


The booth along the walls of the restaurant remained as they were, but the lighting above the tables was muted for a more intimate feel. These areas of the restaurant would be quieter and there was no need for anyone to be nearby unless they were seeking a little more peace. These tables are ideal for people who have found someone they'd like to get to know a little better. It's relaxed, but pretty romantic, with candles on the tables too. These booths include table service, with quiet but friendly wait staff.


Now this is the special place to be. The outside area of the diner has been transformed into a romantic and cosy place. Fairy lights decorate the fencing, and there are warm blankets on the benches too. This is a perfect place for those who want to cuddle up. After all, what better way to warm up than to sit side by side and admire the stars with the charming stranger you've just met?

[This is a mingle post! Feel free to add your characters anywhere you wish. Good luck on finding the one, making new friends, or trolling the singles. Have fun!~]

20 November 2016 @ 03:10 pm
[This place might look familiar to a few people here. It's clearly Abel's place. It's just... being filmed at a very low height.

Why that is becomes obvious in a moment, there's 6, carrying a pot of red ink and peering at the camera every now and again. It seems he must have kicked it over in his exploration of the room he was in, and he reaches out with a multicolored, ink spattered hand to poke a little at the screen

He.... Hello.

Hello again.

You are... awake? Oh.

... Shhhh.

[And that is the communicator being covered with a wash cloth]

Go to sleep.