06 October 2017 @ 05:26 pm
[The video stream comes on and a new face appears. It seems that there are a lot of new people around as of late, but she's not exactly new. She's finally gotten enough strength to actually be able to move around fairly normally and of course there was the issue with her husband.]

I think I finally understand this contraption.

[That was mostly said to herself. Someone's had to explain the devices to her and she's been intrigued with them for a long time.]

Hello. I am Lisa Tepes, and I want to apologize about the commotion that my husband caused upon my first arrival.

I did not know what had happened after...[She pauses, unsure of how to phrase things.] after I was captured by the church and how it had changed him.

[She sighs a bit.]

I'm afraid that I am not able to venture too far from the castle at the moment, but I do want to learn more about this place and how science has advanced since Targoviste.

[She gives another smile and ends the feed.

[Action, later on]

[Lisa is still using a cane to help her get around, but she's moving a lot better than she was upon first arrival. She's working on figuring out the lay of the land outside the castle in the Everglade.

She wasn't alone though. Annoyingly enough what appears to be a large wolf can be seen some distance behind her as if stalking easy pray. It doesn't come closer to her, no matter how many stops she makes to look at a plant or something else. Lisa knows its there and she's rather annoyed.

She sighs after a short while and turns to the creature.

I am perfectly safe out here. I'm not far from the castle. GO HOME.

[Yes, she's ordering around a warg that's almost as tall as she is.]
03 October 2017 @ 11:32 pm

[This isn't the most normal visual as Flandre actually has decided to show herself.]

Um...Is there any one who knows what to do or give someone when you want to say 'Sorry but it had to be done'? I mean...Nothing serious and all but..kinda want to at least show this?

[Gee..wonder what this was about?]


[Flandre is out and about the hallways of Castlevania in pure curiosity. Before now she'd kept to very specific parts but now there was a surge of courage to see what all she could find. It's energetic but still slightly sluggish as she'd been pushing how far she could go without eating just due to her feeling really horrible about what happened. That and her almost never sleeping thing.

From time to time she'll stop and just sit in a random room, looking about curiously or even dozing off and napping either on a chair or just out of the way against a wall.

Even then- she's curious about anything and everything, probably running into minions left and right and darting away before they can respond.
12 August 2017 @ 09:45 pm
Who: Lisa Tepes and Remilia Scarlet
What: Determining if Lisa is really herself or a creation
When: Sometime after the blood rain started but before this all goes down.
Where:Lisa's rooms at Castlevania
Why: To determine if Lisa really is the Lady of the Castle.
Warnings: Possible language, all the feels, and memories of a time long ago.

This was the only life she knew, could it all be fake? )
12 August 2017 @ 06:23 am
Who: Castlevania crew (Dracula, Lisa, Alucard, Remilia, Flandre, Patchy, Sakuya, Soma)
What: Plot conclusion for the Rain of Blood event
When: Backdated very slightly to August 9 (5 days after the initial rain)
Where: Castlevania subarch, possibly spilling into Everglade
Why: Because Dracula is a dick.
Warnings: Language, violence, possible gore, cuddles. ...okay that last one might be a lie.

[There is an area in Castlevania where only its master may go. It's sealed off by a door of black smoke through which not even the most powerful of magics may penetrate, and it leads into the realm of Chaos. A place where monsters orders of magnitude stronger than anything else in the castle roam, and where the spirit of chaos itself resides, whispering its secrets and lies to those it deems worthy of attention.]

[It's been several weeks since Lisa Tepes' arrival set it to whispering in Vlad's ear. During that time, Vlad called down a rain of blood on Everglade, and with it the beginnings of a repeat of Targoviste. Thanks to the guardian of Everglade and her allies, there haven't been any deaths - not yet, at least - but this is just the calm before the storm. The time for talk has passed.]

[The plan, such as it is, is simple: Remilia and Alucard will distract Dracula and defend Lisa while Soma, with the assistance of one of Alucard's familiars, enters the realm of chaos and silences the spirit. Which task is the more dangerous? Who can truly say?]
18 July 2017 @ 10:57 am
It was a tense night for everyone in Castlevania. The gears that lined the castle had begun to chug and churn all through the night while the monsters that roamed the myriad halls were far more skittish and likely to attack anything that moved - even each other. Only a few knew why the change of atmosphere had permeated the place, not even the lord of the castle himself knew for sure. He only sensed something was... off.

As dawn neared and he began preparations to return to his coffin, an imp that he had sent through the halls to seek out the cause of the disturbance saw something. Tucked away in a room that had gone unused for centuries, tended to by Sakuya and Patchouli, was a woman. Even with all the burns covering her body, Dracula would recognize her in a heartbeat. For 324 years, that face had been burned into his mind, and now she was in his castle.

His mind, twisted by the centuries of hate and war, instantly jumped to the most logical conclusion. Someone had created a homunculus in his wife's image and sent it to him in order to manipulate him. Upon this realization, the gears that had settled into a low chugging noise ground to life once more as an unholy roar reverberated through every stone throughout the castle. So loud was the roar that it was audible all throughout Everglade.

It did not last long and as suddenly as it had erupted from the throne of Castlevania, it ended. There were no echoes, no evidence that it had actually happened. Only a deafening silence left in its wake. Those in Castlevania itself would notice a few things. Several rooms seem to have been rearranged at random, making traversing the castle far more difficult, especially in the chambers leading to the throne. The stairs to the chamber housing Vlad's throne had collapsed, and the foyer leading into the throne looked as if some great battle had taken place with smoldering carpets and gashes ripped through the stone walls. Every bit of furniture had been shoved up against the door to the throne room as well serving as a makeshift barricade. The monsters within the structure were also far more aggressive than normal. The undead that had previously just wandered aimlessly without purpose were now roaming in packs, setting up ambushes around dark corners. The werewolves and demons were actively hunting now, lashing out at any who dared walk the halls alone, and plants that had occupied themselves feeding on the frogs and bugs of the caves below the castle now burst up through the cracks in various halls, seeking out more substantial meals.
17 July 2017 @ 10:10 pm
Who:Lisa and Sakuya, later on adding in others at the Castle.
What:Lisa arrives, faints, and is taken to the castle where all hell breaks loose.
Where: Just outside of the bay and then Castlevania.
Warning: Lots of feels, confusion, and then all hell breaking loose at the Castle.

She was the only human holding the gates of hell closed... )