15 October 2017 @ 02:05 pm
Who: Link, Navi, and you
When: Friday the 13th
Where: Around Genessia City

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27 September 2017 @ 07:16 pm

[Hello wonderful world of Genessia, have a light blue glowing fairy with white wings hovering over the device. The wings flutters time to time only when its moving, zipping up and down the screen, making some small dashing noises. How does this thing work?

Finally it bounces up and down on screen.]

Hey! What is this thing? Is it working? Link! Where did you go? We're suppose to stick together!

[Don't mind if she sounds a bit distress. Hopefully the Kokiri boy is around, somewhere.]

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12 September 2017 @ 09:40 pm
[Link doesn't look much happier than he did on his previous posts to the network.]

If someone was with us when we...left home...why didn't they come too?

[He missed Navi. A lot.]

I was jut wondering.
01 September 2017 @ 07:04 am
Who: Max and YOU
What: Max moving all around the five cities. He'll find you or vice versa.
When: 09/01/2017 - 09/07/2017
Where: All over - Add the desired location in the subject bar
Warnings: Max? Yes, Max. He deserves his own warning. IE: strong language and crass behavior.
Notes: You can do a starter or just tag with a blank comment with a location and date in the subject line and I'll craft a personal starter for us.

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26 August 2017 @ 08:57 pm
So, after some... Conversations I've overheard I got a question for you lot. And it's okay cause like, kids need to learn stuff. So asking questions are good.

[Their tone of voice is so not serious, Chara isn't expecting anyone to give a real answer to this question. And those who do? Well they'll be people they'll want to get to know.]

So like. What is the most horrible thing you ever did and didn't feel bad about? Spare no details and hey maybe I'll tell you all my answer.
15 August 2017 @ 08:15 pm
[ooc note: This action takes place in other peoples dreams. Seth is a dream walker and can also manipulate dreams. I will be depending on the person tagging to describe the dream. Please also fill out permissions: HERE. Which mostly sets limits. Seth is in dreams to help. It's his thing. Thank you!]

[The physical world falls away, leading Seth to a haze of thick foggy white clouds. It's been some time since he's stepped into the world of dreams, unsure if the darkness has followed him to this strange new place. While the world of Genessia is small. The world of dreams is only limited by the dreamer.

A tower rises in Seth's view like a minaret standing before him. The tower is cast in white marble with beacons of light pouring through the windows. It is an empty and forgotten place, visited only when Seth hopes to experiance a touch of his past. These are Seth's dreams, private and protected. Dark clouds linger along the haze of white but they're kept back; for now.

A shimmering white tiger walks through the empty echoing halls of the tower. He stops at a mirror that shows off thick white wings on his back.]
Will you find me now... brother? [The voice is deeper than Seth's usual tone as it rumbles from the tigers chest. He steps into the mirror and steps through the dreams of those residing in Genessia. Seth prefers to watch though he banishes darker nightmares when he can and slips away from private or lewd affairs. He has no interest in seeing into peoples hearts and minds but he needs to travel to rebuild his strength.]
[The video starts as most introduction videos to. The screen shows Max's bushy black hair before it moves down to show his face. Green eyes glare at the camera for a moment. The hologram lady is going through her usual speech and clearly Max isn't interested.]

You know, if I hadn't recently been assaulted by magic, I wouldn't believe any of this crap.

[He motions to the magazine stand, which now has all of it's papers tilted to the right and shuffled around. Have fun sorting that out.]

I'm not going to some stupid kid's house either. Fuck that noise. Someone around here has to be okay with breaking child labor-

[Max is interrupted by a very loud and familiar voice to some in the city.]


Oh god n-

[Before Max can even finish his sentence, David is picking him up and Max drops the phone. It hits the ground but both can still be seen.]

Oh, Max, it's so great to see you! Are you okay? I know it must be pretty disorienting to be here so suddenly but you're going to be alright! I'll take care of you! Don't worry, the people here are so friendly and welcoming, you'll make so many new friends you won't know what to DO with them all and --

Somebody fucking shoot me.


[With that, the video ends.]
04 August 2017 @ 09:46 am
[Seems Link has figured out how the device works by now.]

Hey. Uh...it's probably a long shot, but, if anyone's seen a girl named Zelda, can you let her know I'm looking for her?

I have something I'm supposed to give to her.


[The boy clicks off the feed.]

Well, this is off to a bad start. Especially with that stupid paperboy breaking my window with another newspaper. Again.

[He even shows the said window, which is now shattered thanks to the said incident.]

But anyways, I got something on my mind lately. The arcade is good and all, but does Genessia, Nova, or Attleton have a skate park or a laser tag or something? I'm kind of bored with just video games and comics around.


[Later, he really wants something ever since the last Olympics sport.]

Does anyone know how do I get a cool motorbike? More importantly, do they allow 12-years-old kids to drive a bike?

Bounty: Death at the Zoo [Action/Solo] [Bounty Link]

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29 July 2017 @ 08:53 pm
[There's muffled childish cursing and a weird angled view of a little blond boy with pointed ears. He's dressed in green and has a shield that's too large for a child, and a sword that's just right.]

This is weird.

[The boy peers at the camera, big blue eyes curious.]

Navi, where are you?